Thursday, May 16, 2013

To Those Who Doubt the Boston Bombing was a Hoax

by Anthony Forwood

Nothing that the corrupt actions your government engages in is meant to be simple to perceive, when they are intent on deceiving you. Even a little complexity puts most people off from looking very far or thinking too deeply…

Let me try to help you doubters understand how this hoax was pulled off. I suggest that those who doubt it was a hoax pay attention here and not be so simplistic in your thinking, and take the time while you read this to closely analyze the many available photos that reveal the clues … What I say here in this post is mostly regarding ‘Jeff Bauman’ and how the other crisis actors, police, doctors, etc., were kept out of the loop as to what was really going on. There is still much more evidence I could present to show that at least the first bomb was a staged hoax using the second (real?) bomb as a cover, but I want to try to keep this as short as possible. I will be more than happy to answer any questions that arise, since I’m sure that this one post won’t be able to cover every point to completely satisfy every doubter out there.

The first thing to note – and this is key – is that prior to the explosions, there were various announcements being made, including one by the Boston Globe that was posted on Twitter, stating that there would be a ‘controlled explosion’ in the area as part of a bomb drill. The Twitter announcement came just minutes before the explosions. Strangely, the authorities later denied that these announcements were ever made, although the Twitter announcement was captured by a user and posted online as proof of the fact that they were indeed made. Many witnesses at the marathon also heard the announcements being made over the loudspeakers and have attested to the fact.

How is this significant? The reason for the announcements was a preemptive measure, in case this psyop failed and the first bomb blast was discovered to be a staged event. Once the psyop was seen to have been successful (the crisis actors weren’t discovered by onlookers to be merely acting and using props), the authorities denied the earlier announcements. Both bombs would now be included as part of a terrorist plot.

Now, this ties directly into how this could be a hoax with so many people involved. Consider the fact that the people at ground zero of the first bomb site (the one at the finish line) were all knowingly part of this bomb drill, including police, medics, and the crisis actors playing the part of injured victims and witnesses. So there is no reason for any of these people to be ‘in’ on any conspiracy and cover-up. They were simply playing out a drill. For the most part, they had no idea at all that they were taking part in a hoax.

If you do a little online research (google ‘crisis actors’), you’ll discover that many of the different government agencies conduct practice exercises of emergency situations that are designed to be as realistic as possible. These exercises use crisis actors who specialize in playing injured victims. They also involve members of various coordinated agencies (FEMA, FBI, BATF, HUD, DEA, etc.), as well as medics, doctors, reporters, police, etc. They even hire extras to act as witnesses. All of these people are given their parts and are expected to act just as they would in a real situation. Therefore, they will even go so far as to have reporters interview the witnesses, rescue workers, doctors, etc. These people all know that it is a staged practice drill, but they must be as professional and realistic as possible, because this exercise is a test of their skills and abilities in a real situation.

But one very important thing about these exercises, in order for them to be as realistic as possible, and therefore provide the best test of the skills of those involved, is to not tell them anything more than that there will be an exercise drill. They will not be told that it will be a bomb situation. They will not be told exactly when or where it will occur, or how it will play out. The only people involved who will know these things are the crisis actors playing the injured victims, for obvious reasons.

Now, consider the fact that there was another explosion a few blocks away only seconds after the first one. What would all those involved in the bomb drill think later on when they heard the news on TV, other than that a real bombing occurred while they were doing their drill? They would believe that any reports of real injuries would have been from that second bomb. And perhaps there were some real injuries in that second blast, I don’t know. The point is, a second explosion at another nearby location would confuse matters enough that the authorities (with assistance from their media puppets) could get away with the staged bombing with all the faked injuries, which would have exceptional emotional appeal to present as a terrorist attack. You will notice that an attempt to try to find out who was hurt at which bomb site and how badly is almost impossible, since the media is purposely being very vague about this. Were ANY people seriously hurt by the second bomb? Was it just a percussion bomb? There are no photos available of that site, AFAIK.

Also, it needs to be realized that ANYONE might be used to play the interviewed doctors and surgeons who purportedly operated on the injured. Who would be able to say that what they claimed was true or not? Who could say that they were real doctors or just actors as well? Who could say that the interviews were real or part of a staged exercise? These are important questions to ask yourself if you are stuck on the idea that this couldn’t have been staged due to all the people involved. In reality, only a very few key players will be in on the big picture, while everybody else is dealt with on a need-to-know basis, and information about what is really taking place remains highly compartmentalized and tightly controlled at all times. Further to this, since this would be considered a secret operation, all involved parties who would be in on any critical and damaging information would have had to have signed a non-disclosure agreement or taken a secrecy oath, in order to guarantee they didn’t speak out or say the wrong things. This is a routine procedure these days, so it wouldn’t be all that unusual to be bound by a secrecy oath.

You also need to realize how hard it actually is to go public about something. The mainstream media is completely controlled and will not report what they are told not to report. If someone instead goes online to report knowledge of an inside job, they can be easily weeded out and incapacitated by blocking their abilities to reach a wide audience, so that although they might still be able to talk, only a few might ever hear them.

So, keeping a lid on what really took place and presenting the staged event as real was not such a problem, although anyone who doesn’t understand how the authorities use compartmentalization and secrecy oaths to secure delicate information would tend to think that people would talk. Added to that is the fact that the second explosion helped to confuse the situation, particularly for those involved in the practice drill who knew that the first explosion was staged.

Further to all this (and I really implore readers to look closely at the available photo evidence for themselves), if you closely analyze the photo images of the first bomb site immediately after the explosion, you can see that things just aren’t right. As soon as the smoke clears (which you can actually watch clearing in some of the photos, proving that these photos were taken immediately after the blast), you can see ‘Jeff Bauman’ on the ground with his ‘leg’ sticking up in the air. You can also see that there is absolutely no blood anywhere on his ‘leg’, on him, on anyone else, or anywhere around him. You can go through the images in sequence, half-second by half-second, for the first eight or so seconds after the explosion, and watch how two accomplices with this ‘Jeff Bauman’ help him to get set up with his prop ‘leg’, and only in the last few images do you finally see a small amount of (fake) blood as it’s apparently being spread around by one of the accomplices.

Not all images of the eight second period are provided here, but you can clearly see 'Jeff Bauman' with his two accomplices on the ground to the left side of the following photos.

The problem with this ‘Jeff Bauman’ losing both his legs and severing several major arteries in the process is that there should IMMEDIATELY have been blood, tissue, and bone shards all over the place, and judging by how he has his ‘leg’ lifted up in the air, holding it over the heads of his two accomplices, they should have all been literally drenched in blood. But THEY HAVE NO BLOOD ON THEM OR AROUND THEM!

In studying the photo evidence further, you can see that one of his accomplices, a black woman in a red jacket who was quite alive, conscious, and by all appearances unhurt immediately after the explosion, is later seen laying on a gurney and by all appearances playing dead with her eyes wide open and staring blankly. And there is a clue in this particular photo to indicate that this was indeed a staged event – a cardboard sign on the ground near the gurney says: “FIREHOUSE SUBS WELL DONE!”

So, although there might have actually been people who were injured or even killed, they would have had to be at the second bomb site. The photo evidence of the first bomb site shows no evidence of serious injuries, except for ‘Jeff Bauman’ and his ‘suddenly dead’ female accomplice.

The photo evidence shows that at least three people at the first bomb site were acting, although everyone there were certainly crisis actors, and this particular bomb can be seen to be nothing more than a harmless smoke bomb, perhaps with a few simultaneous directed explosions to add some damage to the surrounding fixtures. Carefully study the photos from immediately after the blast and you will fail to find much evidence at all that reflects a real tragedy just occurred at this site. No blood, scratches, scrapes, cuts, bruises, burns, etc., on ANY of the people at ground zero of explosion #1.

There is one particularly revealing photograph available online that shows ‘Jeff Bauman’ laying on his side at the bomb site after the blast, with his ‘leg’ quite visible with its shaft sticking out quite noticeably, and you can see that NONE of the rescue workers are paying him ANY attention, even though they are all around him dealing with the other far less ‘injured’ people. In fact, directly behind him you can see no less than four people leaning over his male accomplice. Why is that? Would you ignore the worst casualties and instead help the least injured first? This one photo says quite a lot. Also note that in this photo, the female accomplice is nowhere to be seen, although this was the location where all three of these people were laying in earlier photos. Where did she go? Why would they take her away if she was dead, while ‘Jeff Bauman’ laid there supposedly bleeding to death?

In another photo, you can see this male accomplice, in hoodie and sunglasses, leisurely propped up on one elbow, not appearing to be seriously hurt, and the female accomplice is also there next to him, quite alive and sitting up. But where is ‘Jeff Bauman’, who was between them? How can this female be missing from the scene in the photo of ‘Jeff Bauman’ laying on his side, and then in this photo both her and the other accomplice are laying there together and “Jeff Bauman’ is nowhere to be seen?

The clincher to the ‘Jeff Bauman’ lie is the ‘Jeff Bauman’ facebook page. This page shows a completely different ‘Jeff Bauman’ than the person seen in the photo images taken of the bombing aftermath. The ‘Jeff Bauman’ at the bomb site has already been identified as Lt. Nick Vogt of the US Army. Photo comparisons will reveal that they are very likely the same person. But the person on facebook who claims to be the ‘Jeff Bauman’ who lost his legs in this bombing looks nothing like either Lt. Nick Vogt or the man in the photos from the bombing. They are NOT the same person. The facebook ‘Jeff Bauman’ is an imposter collecting donations from gullible believers who would doubt that this was a staged hoax. There are a lot of simple-minded people out there who don’t have the capacity to see through anything of any complexity, who will believe whatever they’re told without any thought. I’ve heard that this facebook imposter has already received 100s of thousands of dollars in donations, so perhaps this is a new means for these government agencies to raise funds or to pay people off. Who knows?

One more thing that needs to be understood that is very important… the ‘Jeff Bauman’ from the bomb site was the person who identified the alleged perpetrators, claiming that they made eye contact just as the alleged perp placed the bomb on the ground at his feet. This means that the man acting as ‘Jeff Bauman’ in the bomb site photos would have been a key player in any psyop that was being played out. So would the two accomplices.


  1. Really? Were you hugged way too much as a child or not enough? Of all the 9 million things wrong with your "brain" my favorite has to be:'Proof that this was a staged event, a cardboard sign near the gurney says FIREHOUSE SUBS WELL DONE'!!! Dumb ass there is a Firehouse Subs sandwich located right there. Its a place you buy, are you ready??? FIREHOUSE SUBS WELL DONE!!! Fuckin Moron

  2. You really know how to convince someone their wrong, don't you, YourFullABlogger?

    Hahahaha.... Show me a picture of the sub shop, or an address from an onl;ine phone book...

    You've never been to that site and you know shit...

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  4. You just proved me RIGHT! The first URL shows that an announcemenr was made at 12:53 pm, April 15.

    The follow-up twitter posts are confusing, but then, we might ask ourselves if they qwere put up on purpose.

    It's the follow-ups that are false, NOT the original twitter post.

    Thanks fior the added confirmation.

  5. Fucking shills come out of the woodwork to deny, deny, deny without ever looking at the evidence. And then they post more proof! HAHAHAHA!!!

  6. Good job, Mick. Keep bringing the truth.

  7. Thanks Liss. There are others out there doing far better research than I can do, but we all come to the same realization that is supported by indisputable evidence.

    But I have a feeling that these photos were actually released on purpose, to distract researchers from the bigger picture. These photos give people the opportunity to feel like they discovered the truth so that they'll be satisfied with that and not look at other deeper and harder to uncover aspects of this NWO hoax.

    But what this has made me realize the most is that ALL news stories these days are potentially fake.

    We are living in a digital world of make-believe...

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