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Some Information on the Targeted Community and the Technology Used

by Anthony Forwood (from my correspondence)


I don't mean to inundate you with information, nor am I trying to lead your efforts or seeking any personal recognition, but, to really understand the complexities of the targeting situation, it requires a great deal of understanding on many relevant topics, which I'm certain I have. My intentions are only to share with you and others what I've learned through my many years of personal research and offer a levelheaded approach to understanding this whole issue. In case you aren't interested in what I say here, I've decided to post this on my blog so that it isn't wasted.

As I said to you previously, much of my research has focused on determining what's true and what's false regarding the technology. Apart from that, I've also spent a lot of time researching mind-control techniques, which is just as important to understand as the technology, and includes all manner of psychological influencing, behavior modification, hypnosis, cult tactics, etc. Further to that, there are the deeper aspects of the origins and motives for all of this targeting, which has led me into researching secret societies, satanism, cults and New Age groups, etc. These in turn lead into sex-slavery and human trafficking, drug and arms trafficking, serial killers, etc. Essentially, there is a long-term agenda at work here, and it reaches to the very highest levels of power. So, as you can see, there is a lot to understand about all of this, and it would be very hard to cover every aspect very thoroughly in a single documentary.

On a more personal level, I've had my own targeting experiences for many years and have studied and documented how my perpetrators apparently operate and how they're able to maintain a network of active perps without fear of exposure. This is outlined in my document, 'The Network', which I think will be very helpful to you.

I don't know what sort of approach you plan on taking with your documentary, but I'm hoping it will delve deeper than just exploring individual cases of TIs. That's been done so much and the internet is already filled with such stories, although what you might hear or read should always be taken with a grain of salt. As I said before, many people in the TI community are actually perps and purposely not telling the truth and exaggerating certain aspects of the situation, while others are deluded about their situations and about the technology they believe is being used on them - usually because they're not capable of thinking critically and objectively about their experiences (not always their own fault, under the circumstances). The fact that there are purposeful campaigns being engaged in to derail any attempts at exposure and to continually misinform the TI community makes it very hard to overcome the confusion people have due to the amount of disinformation being put out. And it's continually getting worse.

Among other things, I'd like to take this opportunity in communicating with you to dispel much of the false information being promoted and bought into by TIs, since this will help you to eliminate many of the false claims you'll come across and allow you to remain objective in your approach to this subject.

There are various categories of people within the TI community, each with their own beliefs about the technology being used against them and the means of their attacks. These range from those who are victims of V2K (voice to skull) technology, to those who believe that the technology has the capability to read their thoughts, to those who claim to be psychically attacked, to those who believe that aliens or interdimensional beings are involved. There are also those who claim that the technology involves nanotechnology, those who claim to suffer from what they believe is morgellons disease, and who knows what else. Every conceivable idea about the technology used in targeting seems to attract its own circle of believers, and this is a major problem in itself, which I cover extensively in 'Online Psyops and Perception Management in the Targeted Community'.

As for these various categories of TIs, I'll briefly cover each of them further here.

People who claim to hear voices are usually legitimate. V2K is a scientifically sound technology, in that audio sounds can be transmitted directly into a person's head, so this claim is entirely plausible. V2K shouldn't be confused with 'synthetic telepathy' or 'remote neural monitoring', which are entirely different technologies, but in the TI community the distinction sometimes gets blurred through a lack of understanding and misuse of terminology, which doesn't help things.

People who claim that their thoughts can be read are another matter altogether, and this is where most of my research into the technology has been focused. Because of the complexity of the matter, understanding this category of TIs requires a rather extensive explanation of various technical matters relating to the technology that they claim is being used on them. In most cases, they are either false TIs or otherwise being purposely deceived about the method of their targeting. This is undoubtedly for the purpose of avoiding exposure. It's my informed opinion that the majority of these people (at least those who are legitimate TIs) are under some form of ongoing hypnosis (possibly induced through V2K) to lead them to think that their thoughts are being read. In rare cases, they might be actual experimentees for advanced mind-reading technologies that would necessarily involve invasive brain surgery, and this is where the technical details need to be covered at length. I'll deal with this further on.

Continuing with the various categories of TIs, I know through a great deal of research and some personal experimentation that at least some psychic phenomena are possible, that they've been extensively studied and practiced within certain secret societies and occult groups for a very long time, and that there are certain methods that can be used to enhance psychic abilities, as well as to make a person more open to psychic attack. These methods include electronic brain entrainment, the use of a Faraday cage to block outside electromagnetic interference with brainwave activity, sensory deprivation to block extraneous 'noise' coming from the five normal senses, hypnosis to enhance suggestibility towards psychic functioning and/or enhance access to the psychic channel, using multiple people in a psychic endeavor, etc. Psychological profiling methods can also help to identify people who are the most susceptible to psychic influence or who have strong psychic potential. So psychic attacks are quite plausible and those people who claim to have them may or may not be speaking accurately.

Moving on to the next category... I've spent many years researching UFOs and aliens, and although I at first believed in at least some of the stories being put out, I eventually came to realize that this is a false reality that has been created and kept alive by both the US government and various secret societies over the years, and has been used for various purposes throughout that time, starting with it being used as a cover for MKULTRA mind-control experimentation and the testing of secret military technologies (i.e. antigravity, holographics, etc.). The purpose for using the UFO/alien scenario as cover has been to make those who report it appear ridiculous, thus discrediting them completely in the mainstream world. This false reality has since been used as part of other psychological operations (psyops), both within and without the military and other government agencies. It seems to be favored by certain satanic groups, since it's very adaptive to their beliefs and activities. But in the end, the fact is that there's absolutely no evidence that UFOs and aliens are what they are usually claimed to be, and are merely the subjective interpretations of people who have experiences that seem to involve them. This whole topic is very complex in itself, but the basic fact is that this false reality is commonly used as a screen memory or cover deception for other activities, and these activities involve TIs. The screen memories are inserted through hypnosis, which appears to be one of the most used techniques for misleading TIs about their targeting experiences, and in my opinion has been incorporated into the technology and targeting operations to a very large degree. So, in my opinion, there are very likely no aliens involved in this targeting, although a rather large percentage of purported TIs believe they are. I'm inclined to think that many of these people are merely seeking to entertain themselves by believing such things, much like a person is entertained by watching scary movies. Many others are in a more dangerous position, because they're being led to believe that they're special, thinking they've been selected by aliens because they have special DNA, that they're 'walk-ins', 'star children', etc., and/or that they're being involved in some sort of training as sleeper agents for a final apocalyptic event that they believe will involve a massive alien landing. This is where things start getting cultish, and cults are what I believe a lot of this targeting is moving towards as some of these categories of TIs come to establish their beliefs about their targeting around particular false realities. The belief in alien involvement is by far the oldest false reality among the TI community, and therefore the most deeply rooted within it.

When it comes to any of the other categories of TIs and their beliefs that I mentioned (those involving interdimensional beings, nanotechnology, morgellons, etc.), things become less than plausible, and the evidence and claims become that much more questionable. I really haven't done much research into these areas, each for its own reasons. Interdimensionality lacks any evidence that can't be explained in more plausible ways. It's just another version of the false reality surrounding alien involvement. Morgellons may or may not be anything related to targeting, and could easily be due to environmental pollution. However, many people believe that morgellons are alien microbes or some sort of nanotechnology being spread through chemtrails, etc. Nanotechnology is often used to explain a variety of experiences, from morgellons to microscopic implants used in mind-control. None of these claims about nanotechnology as it applies to targeting appear to have much scientific validity or objective evidence to support them. It's very unlikely that this technology is at all advanced enough to do any of the things that people in the TI community claim it can.

This brings me back to the technology that people claim is capable of reading their thoughts, since as I said many people claim that nanotechnology is being used to act as microscopic electronic implants that embed themselves in their brains and transmit their brainwave signals to satellites or microwave towers, or otherwise aid in allowing brainwave signals to be transmitted over distance, allowing for two-way interaction and the ability to read and influence a person's thoughts and other brain activity.
An understanding of some basic radio engineering principles will prove that this and other claims about mind-reading technologies are utterly impossible. Although I cover many of the inherent problems with purported mind-reading technologies in my document 'A Primer on V2K and Mind-Reading Technologies', that document was written before I was able to fully establish certain limitations that all radio engineers know as fact and can be easily checked by anybody who bothers to. Along with what's explained in that document, there are two basic things about radio engineering that make most claims about mind-reading technology to be technically impossible as described (I want to say all claims, but there are certain limited exceptions).

First, there is the fact that the inverse square law applies to electromagnetic waves, which means that the power density of an electromagnetic wave is proportional to the inverse of the square of the distance from a point source. Power density equates to wave amplitude or voltage strength, so this means that an electromagnetic wave loses strength proportional to the distance traveled (the basic formula is I=W/m^2, where I is intensity or strength, W is watts of power, and m^2 is meters squared). Second, there's the fact that wave amplitude or voltage strength is dependent on the size of the capacitor in any device that generates and/or transmits an electromagnetic wave. What this all means is that something as small as an implant (even a large one that would definitely show up in an x-ray) will only be able to transmit a few feet at best before the signal strength is lost completely. Brainwaves are so weak that they can barely even penetrate beyond the skull more than a few millimeters, and the use of implants to amplify the signal wouldn't help much at all. So, apart from the various other technical problems that I describe in my above-mentioned document regarding mind-reading technologies, these two further limitations make them virtually impossible, and those people claiming that their thoughts are being read are far more likely being deceived, or are actually false TIs spreading false claims to make the TI community appear that much more ludicrous.

Well, although I have much more to say, this has already gotten rather longer than I expected, and I may have gone into areas that you aren't planning to deal with, but perhaps some of this will help you anyway. As I've indicated, my research has delved into many other areas related to targeting, so if you ask me about something in particular, I can probably give you some useful information and lead you to supporting evidence that you probably wouldn't come across so easily otherwise.

Just be careful what you accept as true or accurate when it comes to the things you hear about. There's a great deal of purposeful deception going on, and this is something I'd also like to expand on, but for now, I must end this here.

Anthony Forwood

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