Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blood Money: Who Really Killed Myron May and Why

by Anthony Forwood

This article is based on my research into the Florida State University shooting and what I’ve been able to discover so far. Please also see my previous article, Digging Deeper into the Myron May Incident – More Timeline, Notes, andUnanswered Questions for a detailed list of all the reported facts surrounding the Myron May case, as far as I’ve been able to document them. It is the most extensively documented information on this case that you will find anywhere.

This current article presents information that has not been released previously. Because I can’t provide my sources for some of this information, and because some of it isn’t able to be verified, I’ve been holding it back up until now. However, after some careful consideration as to how to best handle it, I’ve decided that releasing this information now in the manner that I am is the best way to go. Although some of what I relate below is pure speculation on my part, I will make it clearly known whenever this is the case.

If any of the people named here wish to come forward to clear up any questions that would make the information presented here more accurate, I will give them a fair opportunity to do so. I see no reason for those people who claim to have been sent packages from Myron May to withhold information and evidence or avoid answering questions that the TI community deserves answers to, unless those people who hold the answers have some deeper involvement in the death of Myron May. I am only interested in exposing the truth, not trashing people for no good reason. But if these people or their associates continually avoid these questions or taking responsibility for their words and actions, as has always been the case so far, and because they choose to act as a group, I see no reason to be kind by withholding information about any of them, and I may actually be saving the life of the next Aaron Alexis or Myron May by publishing this. Better safe than sorry.

Schemes, Scams, and Scandals – A Motive for Murder

Our story starts with Miles (Matt) Barasch, currently a very active and widely known persona in the TI community. [1] Miles happens to be the brother of Spencer C. Barasch, a lawyer who practices in the Fort Worth/Houston area of Texas. [2] Spencer used to be the chief enforcement officer at the Securities and Exchange Commission offices in Fort Worth. While there, he used his position to repeatedly block investigations into the activities of a man named Allen Stanford, who was eventually convicted of masterminding a massive Ponzi scheme and money-laundering operation that netted a whopping $7.2 billion before Stanford was finally caught. When he was, Spencer had already left the SEC to become a partner at a law firm in Houston called Andrews Kurth. (An investigation into Stanford began the day after Barasch left.) While at Andrews Kurth, Spencer took on a client named Microtune and broke conflict-of-interest laws in the process. He was found out and let off with a stern warning. Sometime after this, while Allen Stanford was still under investigation for his Ponzi scheme, Spencer took him on as a client at Andrews Kurth for a short period, which was again a breach of conflict-of-interest laws. This was also found out and he was ordered to pay a $50,000 fine. Andrews Kurth, by the way, had been connected to the Enron scandal, and although they had avoided investigation, they agreed to pay $18.5 million into Enron’s bankruptcy estate. [3][5] Spencer got off easy both times, but it’s almost certain that he still has more skeletons in his closet and that he could still be facing further investigations. This means he would obviously still be concerned about whatever else might be found out, if there was in fact anything more to discover.

Allen Stanford

None of this would ever have come to my attention except for the fact that during my investigation into the FSU shooting, I was directed to a post by Miles Barasch on his facebook page where he claimed that Myron May had been an associate of his lawyer brother in Texas. This led me to search online for any lawyers with the name Barasch in Texas, which came up with the name Spencer C. Barasch, as well as all the information I just related. What Miles said and what I learned grabbed my attention because it offered a possible motive for setting up Myron May, if what Miles had said in his post was true. A further online search came up with a short article that confirmed that May had indeed worked at Andrews Kurth. [6] Although the article doesn’t provide a timeframe for when he was there (Andrews Kurth wouldn’t disclose that information, for whatever reason), the timeline of events in my previous article places it sometime between 2006 and 2009, when May moved to New Mexico and began working as a public defender. Spencer Barasch was working for Andrews Kurth during this entire period.

Spencer Barasch

So the number one question is: Did Myron May know something about Spencer Barasch or the Andrews Kurth firm or even Allen Stanford that was cause for their concern? Spencer was and is still under heavy suspicion by some within the SEC for his past activities, and if Spencer was in on Stanford’s scam, he would have made enough money from it to pay for a hit on someone like May, and he would have a motive for doing so. But this is just speculation on my part, of course.

There are a number of other things that were already leading me to speculate that Myron May was set up before I ever came across any of this information. First and foremost was the fact that there was a lot of evidence to show that the whole story about the packages that May allegedly sent out a few days prior to the shooting were a concoction, and that this concoction involved certain people in the TI community, namely, Renee Pittman Mitchell, Rosanne Marie Schneider, and Derrick Robinson. (It may have also involved Robert Duncan and Todd Giffen.) If this was so, then at least some of these people had to have prior knowledge of what Myron May was going to do. They may have even been directly involved in coercing him to do it.

Even before I came to this realization, there had been other indicators that May had been set up. For instance, according to news stories, several people who were close friends or family of May had reported that he had been troubled over something in the weeks before the shooting but he wouldn’t talk about it. May’s friend and landlord, Abigail Taunton, had made the most interesting remark: He was struggling, having decided that what he was doing out there [Texas or New Mexico] was not good. [4] This quote had bothered me from the moment I first read it. What had May been doing that was not good? After seeing Miles Barasch’s post and finding out who his brother was and what he had been involved in, and then finding information that confirmed May had indeed worked at Andrews Kurth during the time that Spencer Barasch was there, I saw a very plausible answer to many of the questions I have raised in my other article about this case and the people involved in it.

Up to this point in this investigation of the activities surrounding Myron May, these questions have almost all related to the part that Renee Pittman Mitchell, Rosanne Marie, Derrick Robinson, and certain others have played in all of this, since I’ve shown in my previous article that none of their stories add up and the packages that May allegedly sent to them show every indication of being a fabricated addition to the shooting event* in order to tie Myron May’s actions to the TI community, which – just like with Derrick Robinson’s questionable involvement in the Washington Navy Yard shooting event only a year earlier – served to discredit the TI community to the world at large while attempting to garner publicity for Robert Duncan and FFCHS within that community.

All of this is already enough to reasonably suspect that these people were far more deeply involved in this whole thing than it appears on the surface. But there’s more.

* See my article, Renee Pittman Mitchell and Todd Giffen Exposed!!! for digital evidence of this.

Psyop Props: People and Packages

There is further evidence that the FSU shooting was an orchestrated event. This relates to the list of ten package recipients that were shown on the photographs of the alleged suicide letters that were published online by Todd Giffen and Renee Pittman Mitchell. Apart from Mitchell, Rosanne Marie Schneider, and Derrick Robinson, the other seven listed recipients were all allegedly friends or associates of Myron May from his university days at FSU. Here’s a list of their names, locations, occupations, and some information on their facebook activity (note that the shooting occurred on Nov. 20, 2014):

  • Christopher Chestnut, from Gainesville FL/Atlanta, GA (lawyer)

Facebook account last used in 2011. No posts at all.

  • Aaron Watson, from Pensacola, FL (lawyer)

Facebook account last used Jan. 22, 2014. Five posts, from Jan. 25, 2013 to Jan. 22, 2014. Began reposting again Jan. 14, 2015.

  • Marc Bozeman, from Houston TX (lawyer)

Facebook account last used on Dec. 16, 2014. Only one post ever made.

  • Titiana Frausto, from Amarillo, TX (lawyer)

Facebook account still active. On Nov. 23, 2014 she makes one post about the loss of a friend during FSU shooting, but doesn't mention Myron May by name.

  • Chris V. Rey, from Spring Lake, NC (mayor of Spring Lake, NC)

Facebook account still active. No mention of Myron May after his death, but does mention more recent death of a family member. Irregular gap in posts between Oct. 20, 2014 and Nov. 27, 2014.

  • Juan P. Chisholm, from Orlando, FL (financial investment/business councilor)

Facebook account still active. No mention about Myron May since shooting.

  • Joe Paul, from Alexandria, VA/Washington, DC (leadership trainer)

Facebook account still active. Blocked me when I attempted to inquire about Myron May.

An online search shows that all of these people appear to be real enough, but this means nothing. Since the only package recipients that were ever mentioned by name in any news reports were Joe Paul and Renee Pittman Mitchell, and since none of these other six people show any signs on their facebook pages or anywhere else that they were even aware that they were intended recipients (and only one has shown any signs that they even knew May), it’s very possible that they weren’t package recipients at all, and their identities were merely used as props to legitimize the fake suicide letter and packages that were used as part of a cover-up for a ‘hit’ on Myron May. But of course, I’m just speculating at this point, and much more evidence than this is required before we should believe that these six people and the packages were just props and that May was set up.

Joe Paul is the only other person besides Renee Pittman Mitchell who spoke to the news media. He is also the only person whose facebook page shows posts from various media outlets who contacted him to request interviews after he had contacted other news outlets to inform them about the packages. This indicates that these news outlets learned about Joe Paul through the news outlets he had contacted rather than through the authorities, and that they didn’t know who the other alleged recipients were. None of these other alleged recipients have ever been named in the news (except Mitchell), so the whole story about the packages falls back to Joe Paul and Renee Pittman Mitchell. Mitchell’s story, which she gave to NBC after contacting them herself the day after Joe Paul was interviewed, appears to have been dropped by the MSM soon after it was first reported, and no further mention has been made of it since, which suggests that they found out that something about her story was false or suspicious.

The earliest news report I was able to find that mentioned the packages came at 2:47 am (EST) on the night of the shooting and it stated that there were eight of them. The report didn’t indicate where this information came from. In this same report, it was stated that the recipients were told by the police to call them when the packages arrived. A second news report later the same day clears up the question of who the source of this information was by stating that Joe Paul had contacted Tallahassee police to let them know about the message from May (regarding the packages) and that the police had told him to call them when the package arrived.

It should be noted that in this second news report and in another one later in the evening (at 10:39 pm EST), Joe Paul is quoted talking about the other seven recipients as though he knew them (the later report will quote him as saying “A lot of us have pretty vast networks”, which reveals that he knew who they were and he knew at least some of them personally), even though this same report will also state that none of them knew each other. Another news report that came out sometime on the same day (Nov. 20) stated that “multiple facebook friends of Myron May” contacted police to inform them of their interactions with May and reported that they had been told by him to expect a package. Interestingly, there was no mention by any of them of having been sent photographs of the packages, although they all later claimed they were. Given all of this, it appears that all the information about the packages first originated from Joe Paul and Renee Pittman Mitchell and some other unidentified people in the TI community, rather than from the authorities, who appear to have only learned about them through these people. So anyone could have sent the packages, and anyone could have posed as Myron May on facebook, if indeed this was a preplanned setup.

Looking at the news reports, it can be seen that it was Renee Pittman Mitchell’s initial story that first changed the number of packages from eight to ten (Joe Paul had said there were eight), and she also provided details about the contents of the package (that it would reveal what May thought was happening to him), which shouldn’t have been known by anybody at that early point, since no one had even received a package yet, and there is no indication anywhere that she or anyone else was told by May what his plans were or what to expect beyond the package itself. Mitchell was also the only source of information (to the news outlets) about May being involved in the TI community, which in turn led news outlets to the facebook posts that May had allegedly made. I’ve already presented a great deal of information about Mitchell’s questionable part in all of this, so I won’t repeat it here, but it needs to be clearly pointed out that she introduced some of the contents of the packages before they could have been known about, and she was the one who added more people to the recipient count (in one report by NBC she’s quoted as saying there are ten, while in another one she tells Reuters there are nine). This is all very important, because it was only after she reported this that Joe Paul’s story began to change as well, which puts him under further suspicion as well. After Mitchell claimed there were nine packages, Joe Paul started reporting the same number, now claiming that he knew this from a Nov. 15 message from May. Where is that message? It doesn’t matter. Joe Paul was repeatedly claiming eight recipients before this, based on that message from May. Now he was suddenly claiming that May had indicated that nine packages were being sent out, which just happens to reflect what Mitchell was now reporting (after first having said there were ten). Were the two of them collaborating? Or were they otherwise trying to keep their stories in line with each other? Joe Paul also stated in this later report that his package had been intercepted by police and that they would eventually release it to him. He claimed that postal inspectors informed him that it contained a thumb drive and a long letter, while the news outlet reporting this went on to state in the same article that police weren’t disclosing what was in the packages. So if the police still weren’t disclosing the contents, and only Joe Paul knew at this point that they contained a long letter and a thumb drive, how did Mitchell already know what the content of the letter was about? Joe Paul went on to change the number of packages again, this time to ten, which again reflected the changing number being reported by Mitchell. Certainly, something was amiss and Joe Paul seemed to be trying to keep his story in line with Mitchell’s. At the very least, we have reason to suspect Joe Paul as much as anyone else. On a side note, at around the same time that the number of packages changed from nine to ten, Derrick Robinson posted a message on his facebook page claiming that he was one of the ten intended package recipients as well, although no evidence has ever been produced that would show this to be true.

One more thing about the packages that conflicts with these stories… According to early reports that appear to have been based on Joe Paul’s claims, the police weren’t concerned enough about the packages to intercept them, even though a later report by NBC on Nov. 21 at 9:23 pm (EST) stated that all (ten) packages were intercepted and transferred to the FBI. It goes on to state that Joe Paul had been informed by the Postal Service that he had received a package and it was being turned over to the FBI. He claimed that they informed him what the package contained (a letter and a thumb drive). But this was after Mitchell had already made her claims about what the content of May’s letter was about. This leads to the question of how some still unnamed person could have gotten a copy of the alleged suicide letter, made typed copies of the entire thing (actually two of them), and sent them to Mitchell and Todd Giffen, who each published one. Of course, I’ve already analyzed the published photographs of those letters and discovered that they both appear to be forgeries. In fact, one of them shows that it was sent to Todd Giffen, who was never listed as one of the recipients. I believe that this was done merely to create confusion for anyone investigating this and perhaps so that Giffen could get some publicity for himself and his mentor, Robert Duncan, who he promotes avidly and who was prominently named in the alleged suicide letter but for some reason was never chosen by May as a package recipient.

The best possible answer for all of these many discrepancies that have been pointed out here and in my previous article regarding the packages is that someone had prior knowledge of what Myron May was going to do, that the people listed in the alleged suicide letter were included in order to give validation to the idea that the packages were from May, and that the whole point of the packages was very likely to connect Myron May to the TI community in order to provide an excuse for him doing what he did. This in turn provided a way to discredit the TI community in the MSM while giving certain people in the TI community (Robert Duncan and Derrick Robinson) publicity within that community. This is the very same conclusion I came to with regard to Derrick Robinson’s claims about his involvement with Aaron Alexis only a year before, except that in this case the planning and preparation of the psyop was more complex and the operation apparently involved outside parties (Spencer Barasch, Allen Stanford, etc.) who had a reason to set May up, either to discredit him or to eliminate him completely.

I’ll refer readers to my previous article for the supporting evidence of what has been covered here so far. As it stands, we don’t really know that Joe Paul is who he says he is, or whether it was him who contacted the media claiming to be him. Nor do we have any evidence that the other six people on the list of recipients were actually intended recipients or even knew that they were. This leaves Joe Paul (or whoever he really might be), Renee Pittman Mitchell, Derrick Robinson, and Rosanne Marie Schneider, with Joe Paul being the one who tipped off police about the packages. This makes it very possible that the packages were part of a setup, and that they were created and sent out from Tallahassee on Nov. 17 by someone other than Myron May. As I’ve shown, only these four people claim to have been recipients. None of the others have ever shown any indication that they were. None of them have ever responded to my enquiries, and this only adds to the question of whether they were really recipients and whether they are even real people. They appear to have been nothing more than props.

One more interesting piece of information that should be noted that came to my attention early on and has never been properly explained outside of my own speculative consideration of the reported facts. As I pointed out in my previous article, the funeral service company that hosted one of May’s obituaries on their website (the one that happens to have the name Pittman in the URL that’s prominently displayed on the website’s main page) turns out to be listed as a defunct funeral company that hasn’t been in operation for many years. To double check this, I sent them an email asking for information about their services but have never received a response. So apparently, this obituary was a forgery as well. I believe that, if this whole shooting event was a setup against May, the name Pittman was put there in order to direct attention to Renee Pittman Mitchell and away from whoever was orchestrating the operation. In fact, it seems that this was part of the intention of involving certain people in the TI community, in order to use them as patsies in case the operation didn’t go as planned. Mitchell’s extremely high-strung personality and incessant ravings on her website about her targeting would serve to discredit the entire TI community, as well as her claims regarding Myron May or the packages, should anyone who is interested in investigating them decide to look into it. Meanwhile, those who were more intimately involved in setting up May would go undetected. Just to be clear here, I don’t believe that Mitchell was in on any plot to set up Myron May, although she may have been used to provide the package story to the MSM in order to make it appear to be a legitimate part of the events surrounding the shooting. The packages tied Myron May to the TI community more than anything else, and gave reason why he would be (allegedly) posting in TI forums prior to the shooting. As I stated earlier, there is no way to know that it was really Myron May who was posting those messages and his facebook account may have been created as part of the set up.

Further Suspects

Taking all of the above into consideration, along with everything else I’ve previously documented, it appears all the more likely that we’re dealing with a professional psyop, and it appears to lead back to Spencer Barasch, brother of Miles Barasch, who just happens to be closely associated with Derrick Robinson, Rosanne Marie Schneider, and Renee Pittman Mitchell (and let’s not forget about Robert Duncan, who was prominently named along with Derrick Robinson in the alleged suicide letter and who appears to have had some influence in forming May’s perceptions about being targeted, at least through his published work, if not through direct contact).

Like many people who later become popular personalities in the TI community (and who almost always end up getting closely involved with Derrick Robinson and other members of FFCHS), Miles Barasch has received unprecedented publicity on TV as a targeted individual, in this case on the Dr. Phil Show. I reviewed a video of his guest appearance on this show (which he now claims was used to discredit him), and found that, although he might appear legitimate enough to many people, there are problems with his story and the evidence he presented. The evidence itself was very scanty, and could just as well have been depicting ordinary events that meant nothing. He was interpreting these events as though they revealed a targeting situation, but all he showed was a few cars turning a corner and a man who stood at that corner. When the man happened to lift his arm slightly, Miles claimed that this was some sort of signal to someone in a car. Further evidence he showed was of some cars driving around at 2:00 am in the city of Los Angeles where he lives, which Miles claimed shouldn’t be normal because of the time of night. It should be asked why it would be normal for him to be out at that time, if it wasn’t for them. 2:00 am is when many businesses close for the night, so perhaps that was why these cars were seen? And where is the evidence to show that this wasn’t normal activity? Based on this sort of weak evidence, it would be very easy for any normal situation that one encounters throughout the day to be interpreted as a targeting situation. Further evidence he gave was regarding an incident in 2009 when he reported to police that someone had been climbing on his roof. Dr. Phil stated that his staff checked with the police and there was no such incident. Miles had no explanation for this. Miles is a lawyer, and he portrays himself as being highly intelligent, so he should be smart enough to have gotten a case file number when he talked to the police, which would have lent some proof that the incident occurred. He did not do this. Miles’ reasoning, as he himself explained on the show, is that because he has 25 years of experience as a lawyer, his word and reasoning is automatically more credible than someone with less experience in psychology or psychiatry who might interpret his claims as delusional. He was forced by Dr, Phil to admit that this is wrong, which it is. But the fact remains that Barasch was reflecting the sort of bad judgments that people are encouraged to make in the TI community in interpreting their experiences, and this is all typical of the sort of evidence you will see posted in the online TI community, and if you question it, you will usually be verbally attacked by a barrage of people for doing so, very often by people who are closely associated with Derrick Robinson and Robert Duncan… and now Miles Barasch. In a psyop situation, this sort of gang-style activity serves as damage control and is used regularly. I have documented many of these people I’ve named doing this (as well as others who are closely associated with them), and anyone who wants to see for themselves can do the same. You will find that these people who encourage or make the wildest claims are all associated with one or (usually) more of the people named here. But I’m getting off track.

Matt Barasch on the Dr. Phil show

If what Miles Barasch showed on Dr, Phil was the best evidence he had to make his case, then the rest of his evidence will be even less convincing. This sort of weak evidence is constantly encouraged by all of the people I’ve named here so far who operate in the online TI community to be accepted by others as proof of targeting, and it seems that the purpose of this is to influence people who may not be targeted but who are paranoid or highly suggestible to begin thinking that they are. This brings many false TIs into the TI community, including people who are seriously mentally ill, and this takes a great deal of credibility away from real TIs. So there is reason to at least consider the possibility that Miles Barasch is a plant who’s been given special publicity on a popular TV show like Dr. Phil so that he would be easily accepted into the TI community and widely recognized among certain groups in that community. From this point, under the pretext of being a legitimate TI, he would have been able to join up with certain others who were already planted there. He has since been doing this, and FFCHS is now promoting him as a lawyer seeking to help TIs with lawsuits against their perps. It may just as easily be a way to derail such efforts.

If we take certain popular rumors into consideration, such as that the entertainment industry is filled with both CIA agents and Satanists, and that Oprah Winfrey, who gave Dr. Phil his big break, is a devout Satanist, and that much of this targeting involves Satanists (with many of them in the online TI community who aren’t afraid to leave signs of this fact on their pages), then there is even more reason to wonder about Miles being given special publicity on that show and that it turned out that Dr. Phil appeared to doubt him. After all, if this targeting is so widespread and controlled by very powerful people who have the means to put sophisticated psyops together (none of which I deny), then they would never allow anyone that wasn’t already in their pocket get such an opportunity for publicity, whether it’s in the MSM or within the TI community. The TI community, after all, appears to have been created or otherwise helped into existence by these same powerful people in order to more easily monitor the people who have been subjected to their targeting programs and who might reveal something that they do not want known.

Who are these powerful people? Well, in my opinion, based both on my own targeting and on my research, it’s primarily the government, but also certain secret societies that the power-elite tend to belong to and the corporations that they have deep financial interests in. According to Miles’ interview on Dr. Phil, he listed seven possibilities for who was behind his targeting, none of which were the government or corporate interests. I was surprised by this, and also suspicious, because whoever is behind the targeting certainly doesn’t want to have this sort of attention drawn to them. So why did Miles omit them? Is it because he’s in their employ? He also offered an eighth possibility, which he said was the one he believed more than the others, which was that it was cyber-geeks. This puts the TI community in a bad light, considering that these are the people he basically identified.

Aside from the people named here, there are others in the TI community, all closely associated with Miles Barasch as well, who have come to my attention in regard to this matter, and although I’m not prepared to provide all of my evidence for what I relate about them here at this time, I do have certain evidence in my possession that I’m still withholding (for investigative reasons) that will establish an even stronger case against them than what I’m willing to relate here.

The following information comes to me mostly from second-hand sources or sources I do not wish to reveal. Nevertheless, some of this information should be able to be verified as long as these people don’t take counter-measures and start hiding the evidence (if they haven'). Other parts of what I relate below will be seen to be true by those who must already have some knowledge of it. In my opinion, it’s more important to bring this information out and put it on the table than it is to withhold it, since doing so will help to stop any further ‘murder/suicides’ in the TI community, an unprecedented number of which have already occurred that tie directly back to Derrick Robinson and his organization, who all of these people are closely associated with and most of them have been for as long as these tragedies have been occurring. (See my article, FFCHS Suicide Cult – An Unprecedented Numbers of Suicides.)

It was brought to my attention after I published my previous article on Myron May that certain other people in the TI community may have also been involved in setting him up, if that was indeed the case. These include Josh Brown, Tana Winkler, Linda Johnson, Connie M-Johnson, Magnus Olsson, Mike Mason, and, as already noted, Miles Barasch. What was related to me was that these people had been travelling around the country for unexplainable reasons in the weeks and days just prior to the shooting, and that some of them, including Josh Brown, had visited every State that Myron May allegedly sent packages to. Not only that, but Josh Brown was allegedly in Tallahassee, Florida, where the shooting occurred, on or about the very day that it occurred. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When I heard this, I checked each of these people’s facebook pages. Many TIs can readily attest to the fact that these people are regular posters on facebook, that they are very active in the TI community, and that they are closely associated with Derrick Robinson, Rosanne Marie Schneider, Renee Pittman Mitchell, and Miles Barasch, as well as each other. It is also well known by many in the TI community that these people often travel around meeting other TIs across the country for whatever reason. How they can afford to do this as TIs and for what reason they do it remains a mystery. Nevertheless, that they travel around like this is a fact that can be checked with a little digging, and unless they suddenly stop travelling around because of this article or for whatever other reason, they will undoubtedly leave evidence that they do so in the future. The question remains as to why they do, and what I have discovered leads to a very possible answer.

Let’s take a look at their facebook pages… I checked to see if any of these people had left any posts that would indicate that what I was told was true, and although after a cursory look I found nothing that would clearly indicate this (such as posts talking about travelling at the time in question), it was what was not there that caught my attention. To be more specific, there were gaps in their postings that matched the time frames I was told they were travelling around.

Here are the time frames of those gaps when they weren’t posting (note that the shooting occurred on Nov. 20, 2014):

Miles Barasch = Oct. 19 - Nov. 14 (lives in California)

Derrick Robinson = Nov. 1 - Nov. 20 (lives in California)

Mike Mason = Nov. 2 - Dec. 29 (lives in New York)

Connie-M Johnson = Nov. 6 - Nov. 20  (lives in Florida?)

Tana Winkler = Nov. 11 - Nov. 18 (lives in Florida)

Linda Johnson = Nov. 13 - Nov. 21 (lives in New Mexico?)

Magnus Olsson = Nov. 13 - Dec. 2 (lives in Virginia?)

Josh Brown = Nov. 14 - Dec. 5 (lives in Texas)

Rosanne Marie = Nov. 15 - Nov. 22 (lives in California)

Note that most of these gaps, except for that of Miles Barasch, Tana Winkler, and Connie M-Johnson, begin about a week before the shooting event and end after it occurred. In fact, they start at about the same time that Myron May, or someone posing as him on facebook, started posting in the Targeted Individuals International facebook group. Roseanne Marie was the last of them to post prior to the shooting, and this was when she was claiming to be working with May in putting together a lawsuit campaign. Then she disappeared. Where were these people during this time? According to my sources, who had led me to search for this evidence but didn’t yet know about the gaps I had found, they were all travelling around the country and meeting each other for unknown reasons, and although my sources didn’t know that I would find these gaps on my own, the fact that I did gives some validation to what they told me. So I for one trust them as far as what they told me that I’ve related here.

Now we get to some other things I was told, all of which came to me immediately after I posted my previous article and before there could have been time for my sources to make something up that would fit the timeline I had published, so the fact that what they told me fits well within the scenario I’m outlining here not only makes what they said more believable, but would also explain many of the things that I had questioned in my previous article.

There are certain time frames that are important to note in relation to all this travelling around. According to reports, Myron May first started showing signs of trouble in early September, while he was living in New Mexico. He had apparently contacted the police on Sept. 7 and reported that he was hearing voices through the walls and thought there were cameras in his apartment. A month later, on Oct. 6, he quit his job as a prosecutor with no explanation. A day later, someone who claimed to be his ex-girlfriend made a police report against him, saying that he was showing signs of mental disorder and claiming that he had been in the mental hospital a few weeks earlier. There is no other evidence to prove this last part, so it’s very possible that it was all made up to discredit May in preparation for what was to come. At around this same time, according to May’s friend David Taunton, May told him that someone was after him with a gun. Then there was another police report made on him on Oct. 20 where someone alleged that May had thrown a rock through the window of his neighbor. What is interesting in this incident is that police spoke to someone claiming to be a maintenance man at his apartment complex, who stated that May was complaining because people were watching him while he was looking at pornography. To me, this sounds like another attempt to discredit May, since it doesn’t make sense that he would embarrass himself by saying he was trying to watch porn. It doesn’t fit with his character as a clean-cut Christian with high morals. The unnamed maintenance man also repeated the claims about May being in a mental hospital. About three weeks after this last incident, May moved to his hometown of Wewahitchka, Florida.

Now we come to a piece of information that can be either verified or denied by either Josh Brown or Miles Barasch. On Oct. 27, just three weeks before the shooting, Josh posted a message saying that he’d just gotten a job with Miles Barasch’s insurance company in Los Angeles. Since he might delete the post once this is published, which will tell me that he’s got something to hide, I’m presenting this information here without supplying any further evidence to see what happens. If the post stays up, it remains as evidence to back up my suspicions. If it disappears, it will indicate to me and certain others who are following this that I’m right on target. The same goes with certain other evidence I’m relying on in writing this article.

When I first began writing this, I was informed by a source that Miles is a lawyer, so I checked for myself and found that this was true. His LinkedIn profile shows that he’s a lawyer in the entertainment industry, but lists nothing to indicate he’s ever been successful. His online records provide a link to Google Map that allowed me to look at the street view of his ‘law offices’, which turn out to be an apartment building that looked like it was suited for people with low to moderate incomes. He apparently isn’t much of a lawyer, and he’s a supposed to be a struggling TI who is being relentlessly gang-stalked, so how can he afford to hire Josh Brown? That made me very suspicious, considering what I’ve related here so far. It didn’t pass my attention unnoticed that Josh’s claim of a job would also provide an excuse for him suddenly coming into some money in the near future (i.e. a pay-off for his part in setting up Myron May).

I also found out from his TV interview that Miles is an admitted methamphetamine (speed) addict and openly homosexual (the two often go hand-in-hand), and according to one of my sources, during this time he wanted to ‘bang’ Josh. All of this is very important, because it reflects further possible means and motives for what I believe these people are up to, which includes using sex and drugs for blackmail purposes. So bear in mind here that if Josh was involved in this, he might have been being controlled by Miles or someone else.

I should also add here that meth causes paranoia and delusional thoughts and hallucinations that build up over time and often become permanent, depending on how much a person uses the drug. So it isn’t unlikely that this drug is responsible for many people’s claims of being targeted, even if they don’t have any history of use. They can be unknowingly drugged over time. It can therefore be used to create paranoia and delusional thinking in a person in order to influence them to act in ways they wouldn’t otherwise, so it may be that this was a crucial element in Myron May’s sudden breaking down. It isn’t inconceivable that May might have been turned on to meth at some point to help him get through the day if he had a heavy work load, or to help him study for the Florida Bar exam he was due to take in February. Many students and career professionals use meth and coke for this reason, and often end up maintaining an addiction for years. Miles is probably a good example of this.

By late October or early November, May was living in Florida. This is about the same time that he (or someone using his name) joined the TI community. He was running from something or someone, and they appear to have been trying to make him look delusional.

Myron May had been working at Andrews Kurth while Spencer Barasch was also there doing shady dealings with Allen Stanford, who he had previously protected from SEC investigations when Stanford was scamming billions of dollars from investors. There is therefore a very plausible reason for setting up Myron May to eliminate him for whatever he might have known.

Spencer Barasch’s brother Miles was already active in the TI community and had close connections to Derrick Robinson and all the others mentioned here, before Myron May allegedly showed up in online TI forums claiming to be a target.

I have already documented Derrick Robinson’s direct connections to the Washington Navy Yard shooter and several other murders and suicides, and I’ve provided plenty of evidence that his organization is really a government front group that is involved in covering up real targeting programs by encouraging TIs to discredit themselves with far-fetched stories and worse.

Josh Brown and Matt Barasch

Mike Mason (left) with Magnus Ollsen

Matt Barasch (far left) with some unnamed friends 
at about the time of the Myron May incident.

Mike Mason (left) with Josh Brown

* * *

I’m getting tired of writing, so I’m posting this as it is for now (already long overdue), although there is still more information to present. The gist of what I’m getting at with all this is that these people were effectively put to use by Spencer Barasch or Allen Stanford (or someone connected to them) to set up Myron May and coerce him to do as he did, that Myron May actually had nothing to do with the TI community and his identity was stolen to make it appear that he was, and that his false identification with the TI community was used to explain his reason for going on a shooting (if he actually did and wasn’t eliminated some other way).

It sounds just far-fetched enough and complex enough to be a professionally crafted psyop perpetrated by ‘self-professed ‘ex’-government agents like Derrick Robinson, Max Williams, Julianne McKinney, and Robert Duncan, who utilized others in perpetrating this psyop, including Renee Pittman Mitchell, Rosanne Marie Schneider, Todd Giffen, who handled the inclusion of the packages as props, while people like Miles Barasch, Josh Brown, Tana Winkler, Linda Johnson, etc. apparently handled other aspects of the psyop just prior to the shooting itself, perhaps even meeting with Myron May in Tallahassee and coercing him directly by whatever means.

Here’s some further notes from my sources that reflect more of the story (make of them what you can until I can find the time to put them into clearer context):

What is really weird is that Josh Brown was in Florida awhile. The same day of the shooting, Xxxxx said he was in T.I. International, saying Tana Winkler was not a T.I.

Those two are targeted individuals who travel around the United States a lot.

He left before. The timing is weird.

They had met Linda J and Connie in Texas, before coming back to Florida. Then they `broke up.`

He went to California and then Texas.

He was not in C.A. long.

It is interesting that the two that travel around, have been in states the package is arrived in, within a month or so of those packages arriving. They had been to V., E.G., N.Y, FL, Texas, and FL. again. Then he went to . and Tevas.

They even went to pick up Magnus Olsen in Virginia, take him to Washington and back to Virginia, then they all went to meet Mike Mason in New York. Isn't that weird?

I knew from Josh that he was with Tana and Magnus Olsen.

The only time frame I have is that it happened after the first round of protests at Ferguson. After Mike Brown was murdered. Tana drove from Florida Washington to pick Josh up.

Josh lives in Texas. That meeting they had in Texas that Tana drove from Florida to Texas for is weird. They are saying Josh and Tana had a swing. He is 24 and she is in her 50`s.

Josh was in Tallahassee at some point to. But I don't know he was only at the bus station. However.... the bus station is not far from FSU.

The day of the shooting, there was all this drama about him going to jail. But for traffic tickets.

Some of what I told you took place before the shooting. I know Josh was in Texas during the shooting.

Josh hitch hikes or takes a bus.

The fact that Josh was in every state the packages went to, before the shooting gets me. Xxxxx told me he was even in Tallahassee. I thought that was weird at the time.

Yes, they were travelling in November. There should be a pic of when they met Linda and Connie.

Josh had (travelled) when they met Magnus posted in pictures.

You can P some of this together from Matt Hersch. He has pics too. Josh was in aReca when the shooting took place.

See, Xxxxx was blabbing all this, for some reason. In part, because we think Tana is an operative or something. She is heavily tied to OSI I noticed. When Josh met her, he removed the screenshots from OSI.

It shows a pretty close tie to Roseanne. And Josh stays with Miles/Matt.

And Josh was there at least three times. Lots of activity between SEPT. thru November.

No, Miles didn't travel.

Josh and Matt have a video or two on YouTube.

I know he was there in 0ctober/early November, based on what Xxxxx told me.

Josh was also in D.C.

Before the FSU shooting, he was in every state that those letters went to.

Josh was in D.C after he went to Ferguson. He went there as protests ended. There was a period of a week before he went to Washington DC after Ferguson. Tana met him in DC, went to Virginia to get Magnus, bring him to DC, then back to Virginia. They vacationed together. Then they went to see Mike Mason in New York. After that, Tana and Josh met Tammy Franz, then came to Florida. Within two weeks, Josh was in Tallahassee, on a Greyhound to Texas. Then urgent to see Matt in California, back to Texas. Met Linda J and Connie. Tana drove from Florida for that, then they came back to Florida. I believe he went to California after that. Then wound up in Texas. It is too weird that Josh Brown was in every state where those packages were prior to them being shipped. Maybe a coincidence. I don't have proof.

On the trip to California Josh stayed at Matt’s.

Magnus sentra meet lawyers, I heard.

went to D.C...sorry

But how is it that Tana was the one providing transportation? People except the stuff and don't ask questions.

They departed at some point. More evidence is.... when did Matt and Josh do those videos? That is the last time that Josh was in California.

I am certain that Mike didn't travel outside NYC.

ONLY Josh, Tana and Magnus were on the road. Josh was in every state of matter has supposedly appeared. I don't know if that is a coincidence.

Tana was in every state but C.A, that I am aware of.

Apparently, Josh was travelling around with Tana Winkler, going to Texas to meet up with Linda Johnson and Connie M-Johnson, then heading to Florida for some reason. From there, either just before or just after the shooting, Josh headed back to Texas and then on to California to meet up with Miles.

Magnus appears to have connections to people with some power and influence, so he may have access to more realistic technologies and he or Connie may have had something to do with what was going on with May in New Mexico. But this is pure speculation. What I’ve been told is that just before the shooting, Magnus was picked up by Josh and Tana in Virginia and taken to Washington DC where they apparently met with some lawyers, then they dropped Magnus off in Virginia again before heading to Florida just before the shooting.

The people mentioned who Myron May was staying with were the Tauntons, in Wewahitchka. They last saw him four days before the shooting. He was going to stay with other people in Tallahassee, where FSU is. No one knows who he went to stay with. This was about the same time he was in contact with Derrick Robinson and the others. Who was he with for those four days? Did Josh Brown meet him at this time?

* * *


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  1. This is spell-binding - a fiction writer could go haywire here, but the chilling reality is that the entire analysis is all too true, as the ample and readily verifiable documentation demonstrates. Thank you for interrupting the investigation briefly to publish what you have so far. It certainly confirms that the track you were on before is dead on the money. Obviously there is even more to the unravelling of this tangled web in the developments you are still following, and this is definitely going to be one wild ride - that's an awful lot of coincidences already one page!

    1. Thank you. I thought it was better to post this sooner than later or not at all.

  2. I watched Myron's three Youtube videos where he explains his targeting and says goodbye to various people. Not too sure where you stand on his targeting or whether you believe he was targeted. Myron certainly did. He obviously intended to do something terrible and he asks for God's forgiveness so I really don't understand the 'set-up' and hit in any of this.

    1. At this point, I believe it was all faked. That means I think that Renee Pittman Mitchell and the who were involved are complicit in a government-sponsored hoax. Same with 'Myron May'.

  3. Here's a piece of evidence that links Matthew Barasch to his brother Spencer through their father:

  4. Matt Barasch and Josh Brown appear to have disappeared off the internet since I posted this article.

    ....while Derrick Robinson appears to be up to his old tricks:

    PACTS, FFCHS, Derrick Robinson & Gavin Long

  5. Spencer Barasch hasn't updated his LinkedIn profile since he was forced to leave Andrews Kurth.

  6. If I may... Based on my personal experience I feel compelled to make a suggestion. I have a fairly solid theory about funding for the implementation of these activities. Habitat for Humanity is an international organization. Their Pensacola, Florida affiliate has received nearly $100 million in TARP funds since 2010. This in itself means nothing I realize, but I can assure you, and verify soundly, that the attack I have endured was initiated by operatives employed there.
    Local authorities, judicial officials, DOC operatives and many many more have all performed most heinous crimes on behalf of Pensacola HfH. I also discovered a CIA report describing experiments in which language and situations could be matched to the same in an application Habitat submitted for NSP2 in 2012.
    HfH is laundering funds, supporting this genocide. Maybe not in the case of Myron May, but maybe so.
    I will answer any questions and provide validation, if this possibility is of interest to your investigation.
    Backup email.
    My compliments on your diligence.

  7. How psychotic is Renee Pittman Mitchell?

    Browsing through the internet today (Oct. 13, 2022) for something about myself that's totally unrelated to this article, I came across a blog by Renee Pittman Mitchell that was updated in September 2020 where she still continues to put out lies about me for no better reason I can think of than because she's psychotic and maybe even afraid of her culpability in a story I was researching long ago (2015) and have put past me for many years now, due to being banned from Facebook and no longer able to access the groups where the people mentioned in this article congragated. Or maybe she's doing it for attention. I don't know and I don't care.

    According to her blog, Renee thinks I'm dead, most likely because she does little to no research and thus confuses me with a now-deceased famous actor who happens to have the same name as me and comes up in the top search results when you search for my name.

    I'm still alive, Renee.

    She also claims that I published this and/or other related articles as a book, which I did not, although someone else, including herself, may have done so under my name. I have no control over that. Everything I've ever written about the Myron May story and other related materials are posted here on this blog by me, free to anyone who wishes to read it. I've never sought to make a profit off of this story. However, she seems to be using my articles that involve her as an excuse to promote her own material.

    That's just sad. She's been living in the same bubble she was living in when I wrote this article in 2015.

    What's interesting is that since Donald Trump became president in 2016, much of what I've written about in all my articles on this blog from back then have become more believable and some things even proven, most specifically in this case the existence of groups of people who are networked together and used by corrupt government agencies and politicians to engage in all sorts of illegal activities, including false flag events and murdering problematic people, both of which the Myron May incident could have been.

    Unlike Renee, I've moved on to research more important things than her and the rest of that gang that was connected to FFCHS. I think I did a good job of exposing them and busting up their little ring. But why is Renee still acting so scared and continuing to TRY to defame me? I just laugh......