Saturday, August 30, 2014

FFCHS and the Death of Susan Watkins

by Anthony Forwood

I was recently informed that a member of FFCHS named Susan Watkins had committed suicide several months ago, which I mentioned in my last blog. I decided to look at this case more closely. Here’s what I found…

- On March 13, 2014, a woman named Susan Watkins passed away in Kansas City, Missouri. Her online obituary follows:

Susan Valerie Watkins, 56, passed away March 31, 2014, in Kansas City, Missouri. She was born in Springfield, Missouri on February 7, 1958 to James F. Watkins, Sr. and Martha M. Watkins. She was a twin with her brother, Kevin. She graduated from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School in 1976. She achieved several certifications as a legal secretary, working for firms in the Kansas City and Los Angeles areas. She enjoyed Kansas City jazz, swimming, arts, and museums. She had a true love of animals and frequently assisted in animal rescue efforts. Susan was creative and authored a book "Winston". She is survived by her siblings, Beth Carlson, and husband Bob, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, James (Jim) Watkins, Jr. and wife Deborah (Debi) of Leawood, Kansas, Richard (Rick) Watkins and Joyce Generali of Kansas City, Missouri, Kevin Watkins of Overland Park, Kansas, eleven loving nieces and nephews, and fourteen grand nieces, and grand nephews. A memorial service will be held at 2:00 p.m. Friday, April 18 at Kansas City First Church of the Nazarene, 11811 State Line Road. Memorial contributions may be made to a charity of your choice.

- Five days later, on April 5, 2014, Derrick Robinson published the following announcement about this death in his FFCHS newsletter (emphasis added):

Monday, March 31, 2014: Death by Hanging of Susan Watkins

As many of you have heard by now, we experienced a grisly loss this past week of one of our most important members, Susan Watkins, a very professional and knowledgeable volunteer with our Legal Committee, who was found hanged in her house on Monday, March 31, 2014 by her landlord.

Although it is being labelled a suicide due to the writing left on her wall which said: "They watched me by satellite while I killed myself," many are not convinced that that's what occurred. Personally, I find it odd for someone to speak of killing themselves in the past tense.

Several days before this event, Susan sent an email to some of us with contact information for her sister, the executor of her will, her landlord, and Dr. Staninger - "as the Government harassment/torture increases from time to time." Therefore, it seems either she felt really threatened or was planning this herself. Either way, as someone pointed out, it is obviously murder by the perpetrators.

It's incidents like this that underscore that what we are experiencing is nothing short of a secret holocaust.

A number of red lights immediately go off when I read Derrick Robinson’s announcement.

1) He is announcing details of this alleged death without providing any sources for his information. My own search for details was only able to come up with the obituary notice above, in which there is no mention of the cause of death, nor any indications that it was a suicide and that a note had been left behind.

2) He words the announcement to say that “many others” had already heard about this alleged suicide. Who are these many others, and how did they find out about this death? Why is there no mention of her death anywhere online, except for a few duplicates of Robinson’s announcement posted on blogs?

3) Derrick Robinson also states that “many are not convinced” that this was a suicide. Who are these ‘many’, and what are their grounds for doubting that this was a suicide? This statement appears to be intended to put weight behind Derrick Robinson’s own suggestion that this wasn’t just a suicide, based on the claim that the alleged note was written in the past tense.

4) Where did information about the alleged note (or writing on the wall) come from? Where did the information that this was a suicide come from? I could find no source for these pieces of information anywhere, other than Derrick Robinson himself. This incident smells a lot like the claims Derrick Robinson and company made about Aaron Alexis contacting them prior to the Washington Navy Yard shooting, which appears to have been concocted for no other reason than to promote himself and FFCHS in the media while instilling fear among his followers.

5) Derrick Robinson claims that Watkins contacted him and a few others at FFCHS just prior to her death, leaving them with “contact information for her sister”, which he determined meant that she felt that she was in danger. Why didn’t he immediately react to this and attempt to help her or find out more? He makes no indication that he did anything at all. This is similar to his past inaction with regard to Aaron Alexis.

6) Without providing any evidence whatsoever to support himself, and apparently without even checking into the matter further, Derrick Robinson comes to the conclusion that “it is obviously murder by the perpetrators”. Again, he is using this tragedy to instill unwarranted fears in his followers. But Robinson presents this suggestion in a way that separates himself from the responsibility of actually making it himself by stating that ‘someone else’ pointed it out. So who is this other person? Why state it at all unless he wanted the psychological effect it would have on his fear-driven followers?

7) Perhaps he answers the last question I just raised in his closing sentence, that “what we are experiencing is nothing short of a secret holocaust”. He is using this (possibly contrived) incident to exaggerate many people’s fears by suggesting that TIs are being knocked off willy-nilly, and that they might be next.

The fact is, there is NO evidence that Susan Watkins committed suicide or was murdered. There is NO evidence that there was a suicide note. There is NO evidence that this death was related to targeting. There is NO evidence that Derrick Robinson or anyone else at FFCHS received anything from Susan Watkins just prior to her death. Hell, I haven’t even seen any evidence that the Susan Watkins named in the obituary above had anything to do with Derrick Robinson or FFCHS at all!

But fear-driven fools will follow tricksters blindly, and so you can bet that many gullible people who have been led by the likes of Derrick Robinson to think that they’re being targeted – whether they are or not – will take this announcement as fact and allow it to affect their perceptions further. They will take Derrick Robinson’s unfounded suggestions as fact and go from there, never doubting his skill in leading them wherever they think they’re going but never seeming to ever get anywhere…

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