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Freemasonry (Luciferianism): Basic Structure and Binding Oaths

The following provides a basic outline of how Freemasonry is structured and how members are committed by their oaths, as well as how members are introduced to Luciferianism in the higher degrees. It also lists other secret societies that are directly connected to Masonry through overlapping memberships, and explains a little bit about how they are connected and the differences between them. A list of references and suggested reading is also provided.

* * *

The entry level of Masonry is the Blue Lodge, which consists of the first three degrees:

  1) Entered Apprentice
  2) Fellowcraft
  3) Master Mason

During initiation into the 3rd degree, the following oath is made:

"Further, I will keep a worthy brother Master Mason's secrets inviolable, when communicated to and received by me as such, murder and treason excepted. Further, I will not cheat, wrong or defraud a Master Mason's Lodge, nor a brother of this Degree, knowingly, nor supplant him in any of his laudable undertakings, but will give him due and timely notice, that he may ward off all danger."

After this degree has been attained, if a Master Mason wants to continue advancing, he can choose either the York Rite or the Scottish Rite.

The York Rite has ten additional degrees (4th to 13th), and is more oriented to Christians.

The Scottish Rite has twenty-nine additional degrees (4th to 32rd), and is more oriented to deism (a belief in the existence of a supreme being, specifically of a creator who does not intervene in the universe). 

A 33rd degree is offered in the Scottish Rite as an honorary degree to selected candidates. They must be invited to join.

As a Mason advances by degrees through either the York or Scottish Rites, they are slowly indoctrinated further into deism, and ultimately into Luciferianism.

In both the York and Scottish Rites, the Royal Arch degree is where the Mason makes the following oath:

"I will aid and assist a companion Royal Arch Mason when engaged in any difficulty, and espouse his cause so far as to extricate him from the same, if within my power, whether he be right or wrong."

This includes any criminal act, including murder or treason.

Masons who reach the Royal Arch degree also swear to promote and vote for any fellow Mason of that degree "before any other of equal qualifications."

Members of the Royal Arch degree can be found throughout the justice system, serving as judges, lawyers, and police officers. This means that a Royal Arch Mason can expect favourable treatment by the courts should he ever find himself in trouble. 

In some Lodges, a Mason who enters the Scottish Rite is given a copy of Morals and Dogma, which they are expected to read. This book was written by Albert Pike, who served as the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the USA from 1850 to 1891 and is still considered to be a leading authority on Masonry. The book provides the moral teachings of Freemasonry, which the reader will soon discover from reading it that Masonry is Luciferianism.

Albert Pike has indicated elsewhere in his writings that the 30th, 31st, and 32nd degrees are to be taught the Luciferian doctrine. In speaking to the 33rd degree, he says:

"You may repeat it to the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees — The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine."

Another 33rd degree Mason and leading authority on Freemasonry was Manly P. Hall. In his book, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, he wrote:

"When the Mason learns the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of the living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy."

These are just a few examples to show that Freemasonry is Luciferian at the highest levels. Many other examples exist besides these.

* * *

At the highest levels, Masonry is intimately tied to a number of other secret societies through overlapping memberships. These other secret societies include but are not limited to:

Order of the Illuminati
Order of the Garter    
Knights of Malta
Opus Dei
Council on Foreign Relations
Trilateral Commission
Knights of Columbus
Skull & Bones
Golden Dawn
Ordo Templi Orientis
Church of Satan
Temple of Set

These secret societies each have their own internal structures, doctrines, and areas of influence, with some being more politically-oriented while others are more mystical/theological, but they all serve the same Luciferian New World Order agenda.

The Order of the Illuminati

This Order was founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776, under the direction of the House of Rothschild. By 1782, an alliance was formed at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad in Germany between Illuminati, Freemasonry, and a number of other leading secret societies (Rosicrucians and Theosophists), uniting no less than three million members worldwide.

The Order of the Illuminati has always been made up (in part) of the highest-ranking Masons. It is a very elite group made up of the world's richest and most powerful movers and shakers, who operate on a global level and only from the shadows. Like with the honorary 33rd degree of Freemasonry, candidates can only be invited to join. New members can be invited in from the upper ranks of some of these other secret societies as well. All new members of the Illuminati must take an oath to put their loyalty to that secret society above that of any other oath they might have taken or will ever take.

John Robison, another authority on Freemasonry of the 33rd degree who was invited to join the Illuminati, reveals their oath of initiation in his book, Proofs of a Conspiracy (pg. 71), part of which reads:

"I bind myself to perpetual silence and unshaken loyalty and submission to the Order..."

Rosicrucians and Theosophists are also Luciferian, as many of their published doctrines will show. Their highest ranking members can also be selected for membership in the Illuminati.

Albert Pike was a high ranking Rosicrucian (and probably also an Illiminatus) prior to ever joining the Freemasons. Similarly, most or all other 33rd degree Masons are also high-ranking members in one or more of these other secret societies. In this way, these groups are all intimately linked together and controlled by a relatively small group of people.

The ultimate goal of these secret societies is to create a single world government and force the world's population to adopt a single religion that's based on their Luciferian doctrines.

With the aid of Freemasons, the Illuminati have been responsible for starting the French Revolution of 1789, the Russian Revolution of 1917, World War I, and World War II. They intend for there to be a third world war, after which they will enact the final stage of their plan to create a single world government. The Duke De'Orleans, Karl Marx, Nikolai Lenin, and Adolph Hitler were all heavily involved with secret societies and were ultimately under the control of the Illuminati.

* * *


Morals and Dogmas - Albert Pike
The Secret Teachings of All Ages - Manly P. Hall
The Lost Keys of Freemasonry - Manly P. Hall
Proofs of a Conspiracy - John Robison

Suggested Reading:

New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies - William T. Still

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CONTROLLED OPPOSITION - Preliminary Notes and References

This document is a work in progress. It provides some information from other sources on the subject of 'controlled opposition' and how it is used in the media to control public opinion. My own notes are added throughout. 

* * * * *

DEFINITION: A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries. Notably Vladimir Lenin who said ''"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."
Source: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Controlled%20opposition

That's just the mainstream definition. It isn't just protest movements covertly led by government agents any more. Controlled opposition has many approaches. Some of them are quite sophisticated and unsuspecting, while others are so simple and so obvious that it's a wonder that they work as well as they do. 

* * * * *

Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. Begun in the 1950s....

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird marked the official start of the US government's infiltration of the news and entertainment media. Of course, all this really means is that a lot of editors, writers, reporters, and film makers were recruited as intelligence assets, made to sign secrecy oaths, and thereafter were under the control of their new masters. 

* * * * *

From: http://www.waronwethepeople.com/cointelpro-clearing-house-dr-leonard-horowitz-sherri-kane/

It evolved with the CIA’s MKULTRA Program to restrain populations opposed to matters of political importance. Thus, nearly everyone became a member of what is called 'Controlled Opposition'. The COINTELPRO engineers this state using mass media hypnosis–broadcasting distracting, conflicting, and confusing propaganda.

There has been a covert intelligence operating–a CULTural black-op–that has undermined leaders, and directed “fan mentality,”  on all levels. . . .

Fear-induction by agents of deception, including “news anchors,” generate mass confusion, over-stimulation, and general apathy that plagues us socially, politically and economically.

The devil-doers manipulate by means of  fraud, misrepresentations, and omissions, and We The People become afraid to voice our opinions and react remedially, reasonably, and responsibly.

This is why the root cause of what ails us is the COINTELPRO–a psychological operation by organized criminals producing “controlled opposition” throughout society, disabling society. This treason is administered through grass-roots organizations and institutions by the agents of deception; including a few of these exposed below.

(Alex Jones, David Icke, Ted Gunderson, etc.)

Ted Gunderson told Alex Jones, “I was very active in the COINTELPRO program. Particularly the [media] back East during the 1960s,  and through the Vietnam War. You know we used it against them [the media and activists] and it was very effective. And it’s very effective today. And they’re using it today.  But what they’re doing today, makes the old COINTELPRO program by the FBI back in the 60s. look like a Sunday school class. These guys today are unbelievable. I mean their brazen, they’re violating the law. They’re coming out and trying to set people up. . . . What they’re doing is, they’ve infiltrated every group in America. They’ve got their own people in there; their own informants; their own provocateurs in there. And they’re going to stir-em-up. . . . Their provocateurs are going to come up with the idea of doing some violent acts."

[T]he controlled opposition psyops works to discredit each other, everything, and everyone. Predicate felons discredit racists; and “doctors” with no real credentials are promoted by discredited medical colleagues. Everyone demonizes everyone else in the COINTELPRO, in following Michael Aquino’s “Helter Skelter” satanic protocol.

To begin, the gang operates to co-create one-another’s credibility and celebrity. Then they feud, creating fake, and then deceived opposition as unwitting persons choose sides in frivolous controversies generating rhetorical debates. Then these agents discredit everything and everyone involved in the debate by publishing or broadcasting fraudulent claims, lacking material evidence, such as the alien invasion of humanity involving the Illuminati’s takeover by extraterrestrials. 

This is how they generate the end result of mass confusion, degeneration of the CULTure, and general apathy undermining activism–that is the socio-political objective of Controlled Opposition. This is how the grand distraction and gross deception operates for public persuasion and population manipulation. Any activist attempting to make progress in their chosen cause confronts this conspiracy reality draining their passion.

This is one of the main reasons for COINTELPRO’s nepotism–why these agents, including so-called “doctors,” “natural medicine” leaders, and “consumer advocates,” regularly interview each other, build each other’s blogs and credibility to feign their legitimacy, then self-destruct, taking people’s confidence and progressive movements with them.

* * * * *

A. Official story:
CIA/FBI were incompetent; Bush and/or Clinton were complacent.
B. Official Lame Conspiracy:
CIA/FBI were incompetent; Bush/Cheney maybe let it happen; Israelis Knew.
C. Official LIHOP Conspiracy:
CIA/FBI were compromised; Bush/Cheney did let it happen; Israelis Helped.
D. Official LIHOP Wild Conspiracy:
CIA/FBI compromised; Bush/Cheney/Neocons let it happen; Israelis Did It.
E. Official LIHOP Tinfoil Conspiracy:
Israelis/Neocons/Bush/Cheney Did It; CIA/FBI looked the other way.
F. Official MIHOP 'Serious' Conspiracy:
Israelis/Neocons/CIA/FBI/Bush/Cheney/Military-Industrial-Complex Did It.
G. Official Loony Conspiracies:
Rothschilds and/or Rockefellers and/or CFR and/or Bildebergers did it.
Jews and Jewish bankers -who already run everything- did it.
Satanists, Opus Dei or Reptilians did it.
It's a terrific variety of theories.

It plays out something like this:
The mainstream media push version A; hint at B; sneer at G.
The controlled right/intellectual media pushes version B.
The controlled left/intellectual media pushes version C.
The 'moderate' Fake internet sites push versions C and D.
The 'softcore' Fake internet sites push versions D and E.
The 'independent' Fake internet sites push version F.
The 'loony' Fake interent sites push variations of version G.

But every single one, from A to G are OFFICIAL versions, sanctioned and promoted by the 9/11 intelligence coverup operation and their CIA Fakes network. They have a flavor for every market.

The creation of this multiplicity of explanations is a core element of the coverup. Left to their own devices, people on the Internet might have figured out the truth themselves. But with this circus in action, there is always plenty of distraction and lots of division in opinion.

The intelligence coverup is not trying to stop 9/11 conspiracy theories on the internet. It's creating them. Then playing off supporters of the different theories against each other. That's a classic Cointelpro-style tactic.

The perpetrators knew that a sizeable segment of people were going to be pretty sure 9/11 was not as it seems. They don't mind that, for now. The immediate objectives are first, to to stop these skeptical views from gaining hold in mainstream opinion. Second, to prevent a coherent view forming which could convince a much broader number of people -particularly those on the political left.

* * * * *

These people are all over the Internet They are all over the 9/11 issue; all over the 'stolen' election of 2004; behind the psychological operations designed to inspire fear of earth changes, of global warming, of the Super-State and the so-called New World Order; all over the landscape of anti-corporate, anti-fascist expression on the Internet.

This army of information controllers is all over the 'free' information you are getting on the Internet. Time we opened our eyes to see them. It's not just the mainstream which is controlled. From the moment the Internet became prominent, a vast budget has been expended to control all the high-trafficked intersections on the information superhighway.

Many of these sites/assets were put in place long before 9/11. A key goal was to ensure that if some truth must come out, it will be a truth designed and controlled by intelligence agencies --with agency assets in a position to ensure misdirection and damage limitation.

To this end, an orgy of evidence [See Minority Report Part I] in the form of deliberately misleading 9/11 'clues', were designed into the 9/11 operation from the start --to give these assets prearranged talking points with which to fill their column inches and programming. This has served to confuse and confound.

A persistent theme of the disinformation spread by these assets is to portray the machinations of this elite group acting through the CIA/NSA/ETC. as if they originate from somewhere other than the US security/intelligence apparatus.

Suspicion is directed instead onto the Israelis, the 'City of London', 'International Bankers', The Rockefellers, The Bildebergers, and most infamously, the ill-defined, so-called New World Order. Of course, some of these elements are complicit in certain events, but the aim is to downplay the U.S. establishment's guiding hand and the broad CFR/corporate support.

* * * * *

Examples of some possible (high profile) controlled opposition:

Alex Jones
Donald Trump
Edward Snowden/Glenn Greenwald

Controlled opposition (CO) is dependent on a person or group that is already recognized among the public. From my list we can see that some high-profile CO agents might have already developed a large supportive following (Alex Jones), some might be in a position to create the illusion of a large supportive following (Donald Trump), and some might appear to have forced themselves into the public arena (Anonymous, Edward Snowden, and ISIS). The most significant common denominator here is that they wield a lot of public attention so their influence is comparatively huge. 

With most CO agents, this isn't so much the case. They don't depend on publicity to achieve their ends. They operate almost exclusively online and are only there to make noise, disrupt public discussions on selected subjects, and spread propaganda. They serve as thought police, whereas high-profile CO agents most often serve as opinion leaders and are far fewer in number. 

The public recognition of a high-profile CO agent or group doesn't have to be favourable, but being controversial and/or focusing on controversial subjects certainly helps. The main purpose of the controversy is to attract enough attention to get people's interest (based on its entertainment value, at the very least) in order that they will hear the intended message and react to it (form a belief or make a decision based on it). In these cases, the initial interest a person takes isn't necessarily related to any particular issue that's being presented so much as it is the controversial nature of the person presenting it. This is why Donald Trump, Anonymous, and Edward Snowden all hold a lot of public interest in spite of who they are or what their message might be. Once the message is heard, opinions will be formed about it based on the appeal of the presenter as much as on anything else. 

We can see from my list that CO agents might have different uses: 

- Alex Jones acting as controlled opposition to whoever pays him to say what they want. 

- Trump acting as controlled opposition to Clinton in order to assure that Clinton wins the presidency. 

- Anonymous acting as controlled opposition to the 1% in order to provide an outlet for future news 'leaks' that can be used to shape or control events in their favour. 

- Edward Snowden acting as controlled opposition to the US government in order to provide an outlet for future information 'leaks' that can be used as distractions from more significant newsworthy events. 

- ISIS acting as controlled opposition to UN forces in order to provide an excuse for continued wars, keeping arms manufacturers like Lockheed Martin in business with long-term government contracts worth billions of dollars. 

* * * * *

Some high-profile CO agents (i.e. an Alex Jones or Edward Snowden) will initially introduce information that legitimizes them among their target audience. This information will appear to expose something controversial, and an expectation that more information might be forthcoming from that same source ensures that they will continue to receive attention from that audience for an extended period of time. Once they've established themselves as a 'legitimate source', anything they produce will be more easily passed off as accurate. Very often, these types of CO agents can eventually be identified by the fact that they never reveal anything more than the initial information that brought them to the attention of their audience. 

* * * * *

Low-profile CO agents that you'll commonly meet online will often appear to be extremely patriotic, but they're also against individual rights and freedoms (i.e. freedom of expression). They work for an entity that doesn't value individual rights and freedoms and instead demands unquestioned loyalty, This is a distinguishing characteristic of these agents that can be used to identify them quickly and route them out. 

* * * * *

The media itself, in all its many forms, has become controlled opposition. Without it, we wouldn't have 'news' issues constantly thrust at us, demanding our attention. We're led to believe that they're important messages that threaten our peace and security, or they promise to offer advantages to us in hearing them, but they rarely do. Even the entertainment industry incorporates CO into its stream of endless presentations, as do the advertising and marketing industries. The media acts as controlled opposition by keeping us distracted with issues that those in control want us to focus on, while important issues closer to home and more meaningful to our lives become ignored. This helps to lead to social breakdowns that can then be rectified by those in control through methods that will only lead us to further dependency on them. In this case (with the media), the CO is the equivalent of mass hypnosis, where an illusory world plays out parallel to the real world, interweaving ideas and events to create a distorted and highly confused understanding of what's really going on. 

The media was created in order to enforce controlled opposition on the masses. 

* * * * *

A look at Snowden's background raises some red flags:

- He enlisted in the US Army as a Special Forces recruit but was discharged after breaking both legs in a training accident, which is an uncommon reason for discharge.

- He next found work as a security guard.
- Soon after this he somehow landed a job with the CIA dealing with information technology security (without having any prior training or experience).
- Unexplainable placement in a security position he's not qualified for.
- Moved on from the CIA and began doing contract jobs through Booz Allen Hamilton (this put him at the NSA).
- He was supposedly able to grab a very large amount of very sensitive information from the most highly secured government agency in the world after only being employed there for a few months.
- He was apparently earning between $120,000 and $200,000 a year, which he gave up to go into hiding, be labelled a traitor, become an enemy of the most vengeful government in the world, and be forced to live the remainder of his life in a foreign country, away from all friends and family, completely dependent on that country's continuous support
- He was able to escape to Hong Kong and then Moscow without much worry about being picked up along the way, in spite of the global surveillance and monitoring systems he supposedly 'exposed'
- Nothing he has revealed is really new informatio
- As a government whistleblower, he has been given unprecedented media coverage

Source: http://www.blacklistednews.com/NSA_Leaker_Edward_Snowden_Seems_To_Be_Another_False_Hero_Created_By_Intelligence_And_Media_Circles/29228/0/34/34/Y/M.html

* * * * *

Controlled opposition includes using false flag operations to sway public opinion or to distract from other issues. A long list of such events, posed as terrorist attacks or lone-nut shootings, have been occurring at an increasing rate, with seemingly less and less concern by the perpetrators (not the patsies) of being discovered, stopped, and punished. Media collusion and the quick destruction of evidence after equally quick investigations makes independent investigations impossible. 

A google search for "role players" and "crisis actors" reveals that there are many companies (mostly military contractors) that regularly hire people for such positions. Very little details are ever given in the job postings. Crisis actors and other role players have been identified in various false flag 'news' events, such as Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombing. 

Government documents relating to planning and preparation of emergency drills reveal that these drills involve full scale 'live' enactments with full media coverage and medical response.

See: https://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/20130726-1914-25045-8890/hseep_apr13_.pdf

* * * * *

The FBI has admitted to setting up potential terrorists. They scout out prospective patsies (often in online forums), talk them into performing the act, help them plan it out, supply them with weapons and whatever else they need, and then bust them in the act to receive the praise and promotions.

A dossier of such cases can be found at this link:


The FBI targets the "disgruntled few" who would participate in a terrorist plot if given the opportunity, according to Aaronson. In many cases, the FBI recruits potential terrorists and provides them with plans, equipment, and weapons — before finally shutting them down and getting credit for thwarting another attack.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-fbi-hatched-some-crazy-terror-plots-2013-3

* * * * *

Another form of controlled opposition is to use SSRI drugs to dissolve the memories of surviving victims and witnesses of these illegal government false flag operations (at least where there are REAL casualties). These drugs often lead to increased depression and suicide, as has been the case among victims and witnesses of the Columbine shooting in its aftermath.

Ever since the OKC bombing in 1995, teams of government psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, and councillors have been routinely assigned to handle the surviving victims and witnesses of these crimes and make sure they have plenty of the latest and most powerful pharmaceuticals on hand to deaden their thoughts and feelings and help them forget what happened. 

* * * * *

From: http://hugequestions.com/Eric/Columbine-DonnaTaylor.html

Half of the students didn't show up for school that day. At the hospital, Mark and Donna [Taylor] were warned [by the authorities] to keep quiet about the attack because there may be additional killers on the loose who will come after them if they talk.

Immediately after the shooting they started "Columbine Connections". They were ready with psychologists to convince the victims and their families to take psychiatric drugs to calm them down.

"Columbine Connections" was set up for counseling, and it was encouraging psychiatric drugs. The mail for the victims was sent to this organization, and they would open the mail.

Some more information on this organization from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office:


A doctor, Bill Deagle, who treated some people after the Oklahoma City bombing, would travel to the Taylor house to provide medical services. He would encourage drug use, and would talk about the government putting chips under people's skin. 

This doctor is the host of a radio show called The NutriMedical Report

Some students hung themselves after the shooting. 

Some people have definitely improved from psychiatric drugs, but other people get worse with them.

Some antidepressants come with warnings that they may increase depression or suicidal thoughts. 

Donna Taylor says that many of the people at Columbine were taking these drugs, and it was making them worse, not better.

Donna Taylor took the psychiatric drugs for one year after the shooting. She complained the drug would make her hallucinate. 

* * * * *

Mark Taylor had been quite outspoken about what he saw at Columbine that didn't fit with the official story. In 2008 or thereabouts, he was allegedly framed for sending a bomb threat to a book store and ended up being sent to a mental facility where he was drugged into a perpetual zombie state. An online video exists showing his state before and after his incarceration. He appears to have been lobotomized. 

* * * * *

Dave Thomas was the Jefferson County District Attorney during the time of the Columbine massacre in 1999. He was also the DA during the time of the (still-unsolved) JonBenet Ramsey murder in 1996, and had been responsible for blocking the Boulder police's investigation of that crime. 

* * * * *

Dr. Bill Deagle, the doctor who was treating victim Mark Taylor and his family after the Columbine massacre, has an interesting background. He claims to have the inside scoop on all this Orwellian government activity going on, but he destroys any credibility he might otherwise have by pushing New Age BS and wacky conspiracy ideas that any serious researcher would agree were utter nonsense. He even has his own internet radio talk show set up for promoting his ideas. 

When I first read what Mark Taylor's mother reported (about Bill Deagle and everything she said about there being other shooters), the thought crossed my mind that maybe she was a CO agent, injecting false information to make serious researchers look foolish for believing it. That would mean that her son Mark would have to be in on it. That would mean that he was never really shot 7 times while in full public view on the school field while police and students watched. That would mean that the whole thing was staged. But I just don't believe that. So this Bill Deagle issue provides an important insight into the sort of people that these orchestrators of terror involve in their scripted psyops. 

* * * * *

From: http://www.thecoast.ca/halifax/the-prophet-in-clayton-park/Content?oid=961304

In February 2002, for example, while teaching at another bioterrorism conference in St. Louis, Deagle says he spent three days "with Delta Force and Special Ops guys, all of them saying that our own government was in control and pulling the strings of terrorism. They warned me that the next event was going to be a radiological event involving six major cities, including Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Seattle, Boston and San Diego."

Coincidentally, Deagle says he also treated a government worker who'd become ill while working inside massive, city-sized government tunnels and underground facilities in Colorado and Mexico. According to Deagle, there are more than 4,000 of these clandestine underground cities worldwide, including in and around 132 US cities. His patient, he says, "told me about things going on there, literally involving people from out of this world."

Deagle explained it during a recent speech in Vancouver, "I was called, not only as a doctor and a scientist—but also as a prophet." He has claimed he is, in fact, one of the two end-of-days prophetic witnesses identified in Revelations 11:3—"And I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth..."

Taylor's mother would later break off relations with Deagle, complaining "he tried to control me and my son. It got deeper and deeper. It was insane," says Donna Taylor. She began to believe Deagle was "nuts."

She was also concerned about the number of medications he was prescribing to her son.

On March 11, 2004, the Colorado State Medical Board temporarily suspended his medical licence after investigating three separate incidents in which Deagle had allegedly over-prescribed a pharmacopia of drugs.

The twin towers of Deagle's own mini-empire focus on two seemingly separate but strangely interconnected websites—the CLAYandIRON Ministry, "commissioned by the Most High God & to bring the truth of the end of this Secular Age and prepare His People spiritually and physically for the Times of Jacob's Troubles," and Nutrimedicals Inc., a site that sells a typically prosaic assortment of vitamins and pills

What brings the two together is Deagle's daily two-hour weekday afternoon show on the Genesis Communication Network, a US-based internet radio station that features many of the big names in global conspiracy. From a makeshift studio in his Halifax home, Deagle takes—very—occasional calls from listeners, ramblingly reinterprets current news events to fit his own perspective and somehow manages to mingle conspiracy theories with plugs for his nutritional supplements.

Consider the following, delivered straight-faced and without inflection, to listeners at the Granada Forum: "All roads do lead to Rome," he said, appearing to read from the text on his laptop computer screen. "All kings and rulers are subject to the Jesuit general, the black Pope. Zionism is just an apostate arm of the Bablyonian Talmudic Satanism, subject to the Vatican. Spiritual dark lords of blood and sexual sacrifice are identical with IFEs—Identified Fiendish Entities. And they exist. In the astral plane. And the physical..."

He also claims, of course, to have been a member of what he calls "the inner circle," a claim some of those in the conspiracy world who interview him are quick to pick up on on. Alex Jones, who hosts another popular internet radio all-conspiracy-all-the-time program, introduced Deagle on his show as a man who had "worked for the government at every level...So much of his bio is classified..."

Deagle plays on the power of that mystery, claiming American Special Ops buddies and contacts in high places who tell him things unknown even to the most plugged in. "Senators on the armed forces committee," he boasted to Jones's listeners, "don't know what I know."

Deagle claimed his brother-in-law is the "executive assistant to our premier in Nova Scotia, where I live right now." That much is true...well, more or less. Michelle's brother, Wayne Fiander, is a former Tory candidate and current special advisor to premier Rodney MacDonald. 

Even within the mainstream conspiracy movement—and, post Iraqi-weapons-of-mass-destruction, there's nothing particularly "out there," of course, about questioning whether the American government is really telling the whole truth about 9/11, or anything else—many worry that Deagle's never-ending web-spiral of ever greater conspiracies is undermining their legitimate questions, and some even wonder if Deagle himself is part of a misinformation conspiracy to discredit them.

* * * * *

One of the main angles being used as controlled opposition to the elite's Orwellian plans for our future is the claim that a growing segment of the population (i.e. the uneducated and poor) is becoming increasingly psychotic. By the mid-1990s, new types of pharmaceutical drugs were suddenly being prescribed to more and more people (mostly youth) who were being labelled with new types of mental diseases that were being identified (i.e. undesirable mental states caused by new types of social pressures and poor early nurturing in broken homes). These drugs have proven time and again to increase psychotic tendencies in many people. One only has to watch the ads on TV to understand how bad these drugs are, many of them having a long list of negative side effects that include depression, violence, and suicide. 

Since 9/11, independent investigators, researchers, and anyone else who goes looking for answers or voices their opinions about all these controversial events going on in the world is automatically labelled a 'conspiracy theorist', and the government goes out of its way to besmirch that label while mainstream media mouthpieces avoid any reasoned discussions about their claims. Meanwhile, we find that many of the people that the government hires to do their dirty work in these covert ops are some of the wackiest conspiracy theorists out there. 

Consider the idea that a guy like Deagle might be used for more than just handing out pills like candy. He might be there to purposely adulterate the drugged minds of his patient-victims with the same New Age ideas he promotes, leading them into the illusion that they have also been 'specially chosen' like him to fight the 'evil overlords', and then recruiting them as role-players and crisis actors in the next false flag operation, or setting them loose online to spread their crazy BS among more reasoned discussion groups in order to disrupt them and steer other people away. 

These people have to come from somewhere not normal to be willing to take part in these sometimes fake, sometimes not-so-fake terrorist events. 

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From : https://www.fastcoexist.com/3059742/social-network-algorithms-are-distorting-reality-by-boosting-conspiracy-theories

The filter bubble—the idea that online recommendation engines learn what we like and thus keep us only reading things we agree with—has evolved. Algorithms, network effects, and zero-cost publishing are enabling crackpot theories to go viral, and—unchecked—these ideas are impacting the decisions of policy makers and shaping public opinion, whether they are verified or not.

[W]e've reached the point where social networks are now used as primary news outlets. Seeking news from traditional sources—newspapers and magazines—has been replaced with a new model: getting all of one’s news from trending stories on social networks. The people that we know best are most likely to influence us because we trust them. Their ideas and beliefs shape ours. And the tech behind social networks is built to enhance this.

We are long past merely partisan filter bubbles and well into the realm of siloed communities that experience their own reality and operate with their own facts.

Since nearly half of web-using adults now get their news from Facebook in any given week, what counts as "truth" on our social platforms matters. When nonsense stories gain traction, they’re extremely difficult to correct. And stories jump from platform to platform, reaching new audiences and "going viral" in ways and at speeds that were previously impossible.

[T]he Internet doesn’t just reflect reality anymore; it shapes it. The mere fact of these theories being online and discoverable helps create this phenomenon.

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What are some of the most popular alternative news and conspiracy websites? 

Reddit, DavidIcke, Project Avalon, Project Camelot, InfoWars, PrisonPlanet, BeforeItsNews, RumorMillNews, AboveTopSecret, GodLikeProductions, LetsRollForums, LunaticOutpost, etc.

Every one of these sites I've listed -- as well as many others that are just as popular -- is infiltrated with CO agents. Some, such as AboveTopSecret and GodLikeProductions, are apparently run by CO agents. This becomes evident from reading the many first-hand testimonials that can be found with a simple Google search. 

If you try to post intelligently thought out opinions about things that are commonly discussed on these sites, you just might find yourself quickly ostracized and blocked from posting on them once you say the wrong thing and it comes on their radar. 

Like many other writers and researchers, I have found myself suddenly blocked by many of these sites before I could even register with them. GodLikeProducrtions is so careful not to let me see what's on their site that they have set it up so I can't even view their forums any more. With other sites, my registration just doesn't go through, so I can't sign on. And still with other sites, there's just no connection and the little cursor just spins and spins as the page tries unsuccessfully to load. 

This is the sort of technological method being used to deflect unwanted voices from interfering with the distortions of truth and utter madness that these sites produce and promote. It is another form of controlled opposition. 

This short video is worth checking out. The last few minutes describe what I've just said in the last few paragraphs and briefly explains how these sites weed out real truth seekers:

Here's another one that adds some more information on how these controlled websites remove people: who spread information they don't want people to know about. Be sure to read all the subtitles while you listen to the person talking:

This one is apparently from Anonymous. They traced AboveTopSecret' to Langley, VA, home of the CIA:

ATS node name is listed and maintained by the government.

IP Address:

Node Name Gov-bb21-lan-14 Gov-bb22-lan-15 Gov-bb23-lan-16
Location Langley, Virginia MS 60

See: http://www.insanemedia.net/ats-exposed-above-top-secret-censors-sandy-hook-cointelpro/442

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Banning a user from a web forum in such a way that the banned user is unaware of the ban. Usually takes the form of showing that user's posts/profile/etc. only to that user; other users never see them. Considered underhanded chicken-shit behavior.

Source: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=shadowban
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Network: A Look Inside the Targeting System

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By Anthony Forwood

UPDATED – February 16, 2016

NOTE: This is a SPECULATIVE look at the possible structure and organization of the secret network that I believe lies behind organized gang-stalking. What I describe here is based on my own research, observations, and personal experiences over many years. How I depict the gang-stalking network within this document may not precisely reflect the way it’s actually structured or how it operates, but it seems to be pretty close to how things really are. Whatever the case, the structure and operational methods described here are completely workable in all respects and the security measures used would be quite effective in keeping the network and its activities under a very tight blanket of secrecy. This document complements Social Self-Destruction: A Secret War of Controlled Chaos, which can be found at the link provided at the end of this document. It is highly recommended that you read that article first if you are not familiar with gang-stalking.

The following information can still be greatly extended and improved on, and probably will be at some point, so please check for the latest version, always available here.

Anthony Forwood
February 16, 2016

"The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment, let it never appear, in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation.” - Adam Weishaupt, founder of The Grand Lodge of the Illuminati

Creation of the Network and its Membership

What I describe here I will call ‘The Network’, but this is only for the purpose of giving a name to something that doesn’t necessarily have one nor otherwise have a requirement for one, at least for the public at large, because there is very little chance that it will ever be talked about by anyone who can be certain of its existence.[1]

The Network is made up of many isolated individuals and groups throughout the US, Canada, and in many other countries around the world. The term ‘group’ can be defined here as any group of people at all who hold a common bond of unity, and might be of any type or size, from small social groups of just a few people to entire workforces of large corporations, memberships of international organizations, and governments. But it even goes beyond just this, since it appears that just about any method that might be used to draw people in will likely be applied.

Most large corporate workforces and many smaller ones have already been brought wholesale into this Network through ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ laws that require employees and employers to report anything in the workplace that might be considered suspicious or threatening activity. Anyone who is reported on is assessed (without their knowledge) to determine if they should be put on a ‘watch list’. Watch lists are a key aspect of the Network’s operations, and will be discussed further on.

Similar ‘Community Health and Safety’ laws have also been established in many countries so that these reporting systems also extend into school environments, church congregations, social groups, neighborhoods and public streets, and even private homes.[2]

A special reporting system has also been set up to accommodate these laws and manage everything, and various types of recruitment programs are routinely conducted within workplaces, community groups, and elsewhere, to enlist ‘citizen agents’ and to promote the security advantages that Network members receive. This includes receiving instant notifications by phone whenever a dangerous person is in their area.[1] This notification service is only available to members who have signed a secrecy oath or non-disclosure agreement. This is explained more fully in a later section.

The Network connects all of its members to a central command system that is very sophisticated and highly automated, and is able to handle virtually all of the work involved in normal Network operations. This includes managing members, handling communications, information gathering, planning operations, performing logistics, directing operations, tracking both members and targets, profiling, etc. Very few human resources are needed to manage this system, and direct contact between management levels and operational levels is very minimal. Except during recruitment, all contact is conducted through a highly secure Network communications system.

Soon after these health and safety laws were enacted and the reporting system was set up, a significant number of people were quickly recruited into this Network and have since been under strict secrecy oaths. People are being recruited all the time, and the Network is constantly growing. As new members, they are joining a secret force of eyes and ears in the workplace and community, assigned to report on any suspicious or threatening activity through this system, and to monitor someone who has been put on a watch list. These targeted individuals are constantly tracked, and members receive cell phone text notifications whenever they are in their area, and they are expected to assist in monitoring and ‘policing’ these people under the pretext of maintaining the safety of the community. If a member is a good candidate for deeper involvement, various different opportunities to take part in ‘special operations’ can be offered. These opportunities are only made available to members who match a certain profile and have been cleared for these activities.

Certain individuals and groups that lie outside mainstream society – street gangs, biker clubs, prostitutes, criminals, drug addicts, homeless people, alternative groups, illegal immigrants – are also brought into the Network through other means than those described above. Any person or group is a candidate for being recruited into this Network, and there are various different classifications of membership for different types of candidates, which is determined through careful profile matching.

The many individuals and groups that make up the Network’s vast and varied membership are kept as isolated as possible from other members and completely unaware of the full extent of the Network, and they don’t know about or even expect that many of the other individuals and groups are involved, and identities between members are kept as anonymous as possible. However, some groups of members will necessarily be aware of each other’s involvement to some capacity, but these groups remain otherwise just as anonymous and isolated within the Network.

As well as them not being aware of the full extent of the Network and who other members might be, none of the members ever know anything more about what they are involved in beyond what they are informed of through the Network. All information circulated through the Network is carefully controlled, and cover stories can be given for the activities that members engage in, as well as the pretexts for doing so. Covert monitoring of every member’s communications assures early warning of possible security breaches.

Besides the normal operations involving monitoring and policing targeted individuals, certain individuals and groups are also put to use in various ‘special projects’ that have to do with deeper levels of the Network, and usually involve the exploitation of targeted individuals in some way.

Many groups and many individuals have been absorbed into the Network one after the other for many years, until now virtually any given group that exists could have a significant number of Network members within it, acting through that group or as part of another. Since its inception (as early as the 1980s), this secret Network has expanded beyond corporate workforces, community groups, and various other organizations that were brought into it early on. It has come to include street gangs, biker clubs, immigrants, homeless people, tourists, and even children. There is no person or group that the Network doesn’t have a use for.

The Network is open-ended, so that it’s capable of unlimited expansion and can encompass any number of individuals and groups into itself for any number of purposes. It is intended that eventually every person on the planet will be included within its database, either as a member or as a targeted individual, and will be under constant watch and direction.

The Network is ideally suited for incorporating a variety of new functionalities into its structure, not the least of which are mind-control technologies (discussed further on). The central computer system runs specially designed artificial intelligence software that gives it the ability to learn and evolve new functionalities that can be incorporated into normal operations or special projects.

The Network is connected into every communication system, information network, and database on the planet, and incorporates these into its data collection procedures. It also takes full advantage of ECHELON, the NSA’s global surveillance system. Virtually any information that exists in digital form can be accessed by the Network system for real-time surveillance and intelligence gathering purposes. The monitoring of communications also includes the ability to interfere. This means that information flow can be controlled by various covert ‘denial of access’ techniques, and on a person-by-person basis.

Full-time GPS links to members and targets through their cell phones are used by the Network system for tracking and logistics purposes. Covert use of RFID chips make it possible to track anyone who doesn’t own or carry a cell phone.

With these and other connected resources, the Network’s command center can constantly gather, analyze, and update an extensive amount of information on any person, as well as instantly locate and track them in real-time. The Network incorporates advanced profiling systems into many of its automated processes, such as for selecting, evaluating, and managing members when recruiting, planning operations, assigning operational tasks, etc.

As a policing system, the Network maintains a separate database for individuals who have been flagged as targets for monitoring and policing, which will be carried out by Network members through various assigned operational tasks. Targets are determined through the reporting system described earlier, which involves receiving threat or suspicion reports from members, assessing these reports and the individuals involved, and determining whether they should be placed on a watch list. To do this, extensive information is gathered on a reported individual and analyzed, and if they match certain qualifications then specific operational procedures are determined for handling them. Once an individual is placed on a list, the target is constantly tracked by the Network system and monitoring tasks will immediately be assigned to members within the target’s neighborhood or workplace, or wherever else they might go. Manual monitoring by members will include regular reporting to the Network command center.

System Compartmentalization

Because the Network is officially non-existent and must always appear that way in order to maintain its security and achieve its ultimate ends, it is important to those who manage it that knowledge of it is minimized as much as possible by keeping meticulous records of what information each member is privy to or might be aware of, as well as what cover stories they have been given regarding their involvement in any operations. This minimization of awareness means that members should be kept from knowing how extensive the Network and its capabilities are, the details of membership activities, and the identity of other members. The Network is therefore kept highly compartmentalized into isolated individuals and groups that work anonymously to each other but are coordinated through the Network’s command center so that their individual activities can be perfectly integrated into precisely timed and tightly controlled operations, such as in street theatre activities.

This strict compartmentalization of members to restrict their knowledge about the Network and other members not only assures the security of the system and its operations, but also assures that upper management levels can avoid direct responsibility, should anything go wrong. Network compartmentalization also allows members to unknowingly become targets, as well as for members and member groups to be unknowingly pitted against each other to achieve certain desired results, without them ever realizing that they’re being manipulated. Compartmentalization assures that a member who might become a target at some point doesn’t jeopardize other members or lead to revealing any sensitive information about the Network or its operations that they might be privy to. Therefore, the identity of members and groups and all details regarding their participation in operations is kept as confidential as possible and cover stories are implemented as pretexts for assigned tasks whenever possible to facilitate these ends. It’s equally desirable to keep members as anonymous to each other as possible, and although this isn’t always possible, such as when dealing with groups where the members already know each other’s identities as members, the identity of members will otherwise be secured from other members and member groups as much as possible.

Network Operations

Members who are recruited into the Network are initially used within operational assignments by being given certain specific tasks to complete. Operational assignments are carried out by any number of members who are usually unaware of the identity of the other members involved in the same operation, unless they’re operating from within the same member group. When an operational directive is entered into the central command computer by management, the computer system collects all the relevant data it needs and does an analysis of the situation, works out a plan of action, breaks it down into individual tasks, organizes members, and coordinates the execution of the operation. All communications during the execution of an operation will be conducted strictly through the use of cell phone text messages, and will pass through the secured Network system.

There are both ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ operations. An ‘official’ operation will strictly involve acting as a ‘citizen agent’ to monitor a workplace or community for suspicious or threatening activity, or to police targeted individuals who have been placed on a watch list. All members are expected to take part in these sorts of operations.

An ‘unofficial’ operation goes beyond these activities, and includes any activities that members might engage in of their own free will that are approved activities, or which they have otherwise been given clearance for. Members aren’t usually directly informed about these approved activities, but are left to learn about them on their own, or covertly influenced to engage in them, if and when they reach the deeper levels of the Network. This is to remove any direct responsibility from upper level management while allowing them to take place in a controlled manner. Certain ‘unofficial’ operations will include activities that are covertly influenced through the manipulation of a member or group in order to cause them to believe that they are acting of their own free will in carrying out tasks that result in fulfilling a certain operational directive. These types of ‘unofficial’ operations always involve the testing or application of mind-control technologies.

Recruitment Procedures

New members are continually being recruited into this Network so that it has continually been expanding as it has drawn in more and more of the general population over the years and recruited them into membership. These new recruits are carefully screened for selection using profiling systems to determine various qualifications, such as for classification into different membership levels, and for assigning operational tasks.

Upon approval for membership, each recruit is made to sign a lifetime secrecy oath or non-disclosure agreement in order to legally bind them to a lifetime contract of cooperation and commitment. Once signed, they will be forbidden to ever talk about the Network or their involvement, and must pretend complete ignorance of its existence to others. All members will thereafter be unknowingly under constant electronic surveillance to track and monitor them for security reasons, as well as to accumulate data that can be used for determining management procedures for them and usability in operations. This information will also be used to control a member in the case that they become a security risk or step out of line.

Penalties that include lengthy jail terms for breaches of secrecy oaths or violation of non-disclosure agreements are only the first deterrent against exposure of the Network. Further deterrents are also available, many of them involving blackmail, as well as mind-control technologies that are incorporated into the system. However, the greatest deterrent for any member will be the threat of being rejected from the system once they have been accepted into it and come to understand what might happen to them if they are.

Although most knowledge about the Network and its operations and activities can be easily controlled and contained in the event of any unforeseen situation, it is still sometimes necessary that a balance be maintained between what a particular member might know about the Network and how much control can be maintained over that member, and this can leave the Network vulnerable if care isn’t taken so that maximum control is always maintained. The more controllable a member is, the easier it will be to assure that problems don’t arise that might jeopardize the Network, and the more likely they can be brought into its deeper levels. Tight control of members also allows for greater flexibility in Network operations and activities, allowing it to expand as new application possibilities arise. Therefore, a variety of control mechanisms can be incorporated into the system, ranging from very crude to highly sophisticated.

One method of gaining the membership of a candidate into the Network is to give exaggerated praise for whatever traits or skills that candidate has that they might pride themselves in, and to lead them into believing that those traits or skills are highly sought and will allow the candidate to receive special advantages and have doors opened for them through their dedicated service to the Network. This might be any sort of trait or skill at all, as long as it can be made use of within Network operations or activities. This includes both legitimate as well as criminal traits and skills. The police, acting as a major member group within the Network, take advantage of those criminal elements that they come into contact with during their official duties, and routinely recruit them by first building the recruit’s confidence in their criminal abilities, and leading them into believing that they would benefit by helping the police with the use of these skills. Criminals are highly sought for certain illegal tasks that the police want performed which they and other members will not dare to engage in themselves.

Blackmail Insurance

Although a crude form of control, blackmail is still highly effective and completely within the repertoire of methods used to recruit, control, and silence members. As such, blackmail situations are put to good use and are standard practice within certain groups that are part of the Network. Normally, it will be used where secrecy oaths or non-disclosure agreements aren’t as practical or effective, such as will be the case with criminal groups who aren’t necessarily intimidated by the legal ramifications of legally binding security oaths.

Blackmail can therefore be used as a substitute to secrecy oaths and non-disclosure agreements during recruitment into the Network, but should always be perceived by recruited members as part of an initiation into a group and not as part of the Network. The blackmail procedure will serve to bind a new member to an oath of silence and commitment to that group, and must be as effective as a secrecy oath or non-disclosure agreement would be. It will normally consist of recording the new member engaging in a suitably compromising act, with the recording being secured as insurance against any breaches that could jeopardize the Network and its operations.

There are two basic types of blackmail that are used: sexual and criminal. The most widely used blackmail is sexual blackmail that can be used to destroy a member’s character, social status, and reputation. When more effective blackmail is necessary, it will involve criminal acts that can go so far as to involve murder.

Since blackmail is a criminal act and the upper management levels of the Network seek to distance themselves from all responsibility for activities that its members engage in, these blackmail operations are executed in such a way that responsibility for them or anything at all that might go wrong will fall on individual members or member groups in order to maintain the security and functioning of the Network. This will necessitate providing a certain degree of autonomy of the groups that perform the blackmail procedures, and includes a certain amount of freedom in the decision-making abilities that certain members of these groups have (or at least the perception of such freedom and autonomy) that don’t require prior authorization by upper management levels of the Network. Only members who have been properly programmed and trained for special tasks are ever given clearance for such decision-making abilities, and only as far as specific tasks and activities require.

Recruitment or initiation that involves collecting blackmail insurance must always be done under the guise of a member group, and in such a way that the recruit doesn’t know that the group is part of a larger network. Only after collecting blackmail insurance and establishing oaths of silence and commitment might the new member be brought further into the Network itself. In this sort of situation, the recruit might think that he or she is being initiated into a club, secret society, cult, etc., and will undergo an initiation process that will usually involve the recruit voluntarily putting him or herself into a suitably compromising situation that is recorded and secured as blackmail insurance. In these cases, the recruit will see it as a proof of loyalty to the group they are involved with, and will be led to believe that only that group knows about the compromising act they engaged in.

Sometimes, a recruit might need to be put into a blackmail situation involuntarily, in order to garner their full cooperation when a voluntary blackmail situation isn’t possible. Whatever the case, the blackmail procedure should guarantee that the recruit will want to remain loyal to the Network (through the group) and never speak about their knowledge of it or its activities. The most important thing when collecting blackmail insurance is that it should always be seen to be tied to the member group, and not perceived as anything to do with the larger Network.

Blackmail is only used with certain types of members within certain types of member groups. As mentioned earlier, there are both voluntary and involuntary blackmail situations. A voluntary situation is where a staged act that compromises the member is previously agreed on between the new recruit and other group members, usually as part of their initiation into the group and for binding their loyalty to that group through a secrecy oath.

An involuntary blackmail situation is less straightforward in how it might be carried out, and this will usually depend on whether any compromising material can be discovered about the recruit, or can otherwise be created. This will involve assessing the recruit’s main weaknesses and then creating staged situations to tempt those weaknesses, leading the recruit unsuspectingly into the compromising act. In either case, the compromising act is recorded on tape, and if the blackmail is involuntary, then the recording will be presented to the recruit and it will be made clear that it will be used against them if they should ever disclose anything about the group or its activities. Involuntary blackmail is more commonly applied to recruits who are not part of any group tied to the Network.

Although blackmail offers the obvious ability to force a person to act against their will and do the blackmailer’s bidding, the Network is designed so that blackmail can be used to make them act willingly, without conscience or remorse. The Network selectively and gradually introduces certain members to a completely different form of life than normal, in which their exposure to this new lifestyle is carefully controlled and their perceptions molded so that they begin to be conditioned to accept a new set of attitudes and behaviors that they come to live by. Blackmail operates through the level of guilt or fear that can be associated with it. In other words, the more guilt a person feels towards a compromising act that they have been involved in and the fear of being found out, the more effectively it can be used to control them. The easier it is to control them, the easier it is to lead them into further compromising acts to increase the guilt and strengthen the effectiveness of the blackmail insurance. A member under the pressure of blackmail seeks any means to alleviate their feelings of guilt, including the use of scapegoats, and these are provided through the Network in the form of targets. As a member progresses into the deeper levels of the Network, their perceptions slowly change and they are influenced to see targets as more guilty than they are, and this can serve to alleviate their own guilt in acting out against those targets.

Using blackmail insurance to secure a member’s silence and continuing cooperation and participation in Network activities also provides a means to lead these members into certain deeper levels of the Network’s structure, where certain types of special privileges or rewards can be made available if they take part in certain Network activities that lie outside of ‘official’ operations. These other activities, referred to earlier as ‘special projects’, are designed to keep members engaged in Network activities, while also serving to strengthen their loyalty and oath of silence. Unless a member is receiving adequate mind-control programming to make it unnecessary, suitable blackmail insurance is absolutely required before a member can be cleared to participate in any of the activities that take place at the deeper levels of the Network.

How They Test the Code of Silence

It’s a matter of routine for those who keep secrets in taking steps to assure that those people who are party to those secrets are trustable. There is a standard method that is used for assuring and testing such trustworthiness. Within all groups that are part of the Network, members will be required to immediately report any inappropriate activity that they witness other group members engaging in. This will include saying anything about the Network or its activities. The members will also be made aware that their trust will be tested from time to time, in that a staged security breach or breaking of the rules will be conducted that they will witness, usually by someone they are known to be friends with or who is their superior within the group, and their reaction to this staged breach will be used to determine their trust. The member will never know whether a breach is a test or not, and will therefore be forced to report them, or face the possible consequences for not doing so. Since this is a secret government program involving non-disclosure agreements and secrecy laws, as well as blackmail, the member who doesn’t report a breach will be facing potential criminal repercussions, or equivalent damage to their life (including targeting), for failing to comply. The method described here is very effective for testing a member’s loyalty and trust, either towards another member, a member group, or the Network itself.

This method of testing and maintaining the code of silence will also assure that information regarding a target is safe to disseminate among Network members, and the content of that information could therefore be quite extensive. This means that this information does not have to be accurate, as long as each member who receives it believes that it is and can never discover otherwise.

The Network’s Underground Society

An underground society exists deep within the Network, unknown of by many of its members, and certainly not by anyone who isn’t a member. Access to this underground society and its activities is only given to those members who have been properly initiated into it. Even among those members who have access to it, most of them will only have access to limited parts of it, and only if they meet strict security protocols and have been cleared to take part. These protocols absolutely require that blackmail insurance is first collected, or that adequate mind-control procedures are applied that will guarantee the member’s cooperative involvement. Although blackmail insurance has traditionally been collected when recruiting members into this underground, it’s being phased out as more sophisticated methods of electronic mind-control are being more widely incorporated into the system.

On first exposure, this underground might be seen by its newly introduced members as nothing more than activities that lie outside the Network itself, either as part of the member group they belong to, or by invitation from other members who they don’t know are members and who have been specifically tasked to invite them to participate. Only through progressive exposure to and involvement in certain activities does a member learn anything about the underground, and all of this is carefully controlled at every step.

Many of the people who are brought into the Network are severely lacking in any morals when they’re recruited, and are therefore easy to involve in the deeper levels of this Network underground, and quickly gravitate to taking part in it. These particular members are usually connected to the Network through fringe groups, such as street gangs, motorcycle clubs, drug or prostitution rings, police informants, etc., but not necessarily. Many members who end up in the deepest levels of the underground are just as likely to be business professionals, police officers, teachers, and church leaders.

The easiest members to draw into the Network’s underground, however, are young adults, and sex is the most popular enticement.

Sex is a major weakness for a lot of people, and it’s routinely used within the Network as a means for collecting blackmail insurance, but also for pleasure and entertainment, which is made available to members of the underground through various special projects.

Sex can be used to draw in new recruits, and special groups have been set up within the Network that operate as sex rings and are regularly used for recruitment purposes, usually assisting in collecting blackmail insurance, but also to provide ‘rewards’ or entertainment privileges for members. Some of these rings are exclusive to select members in the Network, but there are also sex rings set up that cater to a wider membership, and are made available to any member who has gone through an initiation and provided blackmail insurance as an oath of silence and loyalty. Until a member has done so, they will never be aware that these rings exist, but when they do, a whole new world is opened to them that will draw them further into the Network. These members join into the lifestyle of the underground, where sex is heavily promoted and widely engaged in between members of these rings. Drugs are also cheaply and easily available to Network members once they have entered into this underground. Corruption is the main purpose of these underground activities, and it is part of the design of the Network system to bring as many members into it as possible. Since members are signing a lifetime contract when joining the Network, and young people are more easily enticed into corrupt activities, they are the most likely to eventually be drawn in, and their total corruption is only a matter of time.

The sex rings in particular provide an enticing introduction into a secret world with darker motives. Sex is used to tempt members into an underground society that caters to every sin and pleasure imaginable. This underground society is used to lead these members into ever deeper and darker levels of corruption. As soon as they get involved in the Network at this level and discover that they have this whole new source of pleasure and excitement available to them and they begin to explore it with a little guided influence, there’s no turning back for them.

One of the things that I feel is taking place at even deeper levels of this Network are actual satanic activities, including all manner of ritual abuse, satanic worship, and even human sacrifices. These activities are engaged in by those who control this Network, and this Network is their means for drawing the entire population into this as well. Therefore, they must maintain very tight security against its exposure, so full-blown mind-control is a necessity for any members who will reach these darker levels of the Network’s underground. This mind-control is applied to the extent that each member will have one or more ‘alter’ personalities created in them (either through trauma or hypnosis), and will be completely unaware of the fact. The different personalities are switched in and out through triggers, and prior programming will assure that these members are incapable of remembering or otherwise discovering their involvement in these dark activities. As the Network continues to draw in its members, more and more people are being led into these satanic aspects and being enslaved through this most insipid form of control.

Membership Motivations and Rewards

Members of this Network aren’t usually paid, but instead they will either volunteer themselves freely, be tricked into it, or forced. Usually, they begin doing it as part of something else that they’ve already committed themselves to, such as a church or business organization, and their Network activities are seen by them as part of their current commitments with that group. As such, neither the existence of the larger Network, nor the group’s connection to it, has to be known about by more than one or a few in their group (usually in leadership positions), and even then, their knowledge of the Network is still very limited. A group’s involvement in Network operations is just seen by its members as serving the group’s interests. Those members of the group who know anything about the larger Network will usually be affiliated with it through membership in another group and will be acting through their service to that other more deeply involved group to involve the current group in serving those interests as well.

Motivations to act in favor of the Network’s needs are provided to individual members or groups with carefully crafted cover stories that are specific to that member or group and are usually crafted around whatever a group’s official purpose is, or whatever can be used to motivate a member to take part in various tasks and operations. Usually, a member or group can be motivated with a simple appeal of ‘service to community’. Many people feel obligated and even honored to do something for their community when approached and asked in the right way, and so they can be easily led to think that they are doing so when they’re involved in Network activities. When they see the level of sophistication that’s used in these operations, they automatically assume that what they’re doing must be important and under the direction of a legitimate authority, no matter what they might be drawn into doing.

Of course, other motivators exist, as we’ve already seen, and these are used to draw in those people who aren’t so easily motivated by a sense of duty or obligation. In fact, these are the preferred type of people to draw into the Network, because they’re already closer to the mindset that this Network is intended to develop within the general population. Selfishness, greed, carnal pleasures, criminality, etc., are easier to take advantage of and use to control a person, so cultivating these traits serves the ultimate purpose of the Network.

As we’ve already seen, reward systems have been set up to cater to member’s pleasures in various ways, but these aren’t the only reward systems that exist. Virtually anything might be offered to entice a member to do the bidding of the Network, since those who control the Network have the power to fulfill just about any desire that a person might have, and people are always seeking pleasure and excitement.

Special projects are set up at the deeper levels of the Network that are involved in catering to the pleasures of members or rewarding them in some way. These special projects involve activities that might be carried out by a single member group, or they can be broken up into compartmentalized operations that involve various members or groups who perform their assigned tasks in isolation and remain unaware of the fuller operation, which will be an ongoing enterprise of some sort, such as a free adult website for members that exploits the private lives of targets.

Exploitation of targeted individuals is a high priority of the Network. In the example just mentioned, the tasks will be divided up so that one member might be tasked with entering a target’s residence and planting cameras in strategic locations such as the bathroom and bedroom, another will be tasked with capturing and editing footage and uploading it to the website, and another with maintaining the website. None of these members ever have to come in contact with the other members involved or know who they are or what they do. The member planting the cameras can be kept totally unaware of the exploitative purposes the footage will be put to, and might be led to believe that the cameras are for general surveillance purposes. The member who handles the editing of the footage can be kept unaware of the identity of the target and where they reside (which might be anywhere in the world). The webmaster can also be kept unaware of this information about the target, and may even be led to believe that the footage they receive is voluntarily submitted by people who are exhibitionists. Members who are given access to the website and can view this footage can be led to believe whatever they might be told, perhaps also believing that the target is an exhibitionist. Selected footage of a target might be made available to members that live in the target’s community, in order to influence those member’s actions towards the target, or it might be made available only to members who will never come in contact with the target, and offered as ‘entertainment’. Such a website might offer thousands of different video channels to choose from, so that a member can eavesdrop on any number of targets, watching and listening to them in the privacy of their own homes.

The above example is just one type of special project that is used for motivating and rewarding members who are admitted into the Network’s underground, and the possibilities for motivating members through rewards and exploiting targeted individuals is virtually unlimited.

The Network Phone System

The Network relies on various technologies to effectively keep all of its members invisibly ensnared within its electronic web of control and operating in isolation to each other. Every member requires a cell phone in order to take part in Network activities, and the cell phone provides a means for central command to track, communicate with, and monitor each member. Cell phones are very important to the functioning of this Network and its ultimate goal.

Those who are responsible for putting together this Network have thought very carefully about the security of their system and know that Network members will often be sloppy and stupid, so they have taken pains to secure against this while conducting their operations through cell phone communications.

With the levels of power of those who are involved in creating and maintaining this secret Network, the ability to bypass or change standard phone operating functions are relatively easy, and a member’s cell phone might be specially configured so that normal functionality is enhanced in order to implement special security measures against that member’s potential sloppiness or stupidity.

What follows describes how the security of the Network and member activities are able to be preserved against anyone who might accidentally come across a member’s cell phone. This section is intended as an outline so that readers can gain a better perspective of the situation and how it can be accomplished without any chance of exposure, and to show how gang-stalking operations can be conducted efficiently while maintaining tight security measures. Should someone outside the Network ever come across a member’s cell phone, this could otherwise lead to the Network’s exposure if any suspicious or incriminating information was ever to be discovered on the phone (such as command center telephone numbers, text messages related to operations or targets, etc.). Therefore, this section describes how precautions might be taken to minimize any possibility of discovery. It will serve to answer questions that any doubters might have as to the possibility that such a secret Network could ever possibly exist without risk of exposure.

Securing communications between central command and participating members:

  • All Network communications must be strictly conducted through text-based cell phone calls.

  • Member’s cell phones are registered on the central computer, and only calls from registered cell phones will be allowed to connect.

  • A member’s registered cell phone is required to use a nondescript name entry for the command center phone number held in the cell phone directory listing. A silent ring-tone should always be assigned to this number. The cell phone will also be configured so that text messages sent to or received from the command center can’t be saved or forwarded.

  • Members are assigned a personal identity number and must use it when calling into the Network commend center. This is necessary to validate who they are and to secure against unauthorized access by non-members. This personal identity number must be memorized for security reasons, and never written down or recorded anywhere that it might be found by others.

  • Member’s cell phones must have a phone lock feature activated whenever the member is away from their phone, with a special identity number that must be entered before any communications with the Network can be initiated. This further assures that there will be no unauthorized access to the Network or Network communications by non-members.

  • Lost or stolen cell phones must be reported immediately through a special 1-800 number in order that it can be deactivated from the system.

The above measures will effectively secure the Network against discovery and infiltration by non-members who might gain access to a member’s cell phone and attempt to connect with the commend center or otherwise discover confidential information related to the Network or its activities.

The weakest link in this system, no matter how it might be designed and operated, is going to be the carelessness of the participating members. The Network system is capable of implementing special cell phone hardware or software measures that will enhance a cell phone so that communications to and from the command center will be far more secure than could normally be possible with ordinary phone features. Such enhancements will include disabling copying, saving, and forwarding of Network communications. It will also include special monitoring capabilities, to assure that the cell phone isn’t tampered with. That any member’s cell phone should fall into the wrong hands and risk exposure of this Network, the participation of that member, or any details of Network activities or targets, demands that such special hardware/software enhancements are used, making the phone security measures listed earlier far less necessary. Nonetheless, the foregoing outline should give readers an idea of how such a system might be designed so that it would allow for secure cell phone networking and communications to be implemented.

The one thing that can’t normally be easily hidden on a member’s cell phone will be the phone number to the Network command center. Special enhancements can be made to the phone so the Network number isn’t even needed, and all Network communications can be automatically received and then erased once they’ve been viewed by the member, or after having been written and sent by the member. With this sort of setup, incoming Network calls will have special coded ring tones to signify various types of calls[1]:

Ordinary (non-network) call ring tone 1 (normal ring)

Network Query ring tone 2 (silent/vibrate 1)

Network Alert ring tone 3 (silent/vibrate 2)

Network Task ring tone 4 (silent/vibrate 3)

An ordinary incoming call will have whatever ring tone is normally assigned by the owner of the phone. Network calls, however, are always silent for security reasons, and might be one of three possible types: a query, an alert, or a task. A query call is an incoming Network call seeking assistance in an operation. An alert call warns when a target is in the immediate vicinity. A task call gives instructions to a member during an ongoing operation. These incoming communications are answered by entering a special key combination to bring it up on the phone’s screen.

There can also be a simple code system that’s used by members for communicating to the network’s command center. In order to respond to a query, alert, or task, the member enters a simple one or two digit code, depending on their response. If the member is inactive or on standby and wants to reject an incoming query for assistance, they might press 0 and then ‘send’. Otherwise, they might press 1 followed by ‘send’, and the command center would automatically respond back by sending more information about the query, which can be immediately displayed on the phone’s screen until another button is pressed, at which point it’s deleted.

This phone system is designed to make Network communications as secure and efficient as possible. During an operation, all participating members will be directly linked to the command center and their phones will receive and display Network messages instantaneously without the member having to press any buttons except when a response is necessary. This allows members who are engaged in a street theatre operation to receive information and instructions more quickly and perform their tasks more easily and with complete anonymity to other participating members while still maintaining the coordination of movements and timing. There are no delays in communicating like there are with normal cell phone communications, and the specialized functioning of the member’s cell phone makes it virtually impossible for these communications to be non-secure.

It is my experience that a target’s picture often seems to be circulated with any alert messages concerning the target that are distributed through the Network. These pictures will be updated as regularly as possible, and it’s not unlikely that there will be a gallery of different pictures and video clips of each target that are stored on the Network system that can be made available to members for their perusal, in order for them to familiarize themselves with a particular target’s appearance so they can properly identify them. However, for security reasons, a Network member will never be able to copy or store any of these pictures or other information on their own cell phone (or computer), and can only view them while connected to the Network.

The main foundational structure for this Network is the global electronic communications network. This provides the means to tie all of the other components of the system into this Network, which have each been introduced in rapid succession immediately after this foundation was in place. After the communications network was put in place, the proliferation of computers and computerized automation was the next component of the Network to be implemented, which serves to allow for a massive surveillance system (ECHELON) that was immediately put to use in compiling information on every individual and group within the general population. Immediately after this came the introduction of cell phones, which provided a way to expand the surveillance and information gathering while also providing the platform for applying mind-control programming to a large part of the population while being able to tailor that programming on an individual basis. Cell phones also offer tracking capabilities through internal GPS chips.

Cell phones have been very useful in the gang-stalking operations that Network members routinely engage in, and these operations are quickly becoming the new method of policing and punishing more and more people within the population who are becoming listed as targeted individuals. Cell phones are the main tool used in these gang-stalking operations, acting as a member’s only link to the Network and other members. Cell phones provide communications between Network members and central command in such a way that strict control of both the members and any information they might be privy to is always controlled and contained, assuring the continued security of the Network, its members, and its operations.

Cell Phones and Mind Manipulation

Most people own a cell phone and carry it wherever they go and are using them more and more often in communicating with friends, family, and whoever else they might ever talk to, and this not only makes cell phones perfect tools for surveillance, but also for mind-control. This is because a cell phone is capable of transmitting microwave frequencies that will affect the brainwaves of anyone standing within a few feet of it. Specific frequencies will induce specific symptoms, such as confusion, paranoia, aggression, suggestibility, etc. When the cell phone is held to the ear, these effects are much more intense. Cell phones can also be used to send subliminal audio messages via pulsed microwaves (V2K) to affect a person’s thoughts and actions without their awareness.

Members are expected to always have their cell phones nearby in case they need to be contacted in an emergency, and they might be told that it’s for their security against dangerous targets, or because they might be needed in an operation, but mind control is a significant part of the reason as well. As members become involved with the Network, they will be continuously subjected to very sophisticated electronic mind-control programming techniques day in and day out, and will never notice anything. The mind control will begin with basic behavioral conditioning through a continual stream of subliminal suggestions that can be custom designed for each member, based on psychological profiles that will reveal characteristics about them that can be taken advantage of for manipulation. These subliminal suggestions can be transmitted whether or not the phone is turned on, as long as it has a power source.

Subliminal programming has certain limitations. Its effect is short lasting when a suggestion is applied for only a short time, but when it’s applied regularly over a longer period, it begins to have a stronger and more lasting effect. Short-term effects are useful for influencing a person to immediately act a certain way on compulsion, while long-term effects are best suited for changing a person’s general attitudes and perceptions of things.

Specific microwave frequencies that affect a member to cause such feelings as aggression or fear can also be applied to members, but this is reserved for when it is most useful, such as at the precise moments when a member is in close proximity to a target, so as to help in influencing a desired response from that member as part of an operation.

Another more powerful form of mind control that can be applied through cell phones involves electronic hypnosis, which is effected through the use of specific electromagnetic frequencies to entrain the brainwaves of a person and create a temporary state of high suggestibility in them. After such a state is induced, suggestions or commands can be subliminally inserted directly into the subconscious without the person noticing anything unusual.[3] Hypnosis is far more versatile than subliminals. The hypnotic suggestions or instructions can be far more elaborate, and detection of being hypnotized is virtually impossible, both during and after the fact. Hypnotic suggestions or instructions will also have a much stronger and more certain effect than subliminals.

A third level of mind-control depends on whether a person has been implanted, and a cell phone can again be used to relay signals to and from the implants, so that signals can be sent to a specific person without affecting anyone else in the vicinity who has also been implanted, and very weak signals from the implant can be picked up when the cell phone is held to the ear.[4]

No matter what form of mind control a person might be subjected to, the Network can be used to control and direct them. Each Network member is certainly being subjected to mind control in one form or another, and in many cases it may even go so far as to involve trauma-induced alter personalities. Whatever the case might be, its application is always kept very covert and measures to safeguard against its discovery are taken whenever possible. Members are usually kept completely unaware of being manipulated and think that they’re in full control of their own thoughts and behaviors when really they will do whatever they’ve been instructed to do.

Each Network member undergoes a long-term programming schedule that’s been carefully designed and follows a regimented procedure to assure that it’s properly implemented and failsafe, and greater control of that member is achieved over time. This requires that progressive levels of mind-control programming are established in each member and each level of programming will have a particular intended result that must be fully achieved before that member will graduate to the next level of mind-control. Each of these levels of programming will be reflected in their level of involvement in the Network and its activities, so that the higher the level of programming, the more involved a member will be in Network operations and activities, and, more importantly, the more controllable they will be. Since the ultimate intention of the Network is to create a totally mind-controlled society of unwitting slaves who will serve the satanic elite, covert mind-control programming will begin to be subjected to every Network member as early as possible.

The different levels of mind-control that members will undergo can be assumed to follow a general progressive order to achieve certain necessary requirements. The first and foremost of these requirements is the continued security of the Network and the activities of its members. Further levels of programming will be more task-specific, and each group within the Network will have specific methods of mind-control programming for its members. Each new member of the Network is categorized according to the member group that they are recruited into, and that programming is further tailored for them depending on their psychological profiles, social situation, special skills, attitudes and beliefs, etc. Each of these groups will be designated general mind-control programming scripts according to the organization of that group, its goals, the type of activities it normally engages in, etc. Network members will be further categorized according to their usefulness in respect to the needs and goals of the Network, and further mind-control programming will be tailored to suit these needs and goals.

Although mind-control is a part of every group in the Network, the groups themselves will usually have no knowledge of this fact and it will all be handled covertly by the upper management levels of the Network and initiated solely through the Network system. The only exception to this is when a particular group has been cleared for involvement in special projects. There might be certain actions that members of a group will engage in as part of another member’s programming, but when this occurs, these actions will be conducted under some other pretext that relates to the normal activities of the group. Sometimes, a Network member might undergo special programming sessions where another member will be used to handle special programming procedures, such as when creating an alter personality in a member, which requires a specially trained programmer. Certain carefully selected members of the Network are trained in these skills and used for this purpose.

The first level of mind-control that all members are subjected to is the establishment of the loyalty of the member so that they will never reveal what secrets they might ever become privy to as part of the Network. This subjection might go so far as to involve trauma-based mind-control to create one or more alter personalities that can be called up to take over the member’s consciousness whenever they’re to be used in Network activities, but this is usually reserved for the deeper levels of initiation that are usually only ever reached by certain members and groups within the Network. More commonly, a member will undergo less intense methods of mind-control to achieve the required results. This is most often achieved through the use of advanced hypnosis techniques coupled with ongoing subliminal reinforcement, as described above.

Each level of mind-control programming will be dependant on the effectiveness of the previous levels, as well as other factors listed earlier on in this document. Since members of the Network are effectively making lifetime commitments by involving themselves in this system, much of the programming will be established for long-term involvement, and it will be progressive in its development so that neither the member nor anyone else will likely ever notice any changes in their personality. However, the member will be changed over time, most notably in their beliefs, attitudes, morals, and values, in order to become more compliant with Network goals and activities.

The Network is technology-based, with a carefully designed structure that serves to trap members within its sticky web so that there is no escape once they become involved. This Network has been long in planning and each component of the final overall structure has been carefully put in place each in turn and without it being obvious what these components effectively add up to now that they have all been connected together. Since the inception of its early technological roots, the Network has grown and expanded from isolated pockets of individuals and groups into a globally reaching interconnected web of control that has the capability to not only monitor and direct the events that take place in the lives of the individuals of an entire society, but also to mold and manipulate each of these individuals to think, speak, and act in whatever way the controllers might desire. Further, the Network incorporates whatever means will work to corrupt these individuals and break them from the morals and ethics that would otherwise allow for a peaceful and cooperative society based on respect and understanding. The Network is designed to destroy these higher ideals in the human species, and replace them with the perception of continual chaos and uncertainty that leaves every individual and group at the mercy of those who control this system. Those who join the Network become trapped inside of it. Those who don’t join become trapped outside of it.


[1] See Social Self-Destruction: A Secret War of Controlled Chaos at

[2] I urge readers who have not heard of these health and safety laws to research them further in order to understand how this reporting system works and how widespread it is.

[3] This method of mind-control incorporates RHIC-EDOM (Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control – Electronic Dissolution of Memory), which can remotely induce a hypnotic state in a person, deliver suggestions or instructions, and erase all memories and awareness of both the programming and the actions to be performed.

[4] Due to their very small size, electronic implants can only generate weak signal transmissions, and require some nearby relaying device to amplify the signal before re-transmitting it over greater distances. A specially rigged cell phone makes an ideal re-transmitter.