Thursday, April 4, 2013

Osi Informers and Elizabeth Jane Buchanon Are Perps

by Anthony Forwood

According to the perp Osi Informers, Elizabeth Jane Buchanan claims that she was warned by security at the Vancouver Public Library about me at the time that I met her there. The exact quote that Osi Informers has posted from her is:

“When I was talking with him outside the library, a staff people saw us as the library closed. I was cautioned to be careful as he is violent and mentally ill. Guess they did not have the language to identify him as a perpetrator.”

Here is the screenshot that Osi Informers posted on facebook, which shows Elizabeth's comment:

This is a poor quality image here, but the original image can be found on one of Iso Informers' facebook pages at this link:

My response to this is, only a witting perp who is active in the perp network and therefore allowed to receive watch list notifications would ever be warned about anyone on such a list. And since I was with Elizabeth Jane Buchanan the entire time I was with her at the library, and since nobody ever approached her the entire time, and since she didn’t ever take out her phone to receive a watch-list notification, then the above quote is either made up by her, made up by Osi Informers, or she IS a part of the perp network as I have already stated elsewhere and knew prior to meeting me that they have blacklisted me with the usual ‘violent’ and ‘mentally ill’ labels.

Whatever the case, I stand by everything I’ve said about Elizabeth Jane Buchanan, Osi Informers, and anyone else I’ve been able to identify as perps. The fact that all of them have consistently failed to answer for their actions towards me has been the real teller. I can even PROVE that the above quote is depicting a false incident, through email communications that I received from Elizabeth in the days before, during, and after that meeting with her. These communications will show that, although the content of her communications were quite strange, she did not reflect that view of me at any time, and THAT should tell you something.

But the most important point to make here is that apparently both Elizabeth Jane Buchanan and Osi Informers have taken a deeper step into the world of perp activity, spreading exactly the sort of rumors that perps normally do in places where I normally wouldn’t see them. This reeks to high heaven with perp tactics that every TI should be able to plainly recognize.

As for me, I’m willing as usual to stand up and answer for whatever I say or do, because I can back myself.

Can Elizabeth Jane Buchanan? No.

Can Osi Informers? No.

My accusations about them and anyone else I have questions about can redeem themselves by responding on my blog, but none of them will for some strange reason. They would rather act like the perps they are and use the usual unethical and cowardly practices that perps use to target people. The only reason I can think of why they would do this is BECAUSE I’M TELLING THE TRUTH AND THEY CAN’T DEAL WITH IT WITH INTEGRITY AND HONESTY.


  1. I have just finished recording and documenting your FALSE SCRIPTED Libel "Perp" statement here mr "Anthony Forwood" and have added it to file with date/timestamp for future reference....Anyone with any sense whatsoever BEWARE! of this Troll/SHILL and anything he may falsely claim about other individuals or groups.

  2. OSI, perps (like you) never try to deal with the issues they use to besmirch the character of their targets. Prove that you aren't a perp and deal with the original issue I have with you and Greg Gamache, or be seen by my readers as the cowardly perp that you are known to be, making idle threats about suing people who say things about you that you don't like, but deserve.