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Questions and Answers - Myron May, Robert Duncan, and FFCHS

The following is from a dialogue I had on peacepink with a few people who were questioning my research into the Myron May case and the people involved. It expands on some of the things I found suspicious enough to conclude that this shooting event and its connection to the TI community was an orchestrated psyop. I want to thank those who try to debunk my material by posing questions that alloed me to clarify on these points. I also thank people like LaBrat and Big Lebowski from peacepink even more so for supporting my material and bringing it to the attention of others.

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   Comment by deca

  oh he we go .....look at him jump to speculation and assumptions here
  how does posting on well know TI video prove anything other than you
  watched it and thought it worth sharing realy....

  (Quote from The Myron May Controversy)

  "Nov. 15, 2014, 11:29 am (PST) – May posts a link on his facebook page to a
  video of Jesse Ventura’s interview with Robert Duncan. [14] This indicates
  that May was already familiar with Robert Duncan’s material and may

  have been in contact with him."


  can you see how he plants these seeds of doubt and suspicious when he
  makes out the FFCHS and Robert Duncan in his conclusion it sounds possible
  ....but look again and see the total lack of evidence and its his suspicious
  and trying to lead you to his conclusion that look like he made his mind up
  well  before even looking at any evidence

Allow me to explain, since I’m the person you’re criticizing the work of.
First, about the article that you quoted from and how it’s structured: Each of the dated entries in that article represents a specific piece of information that was posted or reported. The date and time are when the information was published by the source. The information is followed by a reference to the original source, i.e. [14]. Following the last reference number for each entry are my own notes and questions. This structure allowed me to present the information as accurately as possible, while still keeping my own comments and questions distinctly separate. My comments and questions are based on ALL of the information I present, not just taking selected pieces and isolating them out from all the others to suit my claims, as you’re doing.

But you seem to have a problem with me speculating or making assumptions, or not providing any evidence. In particular, you’re referring to my comment that Myron May was already familiar with Robert Duncan’s material and may have been in contact with him.

There isn’t really much speculation on my part here. What I stated is a logical deduction based on the accumulated evidence I provided within that article. Because of the FACT (which you can still check) that Myron May posted a link to that video of Robert Duncan, it stands to reason that he didn’t post it without having watched it. Further to this, there is also the FACT (which you can also check) that Myron May referred viewers to Robert Duncan’s material in the videos he made, as well as (and you can check this too) referring to him in his alleged suicide letter. Based on all of that, it becomes quite obvious that Myron May was very familiar with Robert Duncan’s material. Knowing also that Robert Duncan is always easily reachable and particularly open to people who believe him, it would be rather strange for Myron May to have given him so much posthumous publicity without having ever read his material or been in direct contact.

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   Comment by deca

  also did mayron not sent images of the letter to renee before posting them ?
  and said he had changed them or something ....

No, Myron May did not. He allegedly sent images of the packages to each recipient. The images of the letters popped up days AFTER the shooting, and came from Todd Giffen, who tried to make himself into an eleventh recipient in the process.

  er why did not the FBI etc turn up at todd door and remove the contents of the
  package they did every one else ....

Because, as my evidence shows, Todd Giffen wasn’t really involved. He or whoever provided them to him faked the letters and he attempted to use them to include himself as a package recipient. My guess is that he was going to follow the same plan as Renee, Robert Duncan, and Derrick Robinson, and use MM’s death to promote himself.

  it was FFCHS that took photos of the contents and that Myron had already sent
  images of the contents via email that renee found afterwards ....

This is all false. Where does anyone from FFCHS admit to taking the photos? As I said, the images MM sent were of the packages, not the letter. What Renee ‘found’ afterwards, according to her, was the entire contents of the packages sent to her as email attachments from MM. These attachments have never actually been produced, AFAIK, so they probably never actually existed. But at this point, it’s quite clear that whatever Renee might claim is unreliable and not worth wasting much time over anyway. What’s important about her in all this is the part she played in notifying the MSM (NBC and Reuters) and introducing certain ‘evidence’ against MM that placed him in the TI community. The fact is, we don’t really know that Myron May was really involved in the TI community.

  but again why would Anthony try to use todds fake stuff to discredit renee
  ,FFCHS, etc ? well just look at all his other posts/blogs ....that's all he
  does is discredit FFCHS, Dr Robert Duncan etc

I don’t think I discredited Renee… She did that all by herself, just like Todd. I merely questioned her claims in trying to make sense of them, because what she claims creates more questions than it answers. As for FFCHS and Robert Duncan, they’re at the heart of certain very serious problems within the TI community that involve the deaths of people who come into contact with them, so I think it’s only right that these issues are pursued and brought out in public, and the fact that I actually uncover FURTHER incriminating evidence against them shouldn’t be taken as anything bad on MY part.

Each event like this that arises ‘just happens’ to involve the same little circle that has these two particular people as its most recognizable members. You choose to see it only as attacks on these people, without being willing to take in the rest of what I present into consideration. But that will show that they blatantly lie time after time, use people’s deaths for their own promotion, and act incredibly shifty when questioned about anything they’ve said or done, all of which just adds to their apparent guilt.

As it is, I don’t actually spend a lot of time focused on them. I do research into other things as well. Some of it is published and much more is not. However, as time has gone on, the trail of deaths of people who were involved with FFCHS has grown, and this deserves to be looked into and the activities that these people are involved in need to be answered to, or that trail will only grow longer.

I’ve spent a great deal of time researching a number of false flag news events (OKC bombing, Columbine shooting, Boston bombing, Sandy Hook shooting, etc.) and I came away from that with a much better understanding of how these psyops are conducted. I won’t try to explain any of that here, except to say that you have to be very careful about who said what and when they said it and how what they said affects the turn of events, before, during, and after the main act. This is why I structured my article the way I did, which has revealed things that would otherwise go completely unnoticed.

For instance, by tracking the precise times of the reports and what was stated, I was able to discover that Renee was the only source in the MSM for many of the pieces of information that tied MM to the TI community, which came immediately after the shooting (at about 3:30 am Renee’s time), and that they dropped her information soon after having reported it. It was only continued to be reported by online ‘news’ outlets like Memory Hole after that, and they didn’t bother to investigate any of it before reporting it as fact. That might just be bad journalism, but it could have been intentional. They went on to publish the contents of the letter, even before there was any explanation for where it came from (and the haphazard explanation that has since been given still doesn’t add up). If we stop here for a minute and consider the timing of Renee’s calls to the MSM, we can see that there are problems with it, since she lives in California and the first reports of the shooting were only on local (Florida) news channels. She would have had to already be aware of these earliest news stories when she contacted the MSM, but this is impossible.

There is also the timestamps she gave for the voicemails, which would have been Pacific Standard Time at her end, yet she stated that they came at a time (9:30 pm PST) when the shooting had to have already occurred (it happened at about 12:05 EST). So again, there are inconsistencies with her part of the story.

Further research evealed that the website that hosted MM’s obituary was a fake site for a business that hadn’t been in operation for years. Also, I discovered that six of the seven ‘friends’ of MM appear to be sock puppets, since they have yet to respond to emails and facebook messages that have been sent under other pretexts. The same goes for the business that was allegedly being run by MM’s friends, David and Abigail Taunton, and the funeral business. No responses.

Even further to this, it appears that Myron May’s online identity may have been faked, since there’s nothing beyond the stories of Renee and Rosanne Marie Schneider to show that it wasn’t, but their stories are already in question due to their refusal to provide the evidence they should have been able to produce to prove themselves in the first place. So many other unanswered questions just adds further suspicion.

Look deeper at these events. We aren’t dealing with simple cut-and-dried facts here. The level of complexity in any psyop is always high in order to obfuscate the truth, and media manipulation is one of the key agents for managing the perceptions of the target audience. In this case, the orchestrators have two separate audiences: the TI community and the mainstream community.

  again if Dr Robert Duncan provides his documents on line ..which I doubt he
  would do  ..especially not to be spammed around TI social media .....then all
  that would prove is he went to Harvard and got the degree he claims or not

No, it would not prove anything, since as you yourself seem to understand, such things can be photo-shopped. The only real way for Robert Duncan to resolve his credibility is to provide information that will allow anyone to find his official records (including file numbers, student ID number, title of thesis, license information relating to his alleged doctorate, etc.) by looking them up in the Harvard/Dartmouth registrar’s offices or wherever else they might be. Otherwise, he’s impersonating himself to others as a doctor of some kind, which is a federal offense, and this makes him entirely responsible for how people who believe his façade are affected by him and his material. LaBrat has done an excellent job of pointing out all of this to you, so I won’t repeat him.

* * *

   Comment by Nick Fo

  Btw noticed in Forewoods artcle at the end, speculating on possible markers of
  a fake ti that he suggests "They portray themselves as TIs, are very active in
  the online TI community, and appear to have no other life than the one they
  have online. They band together in the online TI community as a rather large 
  but close-knit group that preys on new-comers"

  well both LeBrat and David of Tommorow fit that description

Actually, this isn’t quite what I was talking about, although it does reflect a tactic that’s often used to derail discussions. I haven’t been on peacepink long enough to see this sort of gang-harassment here, if there is any, but what I see here is actually the best discussion of my research that I’ve come across so far, in spite of the in-fighting. I attribute this situation at least partly to the fact that those who are most involved in these issues appear to encourage this in others while they themselves refuse to discuss these matters even to clear their own names, even to the point of banning me from all of the groups they control on facebook so that none of this comes up among their followers. The tactics I refer to in the above quote are more specific to those particular facebook groups where these people operate. Their actions in this respect very closely match the characteristics of a cult.

I can see that LaBrat and certain others understand the implications of what I point out through my research, even though others who don’t look at it closely will not be able to fathom them. So I have no problem with the level of discussion taking place in spite of the often repeated arguments about the missing evidence of a doctorate, since this needs to remain highlighted because it’s the one card that holds up the entire façade that Robert Duncan uses to sell his BS to TIs. That’s not to say that I can’t drill holes through the rest of his claims as well. I can and I already have, long ago.

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   Comment by deca

  A local man tells ABC7 News that the man who shot and wounded three
  students at Florida State Univer... reached out to him just hours before the
  rampage to say he was sending him and others a package. What's in the
  package, no one knows.

This is news to me. I obviously haven't read every news report, but the many that I have are all consistent in detailing who reported what and when, and this one doesn't seem to fit with any of them. Who is this man? Where is he local to?

The only person who Myron May allegedly reached out to just hours before the shooting was Renee Pittman Mitchell. The people who were allegedly sent packages were notified by MM a day or two before the shooting. None of them besides Renee, Rosanne Marie Schneider, Derrick Robinson, and this mysterious Joe Paul guy seem to have known anything about the packages or been in communication with MM before the shooting. Do you have a link to that article?
I want to see it.

  A spokeswoman for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service said the packages sent
  by Myron May have been collected by investigators. The service determined
  the contents weren’t hazardous
  so there were 10 packages.

Actually, the earliest reports (which are based on Joe Paul's claims) stated that there were only 8 packages. The number only changed to 10 after Renee contacted NBC a day later, at which point Joe Paul also changed the number without ever explaining the contradiction with his earlier claims. One or two other things he's stated contradict each other as well, as I'll point out below.

According to everything I've been able to collect, the earliest report on the shooting that I could find came out at 2:47 am on Nov. 20 (two and a half hours after the shooting), and it stated that there were 8 packages. The report doesn't say where this information came from, other than that Atlanta's WSB-TV reported it. Here's the original source:

Here's another report from sometime later in the day, again stating that there were 8 packages

Here's a third one from the same day saying the same thing. It also reveals some other inconsistencies in Joe Paul's story, i.e. that he claimed to not know who the other recipients were, yet seemed to know how many there were and that many of them had "vast networks" of friends:

It wasn't until the next day, on Nov. 21 at 7:38 am, that news reports started mentioning 10 packages. This began after Renee contacted NBC to give her story. Here's the source:

Here's another report stating that there were 9 packages, which came out on Nov. 21 at 11:18 am:

And here's one that came out at about the same time as the previous one, where Joe Paul now indicates that there were 9 packages:

And then this one came out on Nov. 21 at 5:56 pm, in which Joe Paul is now claiming that 10 packages were sent out:

I don't know offhand if any authoritative body ever stated how many packages there were in total, but I know I haven't come across any statements where they ever quoted specifying an actual number. Most of the reports about the packages appear to have come from information provided by Joe Paul or Renee. This leaves the possibility open that the packages were not sent by MM at all, but were a prop to create a false scenario to make MM look like he was involved with the TI community. But I don't base this conclusion on this information alone. There is much more to support it, some of which I've already covered earlier.

* * *

   Comment by deca

  so how has Renee pitman got these voice massages from Mayron were he says
  here name ...if she was making this up ?  Renee pitman is telling the truth.....

Nobody is saying that Renee made up the voicemails. She had those messages because Myron May (or someone playing the role of Myron May) called and left them on her phone.

Let me explain a few things...

The voicemails, packages, letters, videos, facebook account, and facebook posts alleged to be from Myron May were very possibly all faked. Renee doesn't have to have known this. She might have been used as an unwitting dupe because it was calculated that she would react as she did and become the source of certain information that would find it's way into the MSM to bolster the 'official' story.

Her story was dropped by the MSM almost as quickly as it was reported. Why do you think that is? I would guess that it was reported without checking it out first in order to have something to report while the story was still hot, as most news outlets tend do these days. I think this was calculated, and it was only important to get her story mentioned to give it an aura of believability.

The fact that there's a whole lot of fishiness surrounding the packages and their alleged contents adds further suspicion. This fishiness strongly suggests that whoever concocted the suicide letter had to have foreknowledge of MM's intended actions. There is no other way to explain it.

* * *

   Comment by deca

  so you admit that "This indicates that May was already familiar with Robert
  Duncan’s material and may have been in contact with him." was your own
  comment and question !!! and you do not have any evidence to support your
  "question" that may might have been in contact with Dr Robert Duncan !!!

Yes, of course I do. What's the problem you're having here? Reading comprehension? As I said, and I won't repeat it again, the evidence is found within the larger context of what I presented in my article. I also explained each relevant part of it in detail in the post you quoted from. LaBrat has reposted it for you several times as well.

  so how can you come to this conclusion ?

  "Robert Duncan and Derrick Robinson always seem to be on the periphery of
  these deaths. I believe that they are directing these people, even using mind-
  control on them to coerce them to act out in violence."

Well, as I've already pointed out many times, these two have been working together (along with certain others) for many years, and there is a growing list of people who have died or committed suicide after being in contact with them. Unless of course FFCHS has been lying about any of these people. That covers the first sentence you quoted, which is based entirely on what they have claimed themselves (i.e. the given 'facts'). The second sentence is my personal opinion... speculation based on those 'facts' and what more I know. That's why it starts with the words "I believe that..."

  Also Derrick Robinson is president of FFCHS which is probably the biggest and
  most know TI support group again its not so unusally that he or FFCHS
  would be unfortunate mentioned to the few TI`s out of the thousands he deals
  with that cause violet acts.

He deals with THOUSANDS of people who cause violent acts??? Really? Are you sure of that, or are you stating as fact what you only speculate? This reflects the real problem with what many people say... Not that they speculate, but that they present it as though it were fact.

But let me ask you... Do you really think that whoever is running these targeting programs (i.e. the government and/or very powerful corporations) would allow someone like Derrick Robinson or Robert Duncan to actually be so well placed in the TI community and saying what they say about all this targeting and the purported technologies involved, unless they were actually still in their employ? Do you think they would allow them to do this without also receiving the electric torch to their ass for spilling real secrets? Are you that stupid, deca??? Well, maybe you are, but do you think the people running these programs are that stupid?

No, they're not. They're not going to just let a group like FFCHS operate without controlling them and using them to subvert any attempts to expose these programs. FFCHS by your own admission is perfectly placed to do this. It's board of directors  'just happens' to be filled with 'ex'-government people, who 'just happen' to not be targeted in spite of what they say and do, and who 'just happen' to never get anything accomplished in spite of all the fanfare they create in making it appear that things are moving along. But all they can really be seen to be doing is working on promoting themselves in the TI community, using these deaths and suicides for their own publicity. In the past year or so, they've expanded into what appears to be false flag operations that involve MSM news stories, with the apparent intent to discredit the TI community in the eyes of the rest of the world and make us all look like a bunch of dangerous and crazy idiots.

Do you see the long term implications of where this is going? Do you see how a group like FFCHS would be beneficial to the orchestrators of these targeting programs?

  so YOUR whole argument is because Dr Robert Duncan & FFCHS derrick or out
  their in the media talking about this and also trying to help TI`s and many
  victims references them that some how makes  them responsible for the tragic
  events that some TI`s end up ????

No, that's not my whole argument. But consider for a moment WHICH media outlets are giving them air time, and who their target audience is... Like all media outlets, they need material to stay in operation and keep their audiences entertained. But at the same time, Robert Duncan and Derrick Robinson are using them to maintain their presence while feeding the TI community an endless stream of the same general nonsense with nothing new or substantial ever said. It's merely done to keep the audience's attention, and it's actually a form of hypnotic conditioning for those who watch or listen regularly. It continually reinforces their beliefs and keeps them thinking about their targeting. This has the effect of keeping the idea of being targeted well-rooted in their perceptions, affecting how they interpret their day-to-day experiences. It creates a lot of false positives, which, when reported, sound rather delusional. It ends up discrediting the TI community that much more while also misleading TIs about the true nature of the situation.

And in my experience, the people who reference Robert Duncan or Derrick Robinson as sources are more often than not like you... short on mental aptitude and eaily confused or misled. Those type of people make the best targets for manipulation, and this is exactly what someone running a mind-control program would want in a subject. Do you see the connection to what I said about these guys being allowed to operate at all? They draw in the easiest targets... people like Aaron Alexis and Myron May, who are at a point where they're easy to coerce into violent suicidal acts that can then be used to discredit TIs in the MSM while FFCHS uses it to promote themselves to TIs. Two birds with one stone... It's a revolving cycle of people who come to them, get indoctrinated with their BS, lose touch with reality, get a little push in the right direction, and go off the deep end in a blaze of bullets or with a rope around their neck. The story is then promoted, more people hear about FFCHS and hope they can help with what they think is targeting, and it starts all over...
Meanwhile, real targets get blamed for being crackpots, conspiracy theorists, etc.

* * *

   Comment by deca

  plus again its not unusual that a TI  would get in contact with one of the
  biggest well known support group FFCHS

So you allow youself to speculate that someone would likely be in contact with FFCHS, but you have a major problem with me speculating that Myron May might have been in contact with Robert Duncan. Can you explain the difference here?

  the unusual thing is Anthony rather dubious speculation that some how that
  makes Dr Robert Duncan or FFCHS involved , complicit or coerce Myron to do
  what he did these speculative allegations are verging on being
  defamation in my estimation   

So then go and tell them to sue me. i dare any one of these people to take me to court, because if they do, i'll use the opportunity to expose them in a way that i couldn't do so easily otherwise. In court, I can force them to reveal who they really are, who they work for, make them account for what they've said and done to lead me to my conclusions, etc. They know this very well. It also goes the other way. If I sued them for defamation, slander, whatever, they'd have to go to court and be forced to answer for themselves as well. So they have to be careful, not me.

  secondly Anthony admits the Dr Robert Duncan is "always easily reachable and
  particularly open to people who believe him " again that's his words

I 'admit'??? He has a facebook account, so he's not hard to reach. Try contacting him, with a few suck up words to let hm know how much you honor him, and you'll get a response, I gaurantee it. Otherwise, you seem to be speculating that he isn't reachable.

  are these people not targets before reading his stuff and already experienced
  this ?

Not always. According to his alleged suicide letter, Myron May indicated that he wasn't being targeted until AFTER he learned about targeting. So in his case, he WASN'T a target before reading Robert Duncan's books. Does that answer your question?

  ....why are not all these people taking action like Myron may then ?

Not everybody reacts to hypnosis or other forms of mind-control as easily as others do. That means that many people would be passed over but when an Aaron Alexis or Myron May comes along, they're going to be taken advantage of by the puppeteers. FFCHS is in the perfect position to act as a clearinghouse to sort through the TIs who come to them and work on those that fit the right profile.

But let's not jump to conclusions here. We have no proof that Myron May was really the shooter, or that he's dead, or that he was the person playing his role in the TI community, or that he was incited to act out because of his targeting and not something else, etc.

You seem to want to pin this down to the official story too quickly when we have plenty of evidence of media manipulation and the creation of false news events, and they're only inceasing in regularity. Why should we take this one at face value? There are far too many problems with it to let it be passed off so easily.

* * *

   Comment by Tom Ehaj

  I've found this:

  "He was taking medications which caused paranoia. He used to see a therapist
  on a regular basis. He thought people were spying on him."

  There might be that psychiatrists were after him...

You didn't provide a link to the source, or even tell us who said that.

The only concrete evidence that MM was on any sort of medication was a photo taken of a pill bottle for a commonly prescribed drug (Hydroxyzine), which showed on the label that it was prescribed for itching. The photo was taken during a police search of his home after the shooting.

The only other evidence that MM was having serious mental issues came from unnamed sources and based on their word:

- an alleged ex-girlfriend told the police in New Mexisco that MM was acting strange and talking about being watched, and that he had recently been in a mental hospital. Here's an article about it:

- an unnamed 'maintenance man' told the police that he looked after MM's dog (what dog?) while he was in the mental hospital a few times. This guy seemed like he was purposely trying to discredit MM by saying that MM had complained about people laughing at him while he was watching porn. Here's the article:

These two reports of him being in a mental hospital don't appear to have ever been verified by the authorities, and they could easily have been made by these people with the intention of giving the appearance that MM had a history of mental illness.

Beyond these two reports, there's just MM's own reports of being watched, stalked, and hearing voices through the wall. However, these do NOT equate to serious mental issues, and a certain level of paranoia should even be understandable, if it was real.

Once MM started his 'indoctrination' into the TI community, his fear snd anxiety would very likely have escalated as he learned about some of the things that are talked about here.

* * *

   Comment by LaBrat

  anthony's solid, persistent digging has opened up more than a few cans of
  worms in ffchs's pandora's box   all is not lost yet - there's still hope     keep
  plugging away deca, you'll get there

Thanks LaBrat... deca at least gives me an opportunity to expand on things that might not be so apparent otherwise.

  the point has been raised that if may (an experienced professional in the law
  and order game) wanted to spread the word, he would have contacted trusted
  sources he could rely on - not these liars    the CONCLUSION that, if these
  were real, they would indicate that myron had these persons and org's on his
  mind and was aware of their import, would not, then, be the ASSUMPTION you
  claim it is

If he was going to send out so many packages, you'd think that he would have sent at least a few of them to reputable news outlets and government offices. Instead, he chooses seven 'old friends' (of questionable existence) and three people in the TI community who he didn't even really know, expecting them to do it for him. Right.

Regarding the seven 'friends'. None of them besides Joe Paul are necessarily real people, and all the other identities could have been borrowed from real people who have no connection to Myron May at all. As for this 'Joe Paul', he could be anybody. Aside from him, the facebook pages for the others show very little activity, and trying to contact any of them has produced no responses to date, apart from Joe Paul, who immediately blocked me (!). Attempts to contact them through their business websites has also produced no responses. Anyone can check ths for themselves.

Add them to the list of props used in this psyop...

* * *

   Comment by deca

  : ideas or guesses about something that is not known

I'm glad you posted this, deca. I want to explain something to you about it. Do you see the last part of that definition? Where it says "something that is not known"? When people aren't forthcoming with information they have that would clear up any uncertainties, or when they're saying things that can be shown to be untrue, they're creating a situation where others are forced to speculate in order to try to fill in the gaps. The same things goes for when you have two or more competing sets of facts, two or more versions of a story, etc. In such cases, speculation is necessary in order to make the right choice in deciding which is more accurate (or which one you like better, if that's all you're looking for). The fact is, we all speculate about all sorts of things all day long. Your mind will simply stagnate if you don't. You get locked inside a world of very limited possibilities, rigidly applied and beyond questioning. The only way out is to speculate on other possibilities. That's how we grow in mind.

The important thing, at least with regards to determining what's true and what's false, is that we first get all our facts together and then look at everything objectively and don't just ignore something or make something up in order to arrive at a particular conclusion. In the end, ALL the given facts must be accounted for in some way.

But all that aside, deca. I want to know why you haven't jumped on my allegations that FFCHS is a cult, or that Derrick Robinson is a Satanist. Is that something they don't want discussed? Is that why you go on and on about the most trivial things I say?

* * *

   Comment by Sue

  Anthony, what "official sources" are you referring to exactly? Anyone can
  write anything about another on the net, ultimately it depends on who you
  believe. Thats why I dont have an opinion on it....because I dont know who to
  believe really. I havent seen anyone admit to being a perp, just people
  calling others perps.

  The difference with my post is I am referencing the original blog of Ronaldo
  who  is clearly comparing Tls to mental cases. 

I don't remember exactly what you said that I was responding to. Maybe I should have said "reliable sources" or something like that.

Every piece of information we might get regarding a story or event has to be weighed against a number of factors... who the original source is and their record of reliability, the reliability of the messenger, whether it's a direct quote, whether it's hearsay, whether it's conjecture, whether it's supported by other verifiable information, what the motivations might be for the source or messenger giving the information, etc.

Depending on the information, an official source, such as a report from a police officer, can be considered more reliable than one from an unofficial source because a police officer is putting his career on the line if he's going to lie or exaggerate. On the other hand, a claim by someone who provides nothing more than their word and has little to lose by lying or exaggerating is far less reliable and what they say needs to be given closer scrutiny. A history of lying or avoiding clarification of significant details that would clear up grey areas should indicate that a person is an unreliable source and has ulterior motivations. In certain circumstances, such as when the information appears to be designed to purposely mislead people about their targeting, the source can be justifiably suspected of being a perp - especially when it can be shown that they've been doing this for years without ever properly accounting for their claims.

But I don't just go around calling people perps... I point out how their words or actions reflect that sort of character, and I provide the evidence. I do it to help other TIs identify and properly deal with the problems we face in this community and the deeper levels of targeting that go on here. For instance, when I get a stream of rude and immature emails from Robert Duncan taunting me in response to asking him a question about his claims, I feel that this is very significant, so I post the emails publicly in order that others can see this dark side of him in his own words. When I find an online post from him where he blatantly admits to being a perp, I post a link to it for others to see for themselves, unadulterated by anyone's interpretation of it. When I put together an investigative article, I reference the sources so that anyone can trace each piece of information back to its original source. It doesn't mean that everything I report is accurate, since I sometimes report what was said by someone else that turns out not to be true, but at least I provide a record that it was said and who said it, which often helps in determining the person's reliability later on and the validity of their information.

I've spent several years uncovering many lies, exaggerations, and suspicious activity on the part of Robert Duncasn and FFCHS... enough to show beyond any doubt that they're working against the TI community. I've put together a number of documernts that describe how perps typically operate online, how the online TI community is being used to target people further, how certain belief systems are used in this capacity, and how people who are mentally ill or easily suggestible are encouraged by these people to adulterate the TI community with their general lunacy so that real TIs are discredited.

* * *

   Comment by LaBrat

  i imagine your experience among that nest of vipers might be helpful to
  anthony in his exposition of their tactics and agenda     he is taking names -
  and has definitely been kicking some ass, as evidenced by his transparent and
  completely unjustified ejection from public forums where his input is a

I really appreciate you saying that, since I don't always take enough time to explain myself to people and just hope that they'll investigate my blog further and allow what I point out to sink in. I think most people start to come around once they grasp the entirety of what I've been able to uncover.

And it seems that any time I come across something involving FFCHS, when I look into it I find out it's a scam...

- The Watterson 'win'
- The Myron May suicide letters
- The Aaron Alexis email correspondence
- FFCHS hijacking the World Day conference from Debra Dupre
- Mell Mellhedek's 'Human Protection Software Suite' scam
- Everything about Robert Duncan
- FFCHS's false claims of taking the TI cause to government offiicals and

  'moving forward'
- And most recently, FFCHS's false claims of helping in a class action suit filed

  by the victims of Aaron Alexis

* * *

   Comment by Sue

  My experience with DR was by phone and email. He most definitely perped me,
  l shouldnt have said harassed as thats someone coming after you. I contacted
  him for help and got the opposite plus standard perp behaviour from him. 
  I haven't gone into detail about it because as you know l have an opinion that
  majority of other Tls dont hold (how I believe people can be mind controlled to
  abuse us) so Im never quite sure who is intentional and whos not, but thats
  just my experience, l cant speak for others.

Thanks for your input, Sue. I want to point out however that many people who are being 'mind-controlled' to abuse us are still responsible for themselves, and this is soimething that I try to point out when people start pulling perp tactics or making claims that they can't back up with good evidence, whether or not they think they're justified or that what they claim might be true. This is exactly what led me to discovering Robert Duncan's material with all its questionable content. People were claiming that their beliefs were solid because "Robert Duncan said so", but they had nothing better than that. Do you see how people just jump on someone who poses doubt or uncertainty about their beliefs about targeting? That's mind-control at work. It's based on simple psychology and nothing more. These people are following herd mentality and choose not to apply critical analysis in formulating their thoughts and beliefs. They go on what others say, what sounds good to them, and what fits their immediate perceptions with no concern for other less obvious but equally valid possibilities.

  l am curious though as to why AF got banned from a forum. Was it FFCHS

I was systematically banned from a number of groups on facebook that are run by FFCHS members (many of these groups I was never even a member of). I've never been allowed on FFCHS's own forums. My questions are too 'dangerous' to contemplate, I guess. There's a particular group of people on facebook who gang up on anyone who might rock the boat by questioning their belief system or pointing out the suspicious activities of any of them. They follow basic cult tactics and use group dynamics (which facebook appears to be purposely designed to maximize on) to manipulate their followers and keep outsiders from interfering with the indoctrination process.

The fact is, only mind-controllers worry about what information their victims might come across. Otherwise, information can't really hurt anyone if it's allowed to be discussed...

* * *

   Comment by deca

  look simple its was identified a long time ago in the TI community  that
  exposure of these crimes and education was what we need desperately  if we

  had any chance to stop these crimes....That is what many
  TI`s/groups/individuals are doing ....

It's also vitally important that impossible-to-prove claims aren't promoted to government bodies by those who seek to act as representatives of the TI community, whether or not those claims might actually be true. In their letters and petitions to government bodies, FFCHS continually promotes the idea that mind-reading technologies exist, and Robert Duncan expands on this idea further with his books and interviews to include 'EEG cloning' and 'bee-hive minds' that are somehow interfaced through computers that supposedly have everyone wired up already. Mmmhmmm... I really don't think these people are worth rallying around, unless you WANT the TI community to be totally discredited.

  now its simple YOU are ether part of the solution or part of the problem .....

FFCHS zombies happen to say that particular line a lot, and it just reflects black-and-white, self-limited thinking. There's a lot of grey area that needs to be recognized for what it is and dealt with appropriately. .

* * *


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