Friday, September 19, 2014

Robert Duncan Confesses: “I am a perp.”

I just found this published email from Robert Duncan (the original posting can be found at the link below):

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"R. Duncan" <duncan@higherorder. com> wrote:

Dear John A. and others whose full time jobs are accusing,

I have been trying to confess for a long time. I am a perp. I am paid by the US government to conduct psychological experiments on you. I am deceitful sometimes and I am wrong sometimes. I even accidentally tell you a truth now and then. But they dock my pay when that happens.

So, now that you have a full confession. Can we move on and have constructive conversations even knowing that I am trying to hurt you through intentional bad information and theories? Greed is what drives me. I get extra-CIA pay when I can lead you towards irrational and unfounded belief systems. Perhaps it is good mental exercise to be able to critically reason while knowing that a sophisticated perp like myself is guiding you away from God and truth intentionally?

Perhaps like with evolution theory, we should separate church and state. Use one as a personal guidance and an information drug to inspire you, and the other that has proven more useful in predicting the immediate future and to explain the physical world where brain chemistry and the mind intersect. Always be skeptical of information that you read. This should not be something new. However, personally attacking someone shows a lack of ability to understand the science and argue on that basis. We are back to the Christian inquisitions and will get nowhere. Just assume in every email that you are required to think for yourself and not be lazy wanting to rely on someone’s reputation. In fact, in a perfect intelligent meritocracy, where no names were attached to information exchanges, you would have to learn to do this.

Why does thinking and arguing in a professional exchange about this topic in a scientific and strategic manner, pain you so much? Why do you spend so much time talking about the useless and nonsensical aspects? Get over your classicism and take everyone as if they have something important to say. Filter, don’t respond negatively. I for one have nearly fully given up my defense research and public speaking because of the constant barrage of negativity. I found that I can help more people and other groups with other problems who are more grateful of my sacrifices. You aren’t winning allies or friends and you haven’t figured it out that negativity is highly infectious and the most obvious quality to instill into people and groups to isolate and disassemble them. If you haven’t figured out just the very basic psychological strategies being used against a group assembling by reading military and CIA methods, you haven’t progressed in this chess game at all. This is why I have lost hope.

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  1. I've had my doubts regarding Dr. Robert Duncan for a long time. When I saw him speak at The Bases Project, 2015 he seemed a hesitant speaker, and spoke as if he were speaking to a bunch of ignorant targeted people. In fact, there were many brilliant people in the audience (who I recognised from YouTube videos from Europe) asking good questions which he just seemed unable to answer. He keeps talking about spending a lot of money and half his life in various schools. In point of fact, if he were really brilliant, he would have graduated at a much younger age. I found him cold and obviously in tune with what he said the scientists and military wants regarding hive minds and the like. Perhaps that is a quality of his education. After all, educated people perform vivisection on awake animals without a thought! He disturbs me.

    1. Thanks for the input. I wonder if anybody at that conference bothered to ask him for proof of credentials? It would certainly be the first thing I would do before allowing him to step up on a stage and pontificate how informed and qualified he is while never being able to answer any questions about his claims.

      Did you have to pay money to be at that conference? Who sponsored it?

    2. Oh my God. The above confession of Duncan's is a profile of a Malignant Narcissist. He is one very sick man and he has brain washed Bryan Tew to spout his BS when at all possible.

      I want to make this confession very public but I doubt that his devotees would listen. Many of them think the perps can see out of their eyes, read their minds - word for word - and hear through their ears.

      Many have taken his "facts" and applied those "facts" to every aspect of their lives.

      This man is a monster, in my opinion, and has done serious damage to a lot of lives.