Sunday, December 4, 2016

YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED! Another Shill Site Discovered

I signed up to this site just the other day. I was doing some research on the Columbine shooting and saw that it had many active forums, so I was hoping to discuss with people. I don't get a lot of chances to do that with serious researchers, and this place claimed to be a site where researchers are welcome. 

After I signed on I started reading posts and responding to a few. Nothing much... Just asking a few questions about details of the Columbine shooting and giving a bit of information where I could. 

I saw that they also had forums for other shootings, including Sandy Hook. So I went into the Sandy Hook forum and started reading posts there. The thread I was reading was titled "Sandy Hook - No Proof". It was the only one that appeared to be conspiracy-related. The person who started the thread was asking for proof that Sandy Hook was a real shooting, and pretty much everybody else was attacking him, and not being very nice at all. So I decided to respond to a few of them, not being nasty or anything, but just questioning their own posts and their motives for attacking this person. They had also said something about conspiracy theorists all being stupid, so I let it be known that I was a conspiracy theorist, and I said a few things like I typically do to defend my position. Again, I said nothing rude or out of hand. 

Then I got into a discussion in that same thread with one of the other members about something else. One of the mods (Jenn) had apparently had a hand in discovering some online posts by Adam Lanza a while back (the Smiggles posts), and these were supposed to conclusively prove (according to the discoverers) that Lanza was a real person. 

So I started asking some questions about them because I don't just take someone's word about something like that any more. I wanted to investigate further to assure myself that there wasn't any possibility that these posts weren't planted there on purpose by someone else, or created after the shooting, or whatever else. I was simply asking questions, but I seem to have gotten someone pissed off, because now I'm banned and can't even view the site.

What would be the reason to not only ban me, but also block me from the site altogether? That's overkill, unless they have something to hide from me. Being unable to view the site, I can't easily research the people that run it or see what they're really up to on there. 

My suspicions were already being raised when I was first reading posts on the site. The nasty attitudes of the most active members towards anything conspiracy related were one thing, but then I got a subtle warning from the person I was corresponding with in the form of an accusation that I was calling the mod a liar. I pointed out that I wasn't calling anyone anything and was just trying to assure myself that there was no way that these posts could have been planted or created on purpose. 

Throughout my discussion, I had been explaining what I knew about psychological operations, what I knew about how these staged events are orchestrated, how agents and informants are planted online to act in various capacities in these orchestrated events, the discovery of Homeland Security's HSEEP program and how these emergency drills are incorporated into the event as a cover, how crisis actors are used and the companies that contract them for these drills , etc. 

Basically, I let it be known to any government agents that might be on that site that I was very aware of how they operate. 

And now here I am, banned and blocked.

I believe that  is a government site, like so many others out there these days. I'll add it to the list of sites I've been banned from for no apparent reason other than I talked about government conspiracy theories. 


  1. I should add that if this site IS run by government agents, then the Lanza posts are very likely fake, since one of the mods was apparently involved in their 'discovery', and my posts about them were related to discovering how they might have been faked. And then I got the subtle warning from the other member....

    BTW, anyone can go there and see my posts if they want, unless they get deleted. If they do, well that's just MORE evidence that I'm right.

  2. Sandy Hook is one of the most obvious shooting hoaxes. If I've understood correctly the school wasn't actually even in use at the time the shooting allegedly happened, it had been closed due to mold problems or something like that.

    And who could forget "Robbie Parker" who allegedly lost his daughter in the shooting but was caught smiling before gathering himself for the TV statement shortly after it had happened.

    1. It marks a new precedent in how the US government is attempting to use staged terror events to coerce the public in going along with their agenda. By removing the element of violence from these staged events and using actors, they avoid the worst possible results and stay within legal boundaries.

      Obama passed laws in 2012 that make it legal to engage in all forms of domestic propaganda. Right after this, we had Sandy Hook, and then more faked events started following after that.