Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How Freemasons Protect the Elite and Their Puppets

The elite powers of the world operate through secret society networks to control many millions of people who hold key positions in business and government. Freemasonry is the largest secret society in existence, with over three million members worldwide, and it is interlinked with a number of smaller but more powerful groups, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, etc. All members of the elite hold positions in these various secret societies, but particularly within the higher ranks of Freemasonry.

Freemasons live by a different code of law than the rest of us. The oaths they make to their Order supercede any other oaths they may have ever made or will ever make, including those they make to their God and country. The Order is their God.

If you understand how Freemasonry operates through its secret oaths and the loyalties members hold for each other over non-members, then you will understand how some people seem to be untouchable while others get thrown under the bus. Freemasons control the police and courts in most democratic countries. These are usually heavily staffed with Royal Arch Masons who follow the Masonic code of law before any other. Specifically, Royal Arch Masons are bound by their oath to assist and protect fellow Masons of equal or higher standing, even when it involves crimes of murder and treason. Lower ranking Masons (3rd degree Master Masons and higher) are protected if they involve themselves in any crimes other than these. But for any non-Mason, the usual laws of the land still apply.

So it's very difficult to prosecute a Mason, or to even get an investigation opened on one, because all of the people with the power and authority to do so, and all of the people who hold key positions in the media who might draw public attention to such an issue, are high-ranking Freemasons and are bound by secret oaths to protect each other.

It should be noted that the Royal Arch degree confers upon the member the designation of 'companion' rather than just 'brother', which seems to indicate that his status is elevated within the Order to one where he is more intimately aware of and possibly involved in the secret activities that Masons engage in. This would make particular sense if Royal Arch Masons are expected to protect other Masons from any legal repercussions for their actions.

When you hear about someone in business or politics getting away with some crime or misdeed, it's because they're Masons of high standing and they're being protected by their fellow Masons. The same favoritism occurs when a Mason is competing with anyone of a lower rank for consideration in any position where other Masons make the decision, irrespective of his qualifications. This is Masonic law at work.

Further to this, any Mason who goes against another Mason of equal or higher standing is deemed to be a traitor to the Order and is open to persecution by other Masons. Because of this, no Mason who understands the power of the Order will ever dare to break his oaths and obligations, even after leaving the Order.

There is really very little that needs to be understood about Freemasonry to see that it's designed to protect and favor its members (particularly those of higher ranking), and that it controls all avenues of power through its extensive networks of people and organizations. This favoritism and control of key positions puts them at a distinct advantage where they are completely untouchable.

All Freemasons are criminal by the oaths they take and the loyalty they hold for each other over the rest of mankind. By joining Freemasonry, they join a criminal organization that is the largest and most evil enterprise that exists in the world today. In any other criminal organization, mere membership would be enough to prosecute. But with Masonry, since they control the police and courts and everything else, no such prosecution is ever possible, and even exposure of their crimes is difficult.

Do you understand now how someone like George W. Bush got away with 9/11?

Do you understand now why Sandy Hook was able to be pulled off, and the significant evidence that it was faked was ignored?

Do you understand now how a person like Donald Trump can become president, even though he has no real qualifications for that position?

Do you understand now how someone like Hillary Clinton can get away with illegal activity and cover-ups for years and never be prosecuted?

Do you understand now why high-ranking politicians who become embroiled in pedophile scandals never get prosecuted?

Do you understand now why the mainstream media never reports on certain crimes and scandals?

Do you understand now why all the power in the world is concentrated among a very small group of people who are virtually untouchable?

Do you understand now why there is no real justice in the world any more?

When you understand how strongly Masons are bound by their oaths and obligations, and how their power and control is so well established in all significant areas of society, you will begin to understand why certain things happen the way they do and why nothing is never done to make things better in society.

The Masons and their associated secret societies have their own code of law. They're not held to the same laws as the rest of us. They protect their own at a cost to everyone else. This is the New World Order.