Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Disinformation Report

by Anthony Forwood




I will GLADLY pay $1000 CASH to anyone who can explain how a person’s thoughts can be read remotely at any time without the use of multiple implants placed throughout the brain.

Anthony Forwood <>


"The Mother Of All Black Ops" website is putting out disinformation.

They claim that ‘brain fingerprinting’ can be used to remotely track people, anytime, anywhere. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE! RFID implants are FAR more likely being used, and are probably far more economical as well.

This site also claims:

Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing.”

This is equally UNTRUE! It is pure HYPE! It is physically impossible for brainwaves to be read remotely.

See the link at the bottom of this file for more information.

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Apparently, Dr. Robert Duncan is making a similar claim, and promotes the idea that it’s possible to remotely read a person’s thoughts – but as a scientist and Harvard graduate, he falls short of using his intellectual capacities to explain HOW this is done. I have asked him to provide me with that information, and await his reply.

* * *


Remote Neural Monitoring is NOT the same as V2K. Monitoring is the act of reading/watching/recording activity. V2K is STRICTLY transmitting signals/voices/sounds TO the brain. There is no two-way communications going on. Similarly, ANY remote transmissions will be one-way TO the brain. Brainwaves are FAR TOO WEAK to be read from any distance beyond a few inches, and the complexities of doing so mean that even this is not a simple task!

See the link at the bottom of this file for more information.

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On John St. Clair Akwei:

There are many stories and articles being circulated on the internet that I believe are purposely ‘loaded’, planted as seeds to lead people to believe that certain mind-control technologies exist when they really don’t.

For example, there is the case of John St. Clair Akwei, who claims to be a former NSA employee. Akwei filed a lawsuit against the NSA in 1992 for being targeted with what he referred to as ‘Remote Neural Monitoring’ (RNM) technologies. Although what has been posted on the internet about this case might lead one to believe that these technologies exist (hence the lawsuit), there’s nothing in these posts (particularly Akwei’s own claims) regarding this case that actually substantiates this.

Akwei provides nothing beyond his own very limited and unproven accusations – no technical data, no descriptions of the technology or how it might work, no information about whatever effects he suffered, etc. In fact, the whole case seems to have withered away without anything further coming of it. I read one post from someone who contacted him to find out the results of the case, and this person stated that Akwei wasn’t interested in discussing it and didn’t want to be bothered. The case had been dismissed by Judge Stanley Sporkin on the grounds that it was frivolous.

Obviously, Akwei either had no evidence for his claims, or the whole thing was a purposeful disinformation ploy orchestrated by his employers to mislead the public (and real Targeted Individuals in particular) into thinking that these technologies exist. I strongly suspect it was the latter. However, because he claims to have been employed by the NSA (which he probably was), and because he apparently went so far as to file a lawsuit, many people will automatically believe that this somehow gives his claims a lot of credibility. The fact is, virtually all employees of the intelligence organs are purposely misled or kept in the dark about anything they do not have a need to know about, and are often used (wittingly or not) as disinformation agents to muddy the truth. There is no way that Akwei or anyone else who had substantial knowledge of the truth would be placed in a position where they might be able to expose it. Akwei apparently had no substantial knowledge, and never even claimed to. His case seems to have been one based purely on assumption, or outright lies.

Google ‘John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA’ to read his court testimony and see for yourself. It’s all hype!

See the link at the bottom of this file for more information.

* * *

Author/investigator Tim Rifat also makes similar claims, but at least attempts to describe the technology to some extent. However, he overlooks the technical limitations of its capabilities.

* * *

See the document ‘A Primer on V2K vs. Mind-Reading Technologies’ at:

It explains in comprehensive detail the capabilities and limitations of these technologies, based on hard science, rather than speculation.




I will GLADLY pay $1000 CASH to anyone who can explain how a person’s thoughts can be read remotely at any time without the use of implants.

How about it, Dr. Robert Duncan? John St. Clair Akwei? Julianne McKinney? Eleanor White? James F. Marino? Dr. Rauni Kilde? Tim Rifat?

Anyone at all?

Anthony Forwood <>


  1. Mick, I just today found your blog, and I agree with much of what you say about Julianne McKinney and Derrick Robinson of FFCHS, because of my own interactions with both of these people.

    McKinney does not hide the fact that she was once an Army Intelligence officer, and that she wrote a letter to President Clinton on November 15, 1994, and received a response from him. (Google "Julianne McKinney's letter to President C;inton")

    I was a naive victim of organized stalking and joined the Yahoo Stalking Victim's Support Group, which McKinney administers, and posted a completely innocuous comment about being new to the site.
    Ms. McKinney not only failed to help me, she attacked me, and "outed me" publicly, by mentioning my real name.
    I couldn't believe she would do such a thing to a new member of the Yahoo O.S. Victim's Support Group.
    I assumed that anonymity was something that was very important to members of on-line support groups; and that only in cases where someone libeled or slandered another group member, or something similarly serious, would be reason enough to "out" a member of the group, especially a new member.

    I was wrong!

    I posed a simple question about how the group worked, and was attacked by her for doing so.

    As far as others you've mentioned, Duncan, Akwei, Marino, Kilde and Rifat; I have had no direct contact with any of them, so, until I have read up on them, I won't make any comments about them.

    The only other person you've mentioned that I HAVE had direct contact with is Eleanor White.

    When I first began researching organized stalking (almost 4 years ago), Eleanor's website was where I first became aware of the very existence of organized stalking.
    I knew that "an organized group of strangers were stalking & harassing me"; but I had no idea that there were other such victims...that I wasn't alone.

    I firmly believe that Eleanor White is exactly what she purports to be, a victim of organized stalking for over 30 years, and nothing more.
    I have written her for advice several times, and she has been very helpful to me; unlike Julianne McKinney.

    If anyone has any evidence that Eleanor White is some kind of dis-info agent; I would like to see it.

    As far as Derrick Robinson is concerned, just pose the following questions to him:
    What happened to the hundreds of notarized affidavits that OS victims sent to FFCHS a couple of years ago that were supposed to be turned in to the Inspector General of the United States Justice Department?
    Were they turned in to DOJ"s Inspector General, and, if so, what reply did FFCHS get from him?
    Why were copies of those affidavits turned over to Rep. Ron Paul?
    What did he do with them?
    Did he make any attempt to help the O.S. victims who submitted them?

    Organized stalking is the most ignored crime in America.
    ignored by the mainstream media, the politicians, the Justice Department, and every local police department in the nation, with only two exceptions, (the San Antonio, Texas Police Dept. and the Santa Cruz, Ca. Police Dept.)

    Until someone with some power, like a Michael Moore, or a Greg Palast, or a Bob Woodward, or a Matt Taiibi decides to do an in depth investigation of organized stalking will the American public ever know that there even is such a thing as O.S., and that it's highly probable that they, the American taxpayers, might well be the ones funding this evil crime through top-secret "black ops" programs such as COINTELPRO.

    Only when Hollywood begins to make movies (based on fact) about O.S. will anything be done about it.

    Meanwhile, the criminals who engage in organized stalking will continue to act with impunity, knowing that the police will do nothing to stop them, and knowing that the American people have no idea that this crime is even taking place, because the American media refuses to cover O.S. as a legitimate crime story.

  2. Mick,

    I apologize for being a little "off-topic" with my comment above.
    Although my comment was about organized stalking, it had nothing to do with implants or Remote Neural Monitoring; but I felt compelled to reply because you did mention Julianne McKinney and Eleanor White....(You mentioned Derrick Robinson & FFCHS in one of your other posts)

  3. Your comments are appreciated. My blog is actually about more than just Julianne McKinney, although her name is in the URL (novice mistake). Even though I don't have the time to read it right this minute, I will very soon. Thanks for the input.

  4. Thanks again for your very informative comment, whitebear. I don't recall offhand exactly what I've said about Eleanor White, and I'll have to look and see, but it was early on in my own investigations into gang-stalking, and I had heard so much about her and how wonderful she was, and in a lot of ways she's probably been the most informative supporter of TIs. However, I became disillusioned about ALL high-profile advocates when I started to realize how they were being 'turned' or were government agents/assets from the start. I DO believe now that Eleanor White was legitimate from the start, but as with virtually every other high-profile advocate that I've come across, they seem to be involved in misleading or at least monitoring and subverting TIs in their efforts to get help. I don't really know the full history of her activities as an advocate, and I've since left her name alone because there's little more I have to be suspicious of, except for what I've just stated. I DON'T think she's a disinfo agent per se, but I'm suspicious that she may have been taken advantage of by government agents through infiltration or manipulation. I ONLY say this because this has proved to be the case with so many other high-profile people who promote information about government secret programs, going back to the start of MKULTRA in 1953. This is their standard method of containing any exposure of their programs.

    The questions you have for Derrick Robinson are quite interesting, and if I can, I'll contact him and pose them to him, and see what results. How these supposed advocates conduct themselves on a personal level is very telling, as you've found out with Julianne McKinney.


    Here's your proof.

    1. That's the Robert G. Malech patent. I've already explained elsewhere why it isn't proof of anything. Nor is any other patent. A patent is only a 'proof of concept', which means that it doesn't have to be a workable technology in order to be filed. The Malech patent is not a workable technology. It was never tested. It could NOT have been tested at the time that the patent was filed. If it were a real military weapon, it wouldn't even be in the patent records.

      Try harder.