Monday, May 16, 2011

Targets, Credibility, and Potential Imposters

by Anthony Forwood

Since I started visiting different Internet forums and groups for targets of gang-stalking in the last few months, I've been accused by several people of being a gang-stalker myself, simply because I ask logical questions or make reasonable statements regarding what claims someone else has made. For instance, one person who goes by the pseudonym 'CrabFish' on the Yahoo 'multistalk' forum was telling me about an incident that he thought was gang-stalking, where he thought his suspected gang-stalkers were talking about him in a foreign language that he admitted he didn't understand, and I was simply curious to know how he was certain that they were talking about him. It was a relevant question, but it was taken as an attack on him (by both him and the moderator, Julianne McKinney, who appear to get along very well) simply because my response reflected what could be taken as doubt, at least for anyone who was too quick to judgment and wanted to read it that way. I was immediately accused by the moderator of being a perp, and all sorts of false accusations were made by her about me.

(See for what I have to say about this moderator and what I have found out about her)

My questions were completely valid, and it would be foolish for anyone to believe that any given incident was an incident of gang-stalking unless all other reasonable possibilities had first been eliminated. In the case above, I couldn't possibly know from the little that I had been told whether this person was sure of what they thought was going on, and from the little that he had told me and how he said it, I saw that he might have been imagining things, although I never said so. I was only trying to assure both of us that he wasn't drawing false conclusions. He had offered this story of his to me personally without me asking. I had no idea why he decided to direct his post to me, but since he did, I felt perfectly in my right to ask for more details, which is all I had done. The immediate attack on me only added to any doubt I might have already had as to the credibility of his (and the moderators) logic and reasoning abilities, since it isn't at all reasonable to just expect me to believe whatever I'm told without something better than their word. After all, some people are willing to believe that something that might otherwise be a normal event is an incident of gang-stalking, and often, they may not be at all. As targets, we have to keep our heads about us, and we shouldn't expect others to just buy whatever we say without being willing to offer enough information for them to draw a reasonable conclusion about it. And we should certainly never attack someone for seeking more information, if we expect anyone to believe us at all.

What people want to believe is their business, but when they expect others to accept it without question, well, then I have a problem.

There are those who are involved in this gang-stalking epidemic who are apparently only out to make the TI community look like a bunch of idiots, and they will pose as TIs and make wild claims and encourage real TIs to believe their stories and at the same time reinforce the TI's convictions that every little incident that happens to them is a gang-stalking operation. They are subverting the need for logical analysis when considering any potential incident of gang-stalking, by attempting to encourage TIs to overlook that necessary factor. Targets need to be very careful, for their own sake, not to let this happen when considering their own situations, or when deciding whether to believe what others are telling them.

I don't mean to attack TIs when I say this. I am a target myself. But logic and reason are necessary, and if someone sounds like they are reflecting doubt when asking questions, well, there's really no way around that, and this should be expected by TIs who wish to be believed, because if their case is ever going to be taken seriously by the general public or the police or a judge, and if they hope to ever get help for the crimes that are being committed against them, they'll have to expect that these sorts of questions are going to be asked, so they better be sure of themselves and be ready to answer them.

The frequent accusations that I'm receiving from certain others on the Internet that I'm a perp, always without any logical basis given, shows that these accusers are either incapable of logical analysis and reasonable consideration to the facts, or they are attempting to convince other TIs that I am a threat to them when in reality I'm being a threat to the real perps for making relevant statements and trying to help other TIs to always be clear-minded and not make mistakes that could make things more problematic for themselves and for the TI community as a whole.

Another person (Frank Riganelli) very recently accused me of being a perp because I responded to a message that he posted on facebook where he was encouraging other TIs to post defamatory information on public website about their suspected perps, and I simply pointed out that they should be careful that they were certain of the facts that they post, or they might just be engaging in gang-stalking themselves, and even criminal activity. This person twisted what I had said (either purposely or through misreading it) and made a lot of false assumptions in an attempt to turn what I had said into an attack on TIs for having negative attitudes. Amazing.

Just before this, on the Yahoo 'mind-control-research' forum, the moderator there, one 'Bob S.', began to censor all of my posts by deleting them before they reached other forum members, without even notifying me of the fact. When I noticed days later that they weren't getting posted, I asked about it, and this person sent me a private email telling me that he believed I was attempting to disrupt the forum. However, all of my posts had been on topic and of a helpful or informative nature, or I was seeking input on some questions I had regarding my own situation, or I was commenting on what this person had stated about a number of things that I had a different opinion on (regarding electromagnetics). There was nothing in my posts that merited what he had done. What was really strange was the fact that this person warned me not to divulge the content of his email to anyone else. Yah, sure. Okay. I attempted to post this email from him in his forum so others could see it, but I expect he deleted it as well before it made it to anyone else (I never saw it come back to me as a forum post).

I don't have thin skin, and I'm not easily agitated by people. This makes it easier for me than it is for certain other TIs that I come across to stay calm and think clearly when I think I might be under attack by gang-stalkers or anybody else. What I think of these people who accuse me of being a perp is that they are either extremely paranoid, or they are witting perpetrators themselves, agents of those who ultimately control these gang-stalking groups. I'm not going to make any final judgments, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be on my guard about them or anyone else who can't apply logic and reason to whatever incident they feel is a gang-stalking incident.

There is an Internet file that I recently read called SECRETS1.DOC, that was written by a man named Robert Desko. It can be found easily enough with a simple google search. This man writes about his experiences with what he refers to as the 'Secret Underground Society', and his story is that of a person who thinks they are being gang-stalked (although he doesn't call it that, and the term may not have existed when he wrote the file). How this man relates his story without providing any reasonable or logical explanations to assure the reader that he is accurate in his claims made me suspicious of what he was saying. I point him out because he is a good case for study to show how a TI should avoid coming across.

Robert Desko once worked for the military, and for some reason ended up on disability, which is when his problems seem to have started. He doesn't name anybody as his perps, although in his view, almost everybody that he dealt with in his normal day-to-day activities seems to have been seen by him as one. He seems to have accused others for every problem that he had in his day-to-day life, including the doctors that he continued to visit in order to get the medication that he complained was part of his problem and probably didn't need. He even continued to check himself into hospitals for rest while complaining that they were messing with him. He claimed that they were out to get him because they thought he was psychic and a member of The Great White Brotherhood. Perhaps this was true, but any level-headed person will see from reading his file that he comes across as being very possibly delusional. He is also very confrontational, and anyone who reads his story will find many instances of this. Confrontational attitudes with everyone you come across without having something to back your beliefs is not a good idea in any situation, especially when dealing with doctors, insurance investigators, government employees, police, or postal workers, or anyone else who's in a position to make things difficult for you, so he may have brought a lot of his problems on himself. At certain points he even claims that others are responsible for the thoughts he's having, and at other times claims that they think he is psychic, without any verification to assure either himself or the reader of the accuracy of this assumption. This is a point that a person reaches when they are clearly not mentally stable, and in this case, it is by his own admission.

I should note here that I know that some people may be targets of advanced mind-control technologies that can be used to manipulate their thoughts and actions against their will and without them even knowing it. However, this man doesn't make the claim that he's a victim of mind-control technologies, but rather that he's either getting psychic impressions or a higher power is putting these thoughts and impressions in his head. He doesn't consider how this might have been done, or why. His entire story can only be accepted by putting our blind trust in the possibility that he is completely accurate in his assumptions, in spite of there being not one piece of evidence offered to support them, and without considering why he might have gone to the trouble of writing his lengthy file if it wasn't to expose the perpetrators of the activities he claims were orchestrated against him. His file only makes him look ridiculous.

My own thoughts about Robert Desko are that he was either mentally deluded about many of the things that he claimed, or that he was a disinformation agent for the government trying to make himself out to sound so ridiculous that those who read his file would be reluctant to believe any other cases similar to his. I can't accept his story as totally valid simply because he provides nothing at all in the way of verifiable evidence that would reveal his sanity. I don't doubt his claims that there is a secret underground society that we are ALL victims of to one degree or another, and I don't doubt that many people who claim to be targets of this cultish society are in fact just that, exactly in the manner that they claim. I can't help but be suspicious of claims that are not supported by logical and reasoned thinking, whether they are claims of being gang-stalked, or claims that I or anyone else is a perpetrator, or anything else.

Perhaps Robert Desko was a real target of this secret underground society that includes gang-stalkers, or perhaps he was a disinformation agent. It doesn't really matter at this point. What matters is that he makes a good example of the sort of unreasonableness that a target needs to avoid when considering their own situation and presenting it to others. Expecting others to believe our stories means that we have to adhere to the rules of logic and supply the burden of proof. We have to be willing to analyze events with a clear mind and not make assumptions or draw quick conclusions. We also need to expunge from support groups those people who make wild claims of being TIs but who refuse to allow anyone to question their stories in order to verify the validity of their claims.

As for the people who accuse me of being a perp, I am of a mind to think that they are playing the old game of accusing the other person of what they themselves are before they are accused of it themselves, knowing that people tend to believe the first version of a story they hear, and will base all further judgments on that belief, so that any later versions of the story are adulterated with doubt. I've had this pulled on me so often in the past that I'm now quite aware of what's going on when it occurs. The only way to find out which story is the more believable is to put them to the test of logic and reason, and to ask the questions that will draw out the full details of each, and see which stands up to reason. I'm more than willing to answer for myself when I must, but those who accuse me seem to avoid doing so, and that only makes them look all the more dishonest.

Of course, some TIs have very good reasons to keep certain information to themselves. They may know things that could get them seriously hurt or even killed if they started talking, or they may simply not be ready to disclose certain information because they fear that their situation may get worse as a result. I respect that completely. I would never expect someone to have to reveal such things in these cases, and I would never accuse them of lying or being deluded if they desired to keep some things private. However, if someone posts a message about an incident they had, they should be ready to accept that some questions might be asked, and they should be prepared to decline answering graciously, rather than to accuse the questioner of being a perp or trying to disrupt a group or whatever else. That only serves to make them appear unreasonable.

I have also been accused of not being a TI because my story doesn't match what some people perceive as gang-stalking. For instance, someone claimed that I wasn't a TI because I wasn't acting like a TI should act... I didn't seem scared of my perps and I was being too vocal about this whole issue. The fact is, I'm not scared of my perps and I am quite vocal, and I would think that this would be appreciated. Each TI's situation is somewhat different. Some TIs are dealing with very nasty government agents who have access to all sorts of resources, and can make a person's life quite miserable very easily, while other TIs are dealing with low-life scumbags with very little resources and very little intelligence, and are nothing more than a nuisance, no matter how widespread and organized they are. I more or less fall into the latter group, although I have the police targeting me as well, but I know how to deal with them and they know that I do. I've been dealing with this for decades, and I was put through the worst of it long before I ever even heard of gang-stalking. So my nerves aren't as on edge any more and my situation is almost normal to me. But for others, this is all quite new and disturbing, and for some it is undoubtedly unbearable and incredibly torturous. I feel for these people very much, and I only want to help them as much as I can. I have strengths, knowledge, and ideas that can be useful to other TIs if given a chance, and this is what the real perps don't want me doing. This is probably why I am attacked online. But I'm not complaining about it. In fact, I find it quite humorous, because those who attack me and say these things are just exposing themselves for what they really are! Not being afraid and speaking out as much as I can is the best defense I have found to counter their offenses, and I want to set an example for others to follow, if they can. It needs to be realized that exposure is the only way that this epidemic crime will ever be stopped. It's better to take a few small lumps than to be handicapped completely through voluntary silence and constant fear.

Courage comes with facing your fears head on. It only makes you stronger.

My whole point to this article is that those TIs who are so paranoid of others that they will quickly accuse them of being a perp should stay at home, unplug their computer from the Internet, turn off the TV, climb into the attic or lock themselves in the basement, and stay there for the rest of their lives if they can't deal with real-world situations in a reasonable and mature way. Otherwise, they can easily become perps themselves by attacking others with their quick accusations. Making claims - whether they are claims of being a target or claims that someone else is a perp - without being able to stand them up to critical analysis is not going to get you anywhere, except to be seen as fools by those who know how to apply critical analysis and think logically. No judge in a court of law would accept anything less, so why should anyone else?

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