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They Would Be Gods - 5 - There Are No Aliens



by Anthony Forwood (2011) 

5: There Are No Aliens

In order to get at the truth behind this alien presence on our planet, we must attempt to consider every possibility, which includes the possibility that there is no alien presence on our planet at all, nor has there ever been. This means that not only are there no extraterrestrials visiting us, neither is there a group of humans who remain a separate and distinct group from the rest of society who might at times be posing as extraterrestrials, and who might have plans to take ultimate control of the planet and the human species.

This proposition should be given as much consideration as any other, and if it is to be taken as valid then there should be an alternative explanation for the overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that there is, which includes the testimonies of many very credible people who offer the most revealing and startling information on the subject of an alien presence amongst us. Those who offer the best and most reliable information on the subject of UFOs and their operators are more often than not those who are involved with the government or military in some way, holding or having held important positions that would give them access to certain types of inside knowledge. Of course, we have to keep in mind that these people may at times be providing disinformation, whether knowingly or not, in order to divert the attention of an inquisitive public from finding out about certain more legitimate government secrets, whatever these might be. The rationale for such disinformation must therefore be given consideration as well, and plausible alternative explanations for what these information sources say, and what is claimed to have been witnessed by members of the general public, should be able to be provided to account for such claims.

Aside from these reported accounts, any alternative explanation should also be able to put the other evidence I present into a logical understanding that answers to an apparent blindness on the part of our scientists and historians in interpreting or failing to interpret certain evidence that seems to contradict our current understandings of science and history.

There are now a large number of videotaped UFO sightings that are of good enough quality that we can’t rule them all out as hoaxes or misidentifications of known technologies. This evidence must be answered for, and the answers, no matter how apparently rational they might seem to be, need to be scrutinized very carefully. Any technology that can perform the feats that have been reported for so many years must be explained in terrestrial terms that fit our current scientific understanding and capabilities. This should also include an explanation of who is behind these phenomena, what their purpose is, and why they have chosen to remain in utter secrecy for so long.

Interspersed with all the reports of UFO sightings are the many reports of actual contact with the UFO occupants, very often described as extraterrestrial creatures, often of the ‘gray’ variety, but very often being of other varieties as well. These many reports need to be given a plausible explanation that covers all of the similarly described aspects of these individual experiences. If these aren’t an extraterrestrial species as is so often assumed, then it needs to be explained who or what they are, why they wish to appear as they do, and what the purpose is behind the deception.

If an alternative explanation is expected to be better than the one suggested in this book, it should be able to shed as much light as possible on comparable beings and associated phenomena described in such ancient texts as the Bible, as well as from a variety of other ancient legends from other cultures around the world, which are all very similar to those accounts from more recent history.

Anyone who attempts to provide an alternative explanation for all the evidence that points to an alien presence on our planet is setting themselves a daunting task, indeed. The simple fact is, you can’t prove a negative, and so all that one can possibly do to counter the arguments made here is to provide an alternative explanation for every one of the otherwise anomalous pieces of evidence that supports my hypothesis, and in a manner that creates a simpler and more logical worldview than the one being proposed here. This isn’t meant to suggest that what I’m proposing is completely accurate, since there will certainly be some faults with it, but nevertheless, an alternative explanation should offer a better explanation for all the evidence I present, rather than just knock down any attempt to explain it that doesn’t suit those who would deny that any of it could be true.

Excusing the extraterrestrial factor in the equation, the most plausible alternative explanation for the UFO enigma is that they are all secret military technologies. However, on closer examination of the facts, this explanation doesn’t hold up to reason. At least, not in any way that should make us feel any safer. To begin with, it’s obvious that if these UFOs are secret military technologies, then any testing stage should have been completed long ago. These craft have been around since at least 1947, and in that time, many other advanced technologies have been developed in secret that were finally declassified and revealed to the public. If this particular technology is so advanced that it’s beyond ever revealing, then what’s the point of it? An aircraft that can perform as well as UFOs have been seen to perform would be a major advantage in military combat situations, so why would it be held back? If it was for fear that this technology might fall into enemy hands, then why bother having it at all? And why would they conduct campaigns that significantly increased awareness of these things, such as with cattle mutilations and aerial displays over heavily populated areas? Even ignoring the extraterrestrial factor, these technologies don’t seem to fit the usual military protocols that are followed in moving from the research and development stage to useful applications.

The abduction aspect must also be explained in terms that should be acceptable, and considering what the abductees go through, it’s difficult to see how such activities could be excused by our military for any reason at all. That the military might be responsible for these abductions is quite possible, and they may be creating the effects that are experienced using advanced technologies that incorporate such things as hypnosis and holographic displays. In fact, there are a number of abductees who have retrieved memories (through hypnotic regression) of military personnel being involved in their experiences, working side by side with alien creatures, and even of alien creatures dressed in military uniforms – sometimes described as Nazi uniforms. But if the military is involved in all this, to what ends? Why would they go to such trouble to fool these abductees and the public at large?

The biggest argument against extraterrestrial visitation is that these creatures would have had to come from outside of our solar system, since we see no signs of intelligent life in the solar system beyond our own planet (ignoring all the UFOs flying around, and certain anomalies on our moon and Mars, which ‘officially’ don’t exist), and traveling from a distant star system is supposed to be a physical impossibility. This argument relies on two huge assumptions. The first is that we know there is no other intelligent life in our solar system, which we don’t. In fact, there are signs that there might very well be other intelligent life in our solar system, as we can see from the artificial structures discovered on the moon and Mars, and odd occurrences that have been observed going on in the vicinity of those celestial bodies. We’ll consider this evidence in more detail further on.

The second assumption used to support the argument against extraterrestrial visitation is that interstellar space travel from another star system to our own is virtually impossible, due to the time and speed constraints involved in traveling such distances. Let’s consider this in more detail.

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