Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Columbine in Retrospect

What was going on in the lives of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold before they decided to go on the rampage that we remember as the Columbine Massacre? Why were they so vengeful against their fellow classmates? Were they gang-stalked at school?
There are many reasons to believe that the underlying events that led to the Columbine Massacre and current gang-stalking activities are related, although they are years apart in many ways.
Harris and Klebold lived in a community where some of the biggest names in the military/industrial complex are headquartered. Many top-secret black projects go on in this area, and some of them involve research and development of electronic weapons and mind-control technologies. There is some evidence that suggests Harris and Klebold were being used in experiments with these technologies.
Just so that you can understand the scope of the plans of those who ultimately control and orchestrate all of these evil things that go on in our society, during the Columbine investigation, notes were found that were written by these two kids in the late 1990s that talked about stealing a plane and flying it into the World Trade Center. Sound familiar? This was a couple of years before the 9/11 disaster, and yet it shows that the controllers were already setting up the situation and recruiting and programming potential 'fall-guys' or 'sleeper agents' for that fateful event. It's not hard to imagine that a mind-control program has been set up to groom individuals for performing certain terrorist acts, and the idea of flying planes into the World Trade Center was a project in early development at the time that Harris and Klebold were in that program. It was probably decided at a certain point that Harris and Klebold were unsuitable for the 9/11 operation, but were used instead in another operation that served a similar purpose in creating a terrorist threat.
The gang-stalking epidemic originates from the same source that purposely caused the Columbine event to occur, and it's part of the same program, although most of us don't realize it. The truth is, as TIs, we're being constantly assessed for useful purposes, just as Harris and Klebold were ultimately used.
Harris and Klebold claimed that they were being bullied at school. They felt ostracized and thought everyone was out to get them. This sounds a lot like gang-stalking, although gang-stalking wasn't even heard of at the time. Similar massacre/suicides have since occurred, and it's always shown to be extremely frustrated people who felt that they were being harassed and terrorized in ways that parallel gang-stalking activities. They often leave behind evidence such as writings or videos that reveal the pent up anger and frustration that has reached a point of psychopathic rage. They're shown to have believed that the people around them were out to get them. They are usually described by members of their community as having seemed normal enough, although a little quiet or odd. Sound familiar? This might eventually serve to portray TIs as potential 'lone-nuts', should the term 'gang-stalking' ever become associated with these violent incidents.
Schizophrenia is often associated with these media-promoted 'lone-nuts' because they claim to hear voices. As far back as the early 1970s there was Sirhan Sirhan, who claimed that he heard voices in his head commanding him to kill. Around the same time, the 'Son of Sam' serial killer, David Berkowitz, was taking his commands from a dog that talked to him, and had all sorts of weird things going on in his home and neighborhood where he thought he was being targeted. Sound familiar?
Gang-stalking was brought into the arsenal of the US military/intelligence organs through Operation Paperclip, when a number of top Nazi scientists were transferred into the US and allowed to quietly continue with their work under new identities. These same scientists were involved in starting up the mind-control projects that ultimately created such psychopathic killers as Eric Harris, Dylan, Klebold, David Berkowitz, and many others. Part of the purpose has been to create and maintain fear and suspicion among the public - a controlled state of chaos. Media-promoted incidents like Columbine and 9/11 have occurred with an ordered randomness of progression that has served this purpose well. These terrorist acts involving 'lone-nuts' follow a previous trend of serial killer incidents that arose in the 1960s and reached their apex in the late 1970s or early '80s. Many of these serial killers were undoubtedly created in mind-control programs as well, and we can see these as developing stages in creating terror among the population. Mind-control cults fit into this as well, arising in the media during the 1970s with Jim Jones and his People's Temple, Rev, Moon and the 'Moonies', and a number of others that were making the news at the time. These were all CIA-funded mind-control programs. Charles Manson and his 'Family' fit into the mind-control cult programs in the 1960s as well. Manson probably learned his programming techniques while being programmed himself during his early years in prison, perhaps falling into one of the many MK-ULTRA programs that used prison inmates as guinea pigs. The emblematic swastika carved into his forehead came after he went on trial, and this was a signal of his loyalty to his programmers, and when he spoke gibberish in court it was to signify that he wouldn't reveal any secrets. It was a plea to his controllers for mercy, and it apparently worked. This is why he escaped the death penalty. Henry Lee Lucas, probably the worst cannibalistic serial killer on record in the US, killed literally hundreds of people, and has been sitting on death row in Texas for decades, his execution always stayed by the powers that be. Like Manson, he must have served his satanic Masters well. Nowadays, these mind-controlled 'lone-nuts' are programmed to self-terminate, showing another progression in mind-control programs.
These events are all progressing and going somewhere. Gang-stalking is part of the next stage in these developments. It's an intended result of the earlier stages, and puts us all within the grasp of our tormentors to be easily singled out and plucked up and have them do to us whatever they will, to have our minds tinkered with and programs inserted and be nothing more than puppets acting out parts in a giant play for the amusement of our unwanted Masters.
That's where this is going, and Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were players in a reality TV show that was made for the personal amusement of sick fucks with far too much power in their hands.

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