Tuesday, October 14, 2014

About Facebook

Facebook is fascist. "Fascist Book" would be a much more appropriate name for it. 
I have ALWAYS used my real name online. My real name is Anthony Forwood. You will not find me using any other name anywhere on the internet. Unlike those people whose intentions are questionable, I have nothing to hide that requires that I use a fake identity. As a real targeted individual, I want what I post online to be associated with the real me and not some anonymous person, so that should I ever have to refer to it in my defense, I have a base of evidence to show that I am the person reflected in my words. What others might say about me behind my back or accuse me of without providing any evidence is inconsequential to me... something I can't be expected to control. Only my written words with my name attached, posted here on my blog, can serve to speak for my character, and nothing else. 
A few years ago, I had a conflict with a person on facebook who was using the pseudonym 'OSI Informers', and who was (and still is) promoting a fake lawsuit and trying to get TIs to pay him money to join in on it. I soon discovered that this person's real name was Greg Gamache, although he continually denied it when confronted about it and even threatened me with a lawsuit for somehow having slandered him by pointing out his fraudulent scheme. As soon as I started warning people about him, he reported to facebook that I was using a fake name. My account was immediately blocked and facebook expected me to identify a series of randomly selected photos that had been posted by people on my extensive 'friends list' and tell them who posted them before I could access my account again. As would be expected, I couldn't identify any of them, since they were all obscure photos, none of which could have been expected to be familiar to me unless I had studied and memorized everything that the people on my 'friends list' had posted up until then. I ended up abandoning that facebook account and creating a new one... using my real name again. 
I was able to keep this second account until a few weeks ago, when I posted PROOF that Greg Gamache, 'OSI Informers', and 'Will Litigate' were all the same person. This proof consisted of screen shots of facebook posts where he was using each these various accounts and admitting that he was the same person as the other accounts (see my previous post). Soon after having done this, I found that my account was blocked once again, with the same ridiculous expectation of me to identify a series of randomly chosen photos that were purportedly posted by people on my 'friends list'. I abandoned the account, and facebook as well. Who needs this shit? 
I had tried to inform facebook that the person who was continually reporting my account as fake was himself using various fake accounts, and was attempting to use facebook to scam people out of money, but they apparently didn't care about any of this even though they obviously believed his lie about me, since he's continued to freely use all of his fake accounts since then and still does. I have also reported threats and abusive comments he has made to me on facebook, with nothing at all being done about them. Obviously, facebook supports his lawsuit scam, and by providing him with a platform to promote it, they are criminal accomplices by aiding and abetting him. 
I should also point out at this point that facebook has been an accomplice in other scams in the past as well, by providing a platform for the fake victims of Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing hoax to accumulate millions of dollars in donations from a deceived public. 
I can only conclude that facebook is involved in targeting people by giving excessive leeway to people like Greg Gamache/Will Litigate/OSI Informers, who engage in these activities while hiding behind a multitude of fake names. Facebook is actually designed to make targeting of individuals far easier than it is on any other internet forums, allowing for cyber-stalking by providing the 'follow' feature, allowing for isolation of targets without their realization by using 'sock puppet' accounts to surround them, as well as by allowing users to surreptitiously change public groups to secret (hidden) groups where a person can then be abused or otherwise manipulated without anyone else seeing. Most significantly, facebook makes it very easy to compile personal information on people that can then be used by people like Greg Gamache/Will Litigate/OSI Informers to target selected individuals. I suspect that facebook also provides profiling capabilities to the fascist US government, and may even provide that information to people like Greg Gamache/OSI Informers/Will Litigate, who they appear to favor and give special privileges to. 
Facebook doesn't really care about people who use fake names, although they pretend to. They only care about making targeting easy and allowing perpetrators like Greg Gamache/Will Litigate/OSI Informers to have free reign in conducting criminal activities and targeting of others on their site. 
It's already known that facebook works hand-in-hand with the fascist intelligence organs of the US government who have a desire to identify and incapacitate freedom-lovers and free-thinkers like myself in typical COINTELPRO fashion. Facebook is the world's largest internet forum with millions of daily users. That it would block my account and not allow me any realistic way of proving that I am who I claim to be while people with OBVIOUS fake names are allowed to continue to operate so freely on their site and engage in criminal activities that are geared towards scamming innocent people out of their money or otherwise harassing and abusing them can only mean one thing... that FACEBOOK IS FASCIST and prefers those users who resort to underhanded tactics to get away with their con jobs and cover up their crimes.
I could just as easily create a new facebook account and continue on as before, still using my real name, but because of Greg Gamache's actions and the failure of facebook to deal with it appropriately, I've decided to take this all to a new level and do some things I wouldn't normally do. 
I'm coming for you Greg Gamache. You created a criminal scam to draw in suckers and take their money, but you'll find yourself caught up in your own deceit soon enough.


  1. I've recently been blocked from Youtube as well, for no given reason. I was simply looking at and commenting on videos showing actual instances of police abuse, as well as other videos that explain common law vs. statutory law and how to avoid the police, courts, and other government entities from manipulating us out of our natural god-given rights. I did not breach their terms of service and there is no way for me to deal with this with any expectation of getting my access back. Many Youtube users are currently being targeted for providing these sorts of videos. The videos are extremely revealing, and it's quite obvious that the government doesn't want this information out there. It could be the thing that brings down their whole house of cards. I urge my readers to look into this subject for themselves.

  2. I use my real name too for the same reasons.To be fair though people get doxxed after getting into arguments with people online so I don't blame most people for being anonymous.