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Some Comments on Q

The truth is, I hated Trump and thought much the same as you about him until this last week, after going through all of Q's posts. My mind is rapidly being changed. I started reading the posts with a lot of skepticism, thinking that this was probably just another hoax put out on 4chan. I even started writing an article to warn people about it, but at a certain point I realized that Q really is connected to Trump. The proof is there. I ended up trashing my first article and wrote the one I posted earlier instead.

If this was any kind of hoax, the effort being put into it has been beyond just extraordinary (try impossible), and it would serve no purpose to carry it on for this long with no end in sight.

If this is some kind of psyop, then it needs to be explained who's running it and why (for starters).

The ever-growing number of proofs confirm that Trump is behind it. That's why the proofs are being given. The early proofs started out as coordinated posts/tweets between Q and Trump, then Q started giving photo proofs, and now that things are moving along with Trump's agenda, we're starting to see the results coming out that fit exactly with Q's predictions as a third type of proof.

Ask yourself...

How does Q get original iphone photos of such things as crates of currency being held in a warehouse and on a plane, images from inside the White House, a photo of the tail end of a NASA rocket or shuttle from inside a hangar, photos of cities that match the places that Trump travels to around the world, most or all of them taken and posted at the same time Trump is at those locations?

How else might Q know months in advance who will be terminated from government office and in what order?

How else could he predict that there would be mass resignations and terminations of CEOs and government officials?

How else do you explain the growing number of sealed indictments on file (50,000+ to date and counting)?

Why else would Trump need an unusually large team of 470 people to assist the new Supreme Court judges he recently put in place after removing most of the others (terminated or forced to resign)? (Usually only about 20-25 people assist)

Why else would Trump sign an EO on Nov.21, 2017 to declare a national emergency and give his administration the power to freeze all the properties and assets of anyone suspected to be involved in human rights abuses (i.e. human traffickers and child abusers)?

Why else would Trump publicly state that he's in the process taking over the Federal Reserve, which controls all the money and is very crucial to the bad guys at the top? (Do your homework on how the FED came about and why it's a problem)

Trump-supporting trolls couldn't pull off something like this. Even without the proofs, the level of detail proves it's far more professional than that. You have to read the posts to really understand. You can't rely on what other people say about things. All that does is lead to confirmation bias and groupthink.

Trump's activities fall directly in line with his promise to "drain the swamp" and what Q laid out in his first posts. Everything Trump is doing is part of a systematic plan that Q has only partially revealed (for obvious reasons). Q's claims aren't changing as he goes along, although they're certainly going to evolve (develop further) as things progress.
"I've not seen any proof that these Q posts are written by anyone other than what I will call "Trump supporting trolls"."

Have you looked at any of the many proofs that are constantly given by Q? I'll be posting some with my previous article if I haven't already. What other people write isn't necessarily proof.

You need to study Q's posts for yourself, and you need to focus on the coordination between the posts and Trump's tweets. Q usually gives a signal to indicate when a proof is coming, and then you have to watch Trump's tweets for it. Q will confirm it after it's found.

A second type of proof involves photos that are taken by Q while he travels with Trump. The images (always original iphone images posted immediately after being taken) reflect where they are, and the locations and timestamps coordinate with Trump's travel itinerary, including trips that aren't publicly known about until later.

A third type of proof involves predictions of Trump's activities, such as providing a list of the people who will be fired or step down from government positions in the next little while. This might be days, weeks, or months later.

"These posts don't show any real inside knowledge, nor have they even been correct about the overall picture."

I don't think you're really looking. Confirmation bias. You're letting other people do your research, and your opinion is already made up. That's why you think you already know what the overall picture is. How can you possibly know that?
"Q's theory (which seems to keep evolving to fit the circumstances) was that Mueller was working secretly with Trump , not against him. Now that this theory appears wrong, the Q-morons don't know what to think since their theories have not panned out as expected."

Q's 'theory' hasn't changed at all, that I'm aware of. Can you elucidate? I don't know anything about the issue of Mueller changing, but Q let it be known that in some cases he will give disinformation because he knows the bad guys are watching, but he will correct the information and fill people in with a logical explanation once it's safe to do so. I trust that, given the circumstances.

This is information warfare, so you need to understand the game. You don't just tell your enemy your plans. You lead them into corners.

This is why people need to pay close attention to Q's posts. They are very informative as to what's going on in the Trump Admin and the world at large (real news), as opposed to what you'll read in the MSM (fake news). Prior to Q coming along, people had little idea what Trump was doing because the MSM was purposely misreporting or not reporting at all.

Not everyone is aware of or believes the level of evil going on in the world, or who is behind it and what they're involved in. It requires a lot of research and study to grasp the extent of it all. Most people have no idea about the true history of events, or of the plans that those in control have in store for the rest of us. The media (all forms) has been used to control our perceptions and condition our thinking for about 100 years now. Who controls the media? Do your homework. What's their agenda? Do your homework. (Hints: NWO, Jewish prophecy, Zionism, Communism, Socialism, Marxism) This isn't conspiracy 'theory'. There is a real conspiracy going on, of massive proportions. The controlled MSM has been attacking conspiracy 'theorists' heavily for the last two decades (since 9/11 but it goes back much further) because they pose a real threat to the bad guy's plans and activities. They want people like you to think that we're all just crackers and cheese. They don't want you to look at anything too closely. They hire whole armies of people (think CrowdStrike) to go online and post stupid and crazy shit to disrupt, confuse, and make conspiracy 'theorists' look bad. That's what shills and trolls are. Alternative websites have become tainted as well. Many of them are controlled by the same people, and they're more dangerous because people have no real way to know how reliable their information is. They might report accurately for a while, and then suddenly start dropping false information when they have the audience they want (using demographics, psychographics, etc.). It's gotten quite sophisticated with all the metadata and analytical software they have access to.

It all came to a head with Trump's public condemnation of the MSM. He used this knowledge to win the election. He created 1000s of websites and used them near the end of his campaign to heavily promote himself through social media, drowning Facebook and Twitter with clickbait articles that allowed his team to watch the psychographics and demographics and then publish articles that were directed at and would fit a particular audience's psychological profile in order to get their vote. That was genius.

This shows that Trump knows how to use social media very effectively. He knows that the MSM is controlled, and by who. He knows what their agenda is. He knows what I and many others know. We can see that the MSM continually lies and covers for certain parties while pushing a particular agenda. We can see that they're attempting to condition people to remain asleep as certain changes take place. We can see the efforts that they will go to more and more often (false flags, terrorist attacks, 'suicides', assassinations, etc.) in order to control people's perceptions and stop the truth from coming out.

Given all this, there is no reason NOT to look at Q's posts and give them serious consideration. Q detailed some of this very real conspiracy in his earliest posts in order to get the attention of the people who are already on the same page about it. He knew these people would take his posts more seriously than anyone else, and they're the ones who he expected to crack the codes first and recognize that he was legitimate. From there, it was a matter of getting the word out, which is happening now. How it unfolds in the future is uncertain, but given the fact that Q's posts prove to be legitimate, more people will begin to recognize this and begin to pay attention and wake up from the enchantment of the MSM.

According to Q (who has access to the metadata), he currently has several 100 million people paying attention to his posts. It's been increasing steadily over the months, particularly when the MSM tries to draw attention away from him with sudden floods of negative opinion pieces (not real reporting).

"I do agree, though, that Trump does seem to aware of what was written in some of these Q posts and he seems to be playing along with it...for example Trump's bizarre "Tippy top" Easter speech. Its also possible that Q used that term, Tip Top, because it's a Trump favourite, but I kind of doubt it was a coincidence. I think Trump was referencing the Q post- and that is scary.

It's scary not because I think Q is really someone with secret inside knowledge who is fighting corruption (I think that theory is BS) but it's scary because it's possible that Trump is actually working with these crazy Q posters."

It's very possible that this is a ruse by Trump, but that requires an explanation as to why. What's his agenda? I can't think of any.

Is it to manipulate conspiracy 'theorists' into a corner? That means he has a deeper plan, or is in league with the bad guys. Which is it? What would be the purpose?

Is it to build a strong constituency out of what you refer to as morons? That would mean he's only interested in using them to maintain the presidency and get support for whatever agenda he really has that is other than what Q explains. So what's the agenda? Why would he want a constituency of morons?

I can't think of any other possibilities. The two above would need to be explained better to show how they might work, and to what ends. The first one is plausible, but leads to intense speculation and requires far more insight before it can be ascertained. That would suggest analyzing Q's posts to get that insight. The second possibility is just stupid. There's no conceivable agenda I can think of to explain it. Sure, the conspiracy crowd is huge, but the majority of them aren't really as stupid as you think. That's the MSM and shill activity influencing your judgement. Anyone who comes across the truth about certain things has the conditioned reflex to doubt it, only because we've ALL been led to believe otherwise.

I could list many dozens of historical events I've researched over the years and discovered were not at all as they were reported in the MSM or recorded in the history books. Many others are just as aware. This is how the conspiracy crowd originated. The internet opened up communication between people who would otherwise have never been able to come together and share their bits of knowledge. It's been a growing problem for the bad guys over the years. Most of the people who have had vital (conspiracy-related) information to share are very intelligent people and their information is usually quite accurate. It's those who receive it and misunderstand it or distort it to fit their preconceptions that causes the problems. Few people will research anything for themselves, and with the internet churning out every conceivable variation of the truth imaginable, it becomes very difficult to sort it all out and know what to believe and what not to. Personal research is vital.

So here we are with the 'crazy Q posters'. They're no crazier than the crazy MSM posters. I see no marked difference in the general intelligence levels between the two groups. You can find nonsense coming from both. You can also find intelligent thinking coming from both. It all depends on what you choose from among them to ingest. If you're seeing obvious nonsense, you should try a better source of information. Not everyone is on the same page, and not everyone has the same level of insight or intelligence. It's up to you to distinguish that and choose appropriately.
"I've found the entire Q premise to be laughable considering that what they are really suggesting is that Trump, who is undoubtedly a narcissistic petty man who we all know is a liar, a serial adulterer and a cheater who pays off porn stars, etc. .. is actually some kind of "super hero" who is trying to rid the world of corruption. This is illogical."

I don't know if I would call him a narcissist. A bit of an ego maybe, but so what? Petty? In what way? Liar? When, exactly?

Can you show any evidence that he's corrupt? A billionaire with a taste for beautiful women is bound to have a few scandals over the years. That isn't uncommon and it isn't corrupt. Give it the break it deserves. He's not a rapist or a child molester, like certain others.

I've looked for evidence of Trump's dark past. I couldn't find more than a few weak claims. Trips to pedo Epstein's Island don't mean anything more than maybe he was invited and now knows what Epstein is involved in (obviously not caught up in it himself). An audio recording of him saying in private how easy it is for him to get pussy. A few women who made public claims about his sexual conduct to exploit him for money. Allegedly rubbing elbows with the mob. That's about it. No actual evidence of anything corrupt.

Have you got anything better than what I listed? Am I wrong about anything here?

Trump has a personality that befits a man of power and wealth who made it on his own and has never had to bow down to anyone, and although he can be a little coarse with the way he talks about people he doesn't like, it's not that bad, really. I talk the same way. He provokes on purpose, and for strategic reasons. I do the same. He's a complex man and extremely intelligent, as I'm finding out. I respect intelligence.

I'm not saying Trump is a super-hero or even an angel, but I think the media (not just the MSM) and herd thinking are influencing all of us a little too much these days.

I wouldn't have said any of this a week ago. I originally didn't care much for Trump because I don't like the idea of people being that wealthy while so many others suffer and starve. But that's how I've been conditioned, and I recognize that. I also distrust super-rich people because of their power and influence. But that's all the more reason to watch Q. If Trump is up to no good, it will eventually show. It's better than sticking my head in the sand and waiting for someone else to tell me what they think is going on above-ground. That's basically how it was until Q came along.
"These [Q] posts don't show any real inside knowledge, nor have they even been correct about the overall picture."

What do you think the overall picture is? How do you think Q is wrong about it? Just that Mueller thing you mentioned, or something else?

Do you believe all that about Clinton/Soros/Rothschild/etc. being Satanists? Do you believe that international pedo rings and sexual blackmail are real? Do you think Q (i.e. Trump) means what he says about going after them and locking them all up?

Q started posting on Oct 28, 2017. It's been just over 10 months. In that time. a lot has happened that lines up perfectly with Trump's plan, as laid out by Q in his first posts.

In all this time, no one in the MSM has bothered to ask Trump about Q (until very recently). They're afraid to. They know that Q is real and they have an agenda to label this as a conspiracy (???), or a conspiracy theory (???), or just a group of crazy Trump-supporters, as you called it. But none of these memes are accurate. They reflect the fact that the posts haven't been properly analyzed by the people making the comments. The MSM doesn't dare to actually give an honest and unbiased analysis and report of Q. Instead they just mock or try to raise people's fears about allegedly dangerous conspiracy theorists. Ask yourself why that might be (apart from the fact that they rarely do honest reporting anyways).

Trump knew this would happen, and even encouraged it during the elections, and now he's using it to his advantage in an ingenious way. At this point the MSM is trying to whitewash Trump's actions and must either come up with lies and distortions to explain them away, or ignore them altogether. Instead, they spend their time writing insane articles that just attack Q and Qanon, and this sort of action will only destroy their credibility in the end.

Meanwhile, the number of people watching him (both friend and foe) is currenrtly in the 100s of millions and increasing steadily. With the MSM giving him any attention at all, more people are drawn to look. This is what's occurring now. As things continue and the truth about Q becomes more obvious, the MSM will be doomed. The MSM may not even last that long. Trump may have something special planned that Q hasn't even hinted at yet.

* * *

Update May 6, 2020: Because this site is owned by Google and Google is heavily censoring any content that promotes Donald Trump, I'm not able to respond to comments in the normal way, so I just want to tell the one person who asked if I still believe in Q after 3 1/2 years....... HELL YES!!!!!

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