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More on One Peoples Public Trust, and Other Things

by Anthony Forwood

Okay, I’ve been able to confirm that OPPT is directly connected to ‘The Law of One/Ra Material’, and uses this ‘channeled’ information as the basis for their underlying cause. This is fairly clearly outlined at the following link:

So far I’ve been unable to find anything that would validate that OPPT actually knows what they’re talking about in a legal sense, or that any of their self-appointed trustees actually have the qualifications they purport to have. In fact, I’ve found nothing but deceptions and empty promises, such as with the above linked document, which claims to be a conversation with one of the trustees, Heather Tucci-Jarraf, but is nothing of the sort at all. The document also falsely leads the reader to believe at its beginning that it’s going to be (and I quote) “a discussion about how she got started investigating banking fraud and the events that led to her being invited into the OPPT as a trustee”. Again, it does nothing of the sort.

The same goes for OPPT’s supposed FAQ, which doesn’t really answer ANY questions, particularly those that I see people frequently asking them on their website (and getting no response to). Their FAQ is simply a rambling self-praising document about their supposedly great accomplishment and how we are now all ‘free’.


Whenever I start looking for answers that should be easily forthcoming from those who purport to have them, and I end up going on an endless paper chase, I know that something is more than just wrong.

In this case, like certain others before it, something very sinister seems to be afoot. I can’t quickly and easily explain any of the other cases I’ve come across in the past, but nevertheless this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered this same sort of intentional deception by people who pretend to be nothing but angels looking to save humanity from the evil PTB while actually attempting to draw people into a trap.

If nothing else, this case just adds more weight to my claims that the CIA is responsible for the channeled information that comprises ‘The Law of One/Ra Material’ (from which comes the whole STO/STS philosophy that you may have heard spoken of in some facebook groups). It also suggests that this is another program to identify and/or trap non-conformists to the NWO.

How is it that I continually find these connections by accident? Or is it an accident?

I started investigating the Ra Material when someone I know entioned their interest in it, and I was curious because I was already researching the connections between similar New Age channeling groups and the CIA, which I had been led to while researching the work of Andrija Puharich, which I had been led to while researching the US government’s remote viewing program, which I had returned to (I had already researched it out of a personal interest in psychism years before) after researching mind-control, which I had been led to while researching alien abductions, which I had been led to while researching the UFO phenomenon so long ago.

I could tell you all some stories…

I’m going to share one with you that relates to my suspicions about OPPT and other people and groups I’ve come across during my research. I hope that this will get across my concerns about what these sorts of groups might be up to. Please excuse me for the length of this. It’s something I actually wrote a while back but have never published before (AFAIR). I hope you’ll at least find it interesting.

I was going through material on the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Projects a number of years ago, and in the process I learned that a man named Dr. Jack Pruett had apparently been involved as the metaphysical director in charge of the ‘Montauk Boys’ – a group of children who were used for their psychic skills and subjected to intense mind-control. I also learned than he had been in the Air Force, and that he was concerned about an alien invasion, but further digging came up empty, and there was nothing more that I could find on this man.

Then one day I was at the library looking through the books in the UFO section. Their supply of books on this subject had recently been dwindling to about half as many as before (purposeful elimination of information?), and all the remaining books were rather old, but there was one brand new book that I spotted, so I pulled it out to have a look. It was called ‘The Grandest Deception’, and it was written by a Dr. Jack Pruett. The name caught my attention, so I took it home and read it.

The book centers on the work of Zechariah Sitchin, which I’m quite familiar with. Sitchin is an expert on ancient languages and he wrote a series of books called ‘The Earth Chronicles’, which relate the translation of ancient Sumerian texts and what they reveal about the true ancestry of the human species and our creation by the Anunnaki gods who came to our planet from their own planet, Nibiru. Pruett’s book outlined what Sitchin presents, and then went on to show evidence in the Bible that the Bible is a deception created by the Anunnaki to keep mankind in slavery. I have no contest with any of this, after having done my own research into this for more than a decade. However, I was naturally suspicious, seeing that this might be the same man that was mentioned in the Montauk books.

At the end of his book, Pruett outlined his desire to form a group to defeat the Anunnaki plans for our future, and asked interested readers to contact him by email. I decided to do just that, so I sent him the following letter:

Hello Sir,

I came across your book, The Grandest Deception, at the local library and decided to check it out because I recognized your name, and was interested in learning more about who you were and what your book might be about. I had heard of a man by the same name as you in relation to a certain ‘conspiracy theory’ related to Camp Hero at Montauk, Long Island, and thought you might be that man. The only information I have in relation to this is that a man named Jack Pruett was said to have been the ‘metaphysical director’ of certain secret government projects that went on there in the 1970s and 1980s. Whether this is true or not, only you can tell me.

Irrespective of the above, I’ve just finished reading your book, and much of what you say in it I find totally compatible with my own views, based on years of personal research. I read The Earth Chronicles, by Zecharia Sitchin many years ago, and ever since, I’ve been engaged in a personal pursuit of the truth regarding our human history and the deceptions that have been played on our species throughout our civilized existence. I have recently published a book on the subject, called They Would Be Gods: The Past Reconsidered, The Future Forewarned (available at It’s based primarily on Sitchin’s work and the Old Testament Bible, but also delves into other related themes, most of them of a more contemporary nature.

As you obviously know, there is a great deal of deception in the circles of power that operate in our world. Much of that deception involves multiple layers of lies and half-truths, which have been fed to the masses by our own leaders and authority figures. I know on a personal basis how deeply the evil has reached into the hearts and souls of my fellow man, and I am reminded of it every minute of every day due to the circumstances that I’ve been put. For this reason, I’ve become necessarily suspicious of every person, and always question their deeper intentions and motivations before I can decide how far I might trust them. Your motivations sound very noble and altruistic, but because of what I mentioned in my opening paragraph, I’m somewhat leery of what your intentions might be, beyond what you state in your book.

However, I’m not writing to you out of suspicion, but rather because I’m very interested in what you’re attempting to do. I think that it’s a very necessary thing that you hope to achieve, and I would be interested in taking part in some way, if I were to qualify. Whether I do, I don’t know. I’m a naturally honest person, but I know that that can’t be taken on faith, as I can’t take your honesty on mere faith, either. This is something that can only be proven to each other over time.

As for whether I’m 100% convinced that I understand the truth of the Bible, that’s hard to say, because it’s somewhat complex in it’s wording and meanings, much of which I haven’t studied. In general, however, from what I have studied of it, I do believe that the Bible is full of both deception and truth, written by the Anunnaki in order to ensnare mankind in slavery, exactly as you say. In fact, you made certain things much clearer to me.

This is the deepest and most important issue that mankind might ever have to come to terms with, and the thousands of years of purposeful control and conditioning has led to the common habit of taking on certain prescribed beliefs that were contrived long ago by intelligences far greater and far more perceptive and cunning than any human’s, and these beliefs have since been deeply ingrained into our collective consciousness. For this reason, my own beliefs (which I will never claim to be absolutes) often fall into the habit of thinking in terms of that conditioning, and it’s a hard habit for any of us to break. The issue in question requires far more study than I have so far been able to give it, but I am working relentlessly on this every single day.

One of my major concerns about what is in store for us in the future is that the powers-that-be may be using this issue as a means for implementing their own agenda of a New World Order, and because of these concerns, I need to be very careful about who and what I will believe. There is much deception and double-crossing that has gone on for so long that it isn’t easy to discern what is true and what is not.

It’s a fact that the major governments of the world are developing certain technologies that could be used to stage an ‘alien intervention’, and it seems very likely that this is exactly what’s being planned for in the not too distant future. I refer here first to the US military’s Project Blue Beam, which is involved in developing satellite-based laser holography technologies that can create holographic images that are so realistic that they are indistinguishable from the real thing. These, along with certain other secret technologies, can be used to create the illusion of an alien invasion, a Second Coming, or whatever else.

Secondly, I refer to the existing HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) technologies, which have a variety of capabilities, including the artificial creation of extreme weather conditions and tectonic activity (such as we’ve been experiencing more and more in recent years), the induction of various emotional or physiological states on a large population (such as anxiety, panic, confusion, fear, aggression, disorientation, dissociation, sleep, etc.), and even the creation of a global-scale electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that will completely destroy every electrical component in existence along with all of the world’s electrical grids.

Third, I refer to the secret mind-control programs that have been ongoing since at least 1952 with the advent of MK-ULTRA, which was involved in developing and implementing techniques and technologies that provided the ability to take full control of another person, even without their knowledge, in order to program them as ‘sleeper’ agents’, who are turned out in various places and positions within society, ready to be used when needed for different purposes in fulfilling a secret agenda.

This is what concerns me more than anything with regards to you and your efforts, considering that there is a connection between your name and certain of these projects that initially took place at Brookhaven National Laboratories on Long Island, and later moved to the underground base at Camp Hero. I hope you won’t be offended by this reaction, but will instead understand the necessity to be absolutely certain whether you had any involvement in the secret projects, so that I (and others) will be able to decide whether or not your motivations are genuine, given the circumstances. You must understand that even though many people have worked in such evil programs, not all of them were aware of what they were involved in, or were working under the effects of mind-control, so they are not exactly guilty of anything. However, they must be considered as potential threats to the rest of humanity if they are still under control of the powers behind these secret programs. The secret projects that I have outlined offer the potential for a staged alien invasion, and with all of the disinformation that the major governments have been releasing over the years and decades, the possibility that what you describe as being a false scenario must be taken into consideration. I hope you understand this.

I am being honest by being up front about my concerns, and I only expect the same from you. I’m led to suspicion by the fact that there are very powerful secret societies and organizations that are playing central parts in this ‘Grandest Deception’ and are connected to these secret projects, and the fact that they commonly use ‘front’ groups (often preemptively) to divert efforts to counter their plans and agendas by attracting those who might seek to engage those efforts, and to frustrate or control those groups so as to make them ineffective. Because of this, I need to be certain that I do not end up involving myself in such a diversionary front group, and I can only find out by approaching you in this manner and see how things unfold.

Honesty must go both ways, and for my own sake and that of others, it must start with clearing up the matter of your name in relation to the Montauk conspiracy. Whether or not we really face the evil of an alien off-planet species, we nevertheless face an evil within the circles of power that exist on this planet, and that is what I would be willing to give my life to destroy.

I look forward to hearing back from you, and truly hope that I can join you in taking on this task to undo this incredible threat that the entire human species faces.


Anthony Forwood

I received a quick reply, but I wasn’t very impressed.

Anthony, I truly appreciate your response. I am aware of the projects and agendas you have mentioned; but, I was not aware that a person with the same name that I have was participating in some of them. I do appreciate that information. I will simply say to you that it was not me. I sincerely hope that you will call me. I would like to develop our ideas further. Best way to reach me is by cell phone. My number is (409)550-8069. Feel free to call anytime that is convenient with you. 

What set me in doubt was the fact that, in spite of him being aware of the deceit within our governments and the true nature of these projects and the people who work within them, he showed very little concern about my suspicions. Further, he asked me to call him by telephone, which raised my suspicions even more, and I’ll tell you why.

Having been researching all that I have over the years, and in particular (at the time) my investigations into the Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk Project, I was coming across a series of parallel experiences that certain people have reported over the years that all tie in to secret projects similar to those claimed to have been conducted at Montauk. These parallel experiences involved childhood involvement in certain government projects that included ‘human enhancement’ and mind-control, and the creation of ‘sleeper agents’ and other types of ‘assets’. In a number of these experiences, some of these people were often drawn into these programs and/or otherwise kept in contact with their unknown handlers by telephone. In one particular case that I had been investigating at this time, the person (Dr. Jack Sarfatti) was initially contacted by telephone in 1952 when he was an adolescent, and by all appearances, was hypnotized over the phone by a computerized voice on the other end. Sarfatti has only ever been able to remember the first of many such telephone calls, but his mother remembered that these phone calls went on for three weeks until she intervened because she noticed the strange hypnotic effect it was having on him. He says that all he remembers was that the voice told him that he and certain others who had been selected would be involved in a special project in 20 years, There is much more to Sarfatti’s story, but to keep it short, at about that time in his childhood he became involved in a secret government program for gifted children, and then went on to receive the best education a person could get, studying directly under the world-renowned scientist David Bohm, and 20 years after the predictive phone calls, found himself involved in some revolutionary explorations into consciousness research with a number of people who’s names are now well recognized in that field. He also found himself helping with preliminary research that would lead to the US government’s remote-viewing programs ar SRI, when Andrija Puharich brought the Israeli psychic Uri Geller there to test and record his amazing abilities. That’s what got the RV programs their initial funding.

So to get to the point, when Pruett asked me to call him by telephone, I was immediately wary. I was already aware of such technologies as RHIC (Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control) and EDOM (Electronic Dissolution of Memory), which have been around since before Sarfatti’s strange phone calls. I was concerned because of the ties that I was finding between all these things – in particular the use of hypnosis over the telephone and Pruett’s possible involvement in mind-control programs.

In his book, Pruett had spoken about the need for complete honesty by all of those who would join him in his endeavor. I had mentioned in my email the need for him to be just as honest, and I would have thought that he would see the reason for my bringing up the matter of his name in relation to Montauk. So I responded to his email with the following:

Dr. Pruett,

Of course there are others with the same name, and there is very little that is said about this particular Jack Pruett. Also I don't necessarily hold anything against that Jack Pruett, since the Montauk Project was deceiving its own workers. It may not have even occurred. I'm just bringing it up because of the possible connections to what you are attempting.

Can you give me some background about yourself, particularly in relation to the time period of 1970s -1980s? This would allow me to feel more certain that you are not the same Jack Pruett.

As it is, I don't have a phone, I have very limited means of communications at all, and would rather keep it that way. There are things that I am involved with (involuntarily) so that I keep myself more secure by not having easy access to me or my location through technology. Have you ever heard of gang-stalking? I am a target of that, and probably have been for most of my life. This has reduced my abilities to function in society tremendously.

My concern was that, if he was the same Jack Pruett that was involved in Montauk, he was undoubtedly an intelligence asset who may have been attempting (wittingly or not) to set up a diversionary tactic to draw in those people who would oppose future efforts of the PTB to implement the next and final stages of their agenda for a New World Order.

(This is where my concerns about OPPT come in.)

Some might laugh and think I was being paranoid, but that’s not the case at all (even what came next failed to unnerve me). I was merely being careful, while at the same time following an intuitive hunch. You can’t discover the truth unless you follow where the clues lead, and see what results from it. But you still need to be careful.

I should clarify that my concern about telephoning Pruett (and my concern with exposure to communications technology in general) is that, with the advances that have been made in electronic hypnosis and mind-control, it’s very easy to be subliminally programmed without ever knowing it. Sarfatti didn’t know about his strange calls until 20 years later when his mother reminded him, and even then, he could recall very little about them. Other questionable people I’ve come across in my research have also sought to engage me over the phone, and only very recently, I was told that one of these questionable people, Magnus Olsson, was only willing to discuss his extraordinary claims about mind-control technology over the phone, rather than through email or on facebook. I’ve been invited by others as well who I’ve wanted to question about their claims to discuss them over the phone or by other audio means, and I’ve politely declined each time for the same reason. For some reason, these people all have a problem with text-based communication, which is far safer.

Whatever the case, here’s how Pruett responded to my second email:

From 1974 until about 1991, I was the medical partner of Dr. Ron Paul who is now running for President for the third time. He is by far the most honest and sincere patriot that this nation has had in my lifetime. If you have Internet connection, go to my website:  www.the for more. 

I did a little further research into who this Jack Pruett is who wrote this book, and I’ve discovered that he’s an obstetrician and gynecologist, meaning that he specializes in pregnancy and childbirth. This, of course, relates to genetics, and genetics is an important field of science to the Illuminati/mind-controllers/NWO boys. And of course, the Montauk Projects were specifically involved with children (the ‘Montauk Boys’) who had special genetic traits. His professional qualifications would have placed Pruett in an ideal position for selecting subjects for the various secret programs that those working for the PTB have been running, including those at Montauk. The fact that he had close ties to a senator and then-current presidential candidate leads to the possibility that he might have been attempting to set something up in the event that Ron Paul was elected.

Anyway, moving on, this was my response to Pruett’s last email:

I had a look at your website, but saw nothing that makes me feel any better. Not much there at all, really. Since you are interested in complete honesty, however, why don't you set up a message board, and allow me to voice my concerns, and you and others can join in and respond to them, in a way that all can see? That would be very fair and would clear up any possibility that you aren't the same Jack Pruett.

BTW, I did some more checking, and I see that you're a gynecologist and obstetrician, meaning that you deal with childbirth, which is too close to the interests of the American fascists who run these mind-control programs. The Montauk Project (Project Phoenix) was specifically dealing with young children, and was very involved with genetics. This places you in a very suspicious light, Jack.

Do you understand the reason why I would be concerned, and about calling you on the phone? 

Imagine that someone had worked for certain not very nice government entities (CIA, NSA, whatever) in a secret project that entailed taking children (often involuntarily) and putting them through very advanced mind-control programs that stemmed directly from the Nazi experiments of Dr. Joseph Mengele and Ernst Rudin. Imagine that those experiments involved high-tech and used hypnotism, trauma-based MPD to create alternate personalities, etc. Imagine that this person later continued their secret involvement with those government entities while presuming to lead a normal life. Imagine that they had at their disposal some of the high tech gadgetry and know-how to continue with certain mind-control operations. Imagine that their intent was to locate and subvert those people who would most want to stop the secret Anunnaki (Illuminati) agenda.

A telephone can be used very easily to quickly hypnotize a person on the other end, give them a post-hypnotic suggestion, and literally have them under their control from then on. I've studied this extensively and know how easy it would be to do with the right technology. That's why I refrain from using a telephone to call you, and why I am suspicious that you asked me to. This hypnosis and programming over the phone happened to the quantum physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti in 1952 (google him if you must), when he was 13 years old, which he writes about in his book 'Destiny Matrix'. He was soon after involved in such a program for children. He later realized that it was a long-term plan that led him to work with many CIA, NSA people (Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ, Andrija Puharich, etc.) in advanced secret projects related to mind-control. It has happened to others as well, who report what they remember of their experiences.

The CIA is known to be involved in setting up front groups. I question the real purpose of this group you wish to organize.

Sorry... I just got hacked.

My computer is acting up.

This is exactly why I worry.

To explain that last bit… At that very moment, as I was writing the email, the computer I was using at the library suddenly began to act very strangely – the keys on the keyboard were doing the wrong things, and everything I was typing was being printed backwards on the screen, from right to left, making it very difficult to compose the email, to say the least. I sent off what I had been able to write and logged off.

At this point, my gang-stalkers also began to creep out of the woodwork. As I continued to hang around the library, looking at some of the books on the shelves, I started getting more dirty looks from strangers than I ever had before, and some of these people were making it quite obvious that their attention was on me. I just shrugged it off, finding all of it rather amusing, knowing that all this weird activity was intended to scare me, which it didn’t. I knew that fear was a way into a person’s mind, so I wasn’t about to open up to it.

I should note here that the Jack Pruett that was involved in Montauk was apparently concerned about an alien invasion, as I said before, and the Jack Pruett who wrote The Grandest Deception was concerned about this same thing, which had led him to writing his book. They certainly seemed to be the same person, all right. The coincidences were just too great.

Later on, I logged back into my email account to check my mail. There was another response from Pruett. It was short and glib:

I feel no need to try to defend myself. I applaud you for being suspicious; however, there is no privacy in our world today. You have many avenues at your disposal to check me out. Feel free to do so.”

In thinking about all this, I began to wonder about the forces in our society and their deceptive manipulations. Was this Jack Pruett working for the Illuminati/mind-controllers/NWO boys? Did he reject Jesus Christ because he (Pruett) was a Jew? Was he in fact a Zionist Jew, which is what the Illuminati are said to be? Could he possibly even be tied into this gang-stalking program, and had he sent out an order to increase my harassment while he remotely watched me typing that last email? His final response had left a possible subtle indication that this was the case – “there is no privacy in our world today”.

Or, was this Jack Pruett just incredibly naïve to think that my concerns were inconsequential, and didn’t deserve a serious response, considering what he claimed to be attempting to do? I seriously doubt it, considering both what he had written in his book and what my suspicions of him were at this point.

So, that’s the story I wanted to relate.

Pruett’s book made out that the threat to humanity was future alien invaders – the Anunnaki of ancient Sumerian legend – but he completely ignored the more immediate threat of the PTB, of which he claimed to have ties to through Ron Paul (you must realize that no candidate for US presidency ever gets that far unless they are entirely owned by the PTB). The Anunnaki might as well be the channeled entities who dictated the Ra Material, since the latter also claim to be our benevolent masters seeking our loyalty. And this leads right back to the OPPT and the basis of their cause, as is clearly indicated in their literature.

As a final word, this is why I warn against certain commonly held beliefs among the TI community or following the high-profile online personas who promote them, because these people are apparently ALL dealing from the bottom of the deck, and it becomes quite obvious when you look closely at what they claim or try to question them about it. It’s always the same basic strategy and methods of deception that they use. And the fact that so many of them want to only discuss anything through audio communications is extremely suspicious, as I think I’ve made clear. I would also like to warn TIs about watching online videos, particularly those put out by any of these high-profile personas, for the very same reasons. But that’s up to you. Just take note that I NEVER do, and I’m completely free of any of the problems that so many other TIs are having that are related to mind-control and electronic harassment. I intend to keep it that way. No cell phone, no internet connection to my computer, no watching or listening to online audio or video presentations, and no believing anything without concrete certainty that it’s as true as is claimed. These are all methods used to initiate and maintain mind control on you.

Be wise, stay safe, be strong!

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