Thursday, April 10, 2014

More on Derrick Robinson and Aaron Alexis

by Anthony Forwood

Let’s look at the timeline of events surrounding Aaron Alexis in the days and weeks before he went on his suicidal rampage:

1) Sometime before he started being targeted, Alexis had an altercation with someone at the Virginia Airport, which he later claimed was the probable cause of his targeting.

2) On Aug. 7, Alexis called police claiming that, after the altercation, he was stalked by three people and heard voices through the walls ceiling and floor and that he felt the individuals were pulsing him with a microwave weapon, which kept him from sleep.

2) By Aug. 23, he was in the VA complaining of insomnia without mentioning the stalking incidents. He was prescribed sleeping pills, but just five days later he was back at the VA emergency room asking for more pills, and he was then prescribed an antidepressant.

3) On Sept. 1, Alexis contacted the board members of FFCHS seeking help. Derrick Robinson responded within fifteen minutes, giving Alexis a form-letter type of response. When Alexis responded back, Derrick Robinson appeared to be only interested in whatever information Alexis has to offer about the technology, and suggested that he might be useful on the FFCHS team. At this, Alexis stopped responding.

4) On Sept. 16, Alexis became the suspected mass shooter of twelve people at one of the most secure military bases in the country. He was allegedly killed by police.

5) When Derrick Robinson publicly announced that he had had email communications with Alexis prior to the shooting, FFCHS board member Timothy White claimed that many members had reported seeing Alexis at past FFCHS events.

6) A look at Alexis’ emails to FFCHS reveals that he had no idea of what was occurring regarding his attacks until he found the FFCHS website, and his emails suggest that this was the first time he had been there. However, his past attendance at FFCHS events, and the fact that he already suspected it was ELF weapons as far back as August 7, leads to the conclusion that he had been involved with that organization since at least that date, and this is where he got the information about ELF weapons.

When Derrick Robinson so unconcernedly blew Alexis off in his first email response with a rather cold form-letter response that merely invited him to get involved with their activities, Alexis made absolutely no mention of any earlier involvement with them, which you would expect he would have, considering he was now going to the board members for help. Was he really involved with FFCHS earlier on, or was that just an added piece of disinfo to embellish a false scenario with seeming facts? Who exactly are these members who recall seeing Alexis at these events? Have they been questioned by the FBI as well? If not, why not? What do they have to reveal about this man? Who talked to him at these FFCHS events? Or did everyone just ignore him?

That Derrick Robinson has treated this alleged tragedy as an opportunity for publicity rather than to have shown any remorse at all over what (allegedly) took place, reveals his sociopathic mindset. This raises the question more than anything else as to whether this was a staged event designed to promote FFCHS among the targeted community while making TIs look like dangerous wackjobs to the MSM crowd.

But I’m not so quickly convinced that it was staged. At least not by just one man who ended it with his life. I’m growing more and more suspect that FFCHS, and Derrick Robinson in particular, are satanic to their roots, are tied into the larger network most of us have heard about that involves itself with pedophilia, drug running, satanic activities, sex slaves, ‘lone nut shooters’, and serial killers, and that this shooting incident was designed along similar lines to the Sandy Hook and Boston bombing hoaxes, which have proved in short time how easy it is for the satanists in government and media to fool the public using high-profile events to benefit their evil causes. And FFCHS is evil.

I suspect that Aaron Alexis had been involved with Derrick Robinson for far longer than the latter admits, and that mind-control was being used on Alexis by FFCHS, leading him into the actions that he took.

This isn’t the first person who was involved with FFCHS who suddenly snapped and killed others before they killed themselves. And by the way that FFCHS members act toward anyone who questions their wild claims or the motives of FFCHS, I’d say that they’re ALL under some form of mind-control. Not one of them can discuss anything using logic and reason or without turning the discussion into personal attacks. These are typical perp tactics from people who are so mind-controlled that they can only follow the orders of their FFCHS handlers and repeat only what they’ve been told to repeat while refusing to properly consider other possibilities.

I wouldn’t make this claim about FFCHS and Derrick Robinson except for the fact that I was apparently hit with an electronic attack through the computer while on the FFCHS website, which led me to realize that they’re using electronic weapons on their detractors. I’ve had other strange experiences that tie to them as well, but they’re so insignificant as to not be worth detailing, other than to say that computer hacking is also within their arsenal, and the closer you get to the central figures at FFCHS, the worse these experiences get. The same goes for people involved in other areas of this massive satanic network, such as Michael Aquino, who attempted to use the same methods on me as FFCHS members have. It all starts to tie together into one group using the same tactics as you dig at the different corners of this giant psyop.

Aaron Alexis stated that he had been getting voices for a few months. We don’t know at this point whether it started before or after he got involved with FFCHS, but it seems that it would have been what led him to them. So, given the likelihood that he was already being targeted with electronic weapons before he got involved, how did this belief affect his perceptions of what was going on? If you read his emails (see my last blog), you can see that he already had the ideas in his mind by then that he was being beamed with voices by people nearby, that he was being followed, etc. But he fails to elucidate on HOW he knew this, which is very common with FFCHS members. In my view, I see this as him having been influenced to believe these things early on without ever really analyzing the situations that led him to believe it, as many purported TIs fail to do. I don’t mean to suggest that he wasn’t being targeted or that he didn’t hear voices… I mean to say that the initial altercation at the Virginia airport may have made him paranoid, leading him to information about gang-stalking and electronic harassment, which in turn led him to seek out FFCHS and get involved in their events, which led to him being targeted by FFCHS and ultimately used in a media event that he just happened to become the ideal recruit for. It’s not at all inconceivable that FFCHS would take someone who is already being targeted by someone else and to target them as well with similar weapons, leading them to react violently while all blame for the targeting goes to the other party involved. Satanists LOVE to pull double-crosses on people.

These are my thoughts about all this at this early point. As I do more research and continue to communicate with certain people who have started contacting me to tell me about their experiences with Derrick Robinson and FFCHS, I’ll provide more information and thoughts. I will NOT disclose the identities of those people who contact me to provide information, for their own safety.

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