Staged Terror - Sandy Hook

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Possible scenarios to consider:

1) Lanza was a real person; was the shooter
2) Lanza was a real person; was not the shooter; shooting was real
3) Lanza was a real person; was not the shooter; shooting was not real
4) Lanza was not a real person; was not the shooter; shooting was real
5) Lanza was not a real person; was not the shooter; shooting was not real

From the amount of information that has become available since this event occurred, it appears that Adam Lanza was probably a real person. However, this is certainly not conclusive, since documentation can be faked. Much of what is attributed to Adam Lanza (i.e. his school and medical records, interests, online activity, etc.) may have been purposely contrived in order to link him to the event and thereby dispel any suggestions that anyone else might have been involved. At the same time, there is so much evidence that the shooting was faked that scenario 3 becomes the most likely. 

Assuming that Adam Lanza was a real person as depicted in the available documentation, it's very possible that in his online research into mass murders he came to the attention of a government agency at some point and had been identified as someone who fit the loose profile of a potential terrorist. From this point on, someone would have kept tabs on him and, over time, he would have been encouraged to plan, prepare, and finally carry out the shooting. In this case, like with many other FBI sting operations, the perpetrator was eliminated just prior to the event and the event was staged as a real event. 

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- According to Adam Lanza's educational and medical records (outlined in a post-event report by the State of Connecticut), by the time he was in 7th grade, he was beginning to degenerate. He had symptoms of hypersensitivity, Asperger's Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and possibly Autism, but none of these were ever properly treated and his situation was allowed to worsen. As a result, he slipped further and further into a reclusive world of self-isolation that left him with less and less hope of ever being able to live a normal adult life. By the time of the shooting, his situation was at a point where it was obvious that he would never recover. 

- According to Adam Lanza's alleged death certificate, funeral arrangements were conducted by two companies -- Linwood Crematory and Hartford Trade Service. Linwood Crematory is in Massachusetts, which is unexplainable. Hartford Trade Services is a company run by an ex-convict named Kevin Riley, who was convicted for stealing assets from the estates of the deceased while also double-billing the State for burial charges. He surrendered his license in February of 2011. This would have effectively put him in the palm of the hand of the authorities, making him a useful asset for cover-ups of this nature. According to Dr. Eowyn of the Fellowship of the Minds website, this company is still claiming to be in operation, but claims to be "non-traditional" and works "behind-the-scenes" as a sub-contractor to other funeral homes. It was further discovered by Eowyn that the address for Hartford Trade Services is also the address for River Bend Funeral Services & Crematory in Hartford, CO. This second company is listed as being owned by Kevin Riley as well, but it's also listed as dissolved. Both company's licenses expired in January of 2011. Searches by Eowyn at the State of Connecticut eLicensing website revealed that neiither company is on record.


- All of the computers in the Lanza home were found with their harddrives removed. The only accessible harddrive that appeared to belong to Adam Lanza was an external USB drive. The drive contained a number of files, some of which consisted of screenshots of the online game 'Combat Arms', showing the player's name as 'kaynbred'. Also found on the drive were video clips of online game play of 'World of Warcraft' by a player named 'blarvink'. Other files consisted of an Instant Message history between 'SixteenBitElder', 'The Stranger', and 'Smiggles' (the latter presumed to be Lanza), which occurred between December 2010 and February 2011. The 'kaynbred' and 'blarvink' accounts were investigated, but nothing significant to the shooting was reportedly found. Other material found on the harddrive included a small number of files related to pedophilia, and a large number of files that showed a deep interest in mass shootings. 

- One other harddrive had been physically destroyed. There is no logical reason why Adam Lanza would destroy his harddrive before going to the school to kill children. There is nothing to indicate that there would have been anything on it that he wanted or needed to destroy, if he was acting alone. The only plausible explanation is that the contents of the harddrive could have implicated others who were involved. 

- Evidence found in the Lanza home suggests that Adam Lanza had a deep interest in mass shootings, had an interest in guns, an interest in computers and computer games, and had an interest in pedophilia-related issues. His mother Nancy had an interest in guns and an interest in certain mental illnesses. 

- The Lanza home looked as though it was barely lived in. 

- Nancy Lanza had a lookalike named Annie Haddad, another resident of Newtown who shared many other similarities. 

Nancy Lanza Annie Haddad

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- Here is photo evidence that the Sandy Hook event was staged. A comparison of an enlargement of the windows in the first picture with an official crime scene photo of the same windows tells everything: 


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