Saturday, March 15, 2014

Getting Involved With FFCHS is Dangerous

by Anthony Forwood

I've noticed that those people who get involved with FFCHS* will aggressively defend that organization against anyone who dares to question its integrity. This is very similar to how cult members react to anyone who questions their group or beliefs.

By all appearances, FFCHS is a cult. It should be noted that the creation of cults was an integral part of MKULTRA, and they have since been used as a method for recruiting and maintaining control over their mind-control victims.

A number of times, I've posted information on my blog that questions FFCHS's practices and warning other TIs about getting involved with them. Each time, soon after I do, I start getting a wave of people I don't know contacting me out of the blue, for reasons seemingly unrelated to these blog posts. These people usually start out by asking for help regarding their targeting or praising me for my past research, but this quickly changes and they start trying to convince me of some of the crazier things that are claimed about the technologies that are used to target people.

I'm very aware that their initial approach (seeking my help or offering praise) is merely intended to soften me up, which is precisely how cult groups operate when seeking to get close to somebody they want to target.

When I start asking these people questions to get more details that would clarify why they believe what they do, or when I offer other more rational explanations for their experiences, they always become extremely offended that I've shown any possible doubt about what they believe. With many of these people, I later discover that they're members of FFCHS or they otherwise pay a lot of attention to the claims of FFCHS spokespeople or affiliates like Derrick Robinson, Robert Duncan, Jesse Beltran, John Hall, Ken Wilbourne Jr., Magnus Olsson, etc. Many of these people who contact me also reveal signs of mental imbalance or an inability to think logically.

The inability to discuss anything outside of their own beliefs is another symptom of cult membership. So is the absolute loyalty to the group and its leaders.

I believe that FFCHS specifically seeks out those people who are the most susceptible to believing the crazier claims about what the technology can do, because these people are the easiest to lead into mind-control and targeting activities. I believe that these people are recruited by FFCHS and turned against TIs like myself who attempt to expose the disinformation that FFCHS and its associates promote as part of a larger psyop against the population. At the same time, these recruits are used to lure TIs into the trap that FFCHS has laid for them.

Even just going to the FFCHS website can be dangerous.

About a month ago, I went to their website to leave a comment asking Derrick Robinson some pointed questions about his organization's purpose and practices. As soon as I went to post the message, the computer terminal I was using produced an error message and I was stalled from being able to do anything. At the exact same time, while I struggled with the computer to get rid of the error message (it wouldn't close), a sudden wave of dizziness came over me, followed by a strange taste on my tongue, and then I quickly began to feel very strange, unlike anything I've never felt before. I hurriedly shut down the computer and got away from it, at which point I immediately started to feel better again. It occurred to me as soon as this all happened that I had been hit with some sort of electronic weaponry.

I know that a computer monitor can be made to radiate ELF waves to cause various different physiological symptoms (see US patent #6,506,148 - "Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors"). These effects can be delivered over the internet and are entirely software-based, requiring no special hardware other than the computer itself.

I also know that FFCHS is fully aware of who I am and that I'm attempting to expose them, and that they have been targeting me online (through their network of recruited members) in an attempt to stop me.

If you have ever had any bad experiences with FFCHS or any of its known members, please contact me ( Your name and any information you provide will be kept in strict confidence. My intentions are to compile and use this information for further investigation and exposure of this government front group.

* The organization's name has since been changed to People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance International (PACTS International). 


  1. 'a dozen reasons why it is obvious that ffchs is a disinfo front group organized by gang-stalking perps, rather than a legitimate victim support group' is very well written and has helped me considerably in cutting through the crud on 'peacepink', a 'targeted individual' site alleged to have been infiltrated by ffchs personnel and which the hostess (solelmavis) reports being blocked from for eleven months