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Digging Into The Maxwell Family

These are notes I made from Amazing Polly's recent video on the Maxwell sisters, with a few additions from Bud Gray's material that she used in her presentation. I've also added in further information on Robert Maxwell, mostly from articles by Whitney Webb.


Robert Maxwell = Mossad, KGB, MI6, CIA?

Jeffrey Epstein = Intelligence (Mossad, CIA?)

Ghislaine Maxwell / Jeffrey Epstein = Blackmail Operations

Christine / Isabel Maxwell = Information Technology


Sam Bronfman > Meyer Lansky > J. Edgar Hoover (sexual blackmail)

Robert Maxwell > Charles Bronfman > Les Wexner > Jeffrey Epstein

Robert Maxwell / Charles Bronfman = The Mega Group

Robert Maxwell > PROMIS software theft


1920s - Sam Bronfman was bootlegging to Meyer Lansky and other members of the mafia during Prohibition.

1940s - Meyer Lansky obtained compromising photos of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. The photos showed Hoover engaged in sexual activity with his long-time friend, FBI Deputy Director Clyde Tolson.


1971 - Christine and Isabel Maxwell found a company called Information On Demand (IOD).

1986 - Christine Maxwell was president of IOD, described at this time as an information retrieval service that could access over 300 databases, millions of published articles, market research studies, trade publications, corporate intelligence, and industry surveys. IOD used 15 'runners' who could retrieve information from libraries and universities in cities across America. They could also retrieve information from sources as far away as the Lenin Library in the USSR. IOD was headquartered in Berkeley, CA at this time.

Dec. 1989 - Riding the Electronic Wave -- Document Delivery: Proceedings of the Library of Congress Network Advisory Committee Meeting. This meeting focused on ways in which newer technologies and document delivery networks were changing current practices in document delivery and information services. IOD was listed as a participant. IOD was also listed as an information broker that could deliver printed materials of all types from any country or source.

Christine Maxwell's Proposal at the Library of Congress Committee (1989): "I would like to think that public and private sector document suppliers, libraries and information centers will increasingly contribute their holdings to cooperative document supply ventures of all kinds. As an information resource of the first magnitude, the Federal libraries need to re-assess current restrictions imposed on their use. In principle, INFORMATION ON DEMAND is prepared and would like to enter into a joint venture which, for instance, could better disseminate the information held in Federal libraries, while providing more rapid delivery and assuring copyright compliance at a level that is often not attained in the public sector..."

1991 (?) - Isabel Maxwell cofounded Commtouch Software Ltd. (an Israeli co.), whose SEC filing in early 2000 described it as a leading global provider of outsourced integrated web-based email and messaging solutions to businesses. At that time (2000) they had 250 global customers and served approx. 8.4 million active email accounts. They also served over 1 million active email accounts through their ZapZone Network. They offered fax and voicemail services, email forwarding, and could handle a variety of languages. These accounts provided the company with important demographic data, which was used to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Nov. 1991 - Robert Maxwell was found dead under suspicious circumstances. Ghislaine Maxwell moved to New York after the funeral, where she met Epstein.

1993 - C&I cofounded Magellan, an international search engine and directory site.

1994 - Commtouch Software partnered with UniPress Software Inc. to create Pronto Mail, a Windows email program that supported communications between PC and UNIX networks.

1995 - Magellan was sold to a company called Excite for $4.4 million. Excite merged with a US cable co. called @Home in 1999.

1995 - Chiliad Publishing was cofounded by Christine Maxwell and a man named Paul McOwen at least as early as this year (despite reports to the contrary) and grew moderately. It has since had offices in London, Germany, Brazil, France and the U.S.

1996 - A news article describes Pronto Mail as having a built-in recorder for creating voicemails.

1997 - Christine Maxwell joined the Board of the Internet Society (ISOC), where she played various leadership roles until leaving in 2002. When she applied for a position, she offered a brief resume and position statement, in which she affirmed her international character and intent to engage the world community in the work of the organization, which work included acting as "a facilitator and coordinator of Internet-related initiatives around the world," including "public policy and trade activities," "education and social issues," and "the globalization process" for targeted populations. I.e. she was a globalist and was pursuing globalist ideals.

1997 - An article states that Israeli firm Commtouch hired Isabel Maxwell this year, and that Commtouch was founded in 1991 by a group of tech-savvy former army officers led by Gideon Mantel, a bomb-disposal expert. This contradicts other sources that claim Maxwell founded the company herself years earlier.

1998 - In an interview by Mark Stokes, Christine Maxwell revealed her globalist vision for the future:

"During our conversation, I [Stokes] commented on the breadth of her reach globally by indicating that she seems to be a world citizen rather than one tied to a specific city or country. This is the essence of a new perspective of women via the Internet... 'It is true that I feel I don't belong to any particular country,' she says. 'I do feel like a global citizen. I think women have a particularly important role to play as they rear young children into the new millennium. I believe that as geographic frontiers become less relevant and as we find that becoming citizens of the world means something to more and more people, women - and all parents - must learn how to educate their children in what it means to live locally and act globally. It's more than just words. We are only just beginning to understand what global citizenship is all about, and the Internet is fundamental to our ability... to achieve a better and more effective understanding of our individual and collective role in this highly networked world.'"

IT software created by Cnristine and Isabel Maxwell has been installed in major companies and many government agencies (USA+).

1999 - Chiliad Inc. was allegedly cofounded this year by Christine Maxwell. This contradicts other sources, and probably reflects the co.'s introduction to the public.

1999 - Chiliad Inc. partnered with Hewlett Packard. Carly Fiorina was the new CEO of HP at the time.

Dec. 31, 1999 - The Boston Globe: "Commtouch will help Microsoft in international markets where the software giant doesn't yet do email business... Companies and web sites such as Excite Inc., Discovery Channel, and Business Week pay Commtouch to provide email and other services to their customers. About 8.5 million people use Commtouch's email system, which is available in 16 languages. The company said it adds 25,000 new users daily... Microsoft wants to capture a little bit of that value for itself... Commtouch provides email services to telecommunications equipment maker Ericson AB, while Microsoft plans to work with Ericson to develop software to bring internet features to wireless phones."

July 2000 - A Guardian article describes Isabel Maxwell, president of Commtouch, as "one of the toughest and best connected female internet entrepreneurs. In Israel she is lauded for her charity work and sits on the board of governors of former prime minister Shimon Peres' Centre for Peace, alongside such luminaries as Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Jimmy Carter and Larry Ellson."

Nov. 2000 - "Started last year with $3 million in angel funding from family and friends, Chiliad jumped from the shadows [recently] by announcing a $24.5 million investment from Hewlett-Packard Co... The two companies also formed a strategic alliance in which Chiliad will use HP servers, storage, consulting, snd software, while HP will explore how to use the start-up's search technology in its products..." The company also had a working relationship with Cisco Systems.

2000 - Christine Maxwell delivered a discussion paper to UNESCO's InfoEthics 2000 Conference.

Carly Fiorina - CEO of Hewlett-Packard from 1999-2005.

2001 - Michael Isikoff Interview with Carly Fiorina (Sept. 2015): "In the weeks following the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, she received a phone call from Michael Hayden, then the director of the NSA, asking her assistance in providing HP computer servers to the NSA for expanded surveillance."

2002 - Chiliad formed a partnership with a failing company called Ezenia!, and within a year they were obtaining many lucrative defense contracts. The number and value of these contracts (and others) have increased substantially since then.

2003 - The FBI begins working with Chiliad in setting up a software system as "a top secret/sensitive compartmented information system."

July 2004 - An article in the South Florida Sun Sentinal describes Commtouch as a maker of anti-spam software (i.e. internet security).

2005 - Chiliad described its software for DoD procurement, revealing its sophistication with regard to real-time analysis of live network data to determine predictive behavior:

"Unlike traditional approaches to predictive analysis driven only by historic data models, the proposed approach will combine well-understood behavior and patterns to anticipate likely courses of action, with new behavior patterns detected from live field sensor data, leveraging value from real-time analysis of 'unstructured' content, deriving structured data from these sources, and leveraging further value from these structured data with triggers on relational databases. Analysis and metadata generation are executed on-the-fly, moment-to-moment using live network data, not yet indexed. Detected strategy changes from field data are fed back into the continuous monitoring loop in near real-time, improving adaptive and responsive capability that is proactive, anticipatory, and reactive at the same time... Response-time can be almost immediate in time-critical situations."

2006 - Washington Post: "FBI Shows Off Counterterrorism Database... The FBI has built a database with more than 659 million records... culled from more than 50 FBI and other government agency sources... It is one of the most powerful data analysis tools available to law enforcement and counterterrorism agents... The FBI's Investigative Data Warehouse was launched in 2004. The system [was] designed by Chiliad Inc. of Amherst, Mass."

2007-2009 - Carly Fiorina spent two years leading the CIA's External Advisory Board, and became chair of that board when it was first created in 2007 by then-CIA director Michael Hayden.

2013 - An article on Commtouch describes them as selling their services exclusively through third parties, including anti-virus companies like McAfee. Commtouch was working with Google, who integrated the Commtouch Software Development Kit into their Gmail software. Commtouch estimated at that time that 25% of all email vendors were using their products.

2013 - Chiliad released an updated version of its big data analytics software for collecting and analyzing big data, called Discovery/Alert 7.0. The software had largely been aimed at the intelligence community prior to this time. Ken Rosen, a Chiliad spokesperson, described it this way:

"With this system you don't just get a list of documents returned to you, but also all the concepts that are in those documents," Rosen said. "It's like having an assistant gather all the documents you need to search, then reading them to you, pointing out all of the most relevant passages, even passages that were not part of your original search... You don't have to move data anywhere or send it to the cloud. It simply wakes up and begins performing like a virtual data center. So right away, that first step of having to consolidate all your data as part of this whole process is already done..."

Chiliad software obviously goes way beyond what Google search engines are designed to do.

2014 - Commtouch changed its name to Cyren. Cyren is listed as a cloud-based internet security firm. They are headquartered in McLean, Virginia.

2016 - Isabel Maxwell was a member of the World Economic Forum, and president of Blue World Alliance.

2019 - Some of the companies that Cyren is currently working with include Intel, Google, Microsoft, T Mobile, Dell, and Check Point.

Backdoors? Eavesdropping capabilities?

Bud Gray: "So, what could be wrong with putting an experienced and acclaimed information technology data management expert in charge of upgrading and centralizing all our records nationally, in order to fight crime and protect us against terrorism? ... Even if she is a foreign born and raised globalist-sympathizing UN patsy, married to a French intellectual and living in France, with ties to Latin America? ... I mean, what's wrong with that?!"


Bonus Round

Aleister Crowley > Jack Parsons > Frank Malena > Roger Malena > Christine Maxwell

Christine Maxwell is married to Roger Malena (MIT, NASA, etc.).

Roger Malena's father was Frank Malena (JPL).

Frank Malena worked with Jack Parsons on dry rocket fuels (JPL).

Jack Parsons was the head of the Pasedena branch of Aleister Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO).

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