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The Real Duncan O’Finioan – Super Soldier or Compulsive Liar?

It was back in 2012 that I first heard about Duncan O’Finioan on Jesse Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ television show. He was claiming to be a military-trained super-soldier with all these amazing abilities. For instance, he said that he could lift incredible amounts of weight and had psychic powers. After watching the show, I found his blog online and contacted him to ask some questions in order to try to validate his story, only to get a mouthful of abuse, as I later found out was his habit to dish out to anyone who questions him at all. That was enough to satisfy me that he was a fake and his abusiveness was a defense tactic. So I left it at that.

Soon after this, I was contacted by someone who had seen my post on his blog. This person claimed to have been very close to him and his family until he left home when he was about 20, and they gave me some further information on him to prove that he was lying about himself. One of the pieces of information I was given was his real name – Bobby Joe Fannin.

I happened to post this piece of information on Former White Hat’s blog where my post to O’Finioan had received some mention, and it seems to have quickly got around the internet from there. At the time, however, I hadn’t done any further research to verify it. I was just passing on a lead. But I did find verification soon after. A google search showed that Duncan O’Finioan had published a book (Innocence Turned Deadly), and although he had used the name Duncan O’Finioan as the author, within the book, on the copyright page, was his real name: Bobby Joe Fannin. My source appeared to have been telling the truth.

Here’s a link to the book so you can see for yourself:

I dropped the whole matter at this point, but when I recently found out that he was a featured guest at a Super-Soldier Summit along with Derrick Robinson and Robert Duncan – two other fakes in the TI community that I’ve been working on exposing – I decided to check to see if anything new had come up since I exposed his real name. A google search of both names together came up with a good number of listings. Looking through a few of them, I found some interesting posts by others…

From Former White Hat’s blog:

4 Leaf Clover says:

April 6, 2012 at 3:42 am

The thing about Bobby Joe is, he used to live in Pahrump, Nevada, where Dave Corso lives. Coincidence? What do you say, Mr. FWH, you think maybe Bobby Joe and Corso met in an AA meeting where they came up with a combined story that they were both super soliders in Laos/Cambodia, after listening to local Pahrump hero, Art Bell?

Former White Hat says:

April 6, 2012 at 3:43 am

Anything is possible...the social secuirty number provided matches a Bobby Joe Fannin that looks an awful lot like Robert Duncan O'Finioan.

So apparently, someone had connected the name Bobby Joe Fannin to Pahrump, Nevada, where David Corso lives. David Corso, in case you don’t know, is Duncan O’Finioan’s sidekick, and appears on Ventura’s show as well, hamming it up as the cloak-and-dagger mystery man in the white van. (“How astute…” as he likes to say.) Pahrump, Nevada is apparently where Art Bell was from as well, so there was probably a lot of influence on O’Finioan early on to make up these wild stories, perhaps hoping to get on his show and get some recognition. Former White Hat was apparently able to also confirm that this name matched his SS number as well, but this still needs to be confirmed.

Some further evidence that he’s a fake and his claims are bogus came up a few posts later. This information should be able to be checked by anyone who might doubt it:

Mal says:

August 14, 2012 at 7:26 am

Checked Everything on the Internet! No World Ranking on the International Kickboxing Circuit! Ever! And some Very Impressional Pepole are Trusting this Con Man with Not just Their Lives but Their Money! Self Belief is Easy to Find! Anyone Who is Conned by this Loser will eventually come to Regret It! I Know I was One! Mal

And then I came across the following, also posted on Former White Hat’s blog. This post not only validates my claim that he’s really Bobby Joe Fannin and the author of the book I mentioned, it also reveals his possible motivations for making these wild claims about himself:

March 12, 2012

Innocence Turned Vanity Con Game

This message came in on the comments of the Miranda Kelly post but I thought I might move it here as an example of a different POV. This might be another disinfo agent, who knows...

Dear Mr Former White Hat,

I have to tell you something, entertaining stuff, not sure what to make of it. I worked at a certain New York trade publishing house some years ago and remember quite clearly a manuscript that was on my boss' desk called INNOCENCE TURNED DEADLY by Robert Duncan O'Finioan about some super secret agent/soldier fighting the bad guys and having been created by the government. The book proposed to be the first volume in a series. My boss found it to be an interesting premise but the manuscript was (1) too short for commercial publishing and (2) badly written.

The author had suggested a marketing ploy that instead of categorizing it as fiction, it could be semi-autobiographical fiction or even a memoir, and he could go out on tour and claim all this stuff had happened to him, that he was in this secret mind-control program run by the evil secret black ops military and he was now only regaining his memories and such. He claimed we would make millions, there were would be a big movie deal with Bruce Willis playing him. You have to understand something about the publishing and film world: every week we get a dozen of these sort of pitches, everywhere out of the woodworks people think they have some Big Hit Idea that will make Big Bucks, and "let's say it is my true story, that will sell it better."

A while later I came across Project Camelot when I was working at a certain entertainment packaging agency that thought the Project Camelot set-up might make a good book, an anthology of interviews with alien abductees and gov conspiracies, and I was aksed to do more research. I found Mr. O'Finioan's interview and remembered him. Then I looked at a video of him at a conference with his wife, this chubby blonde lady who looked like a refugee from a 1980s Bauhaus concert, and she claimed to also be a secret agent and that they had gone on missions together when she was some sort of precocious underage nymphet bedding a beefy solider in his 20s. I showed my boyfriend the video because he is into this sort of thing and when we got to the part where they told the story of jumping out of a plane on a mission and she complained about her hair getting messed up down the way, my boyfriend said, "That's a scene straight out of ALIAS! This is bullshit." I told him of course it was b.s., the guy had submitted his fiction novel to my former employer.

Now I see that he self-published the book via CreateSpace because he could not find anyone to buy it. I see tricksters like this all the time in publishing, and so does the movie industry. He is still thinking the book and any others in the series will fly better financially if he claims it is based on his life-story. I saw the first interview with Bill Woods and he says right at the start, he is doing the interview as pre-publicity for a novel he had written. Uh oh, RED LIGHT!

I say all these guys are full of number two and are hoping for a movie or TV deal. I see how many of them offer seminars and courses for money, from O'Finiaon to Steven Greer to Richard Hoagland, hocking their books and DVDs and self-help material, and O'Finioan and his wife even offer a psychic service!

It is all about making a buck.

What is sad is that these con artists reel in people with true problems, like that Sarah girl in England who is obviously mentally disturbed and even admits she was taking too much LSD and shrooms and has multiple personality disorder. She seems like she was probably abused by her family or someone when she was a kid and that has caused her to suffer paranoid delusions; tricksters like O'Foolyagain and Brockwurst hurt these people in need of professional medical care.

As for that McCollumm guy with the earrings and tattoos, well, that boy has smoked way too much crack, or is getting a thril on pulling everyone's leg. But who knows, he probably has a book or film script all about it.

Stacey N.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time digging deeper into this guy at this point, although I’m attempting to re-contact my source for more information (I’ve promised I wouldn’t reveal their identity), so we’ll see what transpires from that. In the meantime, here’s some further background information on Duncan O’Finioan / Bobby Joe Fannin that I’ve been holding onto, which comes from that same source. This information will provide some good leads that I hope others can follow up on:

- He was born June 10, 1960 to Paul James and Corinne Fannin. 

- He has two brothers, named James Walter and Paul, and a sister named Sherry.

- He has claimed that his father was in the military, CIA, bad cop, different things. None of this is true. His father was a city cop in Inez, KY.

- He had a normal upbringing, and there were no periods where he could have been away on the missions he claims to have been on during that time.

- There are school pictures or pictures of him with the rest of his family during the period he claims to have been away on missions (which I’m currently trying to get copies of).

- As a kid, he was known to tell wild tales about black helicopters coming down on the property where he lived. His father always said he told the stories because nothing ever happened around there.

- His mother always said that he was a habitual liar.

- He was involved in Karate since he was 9 or 10 years old.

- He went to Tomahawk Elementary School until the eighth grade and then to Sheldon Clark High School for a short period (I’m not sure what town or state). He did not graduate high school. He quit to go to work. He worked for a short time cutting coal-mining props and then when a new highway came through his area he got a job doing road construction.

- During this time he had a Karate Studio.

- He had Karate tournaments in Huntington and Charleston, West Virginia and Ashland, Kentucky. He was in the Chuck Norris system for quite a while. 

- While he had his studio, at age 20, he married a woman named Karen Cox. He had a child with her, named Alisia Dawn. He later deserted them and married another woman named Brenda McGinnis but eventually deserted her as well. He finally hooked up with a woman named Gwen Ford and they had two daughters together, named Jessica and Allison Fannin.

- After his father died on January 2, 1992, he left home after stealing his father’s German Luger pistol, and never returned. 

- The only weapons training he’s had is with those used in Karate. 

- He has never been in the military. 

- He has never been out of the country.

With this information, a clearer picture of the real Duncan O’Finioan begins to emerge. He appears to have grown up in one of those communities where nothing exciting ever happens, and where listening to Art Bell was about the only interesting thing to do, and this had influenced him to dream up all these fantasies about himself that he eventually wrote as a fictional book, then later decided to promote it as true, probably hoping to get some recognition on the UFO circuit that was quite popular back then and has since evolved into the larger TI community that on the surface has become a profitable industry for promoting whatever wild claims anyone might come up with, while on a deeper level serves to cover up the real atrocities of secret government programs. (See my article,
Some More Information About Disinformation, to better understand why these wild stories are promoted and why they’re purposeful exaggerations of a more plausible truth.)

UPDATE (2/17/2016):

Another blogger has recently published further background on these two chumps. You can read it here:


  1. Mr. Forwood you are exactly correct in your research. I am his brother and will have to say well done. you can contact me at

  2. Good to know. Makes him an interesting fella if somebody is looking for fantasy and fiction. I was wanting to believe him, there are people out there that have had experiences that are real - not to the extreme he describes for himself. I guess it looks like he got married again in may 2015.

  3. Almost forgot! Thank you soooo....much for giving the truth. I was doing research on him when I came across your blog. You are appreciated.

    1. You're very welcome. I know that the US government has conducted serious research and programs for creating 'enhanced capabilities' including psychic abilities, etc., but someone like Bobby Joe Fannin is just a role player whose job is to exaggerate the truth and discredit the idea that the gov. is involved in such things at all.

  4. Everything written here is true concerning Bobby Joe Fannin. I am his cousin, he is not and never has been a super soldier or served in any armed forces. He is lying. I have pictures from when he was a baby till after high school. If you see this Bobby Joe I told you don't lie about your ma and pa or this family. You tried to con that one woman didn't work did it hmm wonder why? I'm still here and I will be till you shut your mouth.

  5. Hi...I would like to talk to Anthony about this more.

  6. Saw him on Ventura's show and Jesse's credibility dropped tremendously with me at the thought that he'd give such an obvious fake a platform. You'd think Ventura would have a better vetting system.

    His "fighting" is shit too, I hope no one ever tries his ridiculous knife "techniques" for real.

  7. I'm currently in conversation with Duncan as we speek and hes done nothing but make verbal threats that hes gona come after me and beat me to a pulp. I have all his messeges sent to me if you all are interested in reading them.

    1. Of course he's making verbal threats. He knows he can act tough when you can't touch him. His messages are not worth seeing though, so I don't want to give them any space here.

  8. Jason if you decide to post his messages you should post them here

  9. Hi tony. a shit storm is about to hit. You ready???

    1. I'm always ready, chump. But apparently you're NOT. You don't seem to realize how many people are laughing at you.

      Psychic super-soldier my ass. Why do you even have to ask about anything? Shouldn't you already have amazing powers of observation????