Friday, April 11, 2014

Still More Interesting Facts Surrounding Aaron Alexis and FFCHS

by Anthony Forwood

When the Aaron Alexis story broke, some TIs contacted FFCHS to advise they knew him from FFCHS programs, confirmed FFCHS board member, Timothy White.”

- Back in February of 2011, Alexis reported to a doctor that he was suffering from tinnitus. He stated that he had been suffering from it since 2009, when he was in the Navy. [1]

- A friend of Alexis’ in Fort Worth named Nutpisit Suthamtewakul claimed that Alexis “always thought someone was trying to hurt him”, and that “he was afraid of people”. [3] How far back this goes is uncertain, but it can be assumed that it was while Alexis was still in the military, since Fort Worth is a military base. This claim indicates that Alexis was already suffering from paranoia long before he ever got involved with FFCHS. This means that he would have already been at a point of suggestibility where he would likely buy into whatever FFCHS members might have told him or whatever he might have read on their website.

- Alexis had a past history of shooting guns at people (twice before), [1] which may have been something that FFCHS knew about if they were more involved with him than they’re letting on, and this knowledge could have been a deciding factor in using him as a high-profile shooter in order to create an incident that would both promote TIs as dangerous wackjobs in the MSM and give FFCHS some publicity to other potential members who for whatever reason might think they’re being targeted and are foolish enough to turn to them for help.

- The incident Alexis had at the Virginia airport occurred on August 4, and it involved a family that he aggressively confronted for some unexplained reason. [1] He began talking about hearing voices and being followed around shortly after this.

- A month before the shootings, Alexis started telling friends and coworkers that he was a victim of a secret government mind-control program. [2] We can see the possible influence of FFCHS here, since Alexis really had no way to be certain that he was involved in any mind-control program other than to be led to that idea through reading suggestive material on the FFCHS website and because he started hearing voices at about this time. He made no references to anything else that would have led him to believe this. He said nothing about the voices telling him he was involved in any program. However, in my own experience, I’ve noticed that FFCHS members are very quick to insist to TIs that the TI is a victim of electronic mind-control, merely because they show one or a few symptoms that might or might not be caused by it. They will deny any other possibilities, and even gang up on a TI and bombard them with claims in order to try to persuade them to believe what they say. Any TI who is already confused and desperate to understand what’s going on and is seeking any sort of support will tend to give in to such a tactic, at least until they have a chance to clear their heads and think rationally. However, once they accept this situation and allow these people to be their support structure, they never get a chance to clear their heads. In true cultic fashion, the beliefs that are instilled in them are continually reinforced and built on while the threat of abandonment by their support group is either subtly or not-so-subtly made evident if they choose to disagree. So, could Alexis have been involved with FFCHS members long enough to have been influenced this way? The evidence is beginning to show that the answer is yes. Further, the evidence suggests that this involvement is being deliberately covered up.

- FFCHS executive board member Max H. Williams states that he was the person who brought Alexis’ emails to the attention of the other FFCHS board members, and that this occurred after the FBI contacted Williams about the email exchanges. He states that the FBI agents produced an email from Alexis to him, as well as Williams’ response. [2][3] So where is that email response? What had Williams said to Alexis in that email? Why did the FBI approach Williams, when it was Derrick Robinson who supposedly had the longest exchange with Alexis? Was Williams in communication with Alexis prior to Sept. 1? Why was his email not released along with the others? What are they hiding? Is this email (or emails) what the FBI is hiding by not releasing them in an FOI request while allowing Derrick Robinson to freely publish the others?

- Max Williams is another ‘ex’-government employee, having worked in the State Department. [2] Add him to the list of probable government plants working within that highly questionable organization known as FFCHS.

- Apparently, Alexis contacted FFCHS again, just days before the shooting. [2] This completely contradicts the claim that the only emails received were those from Sept. 1 that have been published. What was in this email? Why hasn’t it been released? Why was this email only ever mentioned once, and never again? Why is FFCHS attempting to twist the story to make it appear that Alexis only contacted them on Sept. 1? The more I scour and re-scour news articles about this story and put the pieces together, the more these important little factoids stand out that would have otherwise been overlooked.

- Although all manner of electromagnetic frequencies can be involved in electronic weaponry (as most intelligent TIs know), FFCHS board member Timothy White insists that they are strictly ELF waves, and he says he has to constantly correct Derrick Robinson, who continually refers to microwaves. [2] This suggests two things: that neither Derrick Robinson or Timothy White seem to know anything about the technology (but I think that’s just a ploy used to mislead TIs), and that Alexis’ belief that ELF waves were being used on him stems directly from FFCHS (ELF waves aren’t known to cause V2K). The insistence that these weapons only use ELF waves completely disregards the known methods of inducing V2K, which most commonly uses microwaves. That FFCHS would attempt to disregard microwave technologies is very questionable. The misunderstandings that this will cause many TIs who trust these people’s supposed intelligence will certainly slow down their ability to deal with their problem. FFCHS must certainly realize this.

- Although it appears that a total of six emails were exchanged between FFCHS board members and Alexis, [4] this doesn’t account for those that Williams admitted to FBI agents having sent him, nor the most recent one that they received only a few days before the shooting. I posted all but the sixth of these published emails in my a recent blog (Was Washington Shooter Aaron Alexis an FFCHS ‘Success’?), and the sixth one would be the final one where Derrick Robinson suggested that they communicate through Instant Messaging, which Alexis never responded to. So where does Williams’ email exchange fit in? And what about the most recent one? Obviously, something is totally amiss here, and there were more exchanges going on than are being admitted to. Since only those emails that were exchanged between Derrick Robinson and Aaron Alexis have been released, and because a Freedom of Information request to the FBI for any information relating to FFCHS and Aaron Alexis resulted in the response that that information was exempt from FOI requests, we can be fairly certain that whatever was said between Aaron Alexis and Max Williams, and whatever was in that last email, is being covered up. The FBI wouldn’t bother to withhold all information while allowing FFCHS to release some of it. I believe that FFCHS’s involvement with Alexis was either a complete fabrication (with total government complicity), or else Alexis was being directed and controlled by someone at FFCHS (perhaps Max Williams?) as part of a government sanctioned shooting.

- An interesting statement that was made by Julianne McKinney (another ‘ex’-government agent deeply involved with FFCHS) in her report on gang-stalking and electronic harassment from as early as 1992, is the following:

The long-term objectives of these harassment and experimentation campaigns appear to be quite fundamental; viz.,

(1) induce a sense of perverted “loyalty” toward the very agencies engaged in the individual’s harassment, to confuse his or her priorities where the possibility of obtaining legal redress might be concerned;

(2) redirect the targeted individual’s feelings of hopelessness, anger and frustration toward racial and ethnic groups, and toward select, prominent political figures, to include the President of the United States; and

(3) force the individual to commit an act of violence, whether suicide or murder, under conditions which can be plausibly denied by the government.

A question arises as to how she could have possibly known this in 1992. At the time that she wrote her report, she had only interviewed about 20 to 30 people claiming to be targeted, and there hadn’t been enough time for things to unfold for this sort of conclusion to be drawn. I mean, after all, she’s saying (based only on her very small number of interviews) that TIs were being perverted in their loyalties to government agencies, that their frustration was being redirected towards select targets, and that they were being coerced to act violently. There’s very little in her report (that I can remember offhand) that would indicate that more than one or two of the people she interviewed had ever gone to or even contemplated such drastic measures. That all came later. She’s either a psychic, or she was preparing the stage for what was to come. As I will repeatedly say, we’re dealing with a MAJOR psyop that has been going on since the start of MKULTRA and which has many active arms, and gang-stalking and electronic harassment are just two small aspects of it. It includes satanic groups, secret societies, New Age cults, pedophile rings, serial killers, ‘lone nut’ shooters, drug trafficking networks, sex slavery, arms dealing, and of course, mind control and mind-control technologies.

Just to put McKinney’s statement into perspective, at the time that she wrote her report, satanically-inclined serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer were at their greatest height and reports of satanic abuse were beginning to increase dramatically (a survey of 800 psychologists in the San Diego area in 1992 revealed that between them, they had received 5,731 reports of satanic ritual abuse from their patients), and the False memory Syndrome Foundation was established that year by known pedophiles and MKULTRA researchers to counter the growing claims of SRA and pedophilia that were directly linked to secret government programs like MKULTRA, and from those to the elite’s international pedophile/sex slave ring. But ‘lone nut’ shooters were still incredibly rare in 1992, and their numbers would only begin to increase in the following years. Interestingly, most of them that lived to tell about it would describe having heard voices that compelled them to act out Here’s a list of ‘lone nut’ shooters I’ve compiled that goes back to before McKinney’s report: Patrick Purdy in 1989, Carl Campbell in 1991, Wayne Lo in 1992, Alan Winterbourne in 1993, Ralph Tortorici in 1994, Christopher Shaw Scalley in 1995, Martin Bryant in 1996, Jillian Robbins in 1996, Luke Woodham and Grant Boyette in 1997, Michael Carneal in 1997, Mitchell Scott Johnson and Andrew Douglas Golden in 1998, Andrew Wurst in 1998, Kip Kinkel in 1998, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in 1999, Todd Cameron Smith in 1999, T.J. Solomon in 1999, Larry Gene Ashbrook in 1999, Seth Trickey in 1999, Michael McDermott in 2000, Charles Williams in 2001, Doug Williams in 2003, Jeff Weise in 2005, Kyle Aaron Huff in 2006, Charles Carl Roberts in 2006, Suleiman Talovic in 2007, Seung-Hui Cho in 2007, Richard Ayala in 2009, Tim Kretschmer in 2009, Jiverly Wong in 2009, Nidal Malik Hasan in 2009, Jared Lee Loughner in 2011, Eduardo Sencion in 2011, Ross Truett Ashley in 2011, T.J. Lane in 2012, Ian Stawicki in 2012, James Holmes in 2012, Wade Michael Page in 2012, Andrew Engeldinger in 2012, Jacob Tyler Roberts in 2012, Adam Lanza in 2012, and Aaron Alexis in 2013.

As I said, Julianne McKinney must either be psychic to have predicted that far back that TIs would be led to engage in such acts, or else she must have known something about the real agenda of the fascist US government’s terroristic plans for the future and was doing her part to begin to develop an online targeted community to be used for future ‘human resources’ (the internet was just coming online to the public at the time). I remember that her report was already being widely circulated among online conspiracy groups that early on, planting seeds in people’s minds.

If we consider McKinney’s statement above in light of the manner that FFCHS members routinely act, how loyal they are to Derrick Robinson and FFCHS, and how very possible it would be for such an organization to pervert their member’s loyalties while confusing their priorities where issues of legal redress might be concerned (see my repost of BobS’s blog about Derrick Robinson’s losing strategies and ineffectual methods), we can see that what McKinney was describing is exactly what FFCHS seems to be. All that’s missing are the hopeless, angry, and frustrated individuals who are ready to snap… Oh, wait a minute. That’s not right. They already had FFCHS member John Turner of Florida snap and kill his wife and neighbor before killing himself, and then more recently they had Aaron Alexis snap only a few days after he last contacted them. How many others are there that I haven’t yet heard about? How many of those wackjob FFCHS members who harass TIs online and promote the most ludicrous stories are ready to snap… or lead someone else to? (This deserves its own article, describing what FFCHS members did to Nana Faye in an attempt to make her snap. Maybe I’ll get to that some time in the future.)

As I said before, satanists love the double-cross, and this statement by McKinney reeks of one. They like to put the truth out there in plain sight but distorted in such a way as to mislead people in the opposite direction and right into a trap. Julianne McKinney laid it out exactly the way it is, but she wanted her readers to think only in terms of government agencies like the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. FFCHS, being filled with ‘ex’-government agents that are forever tied to their government masters due to the lifelong oaths they’ve taken, makes it a government agency of sorts.

- If we consider the fact that Derrick Robinson, Julianne McKinney, Max Williams, and Robert Duncan ALL have deep ties to the government (or claim to), that they ALL claim to be TIs, and yet they ALL operate without any apparent repercussions from the government that they claim to be blowing the whistle on (although I have yet to hear any whistling), then we must seriously wonder how that can possibly be, when so many others are being targeted heavily for no apparent reason. After all, FFCHS admits that it’s ultimately the government that’s targeting people, and they claim to have insider information about the technology and to have even worked on it (in Robert Duncan’s case), and yet they consistently fail to utilize that knowledge in any way whatsoever to expose it or even help others find a way to defend themselves against it, except where it profits them personally (and even there, they provide nothing but highly questionable information that doesn’t reveal anything and only leads to false beliefs about the government’s technological capabilities). When was the last time any of them were stalked or harassed by the government, or by anyone else for that matter? They might say that they are, but like Robert Duncan, who interprets my public expose on him and my challenge to discuss his claims in public as ‘stalking’, all the while continually sending me taunting emails, you can be sure that the others in that group will twist facts and lie just the same if they feel it’s necessary to make themselves look legitimate. But as far as I know, Derrick Robinson only ever alludes to some vague past targeting that seems to have ended long ago, Julianne McKinney has NEVER claimed to be targeted, Robert Duncan says he was targeted and forced by his attackers to write his books (making them that much more likely to be disinformation) but doesn’t ever speak about any current targeting and acts exactly like any perp would act. Max Williams and Timothy White I know very little about at this point, but time will definitely tell.

- As for other members of FFCHS that I know about, Dee Hardin, who harasses FFCHS detractors on facebook, doesn’t appear to be any sort of TI at all, and has never described any sort of targeting experiences that I know of. Linda Johnson, who pretends to not like Dee Hardin but is actually working closely with her in this effort by schmoozing with potential targets in order to find out information for Dee, continually uses the same one incident to legitimize herself as a TI, but has nothing more than that to justify calling herself one. Paul Stayton, who I questioned about the merits of his posted claims on the FFCHS website, proved himself to have a typical perp mentality by the manner in which he responded to my questions, as can be seen elsewhere on my blog. Renate Detels, who lives in my city and who I met one day, is a totally paranoid wackjob who literally peers around corners and thinks that every passing stranger is a perp out to get her. You’re in great company when you hook up with FFCHS members! Just the sort of people you want around you when you’re dealing with this stuff for real! Not one of these people can explain how they’re so sure that their experiences are caused by what they claim, and they’re careful to never claim much other than the same old lines that are becoming rather worn out by over-use and sound like they were dictated to them to say. REAL TIs who KNOW that they’re being targeted and aren’t just guessing should be able to provide enough information to show that they took more than just one possibility into consideration before they drew any conclusions about their experiences, and having done so, they would be in a position to defend their beliefs about their experiences using logic and reason. None of these people that I’ve mentioned can do that, and none of them are even interested in doing so. So they obviously never have. They want to believe what they do, no matter how insane it sounds and no matter that such insane claims would never be accepted by anyone who had the power to help TIs. FFCHS knows this very well. These lying members must realize it as well, since they aren’t interested in helping TIs either, and only seek to pursuade them to believe the most ridiculous things. FFCHS wants people like Dee Hardin, Linda Johnson, Paul Stayton, and Renate Detels on their team, so that those gullible people who are easily led to believe in their insane claims will be drawn in, mind-fucked some more, and then sent out to promote the same wacky claims further, making the entire TI community sound like brainless idiots. THIS is the real agenda of FFCHS. And people like Aaron Alexis are just a token bonus for them to take cold-hearted advantage of for their own selfish publicity.

Not one FFCHS board member has shown any remorse for the tragedy that occurred in Washington on Sept. 16, 2013. They have not shown any concern about the matter other than how much publicity it gives them. Think about that, if you still think they’re a legitimate organization that truly has TI’s concerns at heart. Think about how Derrick Robinson dealt with Aaron Alexis, and how YOU would react if you needed immediate help and turned to them, only to be blown off so coldly. Think about that one last email that Alexis sent to them only a few days prior to the shooting, and ask yourself why it was downplayed to the point of being forgotten about and never mentioned again. Think about what it might have said, given the frustration that Alexis was already having in getting help from that organization. Think about why it might have been exempted from release by the FBI.

Don’t take things at face value. FFCHS is one arm of a major psyop campaign, and nothing that’s going on in the TI community is as simple or obvious as it might appear. Look at the little details that are first overlooked regarding the Alexis affair, which I have covered in my last three blogs. Think critically about these details, and how they DON’T add up to the ‘official’ story, but DO add up to an intentional deception and coverup on the part of FFCHS board members and their fascist government masters.

* * *


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