Monday, August 25, 2014

FFCHS Suicide Cult – An Unprecedented Numbers of Suicides

Why would anyone want to get involved with an organization that does nothing to help people, but has an unprecedented record of producing suicides? The regularity of FFCHS-related suicides is increasing…

1) In 2004, a year before Derrick Robinson even formed Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS), he took control of a TI group on Yahoo that had previously been run by a woman named Sylvia. Sylvia mysteriously disappeared from the group after about two months, never to be heard of again. It was alleged that her disappearance was due to targeting. Was it really? Targeted by whom?

2) In July of 2009, a man named John Turner in Florida allegedly (according to FFCHS) reported that covert attacks on him became more severe after speaking with FFCHS board member Timothy White and a man named Howard Thompson. Soon after this, he bought a gun and killed his girlfriend and a neighbor before killing himself. He had allegedly (according to FFCHS) been involved with FFCHS for about a year.

3) On September 8, 2011, a woman named Pam Anderson allegedly (according to FFCHS) committed suicide only a few months after joining the board of FFCHS.

4) As early as August, 2013, Aaron Alexis was allegedly (according to FFCHS) in direct contact with FFCHS board members. He allegedly (according to FFCHS) continued to communicate with them up until only a few days before he went on a shooting spree at the Washington Navy Yard and then killed himself on September 16, 2013.

Now we can add another one to FFCHS’s self-proclaimed suicide count…

5) On April 5, 2014, FFCHS announced that one of its longtime board members, Susan Watkins, allegedly (according to FFCHS) committed suicide on March 31, 2014. Derrick Robinson has been trying to promote this incident as a murder, based on extremely minimal evidence that apparently (as usual) he and his organization are the only ones who have ever seen it.

Aside from the fact that I have seen no substantive proof to show that there was even a suicide, this leads me to question how (and why) Derrick comes to his conclusions so quickly.

Is it because it strikes fear in the hearts of his followers and keep them with his group? Is it because it supports the baseless claims of the many followers of FFCHS who think they’re targeted but show signs of everything from simple bad judgment to temporary delusion to full-blown mental illness? (I don’t mean to discredit real TIs with real issues based on their well-reasoned analysis of their experiences and whatever legitimate information supports them.)

Is Derrick Robinson trying to divert attention away from the destructive nature of his cult group and the sort of material he promotes and encourages his followers to believe, by crediting this alleged suicide to some unknown murderer acting out for some unknown reason?

Is he just trying to sensationalize this alleged suicide among his merry band of cult followers in order to give them something that appears substantial to hold them all together in the tight-knit and secretive little group that they apparently are?

Or…. Is Derrick Robinson and his group involved in bringing people to the point of suicide by drawing them into his group and keeping them from understanding the true nature of their experiences until they give up waiting for the solutions he constantly pretends he and his organization can provide?

He states in a recent newsletter:

It's incidents like this that underscore that what we are experiencing is nothing short of a secret holocaust.”

If there IS a secret holocaust going on, then appears to have its roots at FFCHS. This can’t be denied. For Derrick Robinson to suggest to his followers that Susan Watkins was murdered is nothing less than fear-mongering, which is about all that he and his associates have been known to accomplish.

One further note at this point… Every one of these people I’ve listed have very minimal or completely nonexistent online histories, so it may very well be that some of them are made up personas, or they were at least real people (still alive) using fake identities. I know that John Turner was real, based on newpaper reports I dug up, although his affiliation with FFCHS is only based on Derrick’s word, and Aaron Alexis was real, as we all know, but again, his affiliation with FFCHS is only based on Derrick’s word.

Heavy pressure needs to be put on Derrick Robinson, Robert Duncan, Max Williams, Timothy White, and others (newest one being Levi McCann) in that group of ‘TI advocates’ stemming from FFCHS to prove their identities and backgrounds.

Start confronting them and demanding it.

Derrick Robinson wants to suggest that Susan Watkins was murdered.

This begs the question… If she was such a threat to those that orchestrate these targeting campaigns, then WHY HAVEN’T DERRICK ROBINSON AND THESE OTHERS BEEN ‘SUICIDED’?

As I’ve said before, they all claim to be whistleblowers, but none of them are targeted like a whistleblower normally would be, nor can any of them point to any government body that they ‘whistled’ to, and they’re even receiving hard-to-get attention in the mainstream media. Outside of an Edward Snowden type of whistleblower who had to flee the country, what real TI has that sort of ability to openly function and get that amount of MSM publicity for so long without repercussions???

I’ll tell you who…

Liars. Imposters. Double agents. Government infiltrators. Satanists.


  1. The first time I called in here, that is the first thing that came out of their mouths that someone Targeted for so many years I forget now, had just committed suicide in I believe it was Moreno Valley or some other city in Cally. I googled the ladies name at the time to see if it was true. I could not find anything and vowed never to call back again and didn't. I said I wanted to hear about warriors and never felt right about this organization. I think they are a Front of jackals.

  2. I believe this site is a disinformation site - check where it shows up in the search results - top 1 or 2 for Robert Duncan (at least it use to). Not only do they discredit Derrick Robinson and FFCHS but also Dr Robert Duncan and Levi and Kathleen Watterson. Those 3 have made progress for Targeted Individuals. Please do your own research and don't take this site's info as 100% fact. Disinfo often presents facts along with disinformation.

    1. You're entitled to your beliefs, however, you need to provide evidence to support them if you expect others to accept them as fact. What I have provided throughout this blog is the evidence against the people and organizations I am exposing. So if you have something you're in disagreement about within that evidence, bring it up and be to the point, rather than just making generalized comments or claims.

      For instance, please list what FFCHS or Derrick Robinson has done that has helped anybody. And please don't refer to Robert Duncan as a doctor, since he has no doctorate to speak of and never went to either of the universities he claims to have.

      Further, if you look at all of what I've posted about the Kathleen Watterson case and follow-up information, you'll see that she and her 'expert witness' lied in court about there being no cell phone receptivity in her area. To be specific, she made this claim and then later in the testimony claimed that her perps were using cell phones to signal when she exited her residence. Can you explain how that is possible? Also, I've posted evidence (court documents) from an earlier case where she was abusing the court system in exactly the same way to target another neighbor she didn't like and claimed was targeting her. She lost that case, and rightly so.

      I've backed up everything I've posted on here with evidence. Find something that's wrong and prove to me that it's wrong and I'll remove it. Other than that, don't waste my time dealing with your nonsense.

  3. Where did the donations go from the FFCHS LiveCast hosted by Pete Santilli? I was told by someone close to Derrick that it it all went to get Derrick a "TI House." After he got his big house in Southern Cal, he circulated an email asking that someone take in a TI in Southern Cal. That big ole "TI house" with all those empty rooms and Derrick didn't want to share it with a TI in need..he only wants people in it who can pay him.

    1. Now that's quite interesting. many people have been asking me to look into where the money goes that FFCHS collects from its members. They're a non-profit tax-exempt organization and so their books are supposed to be open to the public, and particularly to paying members.

      Do you have an address for this house he bought? Is it in Hemet, CA? Derrick only lists his home address as a PO box, which is fishy as hell as well.

  4. It’s not a cult, below you’ll find evidence that it’s a group pushing for progress.

    1. I call it as I see it. The inner core of directors and long-term members show all the signs of being in or running a cult.

      And you say they're pushing for progress? Progress towards what, exactly? That's an empty word - progress. In ten years, FFCHS hasn't been trying to make ANY progress towards anything EXCEPT deceiving TIs that they're trying to help them get these targeting programs exposed. If they survive long enough, they'll still be where they are today ten years from now. Call it progress all you want......

    2. BTW, are you willing to support them by giving them money?

  5. They were involved in getting this law passed...

    1. They presented some information.... What that information was and whether it had any effect on the courts decision is anybody's guess.

      But in the end, their taking credit for some small town passing a rather insignificant law that bears no real relation to targeting is not worth pointing out as some sort of achievement on their part.... unless they're trying to push the ridiculous idea that satellites have anything to do with targeting, which they don't. At least not in the way that FFCHS promotes them to.

      That court case was jumped on by Derrick Robinson as a means to make it look like he and his pathetic organization was actually doing anything at all to help TIs. It was a more pathetic attempt than the Watterson case was.

      FFCHS is a con job. You've been conned if you believe that court case means anything to the plight of TIs.

      It just advertises that there are nutcases amongst us who believe that they're being beamed by satellite, when satellites wouldn't be effective systems of delivery. It's DISINFO, and FFCHS intentionally pushes it.

  6. Some of the people here don't seem very bright. This is so ridicules, it's almost humorous. Please, don't quit your jobs to become detectives.

    1. Read the Franklin Cover-up written by Vietnam veteran, Nebraska attorney John Decamp and its continuum, The Franklin Scandal, by investigative journalist Nick Bryant. There you'll discover the federal govt's complicity towards the sexual abuse and murder of scores of innocent children - the FBI being the architects of the cover up, the CIA masterminding it all. After reading these you'll not find it implausible - in fact you'll find it hard to deny - that the TI phenomena is factual reality. Then do us all a favor and have a good chuckle while you pay your taxes to a dead rotten system like a good little serf.