Monday, March 9, 2015

Robert Duncan’s Harvard Degree: Real or Fake?

Robert Duncan recently posted the following image on peacepink as evidence of his alleged Harvard degree. Notice that it only gives him a Masters in Science, and not a PhD or doctorate of any kind:

I thought I’d see how easy it would be to create a similar document, so I did a search for images of Harvard degrees and found a number of good ones to use as examples:

From these, I selected the one that I thought looked closest to Robert Duncan’s and did a little photo-shopping to change the name to my own. Here’s the result:

As you can see, what I created is at least as impressive looking as what he posted, if not a whole lot more, and I didn’t have to go to Harvard to get it either.
While I was doing this little experiment, I noticed some things about his alleged degree that suggest it’s fake. First, there’s the matter of the red seal in the bottom left corner:

Looking at all the other examples I was able to find online, I noticed that none of them had a red seal at that location. Instead, they almost all have a gold seal at the bottom left that look like these:

Note that the third gold seal above was taken from an image of a degree that was under glass, just like Robert Duncan’s, but the clarity was not nearly as bad as with his, and the embossing can still be easily seen when enlarged, whereas with Robert Duncan’s image, the seal is quite blurry and not nearly as distinguishable.
The only image of a Harvard degree that I was able to find that had a red seal on it was accompanied by a gold seal at the bottom left (as usual), with the red seal at the bottom right. The red seal looks like this:

As you can see, the red seal has a sharply perforated edge and appears to stand out from the page, while the seal on Robert Duncan’s degree appears quite flat and has a much smoother edge. In fact, it appears to be printed rather than embossed.

So what does all of this show? Well, although it doesn’t prove that Robert Duncan’s degree is fake, it does show that what he posted is highly questionable and shouldn’t be taken as any sort of evidence that he has a Harvard degree (certainly not a doctorate), since anyone can produce an image of one with their name on it, just as I’ve done.


  1. Magistrum in latin means DOCTOR of Science. Before you act like a sausage and act like a smart alec (which isn't getting you anywhere). Know your languages.

    That degree appears valid whether you have multiple tantrums or NOT.

  2. Actually, "magistrum' in latin means 'master'. That doesn't equate to being a doctor or having a doctorate.

    I was told it meant 'major' and that was wrong so I'll change it, but it still doesn't make him a doctor or equal a PhD.

    Now what were you saying about acting like a sausage and knowing my languages?

  3. Here's what a Masters in Science is...

    "A Master of Science (Latin: Magister Scientiae; abbreviated MSc, M.Sc., M.Sci., M.Si., Sc.M., M.S., MS) is a postgraduate academic master's degree awarded by universities in many countries. The degree is typically granted for studies in the sciences or engineering or medicine, and is usually for programs that are more focused on scientific and mathematical subjects. While it ultimately depends upon the specific program, individuals that pursue a Master’s of Science degree typically require a thesis."

    So Robert Duncan should have a thesis on record somewhere to at least prove he has this Masters in Science, but he refuses to produce it. It took years to get him to produce that questionable image of a Harvard degree, and he uses the excuse that he doesn't want to give out his personal information, but his actual thesis wouldn't be doing that. Nonetheless, as I've shown, it's very easy to create s fake Harvard degree.

  4. More on what a Masters in Science is (from Wikipedia)...

    "United States[edit]

    The Master of Science (Magister Scientiæ) degree is the primary type in most subjects and may be entirely course-based, entirely research-based, or, (more typically), a combination of the two. The combination often involves writing and defending a thesis or completing a research project which represents the culmination of the material learned.

    Admission to a master's program is normally contingent upon holding a bachelor's degree, and progressing to a doctoral program may require a master's degree. In some fields or graduate programs, work on a doctorate can begin immediately after the bachelor's degree. Some programs provide for a joint bachelor's and master's degree after about five years."

  5. So you can see from the above wiki quote that a masters is a prerequisite for getting a PhD. Where's his proof that he has one? Where's his thesis? Why does his name not come up in Harvard's records? Why is he not licensed by any authoritative body to practice as a 'doctor'? Why does his resume omit the information regarding his schooling (places, dates, degrees earned, etc?

    If you think you have the answers , why don't you explain it? Why can't Robert Duncan explain it?

  6. well for starters phds tend not to "practice" you need to have a credential to practice something. hes not a medical professional.

    engineers can have a masters degree or just a 2 yr degree and still work and provide technical knowledge in a certain scope.

    is it possible he received an honorary doctorate? or was in a phd program and dropped out?

    phd from a different school but did some foundational work at harvard?

    i havent seen his resume yet. its just ..dude. you have some good points but realllly need to smooth out your people skills. youre not necessarily " winning people over " with this writing style.

    1. Robert Duncan advertises himself as a 'doctor' so he should be legally responsible for that and provide some way for people to check his credentials. He refuses to. He should be licensed through some sort of officiating body, just as medical doctors and lawyers are.

      He has never mentioned anything about getting an honorary degree, and even iof he did, there should be some sort of record of that. Harvard has no record of this guy at all. I've been able to check already.

    2. What's wrong with my writing style? I get criticized unfairly (i.e. you saying I'm having tantrums), I criticize back... same with any other type of attitude I get, I just give it back.

    3. justhereMarch 13, 2015 at 11:19 PM

      "national student clearinghouse. pay 10-18 bucks you can verify his masters degree from Harvard. I just did it and got it. so... basically answered this drama in 24 hours that you have had going on for ... almost a year? it is beneficial to be nicer to people Anthony and play nice and be professional."

      Anthony ForwoodMarch 14, 2015 at 2:21 PM

      "Well, if you have proof that he has a degree from Harvard, then please post it. Otherwise you're just adding more empty claims in an attempt to give him credit where it doesn't appear to be due.

      "Anyway, I call 'bullshit', since I've already done the check and it came up negative. So put the evidence where your mouth is.."


      While we await justhere's earliest convenience, a couple of his equally helpful contributions hang in the balance of unreason:

      Harvard refuses 'Honorary Doctorates' to anyone who has already attempted to besmirch their reputation (doubtless more Yale skull-duggery and bone-headedness) by falsely claiming one, whether or not for the purpose of bamboozling besieged targets with bogus science pretentions of preposterously over-reaching ambition, and which typically to go hand in hand with zero real grasp of physics:

      "Let's just move on to the science" appears to be stuck in a time warp with Duncan's self-publicized credentials*: Mister Duncan - not any kind of a Doctor despite his habit of "prescribing" anti-psychotics for v2k, which can't possibly work - has already refused to step up to the plate at the "Anthony Forwood Vs. Robert Duncan" invitational science and technology scamster exposition - 'Anthony Forwood vs. Robert Duncan':

      Feb 17, 2014 - "Although Robert Duncan is scared to come out of the closet and discuss his claims about himself and what he writes in his books, he continues ..."

      Anthony's "style" of telling the truth and providing sources doesn't seem to have all that much appeal to 'justhere' (who no longer appears to be 'here' at all any longer, seemingly having folded along with his tell-tale lie - and apparently is accustomed to a more relaxed and non-discriminating ambience).

      "Play nice and be professional they way you do, Missed Manners? Once your intentions are made clear by the final over-bid (the lie that you have 'evidence' of the fraudulent diploma - the same stupidity by which Duncan himself was explosed, besides his confession), the trail of misrepresentation you have led, from "Magister means doctor" and "tantrums" right on through to your silly "evidence" lie, actually tell their own crooked tale.

      *(Try to remember that "examples of credentials include academic diplomas" for your next lecture, Professor "Know your languages.")

      The sickening part is the pious and hypocritical implication that by "playing nice" and not rocking the boat, justhere's credentials quest gets rewarded by Harvard, who have been 'rejecting' AF's efforts, for the bad grace of actually raising the question in the first place. But no - there's no doctorate. Only more of justhere's "drama".

  7. well im trying to catch up but not get "caught up" in the drama.

    looking at the back of one of his book covers i see
    he has degrees in multiples from dartmouth college and harvard and one cover indicates MIT. Im not sure if his phd is harvard but that documentation shows a very difficult to achieve higher level degree from an ivy league school.

    i would think if he is fraudulently [that would be a serious offense ]claiming a credential from harvard he doesnt have. Report him to harvard university or call harvard university and ask how you verify the credential or not. this should be a year and a half debate. this should be a 10 business day affair and we move on to discussions on the science. - just my 10 cents

    1. Good one! I don't spend much time looking at this guy's stuff any more, now that I'm quite satisfied he's a fraud. You just provided MORE evidence of that. You might ask why he puts PhD after his name on that page but doesn't say anything about getting one in his background info. Just the MS...

  8. national student clearinghouse. pay 10-18 bucks you can verify his masters degree from Harvard. I just did it and got it. so... basically answered this drama in 24 hours that you have had going on for ... almost a year? it is beneficial to be nicer to people Anthony and play nice and be professional.

    1. Well, if you have proof that he has a degree from Harvard, then please post it. Otherwise you're just adding more empty claims in an attempt to give him credit where it doesn't appear to be due.

      Anyway, I call 'bullshit', since I've already done the check and it came up negative. So put the evidence where your mouth is..

  9. I was doing something for TV a few years ago and needed some fake degrees to hang on the wall (props). Clear pics of current Harvard degrees showing the gold seal arent the easiest thing to find, and translating the latin wasnt too much fun either. I just needed something 'passable' to view in the background at a distance, wasn't trying to defraud or misrepresent anyone.
    Anyways, before I ramble anymore, heres my completely fake ones. It has a gold seal but if you look close it just says 'Excellent!' haha. hopefully that link works, you can google UB3RM4RK and click on my twitter and see the pic there if it doesnt.
    So anyways, thats a fake, but I had to put a bit of research into it, and in my completely unprofessional opinion, the picture you show of Robert Duncan's Harvard degree is NOT legit. Of course Im looking at it from an artistic point-of-view, I have no connection to Harvard, or you, or this Rob guy, I just stumbled upon this page and thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.

  10. Anthony, that is a nice fake diploma you made for yourself. Can I can you Ms. Forwood? Because all Harvard diplomas have the gold seal, and women also get the red seal from Radcliffe College. This practice is an old hold-out from when women that went to Harvard attended the all women Radcliffe. As a tradition, they still put the seal on women's diplomas. Although that practice may be ending do to protests from students and alumni.

    1. The diploma image I used originally had a woman's name on it, so what you say makes sense. That means that Robert Duncan's diploma, which also carries a red seal, is actually a woman's diploma? LOL!

  11. Why does Robert Patrick Duncan redact his middle name? His middle name is Patrick, it's not a weird name, so why not display it? And also why cover up the year of graduation? If he weren't a fraud, he would share his academic info just like 99.9% of all other honest, hardworking college graduates do everyday on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

    Robert Duncan is a fraud and liar. He's carved out a niche in the "moron market" and making a living lying about his past. The more someone tells you a lie, the more you tend to believe it. Duncan is a propagandist and he is himself the subject.

    People cannot see him for what he is. He filed bankruptcy and it's in the public records. Sure lot's of people file bankruptcy, they have medical bills, lose houses they can't pay for, try to get a fresh start. But Robert Duncan was not a normal bankruptcy. He was on unemployment and filed with $2,000 or so in assets? His liabilities were some thousands in credit card debt. No real estate, no big hit like medical bills or civil judgment.

    His stupidity is proven by his bankruptcy. He did not need to file. Those debts would have gone away after 7 years anyway. Instead he screwed his credit up for 10 years. That was one moronic thing to do.

  12. There are lots of ways to get a copy of a fake diploma. There are tons of websites for losers who want to purchase a fake diploma. Duncan could have even made an appointment with a real Robert Duncan with a Harvard degree and took that photo in his office. Or asked someone for a photo.

    If Robert P. Duncan wants to clear this controversy up he needs to post his college transcripts, dates of graduation, where his thesis can be studied, etc. This photo with redacted information is phony just like the man who posted it.

    1. I can tell that he doesn't want to clear it up. He likes the controversy. He wants people to fear him as much as he wants to fill their heads with his BS. If you look at how he acts on Jess Ventura's Conspiracy Theory, you can see that he's trying to put that across to the viewers (with Ventura's help). It's all a staged act. It intrigues people...

  13. I was reading through this blog and found a comment that Robert Duncan made. He said "I just got back from work..." So that is interesting. He's in Boise, so where does he work? Target, 31 Flavors? If he loved his fans he would share what he does for work there in little Boise. We should as him what his day job is.

  14. He claims that he teaches some sort of computer course, but that could just be a night-school type of thing, since he really doesn't seem to have any real skills in anything beyond basic computer programming, from what I can discern from his books.

    When I read them, I'm reminded of the computer hackers from the 90's when they were all about breaching systems and writing viruses to see how much damage they could do to people. I think that's how he passed his time back then, and his limited skills have since been turned towards writing sci-fi type books about these imaginary mind-control systems he claims to have helped develop. He continually refers to hacking concepts when he discusses the technology.

    He wants people to think that the brain is as simple as a computer and the mind is as simple as software and that they can be manipulated in the same way.

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  16. Well, for what its worth, that Harvard dilpoma is a fake, and the dead giveaway is that they quit printing their diplomas in latin in the 60's, before this bozo was even born

    1. For the record, Harvard College's UNDERGRADUATE degree (A.B.) ceased to be printed in Latin in the early 1960's. Several of Harvard University's GRADUATE schools still print degrees in Latin, including the Faculty of Arts & Sciences (FAS). It depends on the specific graduate school within Harvard that is conferring the degree, so it's inaccurate to say that this purported master's degree is a fake simply because it is in Latin. I do think it's a fake for other reasons, including the fact that only females get the red seal along with the gold as a remnant of Radcliffe.

    2. Yup. I'm pretty sure that the image I used for the fake degree I made above was from a female's real degree.

      Thanks for the input.

  17. Whoa - that is too funny F8 - about the deplomas not being printed in Latin when he claims he graduated from Harvard.

    I too wondered about the middle name being redacted. There are more than 1 Robert Duncan's in this country and one of the other Robert Duncan's is an author too.

    I don't think that Anthony is being the least bit dramatic. Duncan is a man who has been banking on having many vulnerable people buy his book and spreading his nonsensical BS, so that he becomes famous some day.

    Anthony's exposing him for what he is will save a lot of people from becoming terribly confused - as I was when I first bought this man's nonsense.

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