Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let's Get Real About All This Technology

by Anthony Forwood

Let’s play Devil’s Advocate assume that we are a group of fascists who have the technologies that many people claim to exist. This means we can put voices in people’s heads, read their thoughts, see what they’re seeing, hear what they’re hearing, insert thoughts without them realizing it, make them feel any way we want, act any way we want, etc… All the things that the most prominent promoters of these technologies among the TI community claim they can do. Let’s also assume that we can target anybody at all, since there is apparently no way to guard against these technologies.

Now, if we were going to target anybody at all, what would the objective be?

To piss around with nobodies just for a kick? That would be a complete waste of these very expensive and highly sophisticated technologies and the entertainment value for psychotic minds wouldn’t be worth it.

To police or punish certain individuals? Even if the technologies were used for this purpose, the cost for what these technologies would require in hardware per person makes this very unfeasible compared to other more practical methods. I calculated the computer storage requirements for a full representation of the human brain, and with 100 billion neurons in the human brain having an average firing rate of 1 millisecond per neuron, at one byte per neuron, that equates to 100 billion neurons x 1000 milliseconds = 100 trillion bytes, or 100,000 gigabytes per second of brain activity! So, to use such sophisticated technology for policing and punishing ordinary people is totally impractical. This technology would deserve something much more worthwhile to make it practical.

The best objective in using such highly advanced technology would be to apply it to the ultimate goal of any fascist group: the complete takeover and control of a population to turn it into a totalitarian dictatorship.

So, when seen in this light, who would we target first? Would it be ordinary people like you and me, or would it be more influential people like political, military, and corporate leaders?

If we were interested in bringing about a totalitarian state and we had this incredibly powerful and undetectable technology at our disposal, we’d target highly influential people first, who we could make to think and act in ways that are to our benefit. If we were seeking to turn a nation or the world into a slave population, as most of us believe is the ultimate goal of those developing and using mind-control technologies, then we would focus on accomplishing this in the best and quickest way possible, and not waste time toying with ordinary people who have little influence at all in fulfilling that objective and can offer us next to nothing as our unwitting slaves.

Our political, military, and corporate leaders would certainly be the first targets, and this would be quite easy if we could actually eavesdrop on everything they saw, heard, felt, thought, said, or did, and if we could insert other thoughts, feelings, sounds, and images, or cause them to otherwise act in ways that were more desirable to us, without them even knowing that we were. From all the extraordinary claims that many people are making about these technologies, based on their own supposed experiences as targets of them, the technologies are so sophisticated that these people can’t be sure of anything any more, and can apparently only guess when they are thinking and acting of their own free will at any given time. So, it would be just the same for these leaders, and there would be nothing that could be done about it.

Once our leaders were under control, the next targets would be the people directly under them, and the targeting would continue to expand downwards through the levels of power and authority until ALL levels were contained and controlled. Working from the top down would be the most efficient and least problematic method of applying these technologies to take over an entire population, and NOT bottom up, starting with ordinary people like you and me.

As this was going on, certain acts in business and politics would begin to quickly unfold that would move us towards the preferred state that those who possess the technologies want. There would be no reason to dally and wait for the right situations, since, as we know from 9/11, such situations can be created to advance certain draconian measures that move us in the direction that these fascists want. But with these technologies being at the level of sophistication that so many people claim they are, such measures could be taken to a far greater extent far more quickly and with far more desirable results than 9/11 produced.

If these technologies actually existed in the manner that many claim they do and for as long as they supposedly have (at least twenty years), then we would already be living in a totalitarian dictatorship, and there would no longer be any reason for those who possess them to worry about pretending otherwise. We would already see this quite clearly and it would be common knowledge that this was the state we were in. Society would have quickly become far different than it was before, and it would be nothing at all like it is now. The very first thing that would be done would be that all constitutional rights would be immediately and publicly revoked, something on the order of Martial Law would be declared, and police and military would be on the streets day and night in full combat readiness, prepared to squelch any public revolt. People would be being shot on site for protesting in any way whatsoever, just to get the message across. It would be quick and to the point.

Just to understand such a situation better, the idea of revolting against this sudden change needs to be considered. Any attempts to revolt would require the ability for people to first plan and organize, and this would require them to be able to communicate with each other in a secure and expedient fashion. But since all of our communications systems are already closely monitored by ECHELON (or could otherwise be taken down quite easily), there would be no way to plan and organize without being immediately discovered. Even to set up a new means of communication, even if it were simply a code system used over the existing communications network, or even messengers on horses, or whatever else, that system would have to already be in place and each party involved fully understanding how to use it, otherwise the same communication problem would still exist. And this neglects the possibility of sabotage by infiltrators.

How many people would it take to police the remaining population? With the technology at the level of advancement that so many people claim they are at, it wouldn’t require very many people at all. People would suddenly be quite expendable, and as the population came to realize that they weren’t of any great value to the new power structure beyond slave labor, people would begin to volunteer themselves to that new power structure, just to save their own lives. So the population would start policing itself rather quickly and voluntarily, and those who refused to conform or had any dissenting thoughts would be quickly weeded out and unceremoniously exterminated. This would serve those who possess the technology by eliminating the greatest opposition and preserving only those who would be most conforming to the new power structure, as quickly as possible. With the technology that many people claim exists, and to the degree that they say it does, the remainder of the population would be brought into the mind-control system without a fight.

So why isn’t this happening?

The answer is very clear. It’s because these technologies DO NOT EXIST to the level that many people claim they do! They can’t read your thoughts, see what you’re seeing, hear what you’re hearing, insert thoughts without you knowing, and they are not mapping the brainwave signatures of an entire population so as to control each of us through these means. It’s not only impractical as far as resources go, it’s also completely inefficient to target ordinary people.

These technologies, with full Remote Neural Monitoring as described here, were claimed to exist as long ago as 1992, in the case of John St. Clair Akwei. That was twenty years ago. Twenty years is a long time for things to progress, and yet, what have we seen that would indicate that these technologies actually exist? All we have to show for it is a lot of very ordinary and unremarkable people who claim to be targeted by them, but from my personal experience, none of these people can even be bothered to back their claims with any sort of intelligent consideration of their own experiences or of the claims they make, nor do they seem to have done any serious research, as anyone who was truly being targeted would want to do.

It’s been coming to my awareness more and more that many of these people who claim that they’re being targeted by such extraordinary technologies are the sort of people who tend to think that whatever might occur around them that they don’t like or are even the slightest bit suspicious of, that it must be due to being targeted. These people see any perceived negative situations as always being somebody else’s fault, and they see these situations as somebody else’s responsibility to deal with, while they claim complete incapacity to do so themselves.

At the very worst, these people have been conditioned to not think at all, but this is due to their own failures and laziness, preferring to spend the majority of their lives entertaining their minds with TV, fictional books and movies, and Internet gossip. The real extent of the mind-control that DOES exist has been effective in dumbing down a large section of the population so that they don’t know how to think, and require – even DEMAND – being babysat by those in power.

These technologies are obviously not even needed for these people. Just pose the idea that they exist, and they crumble in utter paranoia and submissiveness. These people are the REAL threat to society more than anything else, because as their numbers grow and they speak such nonsense more and more, the rest of us begin to look just as foolish as our more rational voices are drowned out, and this only makes it more apparent to those in power that we ALL need to be babysat and are undeserving of the rights and freedoms that we still have.

Freedom of speech comes with certain responsibilities. These people need to be responsible for what they claim.

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