Monday, May 25, 2015

Who's Watching Me?

Soon after I published my article Digging Deeper into the Myron May Controversy on Dec. 9, 2014, I began to receive an unprecedented number of hits on my blog. Here are my all-time stats taken on March 10, 2015:
At first I thought this was just a normal increase, since my readership goes up with each new article I publish, and the Myron May article was particularly newsworthy so I assumed that this was why the number of hits had risen so dramatically.
But then I looked at the stats for another blog I have that I don’t use much, only occasionally publishing material there that relates to my research but which I don’t want cluttering up my main blog. When I looked at its stats for that week (March 4 – 11, 2015), I noticed a sudden spike of 70+ hits that all came at about the same time:

This is extremely unusual and something I’ve never seen happen before, but it clearly indicates that a large number of people had all converged on my blog at the exact same time. What they were looking at specifically, I don’t know.
Then, soon after I published my latest article Blood Money: Who Killed Myron May and Why? on May 21, 2015, I noticed an even larger spike on my main blog. Here are the stats for the week of May 17 – 24, 2015:


Here are the stats for that particular day. It shows that I received almost 180 hits at exactly 7:00 pm on May 24, 2015:

So again, it appears that a large number of people had all converged on my blog at exactly the same time, but this time there were more than twice as many of them as appeared on my other blog. Because I caught this irregularity on that day, I was able to check the hit counts for each article that had been viewed, but there was no indication that these hits were focused on any particular article. I got the feeling that they were checking out my site for the first time.

Who are they? I don’t have the ability to see the IP addresses where the hits originate from, but I can make an educated guess as to who they might be, since they’re obviously organized and would have already been networking together online just before they converged on my blog. I’m pretty sure that my article was already being discussed in certain facebook groups that I’ve been banned from for asking legitimate questions about their claims and which are filled with FFCHS members and supporters of Robert Duncan and his pseudoscience, so that’s my first guess as to who they were.

But why would they all converge on my blog at exactly the same time? Surely it wasn’t anything like a Denial of Service attack, since the number of hits was far too few to cause any problems. No, this was something else.

I would normally think that it was nothing more than a bunch of these people getting a notice at the same time by one of their members telling them to check out what I’d recently published about some of them, but that didn’t appear to be the case. But if it was, it would show that they have a very large body of followers who are all just sitting there at their computers, ready to act in unison as an organized gang if need be.

That’s scary enough, but perhaps even scarier, I might have hit extremely close to home with my last article, and these aren’t just people from the TI community checking me out, but are instead from whatever government agencies had been involved in setting up the FSU shooting and orchestrating the whole scenario I detailed in my earlier article about Myron May. I don’t know if this is the case, but it makes the most sense to me.

Are They Government ‘Role Players’?

I did find something on the facebook page of one of the people mentioned in my last article that leads me to believe more certainly that I’m dealing with what are apparently called ‘Surveillance Role Players’ (SRPs) or just ‘Role Players’ (RPs). There was a post from one long-time member of the TI community to one of the people I’ve been investigating, asking for the phone number of a company that hires people for role playing jobs. The person in question responded with the number for a company called Prescient Edge, which turns out to be a major government contractor that deals in security, intelligence, and emerging technologies – including counterintelligence and cyber-security (i.e. psyops).[1] This person had apparently already contacted this company. While researching further, I came across an interesting article from InfoWars that revealed that a company called the MASY Group was advertising for Surveillance Role Players and Role Players on Craigslist back in 2013. [2]

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[1] A few links that give an idea of what Prescient Edge is all about:
Some further links related to Surveillance 'Role Players':

They are also mentioned on in relation to COINTELPRO activities:


  1. Who knows, maybe one or two of these quasi-gov't spooks will go home at the end of their shift and think about what they've been examining all day - why, they might even end up learning something! :-)

  2. I am currently recording my Audible V2K and getting professionals to clear it up for me.

    1. They are likely using 5G technology through your local phone company. Look into that because it offers them unprecedented abilities that weren't available not so many years ago.

    2. they dont even need wifi/internet connection to my computer and they can manipulate the cd rom player audio with v2k .

    3. Could be the CCP. They have spy chips on a lot of computer circuit-boards that allow them to access and control the systems.