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They Would Be Gods - 41 - Underworld Beings



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

41: Underworld Beings

There are stories told – many of them coming from the ancient legends of different cultures, and others from more modern times – of advanced civilizations living in vast underground caverns deep beneath the surface of our planet, remaining isolated and hidden from the outside world. Could this be true?

It’s very possible that an advanced race of beings – human or otherwise – that once lived on the surface of our planet has since retreated underground, in order to be safe from problems that once existed on the surface. Such a race may have been able to continue to exist and advance for millennia, perhaps even developing technologies that would seem completely foreign to us, having been derived by a totally different approach to science and nature than our own. Such a civilization might very well have developed the technology that lies behind UFOs, and that technology may have been used to venture up to the surface and beyond from time to time.

Unbeknownst to most people, there have been innumerable reports over the years and centuries of strange events that have occurred during explorations of underground caverns. A number of times, people have reported coming across evidence of an underworld civilization. Sometimes these explorers, venturing very deep into the bowels of the Earth, have even come across the actual inhabitants of such a civilization, strange beings that are often described as distinctly non-human in appearance. In some of these reports, the creatures have been associated with advanced mental or physical abilities, or with advanced technologies.

Who or what might these creatures be? Could there really be an otherwise unknown race of creatures that naturally live in the confining darkness of an underground world here on Earth, and who have long been aware of us surface dwellers, even though we haven’t been aware of them?

Although our best scientists will quickly rule out the possibility that we might ever be visited by a race of beings from another world, the question of a subterranean race of beings has never been given nearly as much consideration. The existence of such a race of subterranean beings is not at all implausible, and such a possibility could actually answer certain questions that have otherwise been unanswerable from the standpoint of our current worldview.

The legends of gods, or of a race of men who are depicted as the bringers of civilization to humans, are found to originate specifically with those places and times in our history where the knowledge and abilities attained by humans were unexplainably sudden and great. There are no explanations for these sudden attainments, such as we see in ancient Sumer, the Mayan civilization, and elsewhere, other than what their legends tell us. If we are to accept that these various human civilizations emerged so quickly and with the advancements that they apparently had so early on, but which regressed after the last of these gods or creatures were said to have disappeared, we must accept that perhaps these legends are true. The legends seem to all claim unanimously that these gods gave humans their knowledge, so perhaps it is true.

Could it be, then, that the stories of an underworld are perhaps true as well? Might an advanced race of beings actually live within the bowels of our planet, who emerge from time to time in different places on its surface, perhaps even to erect the cities and temples that remain even today as an ancient testament to their existence? What might it be that would cause them to suddenly arise, remain for a time, and then just as suddenly disappear again?

Earth changes seem to be associated with the arrival and departure of these beings. These Earth changes may at times have been their doing, as some ancient legends suggest, and these changes may be the reason for their departure.

Could it be that periodic Earth changes have offered such underworld beings a chance to live for a time on the surface of our planet, when the atmosphere was more accommodating to their survival? At such times, it may be that the composition of the surface atmosphere was adequate for them to safely emerge from the depths of the Earth, where they’ve been acclimatized to what for us would be a very harsh environment. During a period where the surface environment was affected by the global cover of cloud or volcanic ash, or heavy humidity, or hotter temperatures, it may have been more accommodating to these creatures and they may have journeyed forth from their underworld to inhabit the surface of our planet for a time before eventually being forced once again to return to more habitable locales.

Such subterranean beings, had they evolved in an underground environment, would eventually come to possess characteristics that were unlike those of surface-dwelling creatures in many ways. Having spent so long in their dark environment, they might have developed a different means of seeing, perhaps similar to that of bats, or perhaps acquiring a sensitivity to heat that would allow them to see much like our thermal imaging technology does. Whatever the case, given a long enough time, even previously human creatures might eventually evolve to a more accommodating physical makeup for living in the bowels of the Earth. There is no way that we might distinguish between a subterranean creature and an extraterrestrial one.

There are often stories, usually coming from the more isolated regions on the planet, that describe strange and often human-like creatures that are not otherwise known to us. There’s the Sasquatch in the American Northwest, and its counterpart, the Yeti, in the Himalayas. And there are other creatures, such as the Almas of Central Asia, the Agogwe, Kakundakari, and Kilomba of Africa, the Sisimites of Central America, the Dwendis of Belize, the Didis of Guiana, the Shiru of Ecuador, the Mapinguary of Brazil, and the bloodthirsty chupacabras of the South American jungles, which have been encountered innumerable times over the last few decades.

Where do such creatures come from? Why have we never found more evidence of them than tufts of hair and vaguely defined track marks? Why do we never come across their bones or a dead carcass now and then? It’s obvious that these mysterious creatures are either very few in number, or they come from somewhere else. There is no apparent connection between them and the UFO enigma, so it doesn’t seem that they’re extraterrestrial in nature, although we shouldn’t rule that out completely. A more likely possibility is that they are subterranean creatures, and venture between their world and our own from time to time, for whatever reason.

The famous British explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett disappeared in the Roncador Mountains of the Matto Grosso in Brazil in 1924, while looking for Atlantean ruins. There are rumors that there are entrances to the underworld in this area, and that this is where Fawcett ended up.

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