Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kaczynski, SSRIs, and the System

Ted Kaczynski allegedly stated in his manifesto:

"[O]ur society tends to regard as 'sickness' any mode of thought or behavior that is inconvenient for the system, and this is plausible because when an individual doesn't fit into the system it causes pain to the individual as well as problems for the system. Thus the manipulation of an individual to adjust him to the system is seen as a 'cure' for a 'sickness' and therefore as good."

And isn't this EXACTLY what is going on today? The correction of 'abherent' thoughts through the diagnosis and treatment of something so general and hard to define but nonetheless given a blanket name like 'schizophrenia' to make it seem like it's something substantively defineable, and therefore diagnoseable.

How many SSRI drugs are out there today that can cause abherent thoughts and actions in the patient? Look at the long lists of side effects that these drugs have, which just get longer with each new drug that comes out. Why do you think they advertise them on TV, and then list these many dangerous side effects? The most logical reason is because no doctor wants to be sued for prescribing them, and neither do the pharmaceutical companies who make them, so it must fall on the patient to take responsibility for how the drugs might affect them. This is undoubtedly why many of them are also now over-the-counter drugs, rather than prescription only. But they're nonetheless very DANGEROUS! They create psychotic monsters! The world is more full of people taking these questionable drugs than ever before, and that means that the likelihood of someone going off the deep end is only increasing because of them. THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT! This is why there are so many instances these days of lone-nut shooters going into schools and churches and malls and shooting everyone up! Just do a search online for mass shootings and SSRIs, and you'll find not just a few cases where these drugs were involved, but many 100s, and increasing steadily with each passing year!

Drugs are a form of technology, so Kaczynski was as right in this instance about how technology is overtaking society as he was about any other technology he might have been referring to. And aren't we being encouraged - very often even forced - to turn to drugs as 'cures' for every perceived ailment, more and more? Are they not attempting to classify every perceived 'sickness' of the mind and correlate them with brain activity so that they can just plug you up to a machine that will spit out a diagnosis, and that diagnosis must stand as fact because their machines don't make mistakes? Do you think they would ever be willing to explain how such a machine works? Do you think they will even know after a while? Who comes to be in charge of THAT knowledge? A pimply-faced computer programmer? Compartmentalization of knowledge and secrecy based on proprietary information will only add to the problems we'll face more and more in the future. And that's the way we're giong. But they don't really care. They just want to be able to label people in order to justify what they do to them after that.

The system that the manifesto talks about is likened to a machine. It has no brain, no heart, no senses. It does not acknowledge the human condition beyond what it's programmed to understand. It works towards one end, and that is to enslave humankind to itself. That is how it's programmed. The laws we live by are part of the programming, and we must adhere to those laws in order that the machine will work effectively in its task to keep us enslaved. The fact that we keep having more rights and freedoms taken away from us is based on how the machine must operate, not on how humans operate. We are being forced to become something other than what God made us. That is a requirement of the system, if the system is going to move forward with its intended purpose. The system comes first, and individuals come last. That's how it's programmed.

The fact is, Kaczynski was labelled as mentally ill based on the manifesto, which his State-appointed DEFENSE team (who were screwing him over) claimed was a sign that he was paranoid, as though very well-reasoned fear or aprehension are somehow equated with mental illness. If that's the case, then this write-up and most of my other blog articles qualify me as mentally ill, as are many other people who post their thoughts online. And that's exactly how they want it to be. We become easy targets ourselves if we accept this blatant labelling of people with very generalized mental illnesses like schizophrenia.

The evidence of sickness they used with Ted is the same sort of evidence they will use on others. He had vocalized his well-reasoned thoughts in a paper that many first said was pure genius for its deep insight, but then they were overrun with louder and more 'authoritative' claims that he was paranoid, and therefore schizophrenic, and therefore a madman. Case closed.

So I must be a madman too. And so are you if you happen to agree with any of this. At least we'll have each other for company in that rubber room.

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  1. lol , armies of sociopaths they are making with all the drugs being administered here in this country, I don't think I have met one single person in ten years who isn't taking some prescribed drug .... and I don't know how many times they have tried giving me anti depressants, and as many times I tell them I'm not depressed.....im angry, I'm angry because these idiots are trying to turn me into a braindead robot to follow a regime through soviet conditioning....yet...when you go against nature, you will get unnatural results. Those already drugged up, brainwashed, hypnotised through NLP have a temporary mindset, one that will cave in one way or the other sooner or later, kinda like building a house on the sandbank,

  2. Well, I'm not taking them, so at least there's one.

    But you're right... they try to force change on the natural human physiology through unnatural means, but force only works as long as it's applied regularly. Their 'cures' involve forcing certain chemical concoctions into the system, primarily the brain and CNS, and override the body's natural ability to heal itself. Over time and with repetition, the body becomes more and more dependent on the substitute as it tries to adapt to it. Natural healing processes become more and more dormant, starting with the immune systems. If this dependency is passed on to new generations, genetics begin to change.

    The drugs they're creating nowadays are more likely to change our genetics than anything ever could before. That's what they're essentially trying to control.

    The pharmaceutical industry in the USA is controlled by Illuminist family dynasties. These Illuminists intend to turn this world into their private utopia, where they are living gods to us and we're just perverted forms of our current genetic blueprint, here to serve.

    But that's still somewhere in the distant future. They may never even get there. At the moment, they have people drugged up to make them more docile and easily accepting of the ever-deepening control of their lives. The oft-occurring slip up where a person cracks and goes ballistic in public serves the PTB as well, since nothing should go to waste. These people are just used to terrorize the public into accepting even more control.

    What a racket!