Staged Terror - Orlando Shooting

The Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida

Let's start at the beginning. 

At approximately 2:00 a.m. on the morning of June 12, 2016, a lone gunman walked into a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and started shooting at the patrons. The police quickly responded and began arriving on the scene within minutes. An initial shootout took place between the shooter and police, leading to the shooter barricading himself in a restroom at the back of the nightclub, along with an unknown number of frightened patrons who had cornered themselves there when trying to hide. Soon after this, the shooter called 911 a number of times and made some statements regarding his allegiance to the Islamic State. Then, for approximately three hours, nothing more occurred until approximately 5:15 a.m., when a SWAT team started knocking holes in the back exterior wall of the building to gain access. When the wall was finally breached, many of the trapped patrons were able to escape, at which point the shooter started shooting at them before being shot dead by police. In the end, 49 people were reported dead, and 53 wounded. 

That's the official story in a nutshell. 

Now I'm going to introduce some of the various police and medical documents that have become available since this event occurred. I'll just highlight the main points of interest that I was able to draw from these documents first, and then I'll look more closely at some key points that suggest a different story. 

The Police Reports

According to the available police reports:

- First-responders entered the nightclub after hearing shots fired from inside. They were inside the building by 2:10. The shooter had stopped firing by this time and was barricaded in a back restroom where a number of patrons were hiding. 

- Approximately 60 dead and wounded were in the front part of the nightclub when police entered. 

- All of the wounded in the front part of the nightclub were evacuated by 2:35 a.m.

A triage area was quickly set up across S. Orange St. and to the north of the nightclub in the parking lot of Einstein Bros. Bagels at Kaley St. The first wave of patrons escaping from the front part of the nightclub were directed there.

- Most or all of the wounded and a number of dead were transported to the Orlando Regional Medical Center in pickup trucks driven by police. At least 9 trips were made, with 4 - 5 wounded per trip. 

- The police only discovered that people were trapped in the restroom with the gunman after family members came to the scene and notified them, showing them the text messages they had received. 

- After the back wall of the building was breached, escaping patrons were directed to a second triage area that had been set up west of Dunkin Donuts. 

- None of the police reports mention seeing the shooter or engaging in fire with him at any time. 

- There is mention of a Lynx bus that arrives at 7:00 a.m. to pick up the witnesses. 

- Two bodies were left waiting (under police guard) at the Einstein Bagels triage area until 1:00 p.m. before they were retrieved by the FBI's Evidence Response Team. 

There are three things that need to be noted here that raise questions: 

1) No ambulance services or Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) were used to transport the dead and wounded. Why not? Who determined the deaths at the scene? Police are not qualified to do this, and must call in a medical examiner. The only explanation is that this was a staged event that ambulence services and ERTs weren't participating in. 

2) The police only found out that there were people in the restroom with the shooter when they were notified by family members. How is this possible if the patrons had cell phones and were calling 911? 

3) A Lynx bus came to pick up witnesses at the end of the event. Where were the witnesses being taken, and why? 

The Incident Report

According to the police incident report, which consists explicitly of radio dispatch transcripts:

2:02 - First report of shots fired inside nightclub.

2:04 - 911 calls start coming in from patrons. 

2:08 - A team is sent into the nightclub.

2:10 - Approximately 20 people are reported to be in one restroom with the door locked.  One has been shot in the arm. 

2:14 - The Orlando Fire Department is called on for medical assistance

2:15 - 10 people reported to be locked in bathroom handicap stall.

2:15 - Shooter is reported to be trapped in a restroom.

2:17 - Shooting continues to be heard by radio dispatchers. 

2:40 - Shooter calls 911. He is reported by a victim to be in the women's restroom. 

2:51 - Shooter claims to have bombs in parking lot.

2:52 - A victim reports seeing several bombs strapped to shooter

2:54 - 15 people and 2 S-7's (dead? wounded?) are reported to be in one of the restrooms.

2:56 - A victim reports that she is in the women's restroom and the shooter is in the men's restroom with bombs strapped to him

3:16 - Media is sent to S. Orange St. and Gore St.

3:17 - All outside agencies not on scene already are cancelled.

3:18 - Approximately 15 people reported in the restroom with shooter. 

3:30 - Approximately 15 people reported in the restroom with shooter, with 2 S-7.

4:00 - 15 people reported in one restroom with 5 wounded and 4 S-7. 

4:13 - Report that there are 4 people in the men's restroom with the shooter

4:15 - Report that there are 15 people in second men's restroom near bar. 

4:51 - Orlando Fire Department deliver stretchers to triage area at Orange and Kaley Streets for victims that can't walk. 

4:55 - Media staging at Orange and Gore Streets. 

5:01 - 40 victims have been delivered to ORMC so far, 20 of them by fire dept. 3 more victims are at Florida South.

5:14 - Shots fired in north restroom. 

5:15 - Shooter reported down.

6:16 - A Lynx bus is directed to the Tire Kingdom (S. Orange and W. Harding)

6:24 - Victim's families are directed to 1717 S. Orange St. 

Throughout the time that the shooter is holed up in the restroom, 911 calls were being received from victims in the same restroom. During the several hours in the restroom with the shooter, no attempt was made by any of the hostages to talk to him or to describe to 911 what he was doing. At no time did the police even try to make contact with the hostages either. 

The Autopsy Reports

Akyra Murray - shot 3 times
Alejandro Barrios Martinez - shot 2 times 
Amanda Alvear - shot 5 times
Angel L. Candelario-Padro* - shot 3 times

Anthony Luis Laureano Disla - shot 3 times
Antonio Davon Brown* - shot 1 time
Brenda Lee Marquez McCool* - shot multiple (8?) times
Christopher Andrew Leinonen* - shot 9 times
Christopher Sanfeliz - shot 5 times
Cory James Connell* - shot 4 times
Darryl Burt II* - shot 2 times
Deonka Deidra Drayton* - shot 2 times
Eddie Justice* - shot 1 time
Edward Sotomayor - shot multiple (8?) times
Enrique Rios - shot 3 times
Eric Ortiz Rivera - shot 3 times
Frank Hernandez - shot multiple (6+) times
Franky Jimmy Dejesus Velazquez - shot 2 times
Geraldo A. Ortiz-Jimenez - shot 1 time
Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez - shot 7 times
Jason Josaphat - shot 2 times
Javier Reyes - shot 5 times
Jean C. Nives Rodriguez - shot 3 times
Jean Mendez Perez - shot 9 times
Jerald Wright - shot 5 times
Joel Rayon Paniagua - shot 2 times
Jonathan Camuy Vega - shot 5 times
Juan Chavez-Martinez - shot 1 time
Juan Ramon Guerrero - shot 10 times
Juan Rivera Valazquez - shot 3 times
Kimberly Morris - shot 3 times
Leroy Valentin Fernandez - shot 6 times
Luis Conde - shot 3 times
Luis Ocasio Capo - shot 1 time
Luis Vielma - shot 6 times
Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon - shot 5 times
Martin Benitez Torres - shot 5 times
Mercedez Flores - shot 8 times
Miguel Angel Honorato - shot 5 times
Oscar Aracena Montero - shot 7 times
Paul Terrell Henry - shot 12 times
Peter Gonzalez Cruz - shot 1 time
Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala - shot 3 times
Shane Tomlinson - shot 2 times
Simon Adrian Carrillo Fernandez - shot 4 times
Stanley Almodovar III - shot 2 times
Tevin Eugene Crosby - shot 1 time
Xavier Serrano Rosado - shot 2 times
Yilmary Rodriguez-Solivan - shot 1 time

- The 49 deceased victims suffered a total of 201 gunshot wounds between them. 

- Not all bullets and bullet fragments were removed from the bodies for ballistics analysis. 

* Had no online presence before June 12, 2016. (Not all have been checked)

The Wounded and Witnesses (partial list)

Angel Colon
Christopher Littlestar
Fred Johnson
Giovanni Nieves
Janiel Gonzales - Witness. 
Javer Antonetti - Witness. Claimed to see 2 shooters. 
Javier Nava
Jeanette McCoy
Jon Alamo - Witness. 
Jose Martinez
Joshua McGill
Laura Vargas
Luis Burbano - Witness who worked at Pulse. Held door closed to keep patrons inside during shooting. Actor. 
Marcus Gooden
Marissa Delgado
Miguel Leiva
Norman Casiano - Shot 2 or 4 times (changes). Healed in 48 hours. Father is listed as a sexual predator. 
Patience Carter - Shot ? times. Actor. Works for Fox News as intern. 
Paula Blanco
Ray Rivera
Rodney Sumter
Shawn Royster Santiago - Witness. Actor. 
Tiara Parker
Yvens Carrenard

The Staging Areas

From the various reports, we can see that the staging area for the media (pink circle) was set up far away from the nightclub (red circle). The triage area (yellow circle) was located on the opposite side of the nightclub to where a single news camera had been set up to film people carrying what appeared to be wounded to safety (black square). A Lynx bus arrived at 6:16 in the morning and was directed to park out of the way at the Tire Kingdom (blue circle), south of the nightclub and out of sight of the main activity at the shooting scene and the triage area. This bus was later used to transport the witnesses somewhere. But before it was, victim's families were directed away from the scene to another location for some reason (green circle). 

No Ambulances or ERTs

That there were no ambulances involved is self-evident within the various police reports. Although there are some indications in one or two of the police reports that a few of the officers expected ambulances to show up, there's no mention anywhere of any actually doing so. On the other hand, a large number of the reports describe them placing the dead and wounded in pickup trucks that were driven by police, and the incident report reveals that the fire department was called for medical assistance at 2:14, whereas normal ERT services were not called on at all. 

This has also been confirmed by a person who answered the phone at one of the hospitals, who told an inquirer who taped the conversation that none of the victims arrived by ambulance and that no ambulances had been sent out. 

To reinforce this fact further, from examining the limited amount of video and photographic evidence of the crime scene activity that night, there can't be found a single ambulance or ambulance attendant anywhere. The only thing that can be found that shows any of the alleged victims is an obviously staged camera shot in which two or three people who don't look to be wounded or in need of assistance are shown being carried down the street by other nightclub patrons. I say this is obviously staged because it can be seen in the footage that they're carrying the people towards the nightclub rather than away from it, and one of the alleged victims who has what appears to be a gaping bullet hole in his leg is set down on his feet and he and his carriers proceed to just stand around and smile once they think they're off camera. See for yourself in this short clip:

Considering this event in terms of a staged hoax, it can be seen from all of these facts that there would be good reason to place the media so far away. The fact that we have this single piece of camera footage showing what are obviously fake victims being carried in the wrong direction and having no real wounds suggests very strongly that this footage was intentionally staged to satisfy gullible viewers that anybody was actually hurt during this event. 

The lack of any ambulances suggests -- at least to those agencies and services that would be somewhat aware that this wasn't real -- that this event was a drill that didn't involve other agencies or services outside of the Orlando police and fire departments. These agencies and services would have been informed beforehand that the shooting would be a police drill and told not to respond. It would be very strange for no ambulances to be used in response to a mass shooting where the wounded were being extracted over such a long period of time. 

Three Hours of Silence?

There was a time span of approximately three hours in which the shooter, the police and the remaining victims were all relatively silent. No shots were fired, no attempts to negotiate a surrender, no attempts to communicate with hostages, no threats from the shooter that any hostages would be killed, no explanations of what went on in all that time in the restroom, no hostages talked to the shooter... nothing at all. Whatever information exists regarding what took place in the nightclub over that three hour period of time is very scanty. Why is that? A major mass shooting took place. Reporters from every news agency in the area should have been on the scene immediately (one local news agency claims to have received a call from the shooter at 2:45)). There should have been a large number of people who were there throughout the early morning hours as events unfolded. So why is there no footage of the triage area at Einstein Bagels where all the people apparently were? Why only one short piece of footage that was obviously staged? 

It's hard to imagine what took place inside the nightclub during all this time. Since there are no reasonable explanations to cover what the police, the shooter, and the trapped patrons were all doing, we can only speculate. 

Disappearing 911 Transcripts

To make this even harder to understand (unless there was a cover-up), all records of the 911 emergency calls for that night covering the hours from midnight to 3:00 a.m. were seized by the FBI. Although parts of them have since been released as the 'full' transcripts, they only reveal some of the shooter's calls, and none of the many calls from nightclub patrons that should have also been recorded if this were a real event. Is this because there were no 911 calls made at all? Was this event a police drill that didn't involve emergency services, and that's why there were no ambulances and apparently no real 911 calls? Is this why there was no real evidence of a crime, and no reporters on the scene as events unfolded over several hours? Is this why (as we'll see) this event took place at a defunct nightclub that had been out of business since 1013? 

We also find out from the partial 911 transcripts that the shooter claimed that bombs had been placed in a vehicle somewhere outside the nightclub. From what I've read about this event so far, it  doesn't appear that any serious precautions were taken when conducting the vehicle search, and none of the Orlando police reports mentioned anything about a vehicle search at all. 

The question that needs to be asked is: Were there no full 911 transcripts because there were no 911 calls from patrons inside the club? 

The police only released those parts of the transcripts that reveal what the shooter allegedly stated, which supports the official story that the shooter was acting in allegiance to ISIS, which in turn makes plausible the idea that this was a terrorist attack. 

Bomb Vest?

The incident report mentioned that the shooter was seen wearing a bomb vest. The first mention was at 2:52, when someone told the 911 operator that they saw several bombs strapped to the shooter. The second mention was 4 minutes later, when someone who was NOT in the same restroom as the shooter told the 911 operator that he had a bomb strapped to him. How was this known in the second instance? because there was apparently some phone or text communication between patrons during the event, I will assume that someone in the second restroom was informed of the bombs by someone in the first restroom with the shooter. If this were so, however, it would mean that the people in the second restroom could have been informed that it was safe to be extracted, since the shooter had the door closed against the police who were right outside. 

Multiple Shooters?

Soon after the event, some of the witnesses started claiming that there were multiple shooters. This seems to have been a purposeful tactic to draw attention away from the facts and lead truth-seekers down the wrong rabbit hole. The premise that there were multiple shooters depends on this being either a false flag event or the cover-up of certain facts in a real shooting event, neither of which stands up to reason. 

Shooter Called Local News Agency?

Matthew Gentili, a producer at News 13 in Orlando, claimed to have received a call from the shooter at approximately 2:45, saying that he just identified himself as the shooter and made a statement regarding his allegiance to ISIS before hanging up. By looking at the incident report, we can see that this fits in with the times that the shooter was calling 911, 

A Witness to Unusual Activity

The woman in this short video clip describes seeing unusual activity at the Pulse nightclub the night of the shooting:

The Victims

Akyra Murray

Akyra's mother stated that Akyra contacted her at around 2:00 saying she had been shot in the arm and was asking to be picked up. her friend Patience Carter stated that she was hiding in the restroom with a still-unharmed Akyra when the shooter entered and started firing, hitting them both. She claimed that Akyra died by slowly bleeding out from an arm wound. [Source] However, her autopsy report shows that she was shot 3 times, once in the head, once in the left upper arm, and once in the right upper arm. 

There is no evidence that Akyra Murray was ever active online. 

facebook page exists for a Latosha Murray, who looks an awful lot like Akyra. This person is from New Haven, Connecticut. 

Omar Mateeen

- The shooter, Omar Mateen, worked as a security guard with the security firm G4S Secure Solutions, where he had worked since 2007. G4S is a client of CrisisCast, an organization that conducts crisis simulations. 

- He has also worked as an actor in several B grade movies.

- His father, Seddique Mateen, worked as a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security, is (or was) seeking the presidency in Afghanistan, is allied with the Taliban leadership, and is a long-time CIA asset. 

- The FBI had interviewed Omar three times in 2013-14 after he allegedly made "inflammatory remarks". He was under investigation for 10 months, which resulted in a case file that was 3 inches thick. They tried to lead him into a sting but he didn't bite. See:

It's very possible that Mateen's 'inflammatory remarks' were purposely intended to draw attention to himself, since this is how FBI informants are taught to act in certain situations as part of their cover. It's also possible that Mateen was being recruited by an FBI informant into a phoney terrorist cell, and was encouraged to act out in this way 'as a show of allegiance'. This is when Mateen first came under investigation, but the investigation was closed after ten months for some reason. 

- After this, Mateen began to go to a local mosque where a known terrorist also frequented, He was investigated by the FBI again, and interviewed several times. 

Police Tweet Proves Hoax?

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