Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Exposing InfraGard

by Anthony Forwood

On his TV documentary series 'Conspiracy Theory', ex-governor Jesse Ventura brought my attention to the FBI's program for recruiting domestic spies through an organization called InfraGard.

This came about at the right time for me, since I was just becoming aware of a growing problem in western society that is variously known as gang-stalking, organized stalking, cause-stalking, etc. By whatever name it might go by, this problem is the same as what people suffered by the KGB as millions were snatched up in the middle of the night and sent to the gulag prisons, what East Germans suffered from the STASI police forces, and what the West Germans suffered by the Gestapo during WWII.

What InfraGard amounts to is a modern-day secret police force made up of ordinary citizens who are coerced into spying and informing on their fellow citizens. It is nothing less than fascism, and it is growing by leaps and bounds each and every day.

I went to research InfraGard on the Internet, and although I was able to access their main web site in the USA, when I saw they had a chapter here in Canada, every single link to the Canadian site was blocked to me, and many of them immediately attempted to send trojans to my computer as well.

What was going on?

My first instinct was that my suspicions of being gang-stalked myself were accurate, and this inability to access this site was because they want to limit my ability to learn what is going on and start fighting back. Boy, did they miscalculate my character! I want to fight back more than ever now, whether InfraGard has anything to do with my situation or not.

I'm not afraid of the FBI, CIA, NSA, RCMP, CSIS, or any other government organization that uses underhanded and sleazy tactics to silence or suppress the citizens of the western world. These are all fascist organizations, and they are not the friends of freedom-loving people. That's why I'm starting to write about what I know is going on, and what I know these organizations are up to. They are all a part of the implementation of what has popularly become known as the NEW WORLD ORDER. InfraGard is the newest organ of these fascists, formulated around the principles that worked very well for the KGB, STASI, and Gestapo police.

When I went to the Canadian InfraGard site, my intention was to sign up for membership and see how far I might get into the system before I either had to do something immoral or unethical, or until I was exposed as an infiltrator. I doubted that I was going to get far, and so it seems I didn't.

Take a look at their site for yourselves at www.infragard.com, read what they have to say about themselves on their promotional pages, and decide if they are a good idea. While you are deciding, remember what happened in Russia, East Germany, and Nazi Germany. Remember that your purported leaders and authorities support evil and lie, cheat, and steal while diverting our attention with other problems that they create and then turn around and pin the blame on others.

Don't be ignorant of the real facts that have been buried under such well-planned lies regarding such issues as 9/11, the OKC bombing, the Waco massacre, the Columbine shootings, high profile assassinations, and any other 'conspiracy theory' that won't die.

Do your own research. Don't expect others to inform you of all the facts. Educate yourself, get an idea of how complex the situation has purposely been made, and after a great amount of time and effort you will start to understand that these issues are all tied together in a much bigger but very real conspiracy that has grave implications for every person in the world who wants to retain what few freedoms they still have left.

InfraGard is just the latest effort of a consortium of ultra-elite internationalists to have others do their dirty work for them. It's cost effective for them, because they coerce their minions to work for free with promises of special privileges.

Jesse Ventura said that, according to the people he spoke to at InfraGard, when Martial Law is enacted in the very near future (and they said it will be), their members, who are ordinary citizens, will be given permission to 'shoot to kill' those subversives and dissidents that they are presently monitoring.

That's more than just a little bit scary.

One last word here. More laws will not protect us, so don't start petitioning to the very people in power who initiate these conspiratorial issues, hoping that they will do anything to make it all better. We have to avoid empowering them further. We need to start eliminating laws that are already hurting us, and we must be brave enough to start speaking out with more and more voices in louder and louder tones.

Let me be your example, but take your own initiative.


  1. Infragard is the cancer of our society and needs to be removed.

  2. Infragard is not the first child. Homeland security is the older brother.
    By convincing so called stakeholders to do the business of government the govermment is enableing itself to cross lines of liberty. They are asking business owners to link their cctv store and home cameras to government mainframe computers and view anythomg that is seen in syors or streets and homes with the owners cooperation. So who is liable when someone is a victom of this spying act? Fear is being used by government entities to get americans give up their liberty . Dont just take my word for it look it up on government websites Fed,State and local. These are known in the intelligence world as dark opps . The dog is turning on its master and liberty is the enemy to big government.