Saturday, December 19, 2015

They Would Be Gods - 55 - Myth and Legend



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

55: Myth and Legend

The ancient legends and myths of different cultures, which have been handed down from generation to generation since before our own recorded history, all tell a similar tale of an earlier civilization of an advanced race of god-like beings who lived here many thousands of years ago and who achieved great things in their time. This once great prehistoric civilization is almost universally described in these legends and myths as having been wiped out before our own earliest civilizations arose, either by natural cataclysmic events or as a result of their own technologies.

Some of these ancient legends can be found within the Bible and other religious texts, but these are often edited translations of much older texts, which have since been lost or destroyed, or secreted away. The most accurate recordings of these legends and myths are to be found on the clay tablets and papyrus scrolls that have been found to still exist from our most ancient past. I have already brought the reader’s attention to a few of these, and I’ve shown how the Sumerian texts contain much earlier versions of certain important stories from the Bible.

Other legends from other cultures speak of lost civilizations (possibly referring to Atlantis or Lemuria), and there are stories of utopian civilizations that are said to still exist, such as Shangri La in the Himalayas and El Dorado in the Andes, as well as mystical cities of Agharta and Shambhala, and a number of others. Unfortunately, there is very little recorded knowledge of any of these mysterious places, and so they’ve fallen into the category of myth, and are therefore not considered as historically factual. Be that as it may, the lost civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria are both said to have been destroyed suddenly in a cataclysmic event, and places such as Shangri La and El Dorado are believed to be the existing remnants of these lost civilizations.

In whatever way an earlier, prehistoric civilization may have finally disappeared, and whoever they were, they have left behind lasting remnants of their presence and their greatness. Many of these remnants can still be evidenced today scattered all over the planet, mostly in the form of megalithic stone structures that defy explanation as to both their method of construction and their purpose. Other evidence exists in the form of writings and artistry, which again reveals a level of advancement and skill that doesn’t properly fit into our current understanding of our past. Many other strange anomalies exist as well, some of which I have presented here, and they all form a piece in a puzzle that begins to fill out more clearly as we bring them together and see how they connect into a meaningful picture. The legends all tell the same tale of our true human history, and the more outrageous details must be taken more seriously when the physical evidence exists to support them. As time goes on, history becomes legend, and legend becomes myth. But when evidence of the reality of what was considered a myth rises up to reveal its authenticity, the veil is ripped and the greater truth that has been confined to only a few is there for all to see who will only look.

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