Monday, September 10, 2018

Recognizing the Trump Agenda

1) Recognize who was in power pre-Trump, what their agenda is (NWO), and how these people/groups have operated (UN policies vs. US legislation, war for profit, false flags, terrorist groups, mercenary groups, hired protesters, blackmail, MSM control of narrative, etc.).

2) Recognize that Trump has never been associated with any of these people/groups (i.e. CFR, Bilderbergers, etc.) and has never reflected their worldview (NWO).

3) Recognize that post-election false flags, terrorist attacks, MSM fake news and news blackouts, protests, etc. have been directed at stopping or diverting public attention away from Trump's activities as he 'drains the swamp' and Makes America Great Again.

4) Recognize that Trump isn't operating through UN (NWO) policies that undermine legislation (i.e. the Constitution), but is instead resurrecting the Constitution and putting America back in line with what the founding fathers intended (For the People).

5) Recognize that Trump is using the military to back himself, and that he knows that the military is made up of patriots who believe in the Constitution, and that these patriots will not turn against their own people and country if ordered to, and will ultimately refuse their orders and turn on Trump if he ever attempts to use them in that way.

6) Recognize that Trump's agenda is geared to upholding the Constitution and eliminating UN-directed policies that have been undermining it.

7) Recognize that past Administrations have undermined the Constitution and destroyed nationalism by introducing UN-inspired policies that have systematically put everything into the hands of a few through such things as taxation, privatization, post-industrialization, mass immigration, etc., while destroying western culture and replacing it with consumer trends.

8) Recognize that Trump's agenda involves undoing the policies that have destroyed America (and all other western democratic societies), and includes bringing back industry (more and better jobs, more and better products, healthier living), stopping mass immigration (less local competition, more and cheaper housing, less voter fraud, friendlier communities), destroying the FED (removing excessive taxation, eliminating banking scams, control of US currency), and deregulating business practices (more commercial opportunities, more and cheaper products).

9) Recognize that over the years and decades, western society has undergone many forced changes through UN-inspired policies directed at creating an elite-controlled new world order, so that the greatness of the western world we once knew has almost faded from most people's memory. The people of the western world have forgotten or have never experienced what it was once like to live in a free country. Because of these changes and other influences, society has become very sick and diseased. Rampant homosexuality and sexual promiscuity, rampant drug use, broken homes, white-collar crime, human trafficking, the loss of Christian values, the forced mix of divergent cultures through mass immigration, loss of healthy and meaningful employment, increasing mental illness, lowered intelligence levels due to poor public education, over-populated cities, ever-rising prices, ever-increasing taxation, a reduction in product choices, etc. This has created a situation where the average person struggles to compete in order to just survive, where people see each other as a threat, where most communities have become cold places filled with strangers instead of friends, where life is becoming empty of meaningful experiences, where the hope for something better is the only thing that keeps people going even though it never comes because forced changes continually interfere. All of this has been intentional on the part of the globalist elite. All of this has been part of the globalist agenda of those who seek to impose a new world order, to weaken the masses and take away their ability to do anything for themselves, to destroy Christian-based morals and values and replace them with their own non-Christian (Satanic) morals and values.

10) Recognize that Trump's agenda and actions support the US Constitution, which has been systematically undermined by elite globalist powers tied to the UN in order to bring about a new world order. Understand that Trump knows the depth of the problem, where it stems from, and how to deal with it using the full power of the presidency. Understand that Trump is systematically removing the strings of power that these globalist elite have used to maintain control over the rest of us. Understand that Trump has been carefully planning this for a long time. Understand that Trump has been very careful from the beginning to cover himself so as not to let on to the elitists what his plans were until it was too late for them to react effectively. Understand that Trump has no corruption on his record. Understand that Trump has never been owned or controlled by anyone (but now willingly places himself as a servant of the People). Understand that this puts him in a unique position as President of the United States that hasn't occurred in a very long time. Understand that his winning the election was unexpected by the elite powers. Understand that because of this, they're fighting hard to undermine his agenda and are using everything at their disposal. Understand that without their ownership or control, Trump is not a puppet of the globalist elite. Understand that Trump's agenda undermines globalization and elite control.

Watch and listen carefully to what Donald Trump promised pre-election:


Don't be fooled by the elitist-controlled MSM. If you don't yet know about the TRUE history of world events over the last 250 years and what has really taken place, please educate yourslelf and don't be afraid to ask others who have the knowledge to help you in doing so.

Trust and believe that the world is now changing for the better. Stand by Trump. What better hope do you have?

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