Sunday, October 19, 2014

Some Questions for Derrick Robinson and FFCHS

Why do you collect targeting information from TIs? How is this information used? How do you screen out false or delusional claims that might otherwise hurt TI's chances of getting real help or which help to make the entire TI community look like a bunch of fools who will believe anything they might read or hear? Or do you even bother to? Why do you encourage TIs to send their stories to government bodies, no matter how unbelievable they might be? Do you think that this helps TIs in any way? Do you think that it encourages TIs to be believed?

Isn't it possible that you could actually be monitoring TIs for the government perps who run the mind-control and targeting programs, and that you're looking for certain types of people that would be good candidates for various mind-control programs? And speaking of mind-control, why isn't any information about the psychological techniques that are commonly used included with all the other material you have on your website? Is it because you don't want TIs to be aware of these techniques? Why do you promote material from the likes of Robert Duncan, who has absolutely no credibility to speak of (I checked), who has even admitted on a mailing list that you and other FFCHS directors belonged to to being a perp, a liar, and a paid government infiltrator (I have the evidence), and whose claims about the technologies he describes deserve the closer scrutiny that he continually avoids? Psychological mind-control techniques are directly related to targeting as much or more so than the technology he promotes as real, and mind-control is one of the essential objectives in most or all targeting programs. Being able to identify these techniques should be the first step taken in avoiding the intended result of targeting, whether it be through electronic technologies or anything else. If you had any credibility as an advocate for TIs, you would know this. You also completely ignore the issue of COINTELPRO tactics (and even engage in them yourself), and these are very important for every TI to learn about and understand if they want to avoid the many purposeful traps that are constantly being laid by government perps to derail efforts at exposing these organized targeting programs. You only reflect certain parts of the whole picture on your site and through your published material, and for such an organization as yours, prominently positioned in the TI community and filled as it is with 'ex'-government agents from such unscrupulous agencies as the NSA, DOD, etc., who should therefore be quite familiar with COINTELPRO tactics, and claiming to be going to all this effort for all these years to help TIs, I'd think that these things would be very obvious to you and just as important to inform TIs about as anything else you promote as fact.

Of course, at this point I don't expect you to actually be considrate enough to provide any answers to my very valid questions, given the fact that you've consistently failed to do so in the past, both with me and with anyone else who has asked you these sorts of very important questions that deserve straight answers. Instead, you responded in typical COINTELPRO fashion by posting an announcement on your website warning TIs about 'organizations' who seek only to destroy your credibility, and state that you're 'saddened' that you can't unite with them (whoever they are, you don't bother to say), but you offer no means for an open dialogue to resolve what are surely important issues in your own mind regarding how you reflect on the TI community. I would ask you to at least name the parties you call 'organizations' (since I'm told by a number of your long-time members that you consider me to be one of them, even though I'm just one person and certainly not anything that could be called an organization), and explain how their (and my) attempts to establish your credibility can be interpreted as attempts to discredit you. After all, YOU have done nothing in the entire time that FFCHS has been around that would establish your own credibility, or that of the people that you work most closely with (such as Robert Duncan, Julianne McKinney, Max Williams, Timothy White, Ken Wilbourne Jr., etc.) , and so it's come to the point that many of us in the TI community are wondering if you have any credibility at all. Hiding from doing so and making excuses not to only ends up making you look worse in the end. Your track record at being unsuccessful at whatever you endeavor to do as an organization, aside from promoting yourself and certain purposely disorienting disinformation that already heavily permeates the TI community, leads to the conclusion that you are not capable of your self-appointed task and are actually damaging the credibility of real TIs rather than helping them. You owe it to the tax-payers to justify the continuation of your organization's existence as a non-profit establishment, since you, Derrick Robinson, have been personally taking advantage of it through the proceeeds and privileges that it brings you, whether legally or not.

And speaking of legalities, after having looked at your non-profit status bylaws, I understand that your organization is NOT entitled to seek membership fees or involve itself in disseminating propaganda of any sort, and yet you do both of these things and little of anything else. The sort of material you consistently publish and promote (whether directly or indirectly through others who work with you) raises many questions as to its accuracy and the real purpose for promoting it, but since you and anyone who works with your organization refuses to discuss any of this material in order to establish its accuracy, it stands to reason that it is propaganda, since it fits well within that definition and has a definite negative influence on people's perceptions of the truth that could only be advantageous to the perpetrators of all this targeting and mind-control. Only by being open enough to discuss this material can it be shown to be true or false, and this seems to be the only reason that you and those who work with you avoid engaging in such discussions. You KNOW its propaganda, and that promoting it is necessary to your continued personal financial arrangements. Promoting the propagandist material you do is enough for you to lose your non-profit status. The fact that you collect membership fees and spend most of it on yourself is another. What will the IRS do when they find out about all this, as they surely will? If you lose your organization as a financial foundation for you to live off of, where do you plan to sleep at night, Derrick? In your janitor's closet?

It's time you came forward and dealt with the many questions that you have raised in the minds of real TIs. Hiding from them while accusing anyone who asks them of attempting to discredit you is such a weak cop-out! If you want to unite with others, as you stated, you have to show some credibility by your words and actions, which you never have in all the time your organization has existed. Otherwise you're just a criminal and a coward, and more obviously seen as working for the government perpetrators.


  1. QUOTE: Isn't it possible that you could actually be monitoring TIs for the government

    I thought this right away when I saw the data surveys run by FFCHS and I also share your suspicions about Robert Duncan.
    How do you feel about the fact that Derrick Robertson has now stood down from the board?

    1. I haven't been following their activities since the beginning of the year, but I expected that Derrick would eventually give up, due to his failure to succeed in anything at all besides making himself out to be a dipshit.

      The question is, WHO is taking his place? Or is FFCHS finally folding?

  2. FFCHS finally folded and Derrick stepped down due to many accusations that concur with what you have stated above.

    When I was asked to help on the 800 Help line I was to ask many personal questions of people who called in for help. I was to ask for their address, email, phone number, symptoms, whether they had sought help,and if so from whom, etc. It didn't feel right so I stopped volunteering on the 800 Help Line.

    Again, thank you for your post.