Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Do You Believe in Q?

Q first started posting cryptic messages on 4Chan on Oct. 28, 2017, and he hasn’t stopped since. Many posts predict events that later happen. Other posts coordinate with Trump tweets to show that Trump is behind Q’s mission. 
The first post was a real eye-catcher that was certain to get people's attention:

HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.

(HRC = Hilary Rodham Clinton; NG = National Guard; US M’s = US Marines)

This and the posts that followed over the next few days were intended to get attention, but also to trigger the MSM to ignore Q. Through a series of questions riddled with clues, Q outlined what Trump was doing, and what to pay attention to in current events. The MSM and its audience (‘normies’) have worked themselves into a state of confirmation bias and won’t bother to look very closely at Q’s messages, which are heavily coded and usually only leave hints that become clear later on. 

The reference to extradition in Q's first post relates to the rumors that HRC and others were involved in criminal activity during her tenure in office and are being indicted by the Trump Administration. This is the basis for all later Q posts and sets the stage. Posting on 4Chan served to place Q’s posts where they would immediately be picked up on by internet sleuths while being brushed off by the MSM and its normie audience.

Q indicates through his posts that he’s working closely with Donald Trump, who is busy ‘draining the swamp’ (cleaning up corruption in government and take down the NWO elite), which was a promise Trump had made during his election campaign but never expanded on. Then on October 5, 2017, during a photo opportunity held before a military dinner, Trump said that the dinner was “Maybe the calm before the storm.” When a reporter asked, “What storm, Mr. President?” Trump responded, “You’ll find out.”

Trump appears to confirm his collusion with Q through subtle codes in his tweets that coordinate with Q’s earlier posts. Q reports on the results of Trump’s secret activities as they take place or soon after. Much of this is done with simple codes, so that only by figuring out the codes can you begin to fully understand the messages. This is Trump’s way of communicating his activities to the people as he works on his promise to drain the swamp. 

To date, Q has given accurate information on the following before it was publicly reported:

-     FBI firings by name, conditions
-     Mass resignations/non-re-election of Senators, Congressmen, CEOs, etc.
-     Secret trip by Trump to North Korea, deals made, end of war between NK and SK, denuclearization of NK
-     Secret trip by senior advisor Jared Kushner to Saudi Arabia to give intel to Saudi king leading to rounding up of bad guys in power in SA
-     IG Report redactions/changes
-     Failed missile attack on Hawaii
-     Missile attack on Syrian chemical weapons factory
-     False flag bomb attempt in NYC
-     Trump Administration’s refusal to speak John McCain’s name
-     Trump’s twitter account temporarily disabled by a ‘rogue agent’
-     Problems in the Vatican
-     Proposal of changes to the Lord’s Prayer

Further to this, there are currently over 45,000 sealed federal indictments waiting to be processed. Usually, there are only about 1,000 per year. Q hints that these federal indictments have been prepared for those ‘bad actors’ who will be rounded up when the swamp is drained. 

But the MSM and its die-hard audience remain ignorant of Q’s hints and clues because they think it’s all just conspiracy nonsense.

Trump knows who the bad guys are in the world, and that they own the MSM. Trump knows that if he were to make it obvious what he was doing by reporting on it publicly, the bad guys would actually take it seriously and take action to protect themselves while they still have a chance. 

The Praying Medic blog gives a good overview of what Q (or Qanon) is all about:

Trump is running an operation designed to get the media to believe a false narrative. The “fake news” has swallowed the fake narrative hook, line and sinker. (This is true of pro-Trump outlets like Fox as well.) Because the media is clueless about what’s really happening, Trump set up a channel of communication to let his followers know the real scoop. Qanon discloses Trump’s real agenda. But because both friend and foe are monitoring Qanon comms, the information is coded and both true and false information is provided. The Q team confirms the correct decodes of Trump supporters while the enemies of the President are misdirected.
If the swamp is going to be prosecuted, it has to be done in a way that prevents swamp dwellers from putting up a defense. There can be no hint of political bias. The media and politicians need to think all is well until the day they’re arrested.
If Trump is going to keep his opponents guessing, he and Sessions must continue playing their roles. Neither can discuss the prosecution of the swamp—at least not openly. The ideal narrative to sell the media is exactly the opposite of what’s happening behind the scenes. A narrative where it seems like Trump himself is about to be indicted at any moment. One that confirms what the media and politicians hope is true—taking advantage of their confirmation bias. A narrative that looks exactly like the Mueller investigation.

The above sounds quite plausible. It certainly is ingenious.

Using the conspiracy crowd to deliver his communications in this way is an unexpected twist in this game of information warfare that the elite have been playing on the rest of us for so long. As Q’s posts continue, a certain level of doubt must be maintained in order not to bring the normies and ‘bad actors’ out of their hypnotic reverie while Trump goes about setting up his net before he pulls the plug and drains the swamp. But Q delivers enough cryptic information – sometimes well in advance – to show that he’s legitimate, and that Trump is following through on his promise. 

Trust in Q.

You have nothing to lose.

Some Notes

Trump has established a state of national emergency (Nov. 21, 2017) in order to place himself in charge as Commander in Chief over the military, whereby he can use military law to prosecute the bad guys. Without a national emergency declared, military law can’t be used and state secrets will be upheld in Supreme Court under constitutional law. Under military law, state secrets are under the control of the Commander in Chief and therefore will not protect the bad guys who have used them to hide their criminal activities. Military law avoids corrupt judges and other agency interference. Using Military Intelligence to conduct investigations also avoids the media and information leaks. 

George Soros, who controls terrorist groups, can use them to cause riots and terrorism on US soil. Doing so would also allow Trump to establish a national emergency and initiate his plans. 

False flag events might be initiated by the bad guys to alter the perception of events or to distract while they attempt to flee the country. 

Trump is offering deals to those people who were under control of the bad guys at the top and got caught up in their criminal activities. He assures them that they can walk if they talk. This is fair and will provide a great deal of exposure of the bad guys, who are in no position to offer any counter-deals to these people at this point. 

The first arrests (allegedly already taking place) will be focused on the top bad guys, who are primarily in Washington. Further arrests will involve foreign heads of state in some way (undisclosed).


The easiest way to see that Q is what he claims is to look at some of the many proofs that have already been uncovered. 

More to come....


  1. Google "MARINES RAID CIA"


  2. This link shows who InforWars is owned by. Could be useful. I heard he's Mossad. Q says he's Mossad. I believe he's Mossad, or at least controlled opposition.

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  4. 209906-Sep-2018 16:08:46 PDTQ !!mG7VJxZNCI8ch/qresearch 2909418Copy link
    Control & Divide.
    Think Mueller.
    Who is testifying before Mueller tomorrow?
    Forensic data analysis on phone(s) and/or computers?
    This is not about Guccifer 2.0.
    What happens if Mueller 'proves' 'Free Speech Systems LLC' aka 'InfoWars' is linked to a Foreign Intel Agency or other Non_Domestic entity? 
    How can the 'LEFT' use that information to DIVIDE and CENSOR the RIGHT?
    Why are affiliates of InfoWars constantly attacking 'Q'?
    Who is pulling the strings?
    [           ]>>>[Free Speech Systems LLC]