Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Phone Trap

by Anthony Forwood

Has this happened to you?
You start making friends with other TIs on facebook or some other website, and they want you to phone them.
Sometimes they'll say that they want to tell you something, but they don't feel safe talking about it online. So they want you to call them by phone so you can hear whatever it is they have to say.
I recall that when I first came on facebook, the first person I made friends with was a certain woman about my own age who approached me almost immediately and claimed to be a TI victimized by mind control. She posted a lot of different pictures of herself that were always very alluring and seductive. She was quite a looker. She always talked about how badly her perps were treating her, but never really said exactly what they were doing, or who they were. She said she wanted me to call her so she could tell me about her situation.
I don't have a phone, so I had to turn her down. I thought it was kind of strange that she would think that a phone was any more secure against perps than online messages, particularly when she was talking to someone she didn't know anything about, and so I concluded that she was into phone sex or something, and was trying to suggest that to me.
But then other people did the same thing. They said they had something important to tell me, and wanted me to call them. Again, I had to turn them down.
But I was suspicious. Something didn't seem right.
I mostly forgot about these incidents until it happened when I was investigating a few people. The first was a man named Jack Pruett, whose name I had previously seen mentioned in relation to the Montauk Projects (a mind-control program involving children), and then I had come across a newly published book by him at the library. The book (The Grandest Deception) was about the coming New World Order, and the author ended by asking interested readers to contact him if they were interested in joining together with him to devise a long-range plan to fight against it. It was all very intriguing, so I copied down his email address from the book and wrote to him, inquiring about this plan he had. I also asked him point-blank if he was the same Jack Pruett that worked on the Montauk Projects. Interestingly, he replied that he knew about that secret program, but denied being the same person.
He also asked me to call him by phone to discuss his plan. I refused, and mentioned that I didn't trust phones because of the ability to be hypnotized through them, and I didn't feel certain that he wasn't the Jack Pruett from Montauk. His responses to my emails had been coming immediately after I sent mine, and when I sent the one saying what I had about my suspicions, instead of getting a response, the computer terminal I was using suddenly went weird on me, and everything I was typing was showing up on the screen backwards, from right to left instead of left to right, the keys stopped working properly, and I couldn't do anything at all but log off. That ended our conversation, and it left me more suspicious than ever. I thought that it was an intimidation tactic and that I had been absolutely correct in pegging him as the same man that was involved in the secret mind-control programs at Montauk (I have since found further evidence to support this).
I also started thinking about all these requests to call these people by phone.
Just to explain a little background on this phone issue, I had previously researched the little-known story of another man named Jack Sarfatti (a quantum physicist who played a small historical part in consciousness research in the 1970s, whose name I had often come across in a number of books), who, when he was 13 years old back in 1953, had received a series of very strange phone calls from a metallic-sounding computerized voice that had left him in a dazed, hypnotic state after each one. It turns out that Sarfatti had been enrolled in a secret government program for gifted children at about this same time, and this program wasn't unlike the Montauk Projects in certain ways. The story of Sarfatti (described in his online book 'Destiny Matrix 2012', and in my own online book 'Shadow World') is actually what led me to begin all my research into mind-control technologies, and this phone hypnosis issue kept coming up in certain early cases of UFO witnesses and 'alien abductees' (which I've since come to conclude are aspects of early mind-control experiments). These witnesses and abductees were very often describing getting these strange phone calls from metallic-sounding computerized voices just like Sarfatti had received, so I've become quite certain that there's something to these calls and 'phone hypnosis' as part of a standard mind-control process, and still is.
To continue... After dealing with Jack Pruett and having him attempt to get me to call him, and the sudden strange activity on the computer when I told him my suspicions, certain other people that I've investigated for their extraordinary claims have also attempted to get me to talk to them by phone, including the self-proclaimed 'super-soldier', Duncan O'Finioan (interviewed on Jesse Ventura's TV show, 'Conspiracy Theory'), and the more familiar TI 'activist' Robert Duncan, who I've more recently been dealing with.
So, all these attempts by people who have something to do with gang-stalking or mind-control to talk to them by phone has got me very suspicious about phones being used as part of a hypnosis program to draw people into this sinister web, and I'm tending to believe that there really is something to this. Each of these people have acted very strange in certain ways, and I've decided to keep my distance from them for obvious reasons.
One of them, who is here on facebook, was having a very hard time with their gang-stalking not long ago, and then all of a sudden they were saying that everything was fixed and it had all ended, and they wanted me to call them to tell me something very important. I never did, of course. Now, in only a few months, they've gone from being without any money and forced to live on the street to apparently having all sorts of money and traveling around to other countries, living it up and not a problem in the world. Very strange!
There are a few other strange instances with others here on facebook as well, each of whom has also wanted me to call them by phone, but to describe these is just too complex to get into at this point, so I'll leave them for now.
I'm just curious if anyone else has had any TIs want them to call them by phone, and what might have come of it. I urge everyone to be very careful of this, since you may not even know what such a phone call might have resulted in, if you had made it. You may be being hypnotized and programmed or otherwise manipulated. You won't necessarily know, considering how effective hypnosis can be at covering its own tracks!
I must also warn about online videos, since they can be used in a similar manner. Although they don't offer the feedback necessary for in-depth hypnotic programming, they can still be used to put you in a light hypnotic state that will make you suggestive to commands and instructions, whether they be spoken normally or inserted subliminally. These might be used to influence you to take further steps that will lead you into more intense mind control by other means.
One final note of explanation... Since 1953 when Sarfatti received those strange calls (the very same year that MKULTRA started, by the way), hypnosis techniques could easily have been computer automated and packaged as a software program that would allow anyone to apply it on others. There are certain audio tones and electromagnetic frequencies that will put a person into a hypnotic state, and subliminal suggestions can then be given to test if the person is hypnotized, and through these means they can be completely and unknowingly mind-controlled. They can be made to believe anything, including alternative suggestions for whatever strange things occur to them or around them. These might include suggestions that will confuse them as to the technologies being used against them.
If you are curious about this, please stay up to date with my documents and articles posted here on my blog, as well as at http://www.scribd.com/aforwood, and the facebook group Anti-Gang-Stalking Network. You may also contact me at forwood@live.ca with any questions or concerns you might have.

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