Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gang-Stalkers and the ‘Rat’ Mentality

By Anthony Forwood
Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved

In the minds of criminals, street punks, and prison inmates, being a ‘rat’ or police informant is ultimately the worst kind of person there is. To rat on someone is seen as the worst thing you can possibly do, and there’s an incredible amount of fear among these types of people to be labeled as one. It is, of course, an intimidative factor that’s used very effectively to keep people silent when they know certain things that could get others into trouble.

I’ve always marveled at this manipulative tactic, because in my long experience, I’ve come to learn that most people who regularly use this tactic to silence others are very often rats themselves. The philosophy these people hold is that if you act like you hate rats and always talk about what you would do to anyone who rats others out, others will think you must be solid and would never talk to the police. It’s jailhouse mentality, and the smarter or tougher criminals use it to control the less smart or tough criminals. It keeps those people with loose lips who can’t help but brag about their own criminal exploits from having to worry about the wrong person overhearing them bragging, or seeing them commit a criminal act.

I started wondering about this philosophy in terms of gang-stalkers and how they keep each other in line so that rumors and gossip about their targets and the activities engaged in against them aren’t leaked. This wondering arose after I called the police on my neighbor Gilbert yesterday, and what another neighbor, Jim Rice, said to me when he found out. He said that I should have just dealt with the situation on my own (assaulted Gilbert) or I was going to cause more trouble for myself – meaning that I was a rat and I might get punched out for it.

I’ve been a little suspicious of Jim being one of my gang-stalking perps, but I’d been giving him the benefit of the doubt, feeling him out over the last little while. I sensed that there was something not quite right about his character, but otherwise he seemed like a decent guy who kept his nose out of other people’s business. However, when he said that to me, and then went on to tell me that he beat up another tenant in the building five times in a row for calling the cops on him, my impressions immediately changed.

I consider myself to be a very solid and trustworthy person – certainly more solid and trustworthy than anyone I know – but I don’t consider myself a rat for calling the police for a crime committed against me. To me, a rat is someone who sells out someone else for no better reason than to manipulate or for some sort of personal gain (just like what perps do). A little thought will show that nothing really gets settled when you try to deal with a situation outside of the law. You stab me, so I come back and stab you in retaliation, only to have you or some friend of yours stab me again later on. It never ends until either one of us is dead, or one of us becomes totally submissive to the others intimidation. And in the meantime, both of us are always having to look over our shoulders. That’s pure jailhouse mentality, and that’s why some criminals spend a lot of time in jail. Most of them that are there end up there because they’re incredibly stupid and driven by an ego that doesn’t allow them to keep their mouths shut regarding their criminal exploits.

With criminals, it’s a code of conduct that relies on the intimidative factor, and nothing else. But once you’re labeled as a rat, YOU become intimidating to THEM and they stay far away from you. They know that to touch you is to risk getting into trouble with the police. You’re no longer in the club.

So, looking at this from the point of view of gang-stalking groups, I’m beginning to see more clearly how my particular perps are contained and controlled so that there are no information leaks about what they’re up to, and why I never get any sort of a heads-up from the more sympathetic-minded among them. They intimidate each other into silence by holding this code of conduct. But further, since they’re ultimately working for the police anyway, they also have to worry about what the police might do to traitors. The police have a lot of power in using this code of conduct to destroy someone, at least among those who follow it. But if you’re not interested in being in the club in the first place, you don’t have so much to lose. People might threaten you for going to the cops over a personal issue, but knowing that you use the law as it’s meant to be used, they’ll usually keep their distance and leave you alone. Only the stupid, egotistical criminals who think they have something to prove to others will take that chance, and unless they’re willing to take it as far as committing murder, they risk trouble for themselves.

But we see that most gang-stalkers are cowards, and won’t usually act against a target except when they have a lot of back-up. They’ve bought into the rumors and lies about the target, which usually center around the idea that the target is dangerous, unstable, etc. This gives them reason to have second thoughts about acting alone or out in the open. There are very few rats in the criminal world who don’t survive. They just change locations if it gets too hot. Unless they’re acting out of desperation, such as when they have the police pressuring them with the threat of impending criminal charges for their own past deeds, they don’t need to worry about staying in any club or clique or criminal community. It might be hard or impossible to avoid trouble when they’re locked up in jail with other criminals, but in the outside world, this code of conduct doesn’t work so well.

The police will label someone as a rat when that person refuses to turn in their friends and associates. I’ve been labeled as a rat before, and it was the police who initiated the rumor because I refused to be one. When I was confronted with this allegation by anyone, I asked them who I ratted on, who told them that I was a rat, and what proof they had. They were usually silent for an answer. They were caught in a position where they would have to rat themselves. It’s that code of conduct that these people live by that gets in the way of settling these sort of issues. I would point out to them that they needed to question their source, rather than me, and maybe consider that the person who told them was more of a rat than I was, for saying such a thing without proof. They tended to leave me alone after that.

So, to all my perps who are paying such close attention, take a good look around you at the people you listen to. If you want to try and intimidate me by calling me a rat, you better be able to justify it, not just to me, but among yourselves. Otherwise any of you could say anything about anyone (including each other) and there’s no way for you to clear yourself. What a nice little club you have!


  1. Cops are gangstalkers your friend gave you awesome advice....mine did too....but I didn't believe him.......cops began to stalk me instead.....worthless .to go to for help.....I'm surprised more of them don't commit suicide.

  2. Cause Gang Mob Predatory and Proxy stalking are no joke but, I found this article not only to be true with regard to the perp rat mentality but hilarious as hell with regard to the way it was worded. On a more serious note it never ceases to amaze me how PEOPLE in our society fail to analyze the terms RAT RACE LAB RAT and HOOD RAT bottom line we are all being human considered to be RATS in RACE the race tacking place in the labyrinth (maze) of life (FILE) and some of us a.k.a the TI's are LAB RATS this is an experiment which in regard to psycho (mind games, gas lighting, moving of targets belongings ect, in his or her home workplace or vehicle, consistent hostile environment street theater mostly physically unattractive out right ignorant ass common people warring against them especially in low income areas and slums of America THE HOOD RATS) and physiological torture part of it would be medically morally unethical and outright fucking illegal. The physiological part of the program malicious medical misdiagnosis, MKULTRA, V2K, ELF, Microwave torture ect, the fungal infection which results in Cancer Diabetes type 2 skin irritations physical disfiguring of the targets person and or internal organs is something only a subhuman sob would even think to do to another living being and yet nobody ever takes into consideration in one way or another even the perps at the highest end of the food chain are merely unmarked targets, waiting to be put on the active list. When will people wake up this is breeding a society full of people with learned mental illness, the increase in Narcopaths, Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Detached/Disassociative personality disordes, and NON War Veteran PTSD will bring the field of psychology billions in profit, Law enforcement agencies a unbelievably increasing load of crime especially aggravated assult battery and murder and probably even the fucking hunger games in a short span of time they've already trained the assorted variety of paid perps, to be Hive minded given the wolves permission to devour the innocent as pray and offer up extra monetary and material reward for the sheep. What a Zoo when the fuck will it ever end?