Monday, August 18, 2014

Who’s Perping Who? Exposing Kathleen Watterson and Levi McCann – Perps for Hire

by Anthony Forwood

First, I would like to reprint this announcement that Derrick Robinson made regarding a court case that’s still ongoing as of this posting (August 18, 2014), which is what drew my attention to this in the first place. (I’ve highlighted certain parts for emphasis):


Kathleen Watterson's Day in Court!

July 10, 2014


Yesterday, July 9, 2014, was the first time (that we know of) that electronic harassment was successfully argued and proven in a court of law!!! Guys, this was a red-letter day and yet another major victory for the targeted individual community!

What happened was something totally miraculous! Kathleen and Levi McCann, the expert witness in her case, "happened" to meet recently at their nearby Walmart in southern California and the rest is history! Levi turned out to be amazingly-qualified with legal expertise and electronics; everything needed to win a case like ours in court!

Levi was able to show that standard satellite dishes within a 5-mile radius of Kathleen's home were all pointed toward the equator where most satellites orbit the earth - except the defendant's satellite dishes which were pointed at Kathleen's house! He also revealed that the other neighborhood satellite dishes were geared toward receiving signals for TV, the Internet, etc. - except the defendant's satellite dishes which, according to meter readings from an RF spectrum analyzer and a tri-field meter, were shown to be transmitting microwave signals at her house!

All the evidence presented, plus expert knowledge and responses from Levi blew away all meager protestations from the defense, so the judge believed his testimony. Folks, this case was expertly crafted and victory was assured and won! There remains one more court appearance in September.

So in summary, Kathleen received a conditional restraining order for electromagnetic frequency harassment with penalties of up to 2 years in prison and up to $5000 in fines for violation of the court order.

Once again, a local victory!

Guys, our own communities is where the battleground is and this was accomplished even without an attorney! Let us begin to prepare from this victory, start gathering our evidence, and start taking perps to court right where we live!

Levi McCann and Kathleen Watterson are our guest speakers for the Saturday Night Podcast.

Kathleen Watterson has posted the transcripts of her July 9th hearing, so I downloaded a copy and read through it. Having done that, I can say without any doubt that irrespective of the big hoopla Derrick Robinson or anyone else makes of this still ongoing case, NO court ruling has been made, NOTHING has been proved, there has been NO major victory, and Kathleen Watersson has NOT received a conditional restraining order against her defendant. Further, this case is NOT regarding a restraining order for “electromagnetic frequency harassment”, as Derrick Robinson phrases it.

Although some time earlier Watterson had apparently been able to get a temporary restraining order while her case is still pending, she has NOT won the permanent restraining order that she’s seeking.

Just like I’ve been saying, Derrick Robinson and those who work with him will exaggerate and lie and twist the facts in order to serve their own agenda. In this case, it’s to make it appear that these people are producing results.

But there’s more to reveal here. After reading the transcripts and researching Kathleen Watterson and Levi McCann a little further, the whole case looks extremely suspicious, and so do they. In fact, one could easily say that Watterson and her ‘expert witness’ Levi McCann, as well as certain others, may have actually been targeting the defendant and not the other way around. At the very least, their whole conduct sounds a lot like gang-stalking, and I will even prove here, using their own testimony, that they blatantly lied in court about the facts surrounding their case in order to make it appear legitimate.

But even without doing so, the court testimonies given by Watterson and McCann do nothing more than to allege that microwaves were coming from the defendant’s satellite dishes and were interfering with Watterson’s electronics and causing her certain symptoms. Their physical evidence was never even looked at, and this was partly due to some rather fishy actions taken by them that effectively kept the defendant’s lawyer from being able to properly prepare for the July 9th hearing.

Based on what I present below, I believe that Watterson and McCann are working in a similar capacity to Derrick Robinson and certain others, fooling the TI community into thinking that they’re actually doing something to help TIs when they’re really just leading them on, wasting their time, and even turning them into perpetrators.

As for Kathleen Watterson, when I first started looking at her case I had no intentions of making her look bad, but after reading the transcripts and looking at some of her posts on peacepink and seeing the website that she and McCann are running (, I don’t think she’s a real TI at all and she and McCann are pose a serious threat to others (TIs or not) with what they’re doing. After reading the transcripts but before seeing their website, I just thought she was just a foolish, misguided woman who had gotten herself caught up with certain unscrupulous people who were exploiting her, but apparently she’s been working with McCann for some time and they’re currently involved in some very fishy activities. The claims she makes within her testimony about being targeted are very questionable to say the least, and although it might be said that she’s been led along in her beliefs and perceptions, if this is true then it’s gotten to the point where she’s now perping what appears to be an innocent person. The transcripts show evidence of this, and my notes will clarify it. This is exactly what I’ve been saying about certain people in the TI community who draw in the most unsuspecting and easily fooled people and encourage them to perp others as part of a larger psyop. In this capacity, Watterson’s case serves to make it appear that TIs are getting somewhere by working with these people when in fact they’re not.

Anyway, at this point I feel confident enough to predict that this court case will come to nothing. The defense lawyer seemed quite comfortable resting his case on the simple fact that McCann isn’t qualified to diagnose Watterson’s alleged symptoms or their cause, and nor is she, and she provided nothing beyond her own word that she was having any symptoms at all. At best, the judge will probably tell the defendant to make sure his satellite dishes don’t point towards Watterson’s home. At worst, it will backfire and counter-charges will be filed against Watterson for stalking and harassment, using her own testimony against her. This will be a certainty if I’m able to contact the defense lawyer and point out certain things about the testimonies that he seems to have missed, which I feel is what needs to be done to stop the real perps in this case and hopefully bring them to justice.

A Review of the Transcripts
Here are some notes I put together while reading the transcripts of Watterson’s hearing. Numbers 1 and 3 reveal definite manipulation and deception on the part of Watterson and McCann. Numbers 2, 4, 5, and 6 are less important, but since I already did the work I decided to include them anyway. Number 7 is important for the fact that it reveals certain criminal activities of Watterson and McCann and their deeper involvement in preying on the TI community.

Note: Because the transcripts don’t always show a page number and its pages are slightly mixed up, I’ll refer to the page numbers of the pdf file instead. This will allow all points that I make to be easily checked.

1) The Late Delivery

Prior to the hearing, Watterson delivered her summary testimony and list of witnesses to the defense lawyer at the last possible minute (at exactly 4:30 pm, the day before the hearing), which effectively kept him from being able to look at the material in time to properly prepare his case. (pgs. 8, 9) Her excuse was that she and McCann both had colds and were unable to do so. (pgs. 8, 11) The judge was about to postpone the hearing, but Watterson complained that this was the eighth time that her six other witnesses had traveled there from San Diego and couldn’t be expected to keep coming back, so the judge allowed the hearing to proceed. (pg. 5) It later turned out that these six witnesses weren’t even allowed to testify because what they had to say wasn’t relevant to the case, since they were apparently only there to state that they also suffered from electromagnetic harassment. (pg. 103)

Since this was a very minor case (i.e. seeking a restraining order), it was very likely that the judge didn’t want to tie up the courts by drawing it out any longer than necessary. Whatever the case, this delay in delivering the material appears to have been a purposeful manipulation of the courts on the part of Watterson and McCann in the hopes of defeating the defense’s chance of properly preparing for the case. I believe that they were counting on the judge wanting to wrap up the case on July 9th, and when he didn’t, the announcement I posted at the start of this article was released in order to get whatever value they could out of the case before it was thrown out.

2) McCann’s Qualifications

McCann claimed to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and 20 years experience in the field of information technology, currently working in network engineering and computer programming, but apparently any documented proof that he might have provided was among the material that was delivered at the last possible minute, so it wasn’t possible for the defense to validate his background and experience prior to the hearing, which he had intended to do. (pg. 56, 58) When McCann was asked what he relied on in his work for determining the health hazards of microwave frequencies, he was unable to name a specific source, and could only state that there were over 8,300 articles published on microwave sickness that he was expected to refer to in his work. (pg. 90) That might include anything written by anybody, so it isn’t reliable. That he had no specific source to refer to is very unprofessional for a purported ‘expert’.

What McCann claimed about his expertise in radio technology was rather general and very limited, and what he stated is fairly common knowledge that can be easily learned or even deduced by almost anyone. That he was referred to as an ‘expert’ was therefore merely his own opinion and that of Watterson. As an example, I might call myself an expert on any number of subjects I have some knowledge about, and describe in general terms what a professional in any of those fields knows and does, but unless I were to be tested on the extent of my knowledge of a particular field, my actual expertise in that field would still be considered questionable. As I pointed out above, the defense was not able to properly prepare for questioning McCann as an expert witness, and this seems to have been a calculated maneuver. The fact is, people often lie, exaggerate, and even hire themselves out as ‘expert witnesses’ in order to purposely manipulate the courts for unscrupulous reasons. This happens very frequently in legal cases by shifty lawyers, and if McCann has experience testifying in such cases, as appears to be the case (pg. 91, as well as on his website), then he’s probably quite aware of how to do this, such as by delivering the summary testimony and list of witnesses to the defendant’s lawyer at the very last possible moment in order to keep the defense from being able to check into his background and/or properly analyze the physical evidence.

3) Wireless Capabilities in the Area

Although Watterson claimed to have a cell phone and computers in her home and used these to access her bank, etc. (pgs. 25, 51), and although she claimed that the defendant was interfering with her ability to use them, even saying that he was interfering with her cell phone calls (pg. 25), and even though she claimed that a group of dirt-bikers would use their cell phones to signal when she came out of her house (pg. 40), McCann claimed that he had determined that there were no wireless network or cell phone capabilities anywhere in the area (pg. 64) and the only microwave transmissions he could detect around her home were coming from the defendant’s satellite dishes (pg. 82). How can this be? How can Watterson and these dirt-bikers have cell phone access when there is allegedly no capability for it in the area? They can’t. She and McCann are blatantly lying. These facts alone destroy the entire credibility of their case, but the judge and defense lawyer apparently missed this little slip in their story.

4) Signals and Maps

McCann stated (pgs. 64, 65):

I found that the highest amount of microwave radiation […] was in the northwestern portion of the front of her house. And as I was moving around her house, I found that the southwestern portion had the second most. And then as I moved down across her house and I got down to the southwestern (sic) portion of the house, that had the least amount of microwave radiation. And then I moved over to the northwestern side of the house, and that had the same exact levels of radiation in the microwave spectrum - when I refer to it, it's all in the microwave spectrum as it did in the southwestern portion of the house.”

McCann also stated that he determined that these signals weren’t coming from inside her residence, concluding that the source was somewhere outside. (pgs. 65, 67) Further on he stated that the defendant’s satellite dishes were pointed in a northeast direction and directly at her house. (pg. 71) However, nowhere in the transcripts does he actually say that he picked up any signals coming from the defendant’s satellite dishes, but only stated that they were coming from a generalized direction. (pg. 67)

The quoted description above is confusing since McCann apparently makes a mistake or two with his compass directions, and it’s hard to understand what he means without understanding the exact layout of her property and the location of the defendant’s residence in relation to it. Watterson stated that she lives at 1967 Sunset Mesa and that the defendant lives on Gibraltar (pg. 19), so I looked her address up on Google Map. Here’s a satellite image of her residence and surrounding area:

I also googled the defendant’s name in order to get his street address, which I found at this link:

The defendant’s address conforms to the residence shown in this next image, which was posted by Watterson on peacepink along with an announcement about her July 9th court hearing:

From these images, I was able to determine the exact locations and orientation of the two residences on the Google Map image, as well as the location of what appear to be the defendant’s satellite dishes on the north side of his property, next to his house. They both appear to be pointed due east. The orientation of Watterson’s house is such that the southernmost side faces almost directly towards the defendant’s residence, with the west side (front) just barely visible to him. This makes it almost impossible for him to see the “northwest portion” where McCann said the signal was strongest, and it certainly wouldn’t be the best spot to target, if he were actually doing so. On the other hand, the southwest portion where McCann said the signal was slightly weaker was closer, would be far easier to hit, and should have had the stronger signal. Whatever the case, something is certainly not right with his description and I can’t figure out any way that he might have mixed up the compass directions that might explain it any better.

Further to all this, I used a ruler to plot a straight line from the defendant’s residence to Watterson’s residence on the Google Map image. The line crossed directly through two other residences, one near the defendant on Phillipi Ave. and one further along on Mitch Rd. Since the land in the area is relatively flat, these two residences would have also received interference if they weren’t actually blocking the signal from Watterson’s house completely. If McCann was the expert that he claims to be and if he and Watterson had actually checked every satellite dish within a five-mile radius of her home as they claim to have done (pg. 71), they would have realized this. In fact, McCann claims to have gone out there three to six times a week for six weeks to take EMF readings (pgs. 76, 77), so in that time he should have noticed that these houses were directly in line-of-sight between Watterson’s and the defendant’s homes. Did he bother to check with the residents of these homes to see if they were experiencing any microwave interference or microwave sickness? No mention is made of them doing so. Why not?

Since I was able to easily make out the defendant’s satellite dishes in the Google Map image, I looked to see if I could spot any of the 40 other ten-foot satellite dishes that McCann claimed to have spotted in the area. (pg. 73) I couldn’t find any.

Also, Watterson claimed that a plant located on this line-of-sight between their homes had been burned by microwaves, although she apparently didn’t take any pictures of this as evidence. (pgs. 38, 50) Did they bother to check to see if any of the many other plants along the line-of-sight were also burned? Again, no mention was made of doing so. Why didn’t they, and why no pictures of the plant as evidence? Was it because this was a fabrication?

5) Fishy Photo

The photo above that was posted by Watterson on peacepink shows the defendant’s home. It reveals his ham radio antennas strung around the back of his property, but his ten-foot satellite dishes are not visible. Referring back to the Google Map image, it can be seen that they’re on the north side of his property near his house, which would be just out of view on the right side of the photo. For some reason, the photo was taken without bothering to include the satellite dishes. Could it be because the dishes weren’t pointing towards the northeast as claimed, but due east and in slightly different directions, as they appear to be in the Google Map image?

6) Missing Symptoms

Although they both should have, apparently neither Watterson nor McCann appear to have felt any microwave symptoms at the time that McCann claims to have measured spikes on his meters when interference was allegedly occurring with Watterson’s television (pgs. 75, 76).

Also, although Watterson claimed that she was being constantly watched by the defendant and that he always knew when she was outside (pgs. 35, 40, 49), apparently McCann was still able to record interference at the various times he was there. This raises the question as to why the defendant wouldn’t have seen him and stopped transmitting signals when McCann arrived and started taking EMF measurements outside.

7) Working Partners

In spite of what Derrick Robinson has stated in his announcement (above) of this “historic” case regarding Kathleen and Levi McCann only “recently meeting”, and promoting McCann as “amazingly qualified with legal expertise and electronics”, etc., etc., it looks like they’ve actually been working together for some time, and, based on their similar tactics of lying and exaggerating and preying on TIs, they’re undoubtedly in league with Derrick Robinson and his government front group to contain and control the TI community and keep it from achieving any real successes in ending their plight.

First of all, I discovered that Watterson has been working closely with McCann for over a year, as revealed in the following comment she left on peacepink:

Comment by Kathleen Watterson on July 14, 2013 at 7:38am

I don't care what kind of rf energy it is. I have expert testimony. YOU just want to pontificate without actually doing anything. This is the first time I have ever been this site when you weren't here. I have directional information in a myriad of ways but the PERP told me and many many others that's what he's doing. You know how I found him? Followed my body. You are part of the problem instead of part of the solution. What have you ever done to help get this stopped? Don't bother to answer. I'm just glad an honest fair judge has been found.

Interestingly, what she says here is a gross exaggeration of what was revealed in her recent court testimony. She (or rather, McCann) never used a “myriad of ways” to show that she was being targeted with microwaves (he merely claims to have taken some EMF readings in various locations around her house). She also never mentioned anything in her court testimony about the defendant telling her or anyone else that he was doing anything at all that could be called harassment. In fact, she had the opportunity to do this while telling the court about when she approached him, but she never bothered. (pgs. 33, 34) All she stated in her testimony was that she spoke to the defendant once and that he explained that he was a ham radio operator. So this statement that he told her and “many many others” that he was doing anything is a complete fabrication.

Further to this, I found out from their website that Watterson and McCann are hiring themselves out as ‘experts’ in detecting and protecting against microwave harassment. On their front page they claim that they can provide TIs with proper shielding against microwaves. Well gee, if they can do this, then why didn’t Watterson take these measures to protect herself from the microwaves she claims to have been targeted with? After all, she testified in court that this microwave harassment was going on continuously right up to her court date.

But there’s even more. McCann is offering free copies of Adobe CS 6 Master Suite and provide cracks for both it and WinZip right on their front page, which is completely illegal. He claims that because the software is licensed, it has no copyright, which is a lie. He also says that because he’s a beta tester for Microsoft and Adobe, he’s allowed to do this. This is also a lie. Being a beta tester doesn’t give you the right to distribute anything. This is so fucking fishy that I wouldn’t doubt that this software he’s distributing contains a Trojan horse that allows him to spy on anyone who downloads it. So be careful of that.

* * *

The only foundation the perps have for their lies is the stupidity of those who believe them.


  1. Excellent observations, and points well made.

  2. To Anthony Forwood: I know the defendent and I have seen his equipment. The "OLD" satellite dish that he has set up doesn't transmit anything. It's for receiving signals in which he has many months of printed data to corolate with it's use. By some chance if he was continuously transmitting microwave energy at a level that would harm someone, his electric bill would be in the "Thousands" every month. Unfortunately, you have this idiot watersson and her idiot sidekick mccann preying on an individual that has done nothing to them. The defendent has given many years of volunteer service in disaster communications to this community and never expected a dime. He is probably one of the truest honest people I have ever met. He is a very nice person that maintains respect for anyone he comes in contact with. It is people such as idiot watersson and idiot mccan that see a nice person with some antennas and feel they can take advantage of his nice personality and use him as an example for their bullshit propaganda. I would speculate that idiot mccanns meter was purchased on ebay from another idiot that does the same stuff. I got $5 that says if prior to taking his "so called" readings, if he shut the power off to her house, there would be no readings. If idiot mccann really knew about microwave energy, he would have told the idiot watersson that she's an idiot! I have antennas on my house and I actually have a true microwave dish that transmits data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year that has been in operation for close to 5 years. It's right on my house and less then 12 feet from my bedroom where I am sitting now typing this message. Idiot watersson and idiot mccann just need to crawl back in to the hole they came out of..... Maybe put some tin foil hats on while their at it. my 2 cents... peace

  3. This might be relevant:

    1. That IS relevant! Thank you!

      So, for those of you who are too lazy to look at the pdf posted by John Allman, we have evidence that Kathleen Watterson had a restraining order placed against her back in 2007. She was going up against the same lawyer as in her recent case against someone else, which is interesting.

  4. The link that John Allman posted to Watterson's 2007 restraining order is no longer accessible, so here it is at another site I posted it at...

  5. This case came to my attention in 2013 and I was disgusted by the attempt to sue and HARASS an innocent man for interest in a different agenda. If this microwaved woman, LOL, wins the case, I would loose all trust in our judiciary system; if her case is thrown out, it would open her a venue to try it against the defendant in a different way.....which may have been the point anyway from the startup of this mirage of lies and misconception/lacking knowledge.
    I have done my own research in this case, am a Ham Radio Operator licensed in Europe and here in the US, specialized in wave propagation and prediction and spurious emissions of the first to fourth class. This includes microwave emissions and their propagation. I could become very technical here, which would not do anybody good. But I will make one statement from the depth of my knowledge:
    There is only one possibility that the microwave lady could have been harassed by the defendant: Him aiming a 6 dB gain antenna on 1.2 Ghz with an input of 1000 watts at her house. That signal would be reduced to less than 10 % through distance and barriers in between, and would not even had the power to light a light bulb or interfere with a tv.........ridiculous. The power output would be illegal in the first place and the equipment way too costly for usage as a harassment instrument.

    Maybe that poor (rich) woman should consult a specialized physician to find out that she is hyper-sensitized towards free flowing energy, LOL.

    Maybe she should through her cellphone into the toilet, because that phone radiates directly into her brain, if used. Maybe she should through out her smart tv, because that radiates, too.

    Maybe she should move, if she lives within 2 miles of a celltower, those emit microwaves in the 100 watt region, and they don't roast birds sitting on them or flying by.

    Now to the other culprit, MCann or whatever his name is. Spurious Emissions as legal testimony are only acceptable with a spectrum analyzer showing the result on screen with the frequencies measured and can only be accepted as printouts or a pc file. EMF readings are usually tainted and thus not acceptable at all.
    The testing equipment used by big corporation costs in the tens of thousands of $s.......I rest my case. A Ham Radio Operator would be moonstruck, if he would go into such an investment to harm an old lady.
    A computer transmits and records data at very low energy levels, not talking of WIFI, where the levels are higher. Maybe MCann has slept too often in front of his internet-connected laptop to come up with expert opinions on microwave emissions or sleeps too near to his smart-meter from Edison, which pulses every 25 seconds, or his smart tv, pulsing also.

    All in all, that case is a farce. What I see behind is a woman that needs attention that she cannot get otherwise and a man striving to find a way to cut money out of people, what a poor show.

    For the judge, I just do not know what to is mind-boggling.

    For the defense attorney I have one word: Get knowledge before you go to court.

    Just my 2 cents

  6. I too have a B. SC (Hons) in computer science.

    I am worried about these nasty little micro waves, and that Mr. MCann actually made these statements about them under oath, and presumably believed in them.
    I found Mr. MCann's testimony to be interesting, in fact I found it VERY hard to stop myself from laughing at times.

    I would not call Mr. MCann an idiot, in fact I cannot think of a word or words to describe him. If I were able to find the words, THEY WOULD NOT BE PRINTABLE!

    As for the judges closing comments, I never thought that an educated person could have made such remarks. As for Ms. Watterson, my comments about Mr. MCann also apply here.

    I few things about my degree in computer science, and in my subsequent education. Not once was there any lecture in radio emissions, or anything thing in that area. Maybe in my COBOL or Fortran course there was a lecture on it, but I must have been asleep for that one.

    I wish to thank the other posters here for some interesting reading. I hope poor Matti does not have to endure any more of this stupidity.

    A little about me, I do have a HNC in electrical engineering, and a certificate for an Electrical Technician (Master Electrician) licence, and 2 HAM radio licences, and a partridge in a pear tree.

    And in closing,
    I did stand in front of an operating 2.5 MW once, yes that's megawatts, radar transmitter, about 40 feet away from it. I did get a bit of a headache, mind you I was hungover.

    1. Certain people and groups that operate in the TI community with unprecedented publicity are actually using poor fools like Kathleen Watterson (I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt) to encourage TIs to perp other people based on very weak evidence.

      They are disruption agents. McCann is trying to capitalize on this and get in with them merely for financial gain.

  7. I am a space power specialist ( 44 years, now retired) ham radio since 1967, 1st class Radiotelephone license, AAS in Electronics Tech, AS in Physical Sci, BSEE with honors & minor in English, UCLA MBA
    I could write a book about this case (being extremely pissed off about it), but I will resist.

    1. There are NO TIs in the US other than legitimate criminal surveillance by court order. There is no such thing as "Electronic Harassment". The gov't has / is trying to get some of this stuff to work, but so far nothing deployed and nothing that works (other than irradiating test subjects with Megawatt uWaves at close range. Duh, my skin feels burning and tingly. TIs are, in reality, folks with delusions and mild schizophrenia. Take the time and look up the DSM-V and match the symptoms, you will be surprised at the high prevalence among high-functioning, intelligent people. Young people can be treated, older people not so much. I've worked outreach with many of these folks in outreach over several years and am well aware of all the stories and theories. This stuff is always made up of whole cloth, changes and varies as evidence is presented, and individuals NEVER admit any fault of their own or even the remote possibility of some brain problem.
    2. Although this is "only" a restraining order" it is EXTREMELY serious as a totally innocent person might have to turn in all of his firearms, cease legal ham radio activities, lose any security clearances, jobs, family relations, etc. He could be ruined. This is as serious as it gets.
    3. His lawyer didn't do such a good job (in my opinion) as he didn't rip her "expert" to shreds and prevent him from testifying. Her "expert" has NO proper credentials to testify (a computer programming degree does not make him an expert in RF energy, antennas, health effects of RF exposure, etc). The ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) should have been consulted to get a real defense expert, and get info on how to attack her "expert" and to provide Aro with a decent expert. The guy he got as an expert was clearly knowledgeable and competent in RF energy, but made a lousy witness per my reading of the transcript.

    4. All of the discussion about technical RF "facts" is complete gibberish. The measuring equipment he used is cheap, uncalibrated toys that can be bought on eBay cheaply. The RF mapping presented to the court defies logic on how it could have been generated. There are too many serious errors and mis-conceptions to refute them here - if you have specific concerns or questions I will attempt to answer them. As a quick example, it can be easily shown how a microwave oven could be modified to act as a transmitter feeding a satellite dish.. The distance between the properties is 4840 ft, the dish is 10 ft diameter, power delivered to the dish is 1kw cw, fo is 2.4GHz, this yields a beam width of 3 degrees, and the resulting level of RF at her house is about 0.01 of the signal needed to cause any ill effects. This took me an hour to research and write up using data and citations from industry primary sources (widely accepted peer reviewed). Every other assertion by her "expert" can (and should) be addressed and written up for any future activity. This should be peer reviewed.

    I am submitting this anonymously as I don't need the grief of confronting these folks as they are EXTREMELY dangerous, and the courts are of no help. I would be happy to communicate off-line, however.
    5. The venue was completely wrong. Radio interference and ham licensing and any violations are handled by the FCC. Period. The defense should have fought this and sent it to a hearing at the FCC, not Superior court. As seen here the judge didn't understand what was happening technically and made a record stating that "he knew he was harassing her, and was deliberately doing it but the court couldn't grant the order, and should take it to civil court for damages".

    1. Thanks for your excellent and informative comment. I can agree with pretty much everything you say in the first paragraph, except that I don't agree that this targeting is being directed only at legitimate cases... these are unconstitutional methods of dealing with things in an extrajudicial manner... i.e. extremely illegal.

      With your qualifications and knowledge about radio engineering, you might help to confirm what I've been saying about purported mind-reading capabilities... that it's impossible to read brainwaves from any distance at all, except under extremely controlled conditions as with a MEG brain scanner.

      As for the Watterson case, it was obvious from what I pointed out in my article re cell phone signals that she was lying all along.

      Watterson apparently has a record of harassing people by abusing the court system.

  8. FFCHS Now Admits Kathleen Watterson Lost Her Court Case

    This comes from a December 2014 publication by Derrick Robinson of FFCHS, titled 'FFCHS: The Year in Review' (emphasis mine):

    "First successful argument in court of microwave
    signal harassment. Although Kathleen Watterson
    did not win her restraining order, this case was
    significant in that it showed that with
    sufficient signal evidence we can prove our
    attacks convincingly to a judge in a court of

    So Derrick is now admitting this, long after he had publicly announced that she won it (even before it was over), apparently for no better reason than to use it to promote his organization. And in spite of what else he says above, the Watterson case didn't make any significant gains for TIs whatsoever, since the evidence was extremely questionable and didn't prove anything, as I've documented, and this was ultimately why the case was lost. Derrick's premature announcement back in August 2014 that it had been won happened to come at a very strategic point in the hearings when he could maximize on the situation and promote it as a win for FFCHS (even though FFCHS had nothing at all to do with the case).

    It looks like the only win here was for those TIs who might otherwise be led astray by the sort of deceptive methods Derrick Robinson uses to draw in suckers and take advantage of them. If I hadn’t exposed all the fraudulence surrounding the Watterson case (and others), one of these TIs might have been a Myron May or Aaron Alexis.

    But it appears from the above quote that he's still blowing smoke up everybody’s ass about this court case and using it as a prop to reflect the ‘success’ of his fraudulent organization...

  9. Oh man, I've got some things to tell you about Kathleen waterson. I got a restraining order against her in 2012 and at that point she was trying to blame another neighbor for microwaving her,and trying to get my wife and I to harass her neighbor. There's so much more. This woman is absolutely insane.

  10. I know this lady, she's just crazy. Lol
    If anything shes the one harassing people and has targeted multiple people before this around her neighborhood. Even going so far as to get them kicked out of their house. After they were gone she said the "energy" and "noises" were coming from somewhere else.
    If you spent five minutes talking to her you would know She's not right in the head.
    And extremely persistent person with a Machiavellian mindset, who's not all that bright, but very annoying.

  11. Thank you for this, and thank the other commenters' information. I read the transcript of the final hearing and was horrified by the judge appearing to take the plaintiff's allegations seriously with no evidence. Does anyone have a copy of transcripts of McCann's 'evidence' they could share with me? The only fragment I got was in his rebuttal evidence where he stated that microwaves are always square waves (WTF?) I would also like Mr Aro to know that I (for one) know that the case against him was bullshit.