Thursday, January 20, 2011

Minions of the New World Order

by Anthony Forwood

In posting on the multistalk forum on the Yahoo site my personal experiences of being gang-stalked, and the very negative response I got from one 'Julianne McKinney', who is apparently the moderator there, I decided to do a little research on who she was. I quickly learned from a google search of that name that many other gang-stalking targets on that same forum have been similarly attacked by her as well. I also learned that she - or the person this 'Julianne McKinney' poses as - was at one time a high-ranking NSA intelligence officer who supposedly became a turncoat and began to fight against mind-control technologies and experimentation. The original Julianne McKinney, director of the Electronic Surveillance Project for the Association of National Security Alumni, wrote a document entitled 'Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation', dated December 1992.
Although there are many references to her and this document on the Internet, and the original writer may have been a legitimate person with the background that has been claimed, there are two more likely possibilities:
1) Julianne McKinney is not really a turncoat, but is a disinformation agent that is still in the employ of the NSA, or,
2) The rude and irrational person who claims to be Julianne McKinney and who moderates the multistalk forum on Yahoo is an imposter.
Either way, anyone who observes the attitude of the 'Julianne McKinney' on the multistalk forum will undoubtedly see how inappropriate this person acts towards most of those who come on there claiming to be targets of gang-stalking.
In considering what the real intent is of this person and this forum, it soon becomes obvious that this 'Julianne McKinney' is there to identify and monitor real targets of government initiated gang-stalking operations. Although a person named Julianne McKinney may have released information on mind-control and electronic harassment, that may have been part of a carefully planned, longer-term operation against the public. Or, the real Julianne McKinney may have been disposed of in the same manner as many other government whistle-blowers have been in the past, and her identity was stolen to give some other loyal NSA scumbag a seemingly credible front for identifying and monitoring people who believe they are being gang-stalked.
It's often been said by those who would know, that when you join an organization such as the NSA, you can never really leave. There is too much of a possibility of exposing secrets. The NSA has a long and growing record of permanently disposing of those who try to separate themselves from that extremely corrupt organization.
The current 'Julianne McKinney', at least from my personal experience, does not in any way act like a person who is seriously concerned for the welfare of those who believe they are being targeted by gang-stalking groups or suffering from electronic harassment, and many others on the Internet feel exactly the same. In fact, the current 'Julianne McKinney' doesn't seem to have nearly the intelligence of the Julianne McKinney who wrote the document I mentioned.
So, putting the matter of 'Julianne McKinney' aside for now, what is the bigger government plan here, if there is one? What is the real purpose of clouding these sorts of issues (gang-stalking, mind-control, UFOs, secret technologies, etc.) with government disinformation agents?
Let's consider what might be going on. An issue such as gang-stalking comes to the public's attention, people start to learn about it and many come to believe - from what is described - that they are being targeted. This creates a certain tension among members of society. As more people buy into it, the tension mounts. But is the issue necessarily a real one, or as widespread as it seems? Perhaps these sorts of issues are often created for just that purpose - to create greater and greater amounts of tension and fear in the social sector that results in initiating more laws to protect the public. But as we always find when this happens, the government only becomes more overbearing and intrusive into our private lives, and we suffer for it.
Right now, people are trying to push for laws to counter gang-stalking and protect the public from these groups. Nobody but the government can be sure where this might actually lead, but from past experiences, we should be on guard against such an idea.
Gang-stalking may not even be as real as it seems. At least, many who now believe that they might be targets of gang-stalking may be being led to believe that many things that are going on around them that are perfectly innocent are anything but. I don't mean to discredit these people, because I'm one of them. However, people like the current 'Julianne McKinney' push ideas that lead us to believe that perfectly innocent public activity, such as the supposed 'one-handed signals', 'sensitizing', etc., are a common part of gang-stalking activities. I feel that this just leads people to become paranoid of otherwise common occurrences and makes them feel all the more fearful and insecure. That would definitely gain their support for even more draconian laws that steal more freedoms and allow the government to become ever more intrusive into our lives. These sort of gang-stalking tactics are based on psychology, but so is making people believe that such everyday occurrences are gang-stalking tactics. It boils down to nothing less than Orwellian double-think, Janus philosophy, and Hegelian principles.
There is an incredible amount of confusion nowadays about the issues of mind-control, UFOs, psychotronics, secret technologies, and most recently, gang-stalking. As I continue to research the gang-stalking issue, I'm finding that there is a lot of in-fighting and suspicion between those people who claim that they are being targeted, and many of them (such as 'Julianne McKinney) are influencing this. This just diverts people away from getting anything done about the problem. When someone like 'Julianne McKinney' continually accuses those that think they're being targeted as being one of the perpetrators, this creates uncertainty and distrust. It's the old rule of 'divide and conquer'. The intent is to keep those who are actually being victimized from knowing who to trust. The perpetrators are posing as targets and stirring up the confusion with the deliberate intention to keep them isolated and unable to find any real help and support. Attempts to get anything done to properly understand what is going on and find a way to combat it is reduced to childish back-and-forth arguments that to an outsider looks like the lunatic fringe.
The fact that in all of these areas there exists government disinformation campaigns should be taken careful note of. The confusion is there on purpose, and for a reason. Organizations such as the NSA and CIA use psychological tactics regularly, and this is obviously one of them. They also play both sides, as anyone who researches these issues will eventually find out. So it's important, if we're to untangle the truth that lies behind all of this (and they're all connected issues), we need to step back far enough that we can look at the bigger picture.
In my opinion, the reason that the government would allow certain facts to be released about their nefarious activities is to create fear on both sides of the line. Not only does the innocent public start to worry, but it also sends a message to the not-so-innocent members of this secret network of control of what they can expect if they step out of line and don't follow orders. This encourages members of the innocent public to sign on with the evil forces and become trapped against their will, while also encouraging those who have already signed over become more resolved that they are on the only side that can possibly win.
How unfortunate that they would think so, because in the end, only the truly good amongst us will live eternally.
After my short but interesting experience with this person who claims to be Julianne McKinney, I intend to write a lot more on this and related topics, and to voice my opinions far more than I ever have before.
The clock is ticking, and time is obviously getting short. The time to speak up is NOW.
Anthony Forwood


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