Friday, February 15, 2013

Gang-Stalkers in the Family - My 'Brother' Garry Forwood

By Anthony Forwood

My initial gang-stalking perps included my immediate family members (brothers, sisters, and mother).

Before I fully realized this and was almost at the point of permanently separating myself from them anyway, (due to years of psychological abuse) in 2005, my oldest brother Garry Forwood offered to give me his old laptop computer because I was starting to do a lot of writing. I thought this was just one of his rare gestures of kindness towards me that didn’t have strings attached (usually they did), but within weeks of getting it I realized that it was only given to me in order to spy on me.

Garry Forwood - Satanist

When he told me he was going to give it to me, he said that he needed a few weeks to remove all of his personal files and reinstall the basic software. This should have only required a few hours at the most, but at the time, I didn't question it, even though I did think it was an unusually extensive amount of time.

Soon after I received the computer, I started noticing weird activity on it more and more. Most significant was the fact that the hard-drive light would flicker every few seconds, no matter if the machine was being used or not. I went through all of the settings in order to try to figure out why it was always showing this hard-drive activity. I shut everything down that I could find that might be causing this (there was really nothing that I could find that could have been causing it). The only thing I didn't shut down at that point was the remote-access features. At the time, I wasn't thinking that it was being accessed that way. I just thought it was something to do with the Windows software settings.

Then, one night I woke up at 4:00 am to find the hard-drive light flickering madly. It kept going for a long time, and I was unable to log on because of it. I had to cut the power to stop it.

That was the point that I first suspected that someone might be remotely accessing it. Because of the strange way my brother had responded to my earlier claims when I told him that I suspected I was under surveillance for some reason, my suspicions of him grew. He had actually said that he thought I was brain-damaged for suspecting this. Why would my own brother tell me that he thought I was brain-damaged rather than to listen to what I had to say about my suspicions? My room was being illegally entered, and people in my building were acting strangely – the typical gang-stalking tactics that most targeted individuals (TIs) experience early on. I didn't know I was being gang-stalked at this time. I hadn't even heard of the term yet.

Anyway, after waking up to find the hard-drive spinning madly, I shut down all remote-access functions on the laptop and put thick tape over the remote sensor on the back of the computer. After a few days, the computer stopped acting weird. The hard-drive light would still flicker every few seconds for quite a few days afterwards, but eventually it stopped altogether, for the first time since I took possession of the machine. It seemed to me that there was some sort of spyware program installed that may have been sending everything I did on it out through the remote port automatically, and after the port had been shut down it continued to try for a while until finally timing out and giving up. I've never turned remote-accessing back on or connected it to the internet since then, but I'll bet that if I did the activity would start again.

I can assume now that my brother needed those two weeks to install some sort of spyware. He's shown himself to be the sort of character that would sell out his own brother for the sake of his own sense of comfort, as I've found out.

The more I think about him, the more I realize how likely he's been deeply indoctrinated into the fascist world of the mind-controllers. It’s really a pity that I have to think this, because he’s family and I used to really like him and look up to him. But I had deluded myself, basing my view of him on trust and faith and automatic respect rather than taking into consideration certain facts, which follow:

* He belongs to a church (First United in Burnaby, BC) and is heavily involved with it (on the board of directors), yet he doesn't really have an ounce of religion in his bones. He's a phony Christian. He had told me before that he only got involved in the church because his wife was.

* He worked for about 35 years for the same telecommunications company - a definite front for intelligence organs to recruit domestic spies (particularly after 9/11). This was a government-owned company (BC Tel) when he started there, but was bought out by an American telecommunications company (AT&T?) in the early 1990s, when domestic spying first started becoming rampant (the name of the company was changed to Telus, which is a rather revealing name). When my brother first got a job at this company, he had made an off-hand comment to me about having to wear 'golden handcuffs', meaning that he was tied to his job for life, but the money was excellent. (Note - When you work for the intelligence agencies, even just as an asset, you’re permanently owned by them due to secrecy oaths.)

* At a certain point when he was with this company, he and many others there got 'sick' from what they were told were toxins coming from materials used in building the new offices that they occupied. I've since discovered that this is what is sometimes reported when people are exposed to mind-control programming (such as when hypnotic chemicals are used, or from the adverse after-effects of electronic mind-control technologies). (Google “sick buildings mind control” for more information on this.)

* He only ever talked to me about what he does on his job one time, and he was very vague about it and quickly changed the subject. What he told me was in relation to a project he was involved in, which had to do with designing some sort of computer software system called ‘Navigator’ (not the Netscape software) that was to be used by telecommunications companies across Canada. Other than that, I had no idea what his job involved.

* He became progressively more arrogant and secretive towards me over the years.

* He owns a very powerful computer system that he doesn't seem to really have any need for. I’ve since discovered that his job is directly related to computer engineering, so he’d definitely know how to set up and use spyware.

* His wife, Gloria Forwood, is a strange case. No known background, no living relatives, very quiet and unassuming. She worked as a guidance councilor at a high school or college. She brought my brother into the church scene soon after they got married. My brother married her after only having known her for a few months (according to what he told me around the time they got married). In all the years that they’ve been married, she’s never said more than hello to me.

* He accepts all mainstream news as the truth without question, and refuses to believe that there could be any extensive corruption in government.

* He claims that all science and technology is being used by governments and major corporations for strictly positive ends (positive for whom?). He also told me at one point that he believes that electronic implants are a good idea and wouldn’t ever be abused.

* He refuses to back any of his opinions or beliefs, and this is probably because he knows he can't because what he claims is wrong. At the same time, he harshly criticizes my own beliefs and opinions, and refuses to consider any evidence that I’ve offered in the past to support them.

* He has expressed the belief more than once that humans are inherently bad, and that the world would immediately be reduced to anarchy if the government didn't impose the ever-increasing level of control over the rest of us that it does.

* He seems to have a fairly small and closed circle of friends, almost exclusively derived from the workplace and church.

Ultimately, my oldest brother Garry fits the description of someone who would be an ideal candidate as a mind-controlled (or heavily conditioned) intelligence operative. I now suspect very strongly that he is one, or is working for an intelligence agency under contract as an asset. I am able to provide even more background information on him that would help to support this suspicion further, but I'll save it for when he might choose to defend his name, if he ever has the courage.

As it is, I can no longer trust anything that this person has ever said or done, or will ever say or do, beyond the above. He is certainly corrupted in his beliefs. He has apparently sold his soul to evil powers, and this may have occurred so far back that everything negative that has taken place between my family and me has been largely influenced by his hand. He was the number one son in my mother’s eye, and her always trying to convince me that she loved us all equally while always giving him by far the most love and attention certainly spoke otherwise.

My immediate family has become the worst group of people I have ever known for treating me so badly. They have all created so many issues with me for such petty reasons that I don’t know where I would ever start in trying to correct them in their thoughts about me, although I’ve tried countless times. They don’t really know anything about me, and have never taken any interest in knowing. They only assume the things they think they know about me, and they’ve obviously been manipulated further (By each other? By the police?) to despise me and ostracize me, particularly since our mother died in 2002. They seem to have taken extra steps to turn others against me as well, including my nieces and nephews. I would wish only that I was given the opportunity by each one of them to hear their claims against me and to be able to fairly engage them in a discussion of these things, and to have them answer for themselves about their thoughts and beliefs regarding me, individually. But, unfortunately, as liars and cowards will do, they carefully avoid this and continue to sustain their lies and false beliefs by pretending such superiority over me that they feel they don’t have to be so honorable and fair. They use excuses, rather than reason. They have failed to be honorable as family members, and pretend that I’ve treated them so unjustly in the past that they’re excused from having to do so. The truth is, I have done nothing to any one of them to deserve the sort of abusive treatment they’ve continually subjected me to throughout my life. The point here isn’t to complain (as they would surely accuse me of doing), but to point out their gang-stalking attitude.

As long as they wish to maintain such an attitude towards me, then it’s only fair that I speak my thoughts about them out in the open, no matter how negative those thoughts might be. It’s far more just than to speak about me behind my back, so that I can’t defend myself against their lies and distortions.

If any of the Forwood family or any of their friends feel the urge to respond to this (I doubt any of you will, because you’re cowards), you had better be prepared to back anything you say with credible evidence to prove your claims about me, and you had better be ready to prove that I’m wrong about you if you plan to deny any of what I’ve said. But I know you hide from me now, like the evil, soulless cowards that you all are.

As it is, I now have physical evidence that my brother Garry Forwood was indeed spying on me through the computer he so generously ‘donated’ to me, which I have every intention of hanging him with for attempting to invade my privacy and sell me out to his satanic comrades. To be specific, I was able to locate a spyware chip that he had installed on the computer he gave me, which is now being held in a secure place, ready to be produced and used as evidence against him in court, if need be. Because this piece of evidence confirms all of my prior suspicions, I am now going public about Garry Forwood, with the full intention of destroying any association he has with the neo-fascists in government who are subverting all of our rights and freedoms in an attempt to gain complete power over us.

The New World Order is certainly here, but the spoken truth is my freedom.


  1. If it isn`t beyond reasoning,the way our lives have been placed in this madness,and everything we were taught about justice being our right,to have our family not having a clue,and words back in the 80`s couldn`t begin to explain the reasoning that I related endless cruel and unusual abuses were adding up in my fearful existence,wish they my folks could have lived long enough to see how right I was about the events,the trust fund they set up for me,was used by a bank and trustee,the long story has to be written as the chain of events all became,apparent when the public finally started to search and read the facts many years later,wish I could write as well as you,I start reliving the traumas as I try to put this on paper.

  2. The pressures that I’ve been under to lead me to this point have been phenomenal, as you probably could understand. But that pressure only pushes me on with greater determination than ever before to expose the mounting evil in this world that you and I and so many others are being subjected to. It’s the few people like you, Linda, in your words of kindness, who give me the extra breath of air I need at times to keep going. And I needed this extra breath you gave me at just the right time. Thank you so much for that. :-)

    We all want people to know our individual stories and the truth within them. We all need a voice, spoken with clarity and complete in its reasoning, so that no one can refute what we describe. I try to be that voice, for you and all other TIs, so you don’t have to suffer any haunting memories in trying to relate what has and is taking place.

    Thank you again for the power you have just given me to continue…I hope that you can soon gain the peace and security that has been robbed from you.

    Stay strong.

    Anthony Fotwood

  3. Garry Forwood Blog Addition

    On the day that I posted the above blog about my brother Garry Forwood and sent him a link to it via email, my computer was fine. When I got home after posting from a library terminal, I immediately saw that my computer had been tampered with. Like the computer problem I describe in the above blog, this one was acting the very same way – the hard drive light was blinking every second or so (and continues to do so even now). An interesting note is that after I sent him a link to the above blog, I noticed two hits almost immediately. Who could that have been, I wonder? Garry Forwood, or his police cohorts? And who entered my room illegally and installed more spyware? The police? Perhaps I might already know with absolute certainty… technology can work both ways.

    My brother Garry Forwood might think that he can avoid me and pretend that he knows nothing about this or any of the other strange activities that started to come to my attention beginning in 2005, but that will not protect him from anything. I know that I can ruin his name just as well as he and those he is in cahoots with have done to my own. Cowards who lie and cheat and slink around while accusing others of those acts can never face the light of day. Garry Forwood knows that I will now rake every opportunity to record every word he might dare to speak to me, in order to prove to the world what a liar and a cheat and a total fascist scumbag he really is. He will certainly be put to answer for himself if he ever dares to cross my path, and he damn well knows it and so avoids he me now like the plague. Coward. Liar. Cheat. FASCIST. I may just go looking for him if he continues to involve himself in my life from the background like the slimy snake he is. Who does he fucking think I am anyway, his property???

    Come on out of hiding, Garry Forwood, you phony scumbag, and face the piper. What are you so afraid of, asshole? The TRUTH?

    I’ll wreck vengeance on your soulless ass!

  4. I'm going through something similar. How are you doing? (Also Cdn. )

    1. Under the circumstances, being so isolated and ostracized by most of society with no friends or family to turn to, I could be worse off, but I'm resilient to their heartless methods abuse.

      I'm sure my family members had a good non-Christian Christmas trying to pretend to themselves that me not being there still meant they were somehow a real family.

      I enjoyed that day ONLY for the peacefulness that there was nobody on the streets to mob me and sneer at me, which I get 364 days a year.

  5. Tthank you for telling some of your story. I too have been lied about, smeared,spied on ,falsely accused, violated physically, emotionaly isolated amd financially excluded and by family of hypocrites and cowards. Its a group pf several now backed by and extended family of nearly 100 peoplle not one of whom has reached out to me to see if there might be another side to this sad tale that i have to believe is not fully their doing but a part of an ongoing gamgstalking that ive been aware of at least since January 2013. And has been goijg on for at least a few years prior although i was unaware. Now i only wait and wonder what and who next and what is the ultimate goal? Im tired and depressed, deeply hurt and permanenttly damanged, near broke and certainly not at all the same optimistic and good humored younger guy i was in that other world where people arent targeted, spied on, made to fail and forever being delayed and derailed by "mere" silly games. Whatever its all about, i will never give up on telling my truth. Someday maybe ill meet someome who beleives me. Chilling movie it would make, this life of mine.

    1. Thank you for posting your support. I hope that you are safe and things will improve for you in time.

      It's often little things that are done by those closest to us that cause the most damage early on. Just the lack of support and understanding from family members can lead to much worse, once that lack of support and understanding is recognized by others. Then you become an easy target. Once your family has painted you as something bad (crazy, a criminal, a liar, etc.), everyone else tends to believe it, since it's hard for many people to imagine family doing such things to their own (even when they do it themselves), particularly when those family members pretend to be such good and honest people.

      I think about the past a lot, and I'm constantly reminded of how different it is for me now compared to 20-30 years ago. Complete strangers consistently treat me terribly where once they would have been quite friendly and sociable. Something is definitely wrong, and when others (such as my sister Cheryl) tell me that it's just my imagination, I have to note that THEY obviously aren't being treated so badly and so it isn't just society in general that is changing for the worse. It kind of verifies that this is directed targeting.

      Stay strong, my friend.

  6. Garry,

    Have you become one of those people who judge others based on incomplete information?

    Yes, you have.

    You don't know how to think. You just act in accordance with your Masonic programming.

    Big Brother... you are lost. You are a sheep. Your eyes are closed and you take blind instruction from a shadowy group who think they are gods. The more you follow them the more you become like them, and lose any true Christian values you might have once held.

    But you never really cared about right or wrong, or good and evil.... You were always more focused on always fitting the mold as one of Satan's servants, which you have accomplished quite well.

    So why are you really involved in a Christain church? Why are you doing things in that church that go against the Christian Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ? Why are you practicing what amounts to sorcery and Baal worship?

    I know you're not religious because I grew up with you. I know what your interests were throughout your teenage years and early adulthood. I know where they led you. I know about your secret meetings. I know about how they draw people like you in and make you feel important because you think you're one of them. I see the signature character of a Mason in you. I see that your loyalty is to some dark group of men, most of whom you don't even know. I see that you do what they expect, and all your choices in life are really their choices. I see that you have adopted their mindset and have become an empty soul.

    You think you're intelligent, but you're nothing of the sort. You pick up things like Occam's Razor and use it like a little child who cuts himself with it while trying to show what a big boy he is. You do not realize that Occam gives little favor to assumptions.

    You draw ridiculous conclusions based on your own faulty assumptions before you would ever bother to investigate something for yourself. You seem to have no ability to think critically, and I can only guess that that's because you've gotten so used to letting your Masters do your thinking for you all your life.

    I remember the Masonic books you were studying when you were still just an initiate into that evil enterprise, back on Rosehill. You were studying hypnosis as well. How very fucking interesting.

    BC-Tel/Telus has always been filled with Masons, especially after it was sold to AT&T, who works very closely with the Nazi-infiltrated intelligence agencies and their Orwellian surveillance operations. Why would they let you continue to work there for 35+ years if you weren't also one of them?

    Now you're on the board of a Christian church, which Masons abhor and their members would only involve themselves with if they were using it as a cover for their evil work.

    Masons use hypnosis to get control of people and make them do their bidding.

    Did you know that the Masons funded and took part in mind-control experiments involving drugs, hypnosis, radiation, and electronics for over 20 years? They found that hypnosis, using electronics to stimulate the right brain frequencies, gave the best results by far. The purpose of all this was to use it on the masses, but they also use it to control their own little puppets who do their bidding. People like you. And then those people are taught it it in order to control others. Is that what you're doing at that church?

    It's too bad you chose to be my Big Brother and not just my brother. You foresake family for your Masonic Master and your heart turned to blackness. So be it!

  7. Telus = AT&T

    AT&T contracts to the intel agencies (NSA, CSIS, GCHQ, etc.) re surveillance programs.

    These intel agencies keep surveillance on millions of suspected dissidents. These watchlists include anyone at all who questions the government. I'm one of those people because it's my right and duty to question the things that the government says and does, rather than to just accept whatever I'm told to believe.

    In order to contract with these intel agencies, employees of AT&T (i.e. Telus) who are assigned these contracts must first undergo security screening, which involves background checks. Any problems, such as having a blacklisted dissident as a close relative, would disqualify an employee from said contracts.

    Boo fucking hoo.

    These intel agencies also run counter-intel programs against truth-seekers (we prefer this label to 'dissidents'). These programs involve all manner of traditional COINTELPRO (counter-intelligence program) tactics, primarily by discrediting and harrassing the targets through staged situations (use your imagination, because anything goes).

    Edward Snowden leaked documents obtained from GCHQ that reveal the extent of these programs today and the many tactics that are being used. These include (high up on the list) labelling the target as mentally ill (i.e. "brain-damaged") and isolating them from friends and family. Ridiculing logic and critical thought is also one of their main tactics.

    Although the GCHQ documents reveal a current counter-intel program, COINTELPRO was started by the FBI as far back as 1956, and similar programs have since been started by other alphabet agencies, and more recently by private contractors who can avoid FOIA requests from researchers and investigators who attempt to uncover these programs.

    As part of this vast counter-intel program, the internet has been flooded with 'trolls' and 'shills' who are hired (by any of the five-eyes countries) or voluntarily engage in disrupting online discussions about government activities and acting "brain-damaged" (your word) in order to make real truth-seekers appear to be delusional by association.

    Some of these hired thugs take it upon themselves (or are coerced by police, Masons, or whoever else) to engage in these activities in the real world (often using community watch groups), hunting down their targets (or being told where they are) and engaging in similar discrediting and harrassment activities, many of which are so similar between targets that they appear to be part of a larger program.

    Community Watch groups regularly engage in these operations, and because they work very closely with the police and are already based within the community, they act as the main coordinating group for monitoring and harrassing targets in the real world. Like all secret societies, their membership lists are kept secret to hide the perpetrators of these Orwellian activities.

    Are you a perpetrator, Garry? Are you taking direction from someone? Who's whispering into your shit-covered ear?

  8. Garry,

    Why do you think you're so certain of things that you've never bothered to educate yourself about?

    Why do you choose to remain ignorant of certain things that you base your rationalizations on?

    Why do you rationalize instead of using your full intellectual abilities to learn about and understand things?

    Why do you choose to think I'm wrong about certain things when you have such an obviously more limited understanding of them compared to me?

    Why do you choose to remain stupid and hateful of me when I could educate you on where you're understandings are faulty?

    Why do you instead choose to ridicule what I try to tell you but never properly explain why you think I'm wrong?

    Why are you afraid to think about certain things?

    Why do you show signs of cognitive dissociation when certain subjects are raised?

    Why do you choose to use 'common sense' and 'rationalizing' and being 'practical' instead of applying your greater intelligence and considering the deeper aspects of any particular thing?

    Why do you show signs of having been trained in using dialectic reasoning to reach your conclusions?

    Why are you introducing Humanist ideas to a Christian church?

    Why are you dabbling in New Age practices with the members of your church?

    Are you attempting to condition the members of your church to Humanist ideals using dialectics and other New Age practices?

  9. Was it AfterMidnight or Assassin that you used to spy on me?

    From WikiLeaks:

    "AfterMidnight" allows operators to dynamically load and execute malware payloads on a target machine. The main controller disguises as a self-persisting Windows Service DLL and provides secure execution of "Gremlins" via a HTTPS based Listening Post (LP) system called "Octopus". Once installed on a target machine AM will call back to a configured LP on a configurable schedule, checking to see if there is a new plan for it to execute. If there is, it downloads and stores all needed components before loading all new gremlins in memory.

    "Gremlins" are small AM payloads that are meant to run hidden on the target and either subvert the functionality of targeted software, survey the target (including data exfiltration) or provide internal services for other gremlins. The special payload "AlphaGremlin" even has a custom script language which allows operators to schedule custom tasks to be executed on the target machine.

    "Assassin" is a similar kind of malware; it is an automated implant that provides a simple collection platform on remote computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Once the tool is installed on the target, the implant is run within a Windows service process. "Assassin" (just like "AfterMidnight") will then periodically beacon to its configured listening post(s) to request tasking and deliver results. Communication occurs over one or more transport protocols as configured before or during deployment. The "Assassin" C2 (Command and Control) and LP (Listening Post) subsystems are referred to collectively as" The Gibson" and allow operators to perform specific tasks on an infected target.

  10. I know very well by now that you've been in on my targeting, so why don't you do the decent Christian thing and inform me as to exactly WHY I'm on a watch list?

    I've had to figure it out on my own that I'm on one, and there's enough documented evidence available to show that these targeting programs are real and very pervasive and involve a lot of ordinary people doing the targeting (and often revealing themselves either through their mistakes or just out of boldness), so putting up with asshole excuses from people like you who I know are involved telling me I'm brain-damaged just isn't going to satisfy my intelligence.

    Fill me in, Big Brother. This is getting too fucking personal for me to ignore or forgive. It seems like just yesterday you did what you did, and I've been letting it slide for far too long.....

  11. I know exactly where you're coming from. My entire family too. I've noticed that people who discuss truths as you do, often are the most targeted. You're onto something and they don't like that, keep going

    1. What President Donald Trump is uncovering and exposing proves beyond any doubt that the world is filled with evil people at all levels of society. I've followed him and supported him from the moment I learned about Q and started studying Q's posts.

      How could so many people become involved in all the rioting, looting, destruction of selected properties, assaults and even murders of innocent people unless they were being directed and controlled by a powerful organization with a specific agenda? Antifa and Black Lives Matter are just two of the terrorist groups they use for their purposes. There are also all of those who have taken part in election fraud, as we're now finding out.

      This is all tied to people like George Soros and Bill Gates, and the evidence is out there. They are megalomaniacs with a New World Order agenda. The roots of this go back further than the Illuiminati that started in 1776 and was designed to start the French Revolution in order to take down the French Monarchy. They use same playbook again and again. The Russian Revolution was another one of their plots. (It goes even further back to the Levite priests in Babylon who created this plot to rule the world. That is the root of where this all comes from.) And now we're watching them try (but failing, because of Donald Trump and a number of true patriots) to take down the USA.

      These evil people (my brother proving to be one of them) are everywhere. In Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, etc. But they are being exposed and those of us who are already awake or who are just waking up are growing in vast numbers every day.

      We will beat them down so fucking hard that they will cease to exist ever again.

      This is God's world, not Satan's.

  12. I finally coerced my Big Brother Garry to respond to me after 15 years of him refusing to do so.

    He threatened to charge me with libel for this blog post.

    I hope he does, because that will open him up to the discovery process, and that's what I want.

    And of course, when he loses (which he will), there could be counter-suits coming back on him.

  13. My Big Brother Garry denies that the government and their corporate allies snoop on people through their home computers and cell phones. He worked for a major telecommunications company for 35+ years as a computer engineer, so he should know this, and it just makes me suspicious that he would call me brain damaged for saying so, and tell me I was a fool for believing in conspiracy theories.

    This is no conspiracy theory, Big Brother. There are plenty of reliable sources that have reported on this over the years, and it is now coming out more than ever before, thanks to President Trump. Big Tech monstrosities like Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. are all heavily involved, as are Chinese companies like Huawei, TikTok, etc. The governments of our western nations have been selling us out as part of their globalist plans for years.

    But my Big Brother Garry wants me to think he knows better.

    I've been researching this plot to take over the world for more than half my life, reading books and following alternative news sources to learn about it and stay on top of it. It's people like my Big Brother who are used in this plot to do all the grunt work. They are either willingly and knowingly taking part, or they are deceived into it.

    It appears that my Big Brother Garry is either so heavily indoctrinated into the draconian New World Order mindset from years of working within one of its organizations that he openly speaks and acts in the manner of a card-carrying Globalist / Communist / Marxist / Zionist traitor, or he blindly toes the line and spews the slogans out of fear and ignorance.

    There is a war going on for our freedoms. It's a war against this NWO plot. What's currently taking place in the USA with all the riots, arsons, lootings, and assaults (and murders) on innocent people, with all the censorship by both the social media giants (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) and their partners in the MSM (led by CNN and the Washington Post, but many other recognizable names involved as well), with the attempt to steal the election from Donald Trump, who has record numbers of people both in the USA and around the world supporting him, it's coming to a head and drastic measures are about to unfold, one way or the other.

    But according to people like my Big Brother Garry, this is all just a conspiracy theory because that's what his favorite sources tell him to think. He can't really think for himself, and he certainly can't accept anyone who does, even when it's his own family.

    You are lost Big Brother. I have no pity for you. I tried to talk to you about all this and you turned your back on me and called me a loser. I still have copies of the latter you wrote to me in which you laid it all out how you feel about me. Those were pretty strong words of hate. They cut deep and almost led me to suicide, and I think that was your intention.

    But here I am.

  14. All the people involved in Deep State activity in the USA and around the world. Not just thousands but millions. Not just at the upper levels of money and power but at every level of society.

    How many were involved in trying to steal the US election from Donald Trump?

    How many are involved in the riots, lootings, arsons, assaults on the streets of American cities?

    Who recruits and controls all of these people? What method is used to lead them into conducting these acts?

    Look at who is most closely involved with them in their lives.

    Such a network of people has levels of control. A hierarchy of power. That is Satan's method of control.

    Who is most closely involved in your life, Garry? And who do you control in turn? What are you doing in that church? Why are you even there when you don't believe in following the teachings of Jesus Christ? Why do you pretend? Who are you fooling?

    People like you must live an illusion. You put on a false front and must lie about yourself or otherwise hide your true character.

    Could you handle being under constant surveillance like I am?Could you feel secure living your life as an open book like I do?

    Going through the discovery process would prove very interesting.

  15. Hey Big Brother... you and mom sure enjoyed gossiping about me in her kitchen every Sunday afternoon, didn't you? I'd hear my name being thrown around when I came home and you didn't hear me come in the door. You'd go over all the petty little things I did (or were just made up by mom) that could have been dealt with in a much better way if you were really open and honest and really cared, but you both chose to drag my name through the mud instead, and seemed to enjoy it. I'd sit at the top of the stairs and listen to all the negative things you both had to say about me, reduced to tears. Mostly mom just bitching about things that she hated about me, the son she never wanted, but you lapped it up and agreed with everything because you were always her favorite and you didn't want to ruin that. I had always hoped that you saw through it all and recognized it as hearsay, but you seem to have accepted it as spot-on accurate truth, even though she lied and exaggerated just to get you to feel sorry for her and take on the same attitude she had for me.

    No wonder I stayed away so often and turned to drugs (pot) to bury the pain.

    Being blamed by her for eating all her food when I barely ate at all and mostly starved, or claiming that I was always asking her for money when I knew better than to do so because she would go on about it for weeks after, especially when there was someone else around to hear it and take her side. I was only a teenager when that all started, and she never did a thing to help me get on my feet like you were helped with a car and a job and schooling. That's why I ended up living at home for so long, forced to have sleep in the cold basement on that old bed while she took what she stole from Dad in the divorce and languished herself in comfort.

    And no, I didn't live there into my 30s like you accused me. That was Robin. He's the one who got to eat whatever and whenever he wanted, to have his friends over for parties, smoking pot and smelling up the house, making noise all night without ever being bitched at.

    And years later when Robin eventually went off to work in Thailand while his wife and kids were living back in Richmond with no one to support them, he was off fucking underage prostitutes and eventually contracted HIV from that. And mom felt sorry for him and expected me to as well! Did he even tell you about it, or was that one of those things he kept secret from you so you wouldn't think of him like you think of me?

    And did Robin ever pay you back the $35,000 he told me he borrowed from you to get out of some bad business deal? I wonder what that money was really for, since he was getting into some shady business overseas and had a problem with both alcohol and cocaine at the time.

    You helped me out a few times only because mom told me I should ask you because she said you wanted to, which I now think was a lie to get me to look bad in your eyes and support her lies about me always asking for money. Remember though, I paid you everything I owed you plus extra the moment I could, and you didn't even thank me for that. In fact, when we both knew the money was coming, I was the one who brought it up and promised you I would pay you, but you weren't satisfied with that and made me sign a piece of paper to make sure you got it, which was just an insult to me.