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Robert Duncan's Sinister Marketing - Soul Catching Through Suicide

Memory Hole, the same 'news' outlet that published the fake suicide letters that were alleged to be from Myron May, has also published an audio of Myron May talking about gang-stalking and electronic harassment. Memory Hole claims to have received the tape from the Tallahassee police, but how do we really know this? When I heard about the tape, I hoped that it would be Myron talking about his own targeting and that it would provide some insight into who or what drove him to go on a shooting rampage. I was let down when I found out that this was not the case, but, given all the questionable circumstances surrounding the Myron May story, I should have expected as much.

In the audio, Myron May doesn't sound at all like someone who was preparing for his own suicide. In fact, he never even really indicates that this is what he was planning on doing. For all we know, he was preparing to leave the country to start a new life. This might actually be closer to the truth, from what I'm uncovering about his past.

Myron May doesn't talk about his own targeting at all, other than to provide a few minor incidents when describing targeting methods in general. None of these example incidents were convincing since they were isolated incidents that didn't follow a pattern of repeated occurrences that normally define ongoing systematic targeting.

The publication of the recording seems to have been intended as a marketing scheme to promote Robert Duncan and his books, rather than to understand what happened to Myron May to cause him to go on a shooting rampage. The audio is mostly just Myron May reading off a list of targeting methods and describing them in general terms. There is nothing there for anyone in their intended audience to really learn anything from. Just more repetition of the same basic information about targeting that's already flooding the TI community. It was only the multiple mentions of Robert Duncan and his books that appear to be the real purpose of publishing this audio tape.

What Myron May fails to explain on this tape is how he knew he was being targeted and who he thought was targeting him. Nor does he describe any pattern of repeated incidents that would suggest he was targeted. He merely offers a few isolated incidents that he alleges were targeting incidents but which could have been entirely coincidental. He provided no reasoning for thinking that he was targeted, leaving us to wonder where he got the idea that he was. Someone had to have put this idea into his head. And as a criminal prosecutor, he should have clearly understood that concrete objective evidence is crucial in determining facts, and that even a consensus of belief is not enough to warrant something as true. From the little that Myron May left us to ponder over in trying to figure out what drove him to do what he did, we can at least see from this tape that he based his beiiefs about targeting on Robert Duncan's claims, and little else.

In support of this, Myron May refers to Robert Duncan as a 'doctor' and talks about him with high regard, promoting his claims as true and accurate without any question whatsoever. On the tape, he also encourages others to buy Robert Duncan's books. What is interesting about this is that Myron May talks about Robert Duncan and his books as though he was quite familiar with them, even though he only joined the TI community less than a month before the shooting. That wasn't nearly enough time to research anything that Robert Duncan claims, so Myron May's trust in him was based on faith, not facts. If anything, this suggests that they were in close contact prior to the shooting, and that Robert Duncan had a strong influence over Myron May's thinking during that time.

Was this tape just an elaborate (and rather sinister) marketing scheme that uses fear (and Myron's alleged death) as motivation to buy Robert Duncan's books?

One thing becomes very clear when listening to this audio tape... At the time that he made it, Myron May had already been heavily indoctrinated into Robert Duncan's version of reality, and he was then used in a rather sinister way to promote Robert Duncan's books to the TI community after his alleged death, with the expectation being that much attention and belief would be given by TIs to whatever Myron May said. After all, he apparently gave his life for TIs, so we should immediately feel indebted to him... and even follow in his footsteps. I mean, he was OBVIOUSLY listening to the right people to be led in his thinking to do what he did, and we should do the same. Right?

Myron May: "I challenge you to research and investigate this issue. Give it a real investigation, don't just dismiss it as mental illness. Don't draw conclusions based on ignorance. Don't substitute taglines and lazy journalism for doing the real work that you're supposed to do, which is to look deeply into an issue and give both sides of it... not just surface stories, but research the technology. Dig deeper. Question the FBI. Question the CIA. Question the NSA. Question the military. Question your government. That's what you're supposed to do, and I challenge you to do that."

Did Myron May dig deep, or did he stop at Robert Duncan, as appears to be the case? Did he question Robert Duncan's rather bizarre version of reality? Did he get "both sides of the story" before he made his tape? Did Robert Duncan allow him to question his credentials, his claims of having helped create the technology he sells the belief in through his poorly written, less-than-academic-level books? Was Myron May so ineffective as a criminal prosecutor that he couldn't apply basic rules of logic to his situation and the claims of someone like Robert Duncan?

Myron May said to be a skeptic, and I am. So why am I persecuted among certain segments of the TI community for it? Why should only one version of the facts - the one that Robert Duncan and certain other people working with him vociferously push on others - be immediately adopted and no further questions be allowed? Is that how we get to the truth? What are these people afraid of? What are they hiding? Who are they working for, really?

I'm skeptical of this whole story for the very fact that it doesn't add up and the people who have involved themselves in it are now acting extremely suspicious. I'm skeptical of people who claim to be TIs working to help other TIs, but who only lead them into further confusion... and even into tragedy, as was the case for Myron May, Aaron Alexis, Joe Turner, Pam Anderson, Susan Watkins and others who all happened to commit suicide after involving themselves with that same segment of the TI community, which just happens to center around Derrick Robinson, Robert Duncan, and certain others.

Myron May: "I don't want to be condemned for eternity for anything I've done, for anything I'm doing now, for anything I may do in the future."

This last quote was about as close as Myron May gets to stating that he was going to do what he allegedly did. It leaves a lot of room for other possibilities. It allows for a great deal of well-reasoned skepticism. For all we know, Myron May escaped something from his past, and could now be living in some other country with a new identity. We just don't know. But there is good reason to consider this if you look closer at Myron May's past and his employment with a cerrtain law firm that was involved with a man named Allen Stanford. I'll leave that for others to research for themselves. They may find something startling, as I did.

The fact is, we don't really know that Myron May even went on a shooting. We haven't seen a body that connects to the person in the photos that are claimed to be someone named Myron May. All we have are various pieces of information that have been put out by various sources that build into a news story that essentially serves two purposes... to destroy the integrity of the TI community among the mainstream masses, and to promote certain people and their ideas about targeting among that TI community.

Everything else aside, who comes out ahead more than anyone else in all this? Robert Duncan, who gets his books promoted.

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  1. A Christian would not kill or commit suicide. Myron`s ethics don't match up with the entire case.

    The people profiting off his death happen to be mentioned in the suicide letter. They are also supporters of one another in the targeted individual community.