Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Letter to One People's Public Trust

by Anthony Forwood

(The following is my email response to the claims of the OPPT of having foreclosed all corporate governments and supposedly freeing humanity from their enslavement)

To the Trustees at OPPT:

I want to be elated, but I’m too suspicious to allow myself to believe it. I’ve been going through the various documents published by OPPT, and a number of serious concerns arise:

1) I see that certain things have apparently been legally REGISTERED, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve been officially accepted and passed by a legal body, or seen by those parties being contested. Where are the documented rulings made by a court or governing body that would prove that what you at OPPT are claiming regarding foreclosure is the case? Specifically, where are the official legal documents that record that these contested parties are no longer legally in effect and have been effectively foreclosed? An understanding of the law is not enough, as I’ve sorrowfully learned over the years. Enforcement of the law is the only thing that really counts. The PTB/PTW has a proven record of negating the law or otherwise using their many tricks and loopholes to get around it. So, could you please spell out the exact procedures that must be and have been taken under UCC law in order for the legal actions of the OPPT to be effective? Can you also provide COMPLETE documentation of your efforts, rather than just the few not very official looking and largely incomplete examples you have on your website? Your FAQ is far too vague in its description of the legal process, and doesn’t really address any questions at all. Rather, it seems more like a pep talk to convince readers to go along with your claims. It claims to answer 40 frequently asked questions, but I don’t recall seeing more than one or two questions and answers within it! Apart from providing complete documentation of the filing process, please answer the following:

- What are the full qualifications of the OPPT Trustees to act in that capacity of trustee, and where can I and others access public records that will verify these qualifications?

- How are the contested parties notified of the OPPT’s registration against them?

- How long do these contested parties legally have to respond with a rebuttal, and how long has it been to date?

- What are the UCC-registered corporate names for all of the contested parties, and what are the corresponding governmental bodies that they have served to replace?

- Where are the official UCC rulings on how to register a foreclosure on a corporation?

- Certain spelling mistakes have been pointed out within the legal documents, which WILL affect the validity of any legal filings. What have you at OPPT done to rectify this? Questions about this in your FAQ were not answered! Why not???

2) How is OPPT sure that they have applied their legal applications against the correct corporations, since these corporations have been established and operated in secret? How do we know that there aren’t other layers of incorporation (sorry but I’m not familiar with business or legal language) that these contested corporations filed against aren’t just subsidiaries of, while these more deeply hidden corporations still hold the purse strings, so to speak? What stops them from just creating new corporations under the same system in order to avoid compliance with foreclosure?

3) How can a filing be legal if it’s registered with a body that is effectively one of those contested corporations being filed against and ultimately nullified? The OPPT FAQ states, “When government ceased to exist, so did its statutory constructs.” So this would include the UCC as well, would it not?

4) Why are certain OPPT documents excessively filled with New Age sounding jargon? Why the subtle indications of a Masonic One World Order? Why the reference in certain OPPT documents to ‘The Law of One’? This particular phrase comes FAR too close to the New Age charlatanism known as ‘The Ra Material’, which has documented connections to the CIA. In fact, there were questions raised by several commenters in your FAQ about the possibility that those at OPPT might actually be in league with the PTB/PTW to enact a ‘Second Coming’ or ‘alien intervention’ scenario, or something similar, which fits entirely with what is discussed in the Ra Material, as well as being directly in line with certain Masonic/Rosicrucian/Theosophist agendas. Also, there is mention in the FAQ that OPPT is based out of Mt. Shasta, California, which is well known to be a major center for New Age charlatans, secret government mind-control programs, cult groups, and the like. What are the OPPT Trustee’s connections to these things, if any, and how do they account for these suspicious correlations?

5) Who, if anyone, has so far successfully exercised their newly-gained freedom over the PTB/PTW using the Courtesy Notice system? Where might we find documented cases of this to encourage the rest of us to follow suit? I’m more than willing to do so, but I won’t allow myself to be the first ‘guinea pig’. Who among the three named Trustees of OPPT have done so, and where is the evidence of this? And if not, why not? They are the most certain of their claims. They should be the first examples to the rest of us in this respect!

6) How will this affect those of us who depend on government or corporate benefits to survive day to day? By continuing to collect these benefits, isn’t that effectively binding ourselves by contract to those government and corporate entities, and thus nullifying our newly-gained freedoms for as long as we do? Here in Canada, we depend largely on the government to pay for our medical care. Many people also depend on insurance policies that they have entered into, and stand to lose everything that they’ve paid into them up to this point. There are many other similar situations to these that need to be properly addressed before anyone should think about nullifying their ‘contracts’ with their corporate governments and other corporate bodies. I see no promises being made by any of you at OPPT that we will ever actually receive any compensation for any immediate losses caused or created by activating our newly-gained freedoms. Please address these problems!

7) There are many people out there like myself who have direct ongoing experiences as targets of what is commonly known as gang-stalking (which in many cases includes electronic harassment and torture using EM weapons). It has been determined that this gang-stalking involves a highly structured and tightly controlled network of perpetrators who are under the direction of various governments and corporations to harass and torture blacklisted individuals who are deemed to be ‘non-conformists’. It has also been determined that these perpetrators are legally bound to their duties in this respect through secrecy oaths and non-disclosure agreements that carry the same heavy penalties, just as they would with any breach of national security. It has also been determined that the members of this network have been directed to ignore or avoid certain information, and I would presume that this will include anything to do with what the OPPT is or has done, for reasons that will become obvious if/when you understand how this network operates so effectively. This network comprises a very large secret ‘army’ of aggressors (apparently in the millions) who will surely be turned on those people who decide to utilize these newly-gained freedoms through the application of Courtesy Notices. I assume that the people at OPPT are well aware of the satanic nature of the PTB/PTW and the level of violence that they will attempt to unleash in response to any successful actions of the OPPT. If those people at OPPT aren’t aware of this, then they are certainly ill informed about the true state of affairs in the world today and are certainly dreaming pipe dreams! Are they aware of this secret network and the large numbers throughout the population who have been recruited into it and are loyal to the PTB/PTW? I don’t see good things ahead if this network isn’t somehow circumvented early on. The PTB/PTW will surely not go down without a strong fight, using their many dupes. Their networked perpetrators of harassment and torture are bound by threats of legal repercussions if they break their lifetime oaths, and they know as well as anyone who has ever been targeted by them what that will mean. They will undoubtedly be led to believe that what the OPPT is claiming is untrue or meaningless, and will be directed to ignore any information related to it. (It has already been determined that they’ve been directed to ignore or avoid any information related to gang-stalking itself, so that they won’t ever discover the full implications of what they’re involved in.)

I should point out here that the PTB/PTW have resources at their private disposal to monitor and interfere with ALL electronic communications and activities on a global scale, so that any attempts that might be made to exercise these newly-gained freedoms that the OPPT might have provided for us will certainly be disrupted or defeated before they can be acted on.

This particular problem needs to be addressed immediately, or many more people will find themselves targeted by this network of perpetrators when they attempt to exercise these newly-gained freedoms. (I’m very surprised that the Trustees at OPPT haven’t been targeted already.) I can’t help but suspect that what the OPPT is doing might even be an attempt to weed out the last of the ‘non-conformists’ in society who aren’t yet targeted, given the suspicious indications referred to above in item 4.

For more about the structure and operation of this secret network, please see the document I have put together at the link below:

I truly want to believe that all of what the OPPT claims is completely legitimate and workable, and I will continue to look at the various OPPT documents that have been and will be released, but I’m getting too old and have been through too much in life already, and learned enough about the dark history of the PTB/PTW to not be easily fooled by the many different contrived methods that they have used and will use to disrupt or destroy real efforts by people who wish to maintain or regain their natural rights and freedoms.

Please excuse my deep suspicions, but as I said, I know enough to not buy into anything of this nature without absolute clarity of what I am getting involved in. The evil of the PTB/PTW runs FAR too deep and they are FAR too cunning to allow me to close my eyes to their potential traps. I therefore await your full and complete clarification on ALL the points I have raised before I will accept any of your claims as true, and I strongly suggest that others be equally cautious about this as well. Item 7 above is EXTREMELY important to understand the full reality of, and the implications that it poses, especially in light of the questions raised in item 4.


Anthony Forwood


  1. me personaly have also a lot of questions, and as you i do not want to stick my head out to far, but i realised that if i want to bring this to higher ground, first they have to know it happend. The bank clerk does not, and is propably in the same position as you, if you go there waving with cn's they will not understand and not take you serious, deliver the document of the swiss research first...,
    after that, give them this.....
    it is also in their interest.....
    leave them be, come back in a week.....
    Give them time to think over this for the first time of their lives.
    And then..... you can com in with cn's..
    here is a video i had a lot of power and emotions running thru my body, after 3 times watching,


    1. If something makes you react emotionally, you are better off to sit tight. Emotional appeals of any sort are highly suspect.It's a mild form of mind control...

  2. First of all, you come from a place of fear.
    That fear clouds your judgement on how and whether to proceed.
    Read all you can and want to read about what happened,
    listen to the radio-shows and let go of the negativity.
    Life is fun and if you feel, you are not ready to do anything
    like sending courtesy notices, then you do not have to.
    no-one is forcing you to do so.

    You are not the first person with questions,
    we have asked everyone the same thing, friends and foes:
    If you doubt the filings are correct, rebut them.
    Since October 2012 the filings stand, un-rebut-ted.

    ALL corporations and governments acting as corporations have been foreclosed,
    that includes those, if they exist, hidden from the public.
    By foreclosing, all the systems, that are still being operated belong
    to the people, that includes the UCC or corporate bodies.

  3. Sorry, but i don't know what fear is. I DO know what stupidity is, to believe something on some stranger's word... ESPECIALLY when they fail to respind to the simplest and most likely questions that they force to bne raised.

    Anyway, good luck in gauining your freedom.