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By Anthony Forwood
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Downtown Vancouver, 2005

When I first ended up living in downtown Vancouver, there was a very large population of poor and homeless people in the area. There was also an unprecedented level of drug abuse among these people. The drugs in greatest use were crack and meth, usually of very poor quality. It was incredibly sickening to have to see, on a daily basis, the scab-riddled faces, arms, legs, and torsos of the hard-core addicts, watching them cowering alone or in small groups just inside the alleyways, belching clouds of rank smoke from their stained and crusted glass pipes held between equally stained and crusted fingers.

There would almost always be one or another of these people to be found twisted into extremely contorted postures on the street corner, standing in the middle of the sidewalk and bent so far over that their heads dangled between their parted legs while their arms were twisted way back and up, their hands flailing wildly in the air above them. At the same time, they’d be mumbling strange and incoherent dialogues with themselves or grunting and squealing strangely, as though they were making a psychotic plea for help to untie them from their seemingly involuntary contortions. It was really weird to see, and rather sickening, but it was a normal sight around here back then.

This was a shock to me when I first moved down here. I’d never seen such a terrible situation as this in my hometown before. I remember that ten years ago, when there was an epidemic of heroin use among the younger crowd, you’d see the odd person, high on junk, standing in the middle of the sidewalk and somehow keeping themselves erect on slightly bent knees, while they nodded out in a euphoric slumber, head drooping and sunken eyes closed. That epidemic was the result of a sudden increase in the potency of heroin, causing a rash of addictions among unwary users. Knowing that the government ultimately controls the dope industry, I suspect that this heroin epidemic was a purposeful ploy. That was in the late 1990s, and within six years, the scene had only gotten worse. The heroin users had mostly disappeared, but others had taken their place.

Being poor, and easily recognized as such by those who were in a similar predicament, it was a common thing in the first few years I lived down here to be routinely asked by what seemed like everybody who did drugs whether I had any, wanted to buy any, or knew where to get any. I learned quickly not to take this too personally, and not to judge those who had nothing else but drugs to fill their lives with any sort of meaning. I learned that, in spite of my lack of desire to associate with these people, being friendly to them while not involving myself with them too much assured that I wouldn’t be doused with bear spray and robbed for whatever I might have of value. Their home was the streets, and I was just a visitor, as far as it went.

I never considered any of these people to be my perps, and I still don’t, and among other things, this has led me to wonder why they weren’t. The police could have had any number of them target me back then, but that never seemed to happen. I suspect now that virtually everyone that’s still living in the area, who I at least know by face, have since had their perceptions of me tainted by outside parties, due to the way they avoid me these days. The more friendly among them seem like they’re afraid to be seen with me, as though they might become a target as well if they are.

Vancouver, Present Day

Six years after having ended up down here, things are now very different. Suspiciously different. Where did all those people go? Was the drug problem ever so bad as I remember it having been? Memories of the scabbed-up street-corner contortionists told me that it definitely had been. What caused all these people to suddenly disappear and where could they have gone to, when this is the end of the road and there’s nowhere else for them to go?

I never noticed the change until very recently. It seems as though all of a sudden, very few familiar faces are around any more – not the ones I was rather fond of who weren’t strung out on dope, nor the ones who were that I was slowly getting used to and willing to put up with. It brought to mind a similar change that had occurred in my life years before, twenty miles south in Richmond, where I grew up. At that time, Richmond had been a place where I knew a lot of people and could always be sure to run into friends and associates just by heading to the center of town and hanging out there for a little while. And then, as though overnight, it seemed that they all just found somewhere else to go at about the same time, and I was suddenly always alone, wandering the streets by myself or clinging to the remnants of old friendships through third party acquaintances who were never really that familiar to me. It just wasn’t the same, and it was almost as though someone or something had caused an unnatural change that drove them all away. But I never thought much of it until recently when I became aware of the same sort of sudden emptiness around here that the absence of familiar faces brings. These people were the closest thing I had to friends. Were these isolation processes that were associated with my gang-stalking, or was something else going on?

When I noticed the missing people from the downtown area, it came to my awareness from reflecting on my being a target of gang-stalking. At first, I only realized that certain people were gone, because I missed the comfort of seeing their familiar faces and having someone who liked me that I could talk to or give support to as a friend. I relied on that in order to help me feel secure in the face of this gang-stalking. They made me feel that there were still some people around who I didn’t have to worry about. Believe me, I feel a lot safer around tweeking crackheads and contorting speed freaks than I do around ‘ordinary’ people who go to work in the office buildings around here and think that they have a right to treat me badly in my own neighborhood before they go back to their own in suburbia. That’s what woke me up to the change. The old comfort of feeling safe and comfortable amid both dangerous and down-and-out people was gone. But so were all of those dangerous people, and most of the down-and-out ones, too. The only ones who seemed to still be around as much as ever were my perps.

When people sink to the bottom of the barrel, there’s no further to go. They stick around at the bottom until, sooner or later, they either kill themselves or get killed. These people that have disappeared didn’t all just die over the last few years. Yet, they’ve all just suddenly dissipated like so much smoke at the end of a fire. Thinking only about those among them that I didn’t miss much at all – the more dangerous thugs who sold and took bad drugs and had the worst break-outs of scabs from all the poisons that were mixed in with their dope – I had been glad of the change. I thought that these people might have all been rounded up and were just sitting in jail, but then, they’ve been gone the longest, and some of them should have been showing up again, at least occasionally. They weren’t. There were so many faces that used to always be around here that are no longer anywhere around here at all.

When I realized this, I started to pay closer attention, and quickly realized all the other faces that were missing as well. In fact, going to the food lines proved how many people had disappeared. Even the older and more rooted to this area who were the least likely to move away, go to jail, commit suicide, or die of a drug overdose were mysteriously absent. They weren’t just moving to other neighborhoods, since much of what they depend on to live just can’t be found elsewhere, and this forces them to stay in the local area. Believe me, if there was somewhere else to go where a poor person could survive as well as they can around here, I’d be gone yesterday.

I started noticing that there were far fewer panhandlers, who used to always be at their established spots day after day for years. The old-timers that were always seen pushing shopping carts down the alleys, who made their living going through the garbage bins for resaleable items and pop bottles, were now very rarely seen at all any more. Very few people were seen to be wrapped in blankets and sleeping on the street at night any more. What was going on? Fewer and fewer poor people were seen routing through the trashcans for empties, either. Where have all these people disappeared to? Even the regular long line-ups of these people at the bottle depot down on Hastings Street have been dwindling more and more.

Of course, being in the situation that most poor people down here are in, with no family ties and only loose friendships being kept in most cases, and with your attention always on your own survival, the disappearance of one person here and another one there over a period of time isn’t likely to be noticed by anyone. However, after a few years, it becomes more noticeable, at least if you bother to consider the differences between then and now.

Did the government deal with the homeless problem in the most cost-effective way possible, by just eliminating them, rather than spending money to create more low-income housing? All the rooms that have remained empty in my own building during all of this time shows that nobody was really looking to help these homeless get off the streets, otherwise those rooms would have been made available.

Satanism Lurks in the Land

Vancouver has a record for missing women. It goes at least as far back as the days of the Green River Killer, and more recently with the innumerable now-dead streetwalkers and drug addicts who are known to have been sadistically murdered by Willie Pickton. Willie had a pig farm out towards the nearby town of Surrey where he regularly entertained some of the ‘underground elite’ around here, which included many off-duty police, businessmen, bikers, drug dealers, and general scum. You didn’t hear about this in the media during the later parts of the investigation, but it was mentioned early on when Willie first got busted for grinding up body parts with a wood chipper and feeding the remains to his pigs. Most people forget or ignore those early reports, and the powers-that-be quickly suppressed any further media reports of such things.

We all know, however, that Willie was a fall guy. He says so himself, and he would prefer to live the rest of his life in prison with three meals a day and a warm bed than to have to face a similar fate to what those women met, so he remains silent and covers up for the greater evil that still lurks in the land. Another Willie Pickton can always be found to do their dirty work and take the fall if necessary, and I think one has been found, and is operating as I write this.

Let’s not ignore all the body parts that have been washing up on beaches since then, either. The police, with all their amazing powers of observation, feigned total ignorance as to how a human foot, still in its high-top runner, could have ended up on a secluded beach. “Where was the rest of the body?” they asked. They failed to use those amazing powers they have to understand that a body, perhaps wrapped up in a rug and weighted down with chains, might have been tossed into the ocean. With the feet sticking out, the exposed ankles would have made a good meal for fish and crabs. Sooner or later, a foot would separate from the rest of the body and the runner would cause it to float to the surface and eventually wash up on shore. But the police were totally mystified, and pretend to remain so. By pretending to not have any idea of what might have taken place, they weren’t forced to investigate the matter much further. They said that there were no reports of missing people who might explain who these body parts belonged to.

There IS a satanic underground in existence, and not just in Vancouver, but all over the world. Knowledge of it is kept VERY suppressed, and this is possible because of how satanists keep people silent, and how the more powerful among them are able to pull strings and cover their asses so well. The same secrecy is used with gang-stalking, and that’s why we TIs are not easily believed, and will have a very hard time exposing their plight. To see for yourself how suppressed the subject of satanism is, try doing an internet search for documentation about it, and the international rings they operate – sex slavery, child slavery, snuff films, pedophilia, etc. You’ll find a little bit from Ted Gunderson’s investigations, but nothing much else. THAT is how well kept this secret is. Very little of what you will find, other than what Gunderson and a few others have put out, has any real meat to it… no definite accounts of satanic activity, just discussion of the subject in general. Does this mean that it isn’t real? To me, it says that all that Fritz Springmeier, David Icke, and others claim about those at the top rungs of power being generational satanists is true. Only THEY have the power to suppress a subject to the point of near nonexistence.

When I talk about satanism, I’m speaking in very general terms. I don’t mean to say that everyone involved in its activities is participating in initiation ceremonies and rituals, or performing sacrifices and consciously worshipping the devil. That’s what the people at the highest levels do, but not all of their little minions in the lower ranks. At most, the lower ranks will probably be marked or show some sign (often unconsciously) of their loose allegiance – a certain type of tattoo, a certain dressing style, a certain type of haircut, etc. They won’t necessarily even know what they’re actually affiliated with, or even that they’re affiliated with anything at all. If satanism involved ritual and sacrifice for every member all down the ranks, it would soon be exposed. If you ever hear about a person or group who are caught doing such things, they’re not likely doing it as part of this satanic hierarchy that exists throughout the world, but are acting independently and had decided on their own to worship Satan and attempt the rituals and such. The international satanic hierarchy I’m speaking about is too careful to allow its lower levels to actually take part in these aspects of their activities. As with true Christians, what a true satanist believes in their heart is reflected by their thoughts and actions, which is all that’s required to recognize which force they most respect and honor. Satanic rituals and ceremonies are reserved for those in the upper ranks who draw up for themselves the power that they believe they get through these practices. They are very real and very powerful activities that do have the ability to empower those who perform them. Because of this, they’re strictly reserved for the top satanists, and knowledge of these powers are carefully guarded.

So, getting back to all these missing people, and where they might have gone, I can’t help but wonder about the fact that the Pickton murders were centered around an underground community of people that included cops and politicians as much as it did thugs, hookers, and drug addicts. The police (as is so often the case) did a terrible job of investigating these murders, and only accounted for a small fraction of all the women that had been disappearing while Willie was around. And they still keep disappearing even after they put him away, but nobody usually notices. Occasionally, you might see the picture of another local missing person posted around the area, but that’s all you hear about it.

I rely a lot on intuition when I can’t do anything better to try to learn the truth about something, and when I listen to it carefully and don’t let my reasoning faculties interfere, it seems to always prove accurate. My intuition has been telling me for a few years now that something terrible is afoot in this world, something apocalyptic. Many other people are noticing it, too. Everything is moving along more quickly, more determinedly, and the structure of society is being changed in very subtle and silent ways, preparing for something.

I’m not religious, but I do put weight in the Bible as an important text that may or may not have been the work of an almighty god, although I personally doubt that it was. So why do I think it’s important, then? Because if it wasn’t the work of an almighty god, it was nonetheless put into our midst and its legitimacy sustained by a powerful force that wishes itself to be considered by us as an almighty god. This could very well be the force behind satanism, as much as it might be that of Christianity. What I am saying is that the Bible is a deception. It is a method of conditioning that has guided the human race to hold certain beliefs and expectations, with a very long-range end goal in mind, depicted in the Book of Revelations. But there is deceit within what it says, and a careful and unbiased study of it will reveal that this is so. Many Jews and Christians have been fooled into following after evil.

And why shouldn’t we think that this is accurate? For all that Christianity purports to be, most Christians don’t act much like Christians, at least not very often. Millions of totally innocent people have been tortured and killed by the Church in the most horrendous ways imaginable, and for nothing more than believing a little bit differently than the Church – far more people than the number that Hitler slaughtered (both Jews and non-Jews), but we quickly forget that or excuse it. Only the American government has been able to break the Church’s record of wanton slaughter. Many of these gang-stalkers in our society obviously consider themselves to be Christian, but I have to wonder how seriously they ever try to be one. They seem more interested in putting up a false persona, which is EXACTLY what satanists will do. The worst satanists promote themselves as upstanding, god-fearing people with kind hearts, but they’re generally not that way in private, when no one is looking.

Satanism is about power. The ultimate power they seek is power over others. Mind-control facilitates that end more than anything else ever could. Traditional mind-control methodologies come straight out of satanism, and have been a part of it since the beginning of human history. Ancient Egyptian texts describe the processes that were used as part of the initiation into the secret schools, which caused the initiate’s mind to split, just as we hear being done today in secret mind-control programs that stem from MK-ULTRA. Once your mind is split, the one part doesn’t know what the other part knows, and they can be switched back and forth with simple built-in triggers. It’s not rocket science to create a mind-controlled slave who never knows what they really are. It just takes a very cold and evil heart to put a person through the process and program them. Much of this process has been tidied up with the use of modern technologies, but the initial trauma used to break a person is still a requirement. After that (through a little electroshock, perhaps), the mind becomes compartmentalized and the rest of the mind-control programming can be easily hidden from detection. A person can then be involved in certain activities while an alternate personality is in charge, and the original personality, when it takes over again, will never have a clue.

It needs to be understood how satanic ideologies took over society and crept into the halls of our governments, and from there, were able to spread throughout the population. Prior to WWII, there were many esoteric groups and secret societies in Germany whose members were studying the occult in all its forms. When Hitler came into power, one of the first things he did was to hunt these groups down and take possession of all their secret doctrines and amassed knowledge before disbanding them. He even sent parties into Tibet, to seek out the ‘Hidden Masters’ of the Bon, a very secular group of monks who are believed to be ascended masters of the human race. He left no stone unturned in his quest for occult power. In designing his political party, he set up an inner occult group for his most loyal followers, and they involved themselves very seriously in their evil practices. They regularly held ceremonies in honor of blood and death, performed many ritual human sacrifices, and experimented with the more sinister aspects of ‘drawing power’, such as I will describe below. Hitler used many satanic tactics to entrance and control the German masses. When the war ended, many of these hard-core Nazis were brought into the US through Project Paperclip and given new identities and new jobs, working within or for the government in their fields of expertise. Many of them were given positions within the CIA, and became heads of many of the MK-ULTRA mind-control projects. MK-ULTRA was itself the brainchild of the Nazis, and continued the work that was started in the Nazi concentration camps.

Gang-stalking, as most TIs know, was also a brainchild of the Nazi mindset. It was an already well-established method of policing and intelligence-gathering that had worked so efficiently to keep the German population in fear and paranoia, turning them against each other and causing them to act unconscionably against their friends, family, neighbors, employers, co-workers, and complete strangers. During the height of the Hitler’s reign, people mysteriously started to disappear right off the street or from their homes in the dead of night, never to be seen again.

Hitler’s plan in going to war hadn’t been for the usual reasons that nations go to war. His plan was to rid the entire world of what he saw as subhuman genetics, in order to create a race of super-humans. His plan is still in progress, being carried on in the guise of genetic research programs, mental health programs, planned parenting programs, sterilization programs, etc. The people who financed these programs early on in the US (the Rockefellers, Carnegies, DuPonts, Mellons, etc.) also financed Joseph Mengele and Ernst Rudin – later to become two of Hitler’s top scientists – in their pre-war research into eugenics (an old name for genetics). This is documented fact.

Several heads of the CIA were linked to involvement in supporting Hitler as well. Allen Dulles, who took over the newly formed CIA between 1948 and 1961, had previously been working as a liaison for the bank that financed Hitler during the war. Dulles was terminated from that position by JFK, and, incredibly, was part of the Warren Commission to look into JFK’s assassination. That Commission was used to cover up the truth about who killed JFK, creating the greatest ‘conspiracy theory’ of the twentieth century. Prescott Bush, the father of George Bush Sr., who was also a later CIA director, was also directly involved in these Nazi activities, and was later charged under the Trading with the Enemy Act. How history forgets.

What these powerful people invested so heavily in during the war was brought back to the US and applied there. Not just the research into genetics, but also the methods of secret policing and intelligence gathering. I don’t want to say how far I think all of this might have reached since back then, or how it all connects, but it’s bleeding through this text anyway.

The Beginning of the End

How many poor and homeless people around here might be picked up like so much trash and permanently disposed of in a secret ‘clean-up’ program? How many of the poor and homeless people around here might have been induced into a situation while drugged up (or not) that allowed a group of satanic fucks to cart them off to other places to be used like objects for various purposes? I know these sound like farfetched ideas, except for the fact that those top-ranking satanists who occupy the highest positions of power in this world truly thrive on other people’s suffering and death, and in large quantities. There are even claims that the adrenaline of a person during their death throes is very potent and is even said to hold the life force of the dying person. Satanists who perform human and animal sacrifices reportedly seek to capture this life force, believing that it gives them more power. This is why they traditionally drink the blood or eat the heart, because the adrenaline is in the blood. Nowadays, they actually collect the adrenaline from the adrenal glands and inject it into themselves. Whether it actually gives them anything more than an incredible euphoric rush is uncertain, but look at who has all the power in the world.

With a speeding up of all the evil that’s going on in the world, and with society on the brink of tearing itself apart with so much hate and violence towards each other, we are certainly experiencing something macabre. Gang-stalking is just a small part of this, a sign of where we are heading. It will facilitate the ends to which those in power are drawing us, and one of those ends is to reduce the population to no more than 500 million worldwide. This won’t happen overnight, and it won’t be done very easily or efficiently by just going out and shooting people en masse in the street, through nuclear war, or biological genocide. It will start out like it did in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, with stealth. People will disappear slowly – first the undesirables who are barely taken recognition of anyway (as we may be seeing now), then the less affluent and genetically disadvantaged, and eventually there will be a point where it won’t be able to be hidden so easily, but by then other situations will have gotten so bad (a financial collapse, for instance) that people will be seeking to serve those in power in any way necessary, just to earn their favor in an attempt to save their own necks. When the ‘Final Solution’ is at its height, we’ll be in the midst of the Apocalypse, End Times, alien invasion, polar reversal, or whatever you might perceive the end of civilization will be like. Just before that point, a call will be made for those at the top of the pyramid of power to take up possession of the well-stocked underground cities or off-planet bases will be announced, and for the remainder of the 500 million who are to be spared, their loyalties and value will be carefully measured before any are invited to join them. The rest of the world’s population, of course, will be left to suffer whatever final onslaught is in store.

Is this what’s reflected in I’m seeing on the streets, with people apparently disappearing? Maybe not, but then again…

The Use and Abuse of People

The Patriot Act is a massive 342 page document that George W. Bush forced through the legislature immediately after the 9/11 disaster, and congressmen and senators were only given an hour to look at it before having to vote on it. It was passed under duress, with Bush threatening that it was necessary that they accept it for ‘national security reasons’ (how often is that excuse used these days for those in power to do whatever they want without explanation?). The Patriot Act actually allows the government to just ‘disappear’ people if any terrorist intent might be inferred from their conduct. Simply put, this means that if the government decides for whatever reason that you are a threat, that they can, without any due process or any further responsibility on their part after the fact, permanently eliminate you.

So, there is at least some physical evidence in the form of the Patriot Act that would support the fact that people could be disappearing, by way of this draconian piece of legislation. The Patriot Act also gives support to stepping up the gang-stalking network to immense proportions, which many TIs like myself can see occurring right before our very eyes.

The association of satanism to gang-stalking may turn people’s opinions about all this away from what I am saying, but that’s because it conjures up conditioned understandings of what that word implies. As I said before, satanists don’t have to actually perform rituals and sacrifices or even consciously consider themselves a satanist. The defining characteristics stem from what motivates a person’s deepest thoughts and actions, and satanism is rooted in the motivation that puts self over others. Gang-stalkers put their own interests and those they work for before those of their targets. They adhere to a certain ideology that relies on secrecy and lies. They are blindly loyal to those who bring them into their fold and who make empty promises to get them to act against others.

When a secret is kept, or an issue is pushed to quick agreement through unnecessary duress, the person keeping the secret or pushing the issue is acting for the sake of self, and not of others. And that’s putting it extremely mildly. Secrets are evil things. They serve no other purpose than to withhold some thing or knowledge in order to keep others at a disadvantage. Force, through whatever means, is equally evil, for the very same reasons. The major governments of this world all act through secrecy and force. To put it in the simplest terms, these governments are satanic. Being satanic, their members are only obligated to serve those above them in the hierarchy of power that satanic organizations necessitate, while lording over those who fill the positions below them, all the way down to the ordinary, powerless citizen. Satanists demand complete control over those directly beneath them, and this control trickles down through the levels of power until the ordinary citizen is reached, who must take the suffering and do the grunt work.

Gang-stalking relies heavily on secrecy, uses methods of (covert) force to control targeted individuals, and is structured so that all the people down to the next-to-lowest level have a means of exercising their power over those below them, while those at the lowest level (the actual gang-stalkers) try to prove their loyalty and worthiness to those above them by taking orders and acting them out against their targets. It’s a form of compensatory power to keep their allegiance to the organization, but it also keeps them close at hand and under easy control without having to really spend any effort to do so. By extension, through the acts of gang-stalking, it also keeps the targets near at hand and under control with little effort expended from the upper levels. The only person in this structure without any power at all is the non-cooperative target.

Selective Elimination Programs

The genetic research programs of today developed out of the eugenics programs of Nazi Germany, which were initiated with the intention of creating a super-human race through genetic purification and selective breeding programs. In Germany, extensive records were kept on everybody, and individuals were classified and graded by various traits that determined their genetic worthiness. The least worthy began to be eliminated outright, gathered up and disposed of en masse, while others were kept for use as work slaves or experimental guinea pigs.

Today, our governments pretend to be much more humane, and so they don’t snatch people up off the street and hold them in concentration camps to be used as slave labor or experimental test subjects. Or do they?

There have been reports for several decades that the US government has been building concentration camps in isolated locations throughout the country, which are ready and waiting to be filled. Who are they for? There are also as many reports of extensive underground facilities being constructed, and some of these reports claim that they’re being used for genetic experiments and mind-control projects. Many of these reports also include the more outrageous claims that extraterrestrials are housed in many of these bases and are overseeing the activities going on there, but this may be a disinformation ploy to cover up the more plausible but equally sinister truth, used to throw doubt on the whole situation.

We all know that the development of computer technology and its proliferation throughout society has made it very easy for records to be compiled on virtually every individual living in the civilized world. These records will include medical information, which includes information that would identify those who might be deemed to possess fit or unfit genetics. These records provide information that would identify those who might be best suited for certain experiments or programs.

Whether the people around here are disappearing because they’re being punished, and end up dead, working as a slave somewhere, or used as a guinea pig in a lab experiment, or whether they disappear because they’re perps being sent to work in other towns and cities, or whether they disappear because they were targets driven away by gang-stalkers, or something else entirely, I can’t say. What I can say is that these are the people who society has dumped on the most, who others will accuse of being the cause of whatever problem exists that upsets their sense of peace and comfort. They are the ones who aren’t cared about and won’t be looked for when they disappear.

It’s very hard to accept the facts regarding many things that we hear about going on in the shadows of society. We automatically assume that men in suits and ties with immaculate grooming and obvious wealth and status could never lie or do evil things. We automatically assume that the police, lawyers, judges, doctors, politicians, professors, teachers, scientists, therapists, advocates, etc., have as much concern for those they serve as they do for their own lives and careers. This is simply not the case at all. These professionals will look the other way when someone who could affect their life or career does something that they shouldn’t, and the more evil it might be, the more they will pretend not to know about it – even when it involves the worst abuse of young children.

The work of Ted Gunderson, a retired FBI agent who undertook a lengthy private investigation into satanism, has uncovered enough evidence to indisputably prove that satanism is very rampant among those in power. He has investigated the Finders, who are a CIA front group (still operating) used to kidnap and sell children in the international slave trade. Gunderson also investigated the Franklin coverup, which again involved the Finders in cases of child kidnapping and satanism in Omaha, Nebraska. Gunderson also helped to expose the McMartin Preschool scandal, which also revealed a pedophile ring and satanism.

In response to the exposure of these and other cases, which rely heavily on the testimonies of young children, an organization called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation was set up and staffed with CIA-connected personnel, with the sole intention of attempting to discredit any allegations against certain parties (including many well-known politicians) who have been identified by the child victims as pedophiles, satanists, kidnappers, murderers, etc. This is how far they will go to cover up their evil. They call these child victims liars and allow more children to be victimized.

Ted Gunderson has certainly suffered what it’s like to be a TI. He’s had at least a half-dozen attempts made on his life in the process of exposing what he has, as well as having smear campaigns run against him in attempts to discredit him as a ‘nut-ball’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’. As is the standard method of those in power, the truth of the issue has been blurred by counter-actions and counter-allegations until anyone who hasn’t paid close attention to this investigation from the start easily loses sight of who’s the good guy and who’s not. More often than not, the one with the most immaculate grooming, the finest tailored suit, and the most authoritative manner wins the public’s favor.

I often wonder about those people who will deny that these sorts of things actually go on at the upper levels of power that they do, and who will argue that anyone who believes as much is nothing more than a conspiracy theorist, without even looking at the facts surrounding these things. They’re only siding with the culprits and giving their okay for these things to continue when they do this. Why would they do that? Why would they be so frivolous about such serious matters?

The Finders continue to operate, many thousands of children are snatched away from homes and playgrounds every year (not to mention all the adults who permanently disappear as well), and the authorities continue to pretend that satanism isn’t a real problem. Yet, photographs discovered through search warrants reveal that the Finders were involved in sacrificial rituals and sexual orgies that involved children. Children were photographed shackled in chains, and taking part in animal sacrifices. Records that were recovered showed that these children were being sold and traded in an international slave ring. Prominent people in the world of business and politics were involved.

Interestingly, the official investigation into the Finders was stopped by the US Justice Department for ‘national security’ reasons (there’s that excuse again). The investigation was turned over to the CIA to investigate internally, and they’ve since classified it as top secret. This can only mean one thing, and it’s NOT that the nation’s security was at risk.

The Finders is a program that is ultimately used to entrap politicians, diplomats, businessmen, police officers, and anyone else with a sick fetish for young flesh who might be useful to those that operate it. It’s also used to raise money from the sale of these children, as well as from the production of child pornography.

All of this that I’ve covered here shows that there is something to be very concerned about with what is going on in the shadows of society. People are slowly disappearing off Vancouver’s streets, and probably off the streets of every major city in the western world, while the remainder of society is being drawn into a satanic network that is controlled by those who use people like objects in the pursuit of creating their New World Order.

Anthony Forwood


  1. You inspire my life

    1. Thank you, Katie. Comments like yours let me know that someone is listening. Sorry I didn't respond earlier.

  2. I've noticed for years people dissapearing off the streets of Hollywood Ca many had no ties elsgewhere. I've also seen at least 15 woman abducted on broad daylight never to be seen again. I'm aware of a clinic overdosing people on purpose killing them right on Hollywood Blvd and know Luciferiniasm and eugenics play a part in the dissapearences

    1. That's scary, but totally believable. I've heard other people in other cities commenting on how the homeless have been disappearing without explanation.