Monday, July 16, 2012

Dissecting the Claims of Robert Duncan

by Anthony Forwood

A fellow TI recently asked Dr. Robert Duncan:

"They can insert thoughts and ideas in TI by electrical stimulation of the brain, but they really can read minds? I mean, I know that they can read emotional states (fear, anger, worry) but I'm not so sure they can read complex thoughts. Rather I think they only get approximations for reading brain activity. Please give me your guidance on this."

He replied:

"Yes, they can see what you are viewing, hearing, and thinking to
some extent."

I contacted Robert Duncan to ask for an explanation of how this was done. I referred him to my document ‘A Primer on V2K vs. Mind-Reading Technologies’, so he would know what research I’ve already done. He responded by saying:

It sounds like you haven't done basic research. There are no simple answers. Read books like "Project: Soul Catcher". Study neuroscience, physics, and psychology beforehand.”

Well, I’ve done a lot of research into these and other subjects already, enough to not be so easily put off by his dismissive response. In fact, it made me very suspicious, because I’ve had this same experience with other high-profile individuals on the Internet who make equally extraordinary claims. They seem to think that they have the scoop on the truth and to question what they say is the equivalent of heresy.

So I started doing a little digging for information on Dr. Robert Duncan, looking for any further information on him and his claims. Most of what I found, apart from a lot of podcasts (which I don’t waste my time with for certain reasons) were just promotions for his new book, which happened to be the same one he had suggested I read. So, he had been subtly trying to influence me to pay him for information that I can’t be sure is going to answer my question. I became more suspicious.

I put out an enquiry among my friends in the TI community, and was soon directed to an older book he had written that was available online, called ‘The Matrix Deciphered’. When I got a copy of it, I contacted him again to ask why he hadn’t just referred me to it, instead of subtly suggesting that I purchase his new book. He responded by telling me that this older book wasn’t supposed to have been released. However, I later found that he has a blog where it’s available. I also discovered that he had deleted the posts on his facebook page in which he said it wasn’t supposed to have been released. I was getting more and more suspicious.

Anyway, I started reading his book, and I’m only more confused by his response to my initial inquiry, because he claims within its opening pages that:

My motivation for writing this book was to help consolidate the technical information about the most advanced, secret military weapons being tested on civilians throughout the world, and to give new test victims a literary reference…”

Why didn’t he refer me to this book, if it promised to “consolidate the technical information” and provide a “literary reference”? This is what I was looking for from him. My suspicions loomed ever larger.

I contacted him again and told him in no uncertain terms that I suspected he was spreading false information and that I was intent on exposing these untruths, he replied, in part:

I told you once before Anthony. I do not stand by that piece of crap you are reading so quit attaching my name to it. I do not do activism anymore.”

Well, this is interesting, considering he’s the author of the book in question, and his name keeps coming to my attention from people who state that he’s still doing activism. In fact, that’s how he came to my attention. Also, he failed to say anything about this book being “a piece of crap” earlier. He had merely told me it wasn’t supposed to have been released. It seemed to me that he was making more and more excuses to try to put me off track.

I wasn’t about to believe any of this, since it seemed to me that it might be a simple attempt at dissuading me from researching his claims and exposing any false information he might be spreading.

I’m going to try to avoid making all the comments that I could make about what he says in his book, because it would probably result in a document that was twice as long as the book itself. My primary intentions here are to extract whatever relevant information I can on what he claims about remote mind-control technologies as they relate to what I quoted him saying at the beginning of this document – that they can see what you are viewing, hearing, and thinking to some extent."

The first piece of relevant information is a reference to a patent issued to a Robert G. Malech in 1976 (US patent #3951134). It’s described as:

a fairly simple radar device that could read whole brain electrical activity at a large distance. It has the major advantages of no wires and full brain electrical activity analysis, not just points on the skull surface […] by ‘illuminating’ the brain and its electrical conductance then reading the return signal. The imaging method observes the changes of frequency resonances, amplitude, and phase which represent the states of neuron depolarization throughout the brain.”

I searched out this patent at the US Patent Office, and retrieved the original application. Although such a patent exists and is described as Robert Duncan says, I was still not so easily convinced.

First of all, an important question needs to be asked: What is the maximum distance that this technology will operate at? The application does not provide an answer, but I did find something in the patent description that suggests that it probably isn’t very far at all. It states, in part (emphasis added):
If the amplitudes of the two signals transmitted to the subject are maintained at identical levels, the resultant interference waveform, absent influences of external radiation, may be expected to assume zero intensity when maximum interference occurs[.]”

This raises a problem, as I outline in my document mentioned above – that any electromagnetic interference (external radiation) between the source and target will disrupt the signals, and this is virtually impossible to eliminate. The greater the distance between target and source, the more interference there will be to contend with. This applies to both the signal that’s transmitted to the target and the signal that’s received back, doubling the problem of getting a reliable reading.

Further, in describing the method of operation, the application states (emphasis added):

[T]he interference waveform is modulated by the brain waves. It is believed that this is due to the fact that brain waves produce electric charges each of which has a component of electromagnetic radiation associated with it.”

These last two quoted statements clearly indicate that, at least at the time that the application was made (1974), there was no certainty that specific brainwave patterns could be determined, which means that the technology was never actually built and tested to see if it would do what is expected. According to the patent application process in the USA, such requirements are not necessary.

It should be further noted that a MEG machine, which is the most advanced method of brain scanning in use today, reads electromagnetic emissions from the brain in a similar fashion to what this patent describes, but it requires a very carefully controlled setup to eliminate all external interference, which involves heavy shielding to block outside interference, as well as very sensitive electromagnetic sensors (SQUIDs) that must be situated only a few inches from the person’s head. The MEG didn’t come into use until after the Malech patent was applied for. If the MEG had to be designed in the manner that it is in order to eliminate all external interference, then it stands to reason that the technology described in the Malech patent would have to as well.

According to an explanation of the patent examination process available on the US Patent Office’s website:

As a rule the examiner will give to a claim its "broadest reasonable interpretation consistent with the specification. […] [T]he words of the claim must be given their plain (ordinary and customary) meaning unless applicant has provided a clear definition in the specification.”

Given this fact, a closer scrutiny of the Malech patent application will reveal that the distinctions in its wording – specifically in the use of the words ‘can’, ‘will’, and ‘may’ – suggest that the author of the application understood that certain key aspects of this technology’s operation were being assumed to work, rather than being certain to, However, I will not attempt to show this here, due to space, and will instead leave it to those who are interested in verifying this to have a look at the patent application for themselves.

A few final words regarding this patent application. There is no specific claim that it would be able to do what Robert Duncan claims is possible with current mind-control technologies, i.e., that it can be used to “see what you are viewing, hearing, and thinking to some extent." What it does claim to be able to do is best described in its final paragraph (emphasis added):

As will be appreciated by those familiar with the art, apparatus and method of the subject invention has numerous uses. Persons in critical positions such as drivers and pilots can be continuously monitored with provision for activation of an emergency device in the event of human failure. Seizures, sleepiness and dreaming can be detected. Bodily functions such as pulse rate, heartbeat reqularity and others also can be monitored and occurrences of hallucinations can be detected. The system also permits medical diagnoses of patients, inaccessible to physicians, from remote stations.”

However, these capabilities don’t necessarily rely on brainwave emissions, and can be determined by stronger electromagnetic emissions coming from other parts of the body, or from body movements (similar to EKG readings), although the patent description doesn’t specifically state this. Again, the wording used is very important, and it is very likely that the author was being careful to suggest the most extensive uses possible to encourage the widest possible licensing rights.

* * *

In The Matrix Deciphered, Robert Duncan states:

The void of research at reading brainwaves without EEG probes should tell you something. Do an internet search on mind control. Explain the amount of disinformation, misinformation, and general discussion around this topic if it can't be done. Explain why a very successful microwave antenna military subcontractor has a patent from the 1970s that claim brain reading and control.”

Consider this for a moment. What does the preponderance of misinformation, disinformation, and general discussion around the topic of remote mind-reading technologies consist of? Further, what strategy would it serve to put the Malech patent into the public record?

Although Robert Duncan is trying to suggest that remote mind-reading is possible and that the Malech patent proves it, I believe that the evidence indicates exactly the opposite. The preponderance of information that’s out there is highly speculative in nature and comes from questionable sources, so it shouldn’t be relied on as any sort of indicator of the truth. And the fact that Malech’s patent is in the US Patent Office records suggests that this technology was of no interest to the military, otherwise it would never have made it into the patent records at all, and would have been suppressed. However, if the technology turned out to be an unrealistic technology and the military already knew this, they would just let it continue through the patent process. When Robert Malech received a patent grant and the patent went into the public records, in many people’s minds it effectively became ‘proof’ that these mind-reading technologies were real and could do all the things that people claimed. It has since been used as disinformation to support claims about mind-reading capabilities that are just not realistic beyond the theoretical stage.

Robert Duncan doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He can’t even explain how the technology he claims to have helped to develop gets past the physical constraints that I’ve outlined here and elsewhere. Given the fact that I’ve attempted time and again over the past three years to discuss his claims in public, only to be taunted and mocked and have my character attacked in private emails instead, leads me to realize that he’s a fraud and is promoting disinformation to profit off of gullible TIs through the sales of his books.

* * *

Additional Information (July 2014)

Robert Duncan also makes this claim at the very start of The Matrix Deciphered:

Call me The Saint. I am the all American - prep school, Harvard College graduating with honors in computer science and a minor in premedical studies, and advanced degrees from Harvard and Dartmouth in business and science.”

Since the previous sections of this article were written in 2011, I’ve asked him a number of times to provide some proof that he ever went to Harvard, such as a date, the courses he took, the names of some of his professors, etc. He continually avoids doing so. He claims to be a doctor, so he should be able to produce some sort of documentation for that. He has never provided anything of the sort to anyone, ever.

When I went to the Harvard University website to see how to go about checking their records, I had discovered that only alumni were allowed to access them. I was able to locate someone who had graduated from there and was willing to assist me, and they were able to search through the registrar’s records, going back 35 years to 1979. Apparently, there are no graduating students named Robert Duncan anywhere in the records that would match the Robert Duncan being discussed here.

So, apparently Robert Duncan never went to Harvard at all, even though this is the very first thing he claims in his book, The Matrix Deciphered. Even in the case that he might claim that the government wiped his files, this would mean that his degree was effectively terminated – cancelled, null and void. My attempts to get him to produce a copy of his diploma – the only thing that would exist to prove his legitimacy, in such a case – only result in excuses not to. Apparently then, there is NOTHING to his claims of going to Harvard. It’s a lie that’s meant to prop up his false image, nothing more. That he claims to be a doctor with a PhD is also a fabricated lie, and the fact that he’s impersonating one is a serious criminal offense.

That Robert Duncan can’t or won’t show any documented proof that he ever went to Harvard should be enough for any intelligent person to realize that he’s a complete sham. Given that, everything else he claims (or suggests) is equally questionable, especially since he provides no validating information for 99% of it. Other than references to V2K technology, the Robert G. Malech patent that he refers to in his book is the only piece of information he provides that can be validated, and that, as I’ve shown here and elsewhere on this blog, is a completely unworkable technology. Robert Duncan’s material is pure disinformation mixed with a great deal of rambling subjective rhetoric that serves to fill out his claims and make them sound good.

Readers who are new to my blog might not understand why I make such a big deal about this guy. The fact is that he’s working very closely with a number of other people who operate in the TI community and who are also government perpetrators, including Derrick Robinson, Julianne McKinney, Max Williams, Timothy White, Duncan O’Finioan, etc. All of these people are directly associated and work together to fool and feed off the TI community, almost all of them claim to have worked for the US government (and therefore are very likely still working for them), and all of them promote questionable material as fact without ever providing any real evidence that any of it is true. Their agenda is to draw in suggestible people (whether TIs or not) and convince them that they’re being targeted by certain non-existent technologies (even though they might actually be targeted by other more realistic ones, like V2K). They are all high-profile people in the TI community, and they all get exceptional attention in the media compared to any real TIs. They are working to discredit the entire TI community in the eyes of those who might ever do anything to stop real targeting.

I also believe, based on my personal experiences and the many reports I’ve received from others, that the people I’ve named here are subjecting many TIs to a form of mind-control based on more ‘primitive’ methods that include basic cult tactics and probably even hypnosis and subliminals. These people become literally indoctrinated into their closed group (FFCHS*) and then go out into the TI community to promote the disinformation further, as well as acting delusional, attacking real TIs, and disrupting any efforts to expose the falsehoods and those who promote them. It should be noted that these characteristics are all signs of deep cult involvement.

Please note: I do NOT deny that mind-control technologies are real. However, I DO deny that certain claims made by these people about that technology are true (such as described at the beginning of this article), based on my own research into the science they claim that technology is based on.

* FFCHS has since changed its name to PACTS International (People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance, International).

*  *  *

Additional Information (May 2015)

I came across the following post by Eleanor White in which she lists a few more of Robert Duncan's fraudulent acts:

(From: Gang Stalking and psychological harassment)
(Posted in the Colorado Forum)

    Eleanor White
    Atikokan, Canada
    #14031 Sep 13, 2013

    Jada wrote:

    I doubt that Jesse Ventura would have highlighted Dr. Robert Duncan if he
    were a complete fraud. In the Brain Invader episode, there was also a former
    CIA agent that corroborated Duncan's story.
    My intuition tells me that the information provided by Dr. Duncan, Dr. Hall
    and Dr. Robertson is mostly reliable and profoundly helpful to Ti's. Dr.
    Nick Begish is also knowledgeable about mind control and technology.(These
    people are trying to get the word out. Google their youtubes and
    In a youtube with Duncan, he states that he is providing the information in
    hopes that it fouls the experimental data.

  Jesse Ventura's production team did a very sloppy and suspect job on that

  First, he claimed to know the specific geographical locations of thousands of
  targets - in order to make that map. I question how he did that - most targets
  don't even reveal their names, never mind addresses - certainly not thousands.

  Second, he showed a Judge Judy clip which it turned out was not electronic
  mind control, but a physical ailment she was experiencing.

  Third, he showed a completely bogus "Caroline Crowley" who seemed to be
  experiencing zapping while she broadcast the weather. Except no search has
  turned up a "Caroline Crowley," weather reporter, nor is there any TV station
  by the call letters that video clip displayed.(There is a news commentator
  named CANDY Crowley, not Caroline.)

  Jesse's episode may have done some good to people who only watched it
  casually, but if the other side wants to discredit us, that episode gives them
  three easy ways to do that.

  Eleanor White

* * *

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  1. Need to talk to any TI have been in isolation for 4 yrs. Talked to a person connected with the seminar he/Duncan was at. Came away with same thought:pushing their agendas My situation is complex & I say so from the very beginning , so why encourage me to talk, then cut me off at emotional juncture. Just because I didn't buy the b.s cut me off & frustrate me

  2. Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2013 08:28:00 -0700
    Subject: Robert Duncan

    Hi Mick,

    I found your blog and discussion about Robert Duncan. I became intrigued by him when I saw him on an appearance on a Jess Ventura program and government mind control. What struck me, was he didn't really have anything to say. He just stood there in a suit and tie, looking smug, and basically told Mr. Ventura he could not say much and "it was too late to do anything about it."

    He seemed arrogant and fake.

    So I did some digging. Sure he has two books with him name on them. But I looked for any academic details that would support his claims of having "degrees from many universities..." He says he has a PhD. in Artificial Intelligence from Harvard. However, they do not have a doctorate program in A.I. He has no patents and I can not find any papers at Harvard, MIT or Dartmouth. He has never lived in the Maryland, Virginia or D.C. area, so I doubt he worked at the CIA.

    If fact, Robert P. Duncan lives in small $600 a month rented home in Boise, Idaho. He filed personal bankruptcy in July, 2010 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Boise, Idaho. His only asset was a "$150 notebook and a 2003 Hyundai Sonata he valued at $2400."

    He claimed nothing else. No real estate, no pension, no cash or savings.

    He owed mostly credit card debt to department stores and back taxes.

    He claimed no job and some unemployment insurance income that had run out.

    He is 44 years old. If he did all that academic work, he would have not gotten start on a career until perhaps age 30. He started writing his stuff is his late 30's.

    I contacted Duncan through his Facebook account. I questioned him about his academic credentials. All he would do is turn the question around. He even said I would have to give him my social security number so he could "check me out." I persisted to ask questions and he finally blocked my account.


    I really don't like the feeling that this guy is parading around as a "Dr." when he's most likely not anything he says. I think he's probably smart, but he is exploiting the people interested in his topic and a fraud.

    I feel that his books should not be sold until his professional and academic claims are confirmed or revealed.

    He certainly doesn't even come close to someone who would be successful. He lives in a dumpy part of Boise, next to a gravel pit. A block away from the Idaho Department of Transportation building and maintenance yard. A sewage treatment plant and a run down trailer park as neighbors.


    I was looking for anything about him. All I come up with is his own self-promoting blogs and posts. He just came up out of nowhere.

    I feel he needs to be exposed. His arrogance alone has ignited some fire in me to find out more and share it.

    If you can help in any way, or have more information, I would love to share.



  3. Ha. I just found this page. Anthony forgot to mention how he spoke to me. People who demand information will get nothing. Notice Anthony does not publish his very mean and evil emails to me. He turned me off to answer any questions to what are termed internet "trolls". I sent Anthony a free book he forgot to mentioned and he said "I won't even use it for my cat's litter box and won't read it. Don't believe this bad human being named Anthony. Sorry I can't answer 100's of emails a day to everyone's satisfaction.

  4. It would be up to you to provide evidence of these supposed 'mean and evil' posts to you. On the contrary, you avoid responding to the legitimate questions I asked about your claims, and instead browbeat and divert, like a perp.

    I wrote about your free piece of crap book, 'Soul Catchers Vol II), whuich you promised would explain the technology in the scientific detail I sought. When I got Vol. II, I immediately discovered that you state within it that all of the technical inforamtion was to be found in Vol I. HOWEVER, when I contacted you about this, and asked about Vol I, you admitted that you hadn't even written or published it. You lied and hedged and made excuses and got quite rude, to the point that I realized that my suspicions were correct.... that you have no techniocla explanation for your outrageous claims re the technology you claim exists.

    Produce Soul Catchers Vol I, with all the technical data yoo claim to have, DR. DUNCAN.

  5. Unforunately I bought this book. I should have researched the author more. Lesson of the day!

    It just seems really wordy and too heavy. Doom and gloom, there is no hope, this is the explanation for everything, so now you know. Go be miserable...

    There are a surprising number of people in the truth movement who have a negative agenda, whether that's personal or Illuminati related. I suppose you can indirectly work for the elite and dark beings just by promoting their ideas, conscious of it or not.

    I think there is something to electronic mind-control, psychic attacks and programming. But can I trust this guy? I don't know. I'm looking into it. Even if there's truth in this book, if the guys a liar it can't be trusted at all. Thanks for posting this.

  6. He could be a part of a Controlled Disclosure agenda. Maybe the elites use people to disclose information about the truth of our situation to lessen their karmic consequences (they'd hypothetically believe would happen. i believe in karma)

    I can't find much on this guy. If he actually lives as poor as was said in that email, he's probably not a part of the elite and probably has no high-paying job. But is that a deception? a fake identity and credit history?

    ventura and the msm is suspect. look him up on (is he a clone of benjamin franklin... there are a lot of clones running around, even of robert duncan o'finoian but this author might not be a clone idk...

    false truthers give real information but it always has a negative slant like soul catcher. icke exposes the elite and reptilians, but has an important slant to many things he does. (doesn't say much about alien/human hybrid experiments for example)

    i haven't seen anything else that quotes r.duncan here saying he's got a degree in A.I. tho i looked up harvard website and no AI program there...

    but do you REALLY just 'get out' of the CIA and get to go on TV? or is it part of your assignments?

    damn, this put a knot in my reading experience of this book.

    1. Duncan O'Finioan is a different person than Robert Duncan. O'Finioan claims to be a mind-controlled 'super-soldier', but has nothing 'super' about him at all, except for the amount of abuse he dishes out to anyone who might doubt his claims.

      Perps will ALWAYS avoid backing up their claims, like both of these guys. They hedge around the tough questions that are posed to them. As you can see with Rober Duncan below....

  7. in the TV show duncan says he can't disclose certain details. i think he's allowed to talk about certain things but not others...

    if anyone has any more information on this author please let me know! thanks.

  8. I just got done speaking with robert tonight. In the midst of the conversation a man appeared threatening me with energy weapons and said i'd burn and afterwards Robert disappeared his page just completely vanished worried

  9. If he wasn't legit he said he wanted to help ti's. A women phoned my house and said she worked with him and wanted to ask me several personal questions i thought she really worked with him said she was doing a report on ti's

    1. How did she get your phone number? Never trust people coming out of the blue stating that they want to help or seeking personal info on you.

  10. (Cynthia Hamil )THis women asked me about my vegas home and if i lived there and told me she was looking to move to Vegas. Wanted to know if i had recorded my energy weapon attacks. She urged me to tell her what instruments exactly I had used. Told me she was pretty in love with Robert and they were working on his next book together and she was doing radio interviews to expose everything. she was upset acting when I told her i had recorded saved trifield meter readings, outside lights and other evidence to prove the truth. She asked me so many questions i questioned. She suddenly went from the girlfriend or admirerer of the man to a secret agent who seemed like she worked for some other agency like maybe someone deeply in

    1. Next time something like this happens, demand some personal info from them, such as a name, email address, anything that you can use to verify who you're talking to and that will enable you to contact them if necessary. I also advicer NEVER to get involved in telephone calls with them for any length of time.Settle with email communication. Telephones can be used to transmit subliminals, hypnotic tones, etc.

  11. Wouldn't jessee ventura check his credentials before he put him on the show? Why don't people show professionalism these days? This is very important. I befriended robert duncan after I saw him on Jesee Ventura on facebook. Are we all being scammed, played or conned we believe everything

  12. Robert knows a lot about this stuff. He said I was in the matrix and few people escape the matrix. I don't know what he's talking about

    1. And you believe him just because he says so? Not very wise...

  13. sherrybretzaol....

    Be very caerful about phone calls. Ask for the person's name and number, and arrange to call them back. This is to assure that you have some sort of information that you can use to trace and/or identify them. Also, refrain from speaking to them via phone for even a short time. Subliminal hypnotic mind-control tech can be used on you through the phone.

    Stay safe!

  14. Jesse Ventura is suspect, in sopite of what he exposes. GHe's ex-Navy Seal, after all!!! And once you're in the military, you become their property for life. Ventura is likely more interested in good viewer ratings thab he is the truth. He promoted Duncan O'Finioan, who was a fake, so why not Robert Duncan as well???

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Robert Duncan is working on a new book??? He hasn't even produced Soul Catchers Vol I yet, although he published volume II (another piece of fear-mongering crap).

  17. If you've friended Robert Duncan on fakebook, just ask him some technical questions about the technology he claims to exist. For instance, ask him to explain how the very weak brainwaves can be picked up remotely without being completely obscured by EM pollution and the earth's own EM field. Ask how they get around the need for total shielding, just as they do with a MEG machine used in hospitals.

    I'll bet you anything he starts hemming and hawing, or he'll throw you some made up crap that wouldn't really work.

    I still want to see the technical information he claims to have. You can't believe him if he promises to produce it but never does.

  18. I also don't get the title...

    no ph.d program but there are courses in AI at harvard:

  19. Robert Duncan needs to produce paper leads to prove his background. He can't, so he won't. There is NO RECORD of him at Harvard, period.

  20. Wow, so much hate mail. Who will stand up for TIs. I offer a course in surveillance technologies but you need to understand quantum mechanics. Some of these haters, are a boyfriend of a woman I work with. Yes, Harvard has generalized degrees in engineering and computer science. My specialty was in genetic algorithms, AI, and robotics. No, Harvard does not specialize like the retarded schools you attended Joseph. No money can buy your way into elite education unless you are George Bush.

    1. I understand quantum physics faierly well. But how about you start off by explaining where Soul Catcher Vol I is, which you told me contained all the technical information I was originally seeking? Doing that would certainly answer all the other questions people have about your credibility.

    2. Every dog has his day. Since you will not share your academic information, like a normal adult, then one must assume you are lying. You are an imposter and the day will come when you are outed. You will be haunted my rumors until you prove your academic claims.

    3. Dr. Robert Duncan, how can we, work together, to inform the American people, of what is going on. I've been a TI for 28 years now. I relate to many things you have stated in your book, I experience them tracking everything I do, see, hear, go and they seem to know what I'm thinking, they've put thoughts in my head, have made them stick in my head and make me think they were my own and have influenced my dreams and have involuntarily manipulated my body functions and caused pain in various parts of my body. People need to become organized and stand up with ONE VOICE NATIONWIDE. I myself can't participate in this, because they would know everything going on. You right as the Word Of God Says, THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! It has for me every since, I learned who and what is doing this to me, they can't effect me emotionally no more, there tactics don't bother me no more.

  21. As my colleague says about the people that want simple answers in a one line statement, "It is like trying to teach algebra to a dog." I am trying to help people learn but the negative responses from people make me think it is not worth saving TIs. Try to motivate me by positive words to continue my effort to give more information. There will always be critics and naysayers, but I am doing everything in my capacity to assist everyone who is suffering from these technology.

    1. wow my last comment disappeared.. i wrote a nice long comment and it's just gone. i will write it again tomorrow. but robert can I ask you a question if you don't mind?

      Have you heard of any mind control related to pentagram triggers? I visualize them a lot. used to be 2000 times a day. with each point i would mentally sound "oh-kay-oh-all-right" or just "oh-a-oh-aw-I". i've been targeted by something or someone, that i can prove but is this green star programming, demonic, electronic triggers or something else? quitting chain smoking was easier to quit than this odd thing. any insights you have would be much appreciated.

    2. Lycaeus, I may have deleted it. Can't remember why...

    3. Robert, I'm not asking for simple answers. I have the intelligence to comprehend technical information. Why don't you just deal with what I had asked about from the start, instead of hedging and making excuses?

    4. And the only negative responses I see here are your own sarcastic ones against anyone who wants to be sure of your credibility. You're doing a fine job here of making a complete ass of yourself. Keep it goping. the whole TI community needs to see this!

    5. Dear Dr Duncan, it appears that there is a trend to criticise theories merely because others do so. This seems to create a snowball effect where moderates turn negative to fit in. I'm telling you how to suck eggs here (an Australian phrase meaning to teach one to do something simple that he already knows). Please don't be too discouraged by these people and their pseudoconfident assumption-based criticism. It seems to give them strength... Good luck with your efforts, congratulations on your Jesse Ventura show scenes and I will be buying your book.

      Michael Voulgaropoulos

    6. Michael Voulgaropoulos.... Robert Duncan spews his little theories as fact, and that is the problem with him. He pretends to be something that he's not, and refuses to legitimize himself and his desire to feed opff of the targeted community, exaggerating the truth and people's fears and misconceptions about what is scientifically possible and what is bullsht. I've always been open to a mature discussion with him regarding his claims, but as you can see from the sort of childish responses he gives, he doesn't havbe the capacity to back himself up. Meanwhile, TIs continue to think he's some sort of 'insider' ex-NSA with a Harvard education and all sorts of skills and technical knowledge, but this is quite an exaggeration in itself. I feel that he's a hinderanxce to exposing the truth about targeting and mind-control technologies, and very likely working consciously to deceive the more gullible and weak-minded among the population to buy into a false sense of reality so that REAL TIs look that much more mentally unbalanced.

      Do you have a problem with that assessment? If so, tell me why it is wrong. Don't just poohpooh on my blog because you see negativity. Be specific.

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  24. I was just going to say that a lot of what Duncan writes is completely possible. Many people report the symptoms of electronic mind control, it's torture and being used for things against their will.

    I'm 3/4 through the book (Vol' 2) and it's really wordy. I would've preferred more personal commentary and experiences but that's academic style for you. I couldn't find any information on the mind hacking strategy group as much as I tried.

    I think electronic mind control is a copy of psychic persuasion, called 'remote influencing' by Lyn Buchanan. Maybe machines can't pick up 'electrical' brainwaves, but there is a whole field of very technical psychic skills and techniques that involves using etheric energy.

    I believe in angels, demons and aliens. I don't think electronic mind control explains it all as holograms or implanted hallucinations. I've been abducted at least quite a few times in my life. Marks (fluorescent, burn, triangles, dots), missing time, electroshock, drugging effects which also strangely coincided with enhanced psychic abilities (we could guess each other's thoughts). Also many synchronistic ear ringings and number synch's on clocks.

    But alphabet agencies like the CIA are allegedly compartmentalized and have their members under some form of mind control so any one member may not have the whole truth.

    1. A lot of what he claims is NOT possible. That's why I want him to explain the technical details that would prove it one way or another. There are other explanations for the symptomes that are attributed to the technology he claims to exist. See my document here:

    2. I'm very fanmiliar with the remote-viewing programs, and have read every book I can find on it. It would be advicable to read Ingo Swann's 'Natural ESP' to get an idea of how it's done, and to experiment and practice getting in touch with your unuitive channel, in order that you can better understand your own abilities and thererfore be able to protect against outside influences.

    3. Lycaeus, all of what you claim as experiences could be induced through hypnosis.

  25. He really should explain a little more. Maybe he's restricted, not allowed to talk, hiding, or lying.

    I'll keep Ingo in mind. You would enjoy Fore's posts on theoutpostforum in the 'what we think we know so far' thread in section: 'mind's eye'. It's highly technical information to use natural psychic faculties in the human being. Talks a lot about how aliens implant thoughts, do mind control with their minds, remote viewing, viewing multiple probable timelines, 'lines of association', 'influence'-like etheric energy, connecting with your 'higher mind', and how to train and develop those skills yourself.

    I'm not too smart with technical science but I believe the gist of it, basically that electronic mind control signals are used to target select individuals for experiments and control, and probably are used en masse throughout the general population. I don't worry too much about it but take extra care to observe myself and my life as objectively as I can to make sure I'm acting on my true intentions. What else can you do?

    But if Duncan is allowed by the CIA to write books, and since that CIA guy recommends himon the MSM then the CIA wants this information out... and for some reason i don't trust them much so there is likely to be at the least *some* amount of misinformation whether intentional or not on Duncan's part-either that, or the nwo guys are just too cocky, think they've won already and are rubbing it in our faces-or, perhaps they have to follow rules that tell them they have to inform the public of what's going on. I'd bet there are higher powers that enforce the preservement of freewill, just a guess.

    yes, most of it could be hypnosis. But what about the geometrical burn marks, and the fluorescent marks (geometrical' *under* the skin? I know hypnosis can make you produce marks, but fluorescence under the skin??? Do human bodies have a substance in them that can make shapes that turn green and yellow under a black light and then fade a way in about a week? Why do so many abductees get fluorescent marks? That's hard to believe is a hallucination and is more likely to be the result of a physical interaction imo.

    1. Just the fact that he claims to be ex-CIA or ex-NSA or whatebver other sell-out Nazi agengy of the US government is enough to keep your distance and doubt EVERY word out of his filhty lying mouth.

      He's had all this time to be forthcoming anbd he doesn't, here or anywhere else.
      |You have to be stupid to keep thinking it's there.

      He only cares about book sales and lecture circuits.

  26. Nice post! I was just going to say that a lot of what Duncan writes is completely possible. Many people report the symptoms of electronic mind control, it's torture and being used for things against their will.

    the claims pages

    1. The job of a disinfo agent is to insert false information into otherwise legitimate information so that it will be hard to distinguish what is fact and what isn't. A disinfo agent will also present his/her material in a manner that will repel those its not intended for, while attracted those it is. In this case, as with much of the material circulating in the TI community, the level of intelligence of the intended audience plays a factor, so that there is a high degree of intellectually weak people who fall into certain common habits (herd mentality) and will buy into the material because it suits their views already, is entertaining to them, and is simple enough to follow without having to deal with the deeper issues that would reveal its shortcomings.

      Robert Duncan doesn't come across as a Harvard educated person, and he certainly doesn't have the knowledge that he purports. I know as much about any of the things he writes about and more, so the fact that he excuses himself by saying that simple answers are being asked for is just that, an excuse. He can't stand up to me, He is a coward and a fraud. He's pushing the idea that the technology exists to remotely read people's thoughts, when my own research shows that this is virtually impossible, and he needs to address this claim in detail to show how it is scientifically possible, according to him. Suggesting it as fact without giving the details in how he knows this is just plain damaging to TIs.

    2. In your defence,
      your reply is logical and your view regarding the Robert's credibility is worth considering. But you have to open your mind what Duncan says is possible. I am a TI and can comprehend anything that you throw at me be it quantum, AI, communication, maths, computers.
      Also i am a TI, so i know what i am talking about.

      In Robert's Defence,
      The technologies and their technical details that Mick you are actually looking for never made it to your US patent office. you have to understand that there are military secret technologies that is not available in civilian domain yet.

      you give me the resources and the labs these guys are working on it based on what we know now i can create this V2k thing for you in 5-8 years time that is starting from scratch.
      They are working on these technologies from the 1960, can't you imagine what they can do now.

      If you believe only in the technologies that are available in the civilian domain to be the technologies available to mankind then you are gravely mistaken.

      please carry on the good work that you are doing, but it won't hurt if you reveal your PH.D Thesis or patents that you worked on.

    3. Actually, Robert Duncan explicitly refers to Robert G. Malech's patent in his first book. He uses that patent to support his claims that satellite-based RNM technologies are real. I've already pointed out in other places that the patent wouldn't have been in the patent records if it were a secret technology.

      If you are so smart, take a look at my article, A Primer on V2K vs. Mind-Reading Technologies and tell me what is wrong with my logic.

      And FYI, they were putting voices in people's heads as far back as 1949. They haven't improved on it much since then. How would they? You tell me...

      When Robert Duncan can produce a legitimate piece of evidence proving his background, I'll rethink my opinion of him as a complete fraud.

  27. This blog is a great source of information that is very useful . Thank you very much for sharing this!The claims pages

  28. What Robert Duncan claims (the technology and how he suggests it works) is not possible, based on the way he describes it. He fails to provide any technical data that he claims to know about it, and without that, he's only leaving people to their imaginations. That's what disinfo agents do.

    And the excuse that he's under secrecy oaths is BS. He can't even prove that he went to Harvard, let alone that he was supposedly in the NSA.

    It's up to you what you want to believe, but then you have to live with the doubt and ridicule of otehrs when you fall for stupid shit, and you'll have nobody to blame but yourself.

  29. Detecting the brain's EMF field and reading your mind is possible using SQUIDS (superconducting quantum interference devices) devices that can target the most minute electrical fields( such as the brain) whilst filtering out background noise. Duncan clearly mentions this in his book "The Matrix Deciphered"... The government capabilities go well beyond what is reported in the press and the classified nature if mind control means you won't find much in mainstream press.

  30. Not at all, unless those SQUIDs are heavily shielded from outside EM interference. RD doesn't bother to get specific about how SQUIDs are used or what their limitations are. They use SQUIDs in MEG machines to scan the brain in hospitals. The MEG machine has to be heavily shielded, and the SQUIDs that are built into it must be located only a few inches away from the skull. SQUIDs also require temperatures near absolute zero. None of this is at all practical for targeting people remotely. See my documen, V2K vs. Mind-Reading Technologies', at the link below. There's a section on SQUIDs. Also check the wikipedia links:

    No matter what might or might not be reported in the media, what can or can't be done with technology is based on very well established laws of physics, so unless you or Robert Duncan or anyone else can explain these claims about remote mind-reading technologies in a way that gets around the problems I point out in my article, you're only speculating, guessing, or (gasp!) wishful thinking.

  31. Thanks for attempting to expose this Duncan clown. Actually, I've come across three of them. Robert Duncan, John Hall, and Derrick Robinson. My wife is mentally ill and is being conned by all three. Whether to buy books or t-shirts. She believes every single word they say. Suffice it to say, she is court ordered to have only 48 hours visitation a month with our minor child. My thought on the CIA backed mind control is this. It took Snowden what, two years, to blow the whistle on the NSA collecting cell phone records. Not detail of those calls, only what number called what number. You think maybe someone would have blown the whistle on something as serious as mind control by now. Of course they would have!!! And why hasn't Duncan or the other two scam artists been on "60 Minutes" or the like by now? Jesse Ventura's conspiracy crap show doesn't count to the normal person. These people need exposed! They are taking advantage of the mentally ill. Which is illegal!

  32. John, it's not all BS. Many authors and speakers are paid disinformation agents to cover up the real conspiracies. Many people risk their lives to speak out though many whistleblowers have their houses broken into and the lives of them and their families threatened, their careers too. The TV is pretty much all propaganda if you listen to that for the truth you will never find it. Look up MK Ultra and the CIA as well as Project Paperclip. The TV is all mind-control. Bars flash at a certain frequency (subliminally) to put you into trance and 'program' you with television 'programs'. There are even symbols from ancient occult books all over TV. I highly doubt that the CIA would be so foolish to let some guy like Snowden get the information out like he did. I think he's probably part of a controlled disclosure.

  33. John Mare...

    Yup, all three of those guys are frauds, and they need to be exposed. They have huge flaws in their claims, and their credentials are just as questionable. They all refuse to answer my questions about their claims.

    Re mind control whistleblowing... There was a guy named John St. Clair Akwei who came out in 1992, claiming to be ex-NSA and he filed a lawsuit against them for purportedly targeting him with advanced MC tech. His testimony that he filed is available online. The lawsuit was thrown out for being frivolous, which it was. He provided no evidence, nor claimed to have any evidence of his claims. I believe that the lawsuit was intentionally done to plant the seed that the tech he described is real. Many people see his testimony and are gullible enough to believe that because a lawsuit was filed, it must be true.

    Akwei made reference to a patent granted in 1976 by a man named Robert G. Malech. The patent describes remote mind-reading technology using EM waves to read people's brains. Again, because the patent was granted, many people assume that this means the tech is real. They don't realize that a patent is only a proof of concept, i.e. that the person filing it thought of the idea first.

    If your wife is believing this sort of thing, you need to direct her to some of my articles. I'm in the process of writing an extensive expose that debunks remote mind reading tech. I'm also going through Robert Duncan's latest book (Project Soul Catcher) and tearing apart what he says.

    Thanks for your comment.

  34. You're absolutely correct, Lycaeus, that it's not ALL bullshit. But the interbnet in particular is purposely flooded with disinfo, as much as TV. And computers and cell phones can send subliminals just as easily as TV.

    As for Snowden, I think he's legitimate, although there is always that possibility that he's a controlled patsy. The important thing is to understand how these creeps in military/intelligence operate, and to always be careful not to buy into any 'fact' until you understand the background material inside and out.

    There are various different groups working against each other in government and at elite levels of power. They don't mind sacrificing a few people or pieces of information in order to lead each other and everyone else down the wrong paths. They are Zionists (to give them the most fitting label) and deceit is second-nature to them.

    People like Robert Duncan, John Hall, Jesse Beltrane, and Derrick Robinson are small tools being coerced by simple influences from behind the scenes. They are idiots and easy to spot.

    Keep researching and refining your understanding. The sooner more of us learn to distinguish the BS from the truth, the sooner this will all come crashing down on these creeps like a house of cards.

  35. Mick it sounds like you've done a lot of research and know what you're talking about. So what do you think about synthetic telepathy, do you think it's real? So many people say they experience it. I figure that it's probably true and that people get implanted and experimented on. But when information never has a positive side to it with good solutions then it is suspicious to me. Because there are always solutions to everything and ways to make things easier.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Lycaeus. :-) When people use terms like 'synthetic telepathy', it's very misleading, and I think this term is intentionally misleading by whoever created it. I'm currently putting together a document that I hope will enlighten TIs about this. As it is, reading someone's brain activity from a distance is impossible under normal situations. The brainwaves are just too weak to propagate beyond the skull without being interfereed with and drowned out by surrounding EM noise. Current 'synthetic telepathy' technology relies on a headset that reads EEG signals, and then amplifies them before retransmitting them. The headset is composed of an array of electrodes that pick up the EEG signals and a computer calculates the various readings from each electrode to determine the resulting brainwave signatures that correspond to particular brain activity. Remote mind-reading technologies would require some way to overcome this need for direct hands-on access to the person while reading their brainwaves. It isn't possible. A detailed look at how MEG brain scanning equipment works shows that shielding from surrounding EM pollution is very crucial, and the MEG scanner must be very close to the person's head. To overcome this sort of problem, it's conceivable to use implants in place of external electrodes, but again, there are certain problems that would need to be overcome. For instance, the implants would need to be able to amplify the signal before transmitting them to a remote site, and there are certain limitations due to the small size of the implants. The electronics within the implants are based on ordinary radio engineering principles, and that means that they require a capacitor to store up charge until it reaches the power levels required to create the amplification required. The higher the amplification, the further the signals will transmit before becoming lost or corrupted by interference. The problem is, a capacitor must be of a large enough size to accumulate enough charge to do this. Ordinary RFID chips that are commonly used on merchandise or implanted in pets only have a range of about 10 - 20 feet. This is because of their small size and the fact that they get their power from the scanner used to detect them.

      My own theory about TIs who think they are having their thoughts read is that they are actually being influenced (through hypnosis or subliminals) to give feedback in the way of responses that are picked up through some other means, such as a mouse click, itching their nose, or whatever post-hypnotic suggestion has been established. These feedback responses can be seemingly very insignificant to the person so that they never notice. Most people have a cell phone or computer near at hand at any given time, and these can be accessed covertly to watch or listen through cameras and audio functions. There are also thechnologies that can watch people through the walls, etc.

      Anyway, this should answer your question and then some.

    2. BTW, I'd really like to see Robert Duncan explain things in as much detail as I do,. Since he can't seem to, I can only conclude that he's blowing hot air out his ass.

    3. Hmm that is all very interesting. I tend to believe super insanely advanced alien technology is used by shady black ops groups. So I think that just because some things are impossible by our scientific standards doesn't mean that technologies beyond us aren't used by people in power behind the scenes. We see evidence of a big conspiracy to control people everywhere by hoarding wealth, food, money, power, everything really. So I'm guessing that includes technologies as well. But yeah, with Duncan it's either believe him or not. That's how it is with these insiders so best bet would be to cross check with other sources of information and especially see what the victims themselves have to say about their personal experiences.

    4. There might be super-advanced alien tech at work, but it's still science. When you start moving into speculation, you need to tie a rope around your waste, so to speak. Relying on common belief (what other people think), especially in the TI community where a psychological war is going on and we're dealing with mind-control, going by what other victims perceive as real isn't a very good idea. But always check with sources that are completely outside of the TI community and more academic than what you'll typically find online.

  36. Mick. Glad we agree they are frauds. Jesse Beltrane is a new one for me. I will look him up. I worked for the NSA from 1983-1987 while a member of the US Air Force. I do not see this "mind control" stuff being their line of business. The CIA, possibly, but not the NSA. Of course, I do not know all the processes in which they are involved, but I never experienced nor suspected anything other than SIGINT (Signal Intelligence). Specifically from at least one foreign source. 98% anyway. Some HUMINT. However, there is a strict "need to know basis" within the organization. What would be the purpose of the US Government subjecting their own citizens to such a thing? Hard to believe. Although I'm not so naive to dismiss the possibility, albeit on a VERY small scale. This aspect of "torture" is only one of the many forms that my wife experiences. She has them all! The microchips, the ELF, the DEW, the mind reading, etc. And she accuses me of being behind it all. This is how I know she is mentally ill. Because one in itself may not be TOTALLY impossible, but all together are. I would love that she read something that is critical of the aforementioned scam artists, but so far I have been unsuccessful. Please continue the good work. I have often thought of contacting "60 Minutes" or "Dateline" to encourage them to investigate any and every one of these people. You are much more experienced than I. Not to mention a much better writer. You ever considered such?

    1. Being in the military pretty much gurantees that you were only told what you needed to know, and nothing more. Compartmentalization and secrecy oaths assure the various agencies that information stays within the circles it is intended for, and doesn't go beyond that.

      I don't know how much you've ever looked into it, and I'm still learning some things myself, but the US government (and most other governments) are infiltrated with Zionists (to use that term loosely). The world's nothing more than a stage for the power elite, who have always owned and controlled things. There are factions within their circles, and therefore within governments, who are at battle with each other for pieces of control, and they use us ordinary people as disposable pawns. In my own case, I assume that because I don't have much use to them because I don't take part in 'the system', and the fact that I consciously seek to expose them, that that's why I'm a target. Trying to explain why they would target others would require a great deal of further explanation, but generally, they are separating the conformists from the non-conformists, since their goal is to have the world's population under total control. You can't do that when even ONE person has free will to think and express ideas. It's all very Orwellian, but this is what the NWO is really all about.

      Your wife sounds like she gobbles up all the BS that's put out. I'll post some links to some of my work, which might help. Give me a few days. I'm sort of busy right at the moment.

  37. Unless your experiencing, what is going on with people, that are experiencing, hearing voices, being monitored in everything they do, say, hear, seeing, manipulate your body parts, cause pain in various parts of your body, when you have no reason to be having any pain and have been manipulatively isolated from any personal relationships from society , including economically, you really can't begin to relate to someone else going through this. All you critics, there's defiantly some type of Technology involved, what ever it is, its REAL and the Government, is behind it. I've experienced this for 28 years, I KNOW SOMETHING IS GOING ON!
    I Know there's nothing physically, or mentally wrong with my body or brain. You just can't begin to understand this, without going through this yourself!

  38. I forgot to mention, they put thoughts in your head, make thoughts stick in your head and make you think, there your own. So several of the things Dr. Robert Duncan has stated in his book Project: Soul Catcher Vol 2, that Targeted Individuals go through, I've experienced. There's so many things that has happened in manipulative ways, they've sought to control me.
    I've personal experienced, being physically followed, having seen people in a white van, in black suites trial me while I was traveling across States. I went out in the countryside up on a remote hill top dead-end, I walked up the hill a ways into the brush and the people in the white van, black suites drove up to the dead end there, got out and looked around, seeing if they could see me, then got back into the van and drove back away from, where I was.They cause people character assassination and use people your associated with to come against you, to try and tear you down, in anyway possible there goal is to break your spirit, so that you have no hope and don't see no way out and give up..
    They seek for you, to kill yourself, by giving up, so they don't have to kill you themselves, by any of a number of ways. When I come to know the Gov. was behind this and that Technology is being used and set my course to tell people about this, by them speaking to me with a voice in my head, they threatened to kill me, if I continued to talk about this and validating what's been going on with me, with Dr. Robert Duncan's Book, Project: Soul Catcher and Jesse Venture's Brain Invaders Conspiracy Theory video, on
    The voice started being personal, intensified and more frequent right after, I found out what had been happening to me, in seeing the video and getting the book and being determined to talk about this. I don't count myself as anything and my life doesn't mean nothing to me, they can do, what ever God allows them to do to me. Besides telling people about this, the most important thing, I can do, is pray to my Heavenly Father God, In the Name of Jesus Christ, Someway, Somehow, at some point I believe God will put a stop to this in America.

  39. Since I found out about this, what they do, don't have no emotional effect on me no more, I'm happy, have the Lord's Peace and full of the Joy Of The Lord. I know I'm not defected, in any way.

    1. Gary, I'm not saying that none of the technology exists. You're jumping to conclusions, and letting your emotions get in the way, no matter if you think that your targeting is having no emotional effect on you. I can clearly see that your emotions guide your thinking. I don't need to experience the worst of the targeting to understand it. I know quite a lot about the technologies and what they can do, and I can see that you haven't experienced anything near the worst either. I deal with targeting every day all day, and even if I don't get EH of any sort (that I'm aware of), I have the experiences that other targets have, including mobbing and street theatre every day, being watched in my own home 24/7, computer hacking, etc. I've sent letters to government officials, filed FOIA requests, and experienced first-hand the total lack of response.

      I've also experienced the online targeted community long enough to see that it's infested with imposters and agents of deception, as well as the many doomers-and-gloomers who seem to only ever focus on the most negative things, reacting to everyone else through their emotions and looking for someone to take responsibility for them instead of using their higher intellect to save themselves. If you paid attention, you'd see that Robert Duncan is part of a team of agents who promote false information that's crafted to increase your fear and sense of hopelessness, rather than to offer anything helpful. Jesse Ventura is undoubtedly one as well. Tell me what you've gotten out of Robert Duncan's book that has actually helped you with your targeting, other than giving you a framework to mold your beliefs around. If you paid attention and stopped reacting with your emotions and used your head, you might see that people like Robert Duncan are only there to draw in a certain type of person who is easy to manipulate, to recruit them into being someone who'll scream and yell like a crazy person about the targeting, claiming things that are completely beyond reason and which they can't explain well enough to be taken seriously by anyone who might be in a position to help, so that the entire targeted community appears to be full of nothing but mentally unbalanced people. It's a psyop. Another stage of the targeting.

      You read Robert Duncan's book and watched Jesse Ventura's video and you think you're getting accurate information? All you're getting is a slanted version of the truth, one that's designed to gain more control over you. The perps are manipulating you and so many other TIs through your beliefs. Like all of us, you started looking online for information, you found the TI community, you learned some true facts about the targeting, but then you inevitably encountered the agents of deception that are here to draw you in further and get control of your mind by molding and manipulating your beliefs. Out of uncertainty and a need to understand what's going on, and because so many others appear to believe certain things, you accept some information too quickly, your perceptions begin to become distorted as you incorporate that information into your interpretation of your experiences, and the perps take advantage of that. It's all a big psyop, intended to control, exploit, or neutralize targets.

    2. If you would allow me to give my opinion about your own situation, you'll see that I do understand. The thoughts are most likely projected via pulsed microwaves that cause the cells in your inner ear to rapidly expand and contract from the generated heat, which causes the appropriate neurons to fire, sending a signal to the audio cortex. This method might incorporate an implant for locating and/or controlling the signal. This particular technology allows for hypnotic tones and subliminal suggestions to be used, so that you might be receiving constant subliminals and/or post-hypnotic commands to have those thoughts. Another possibility is that no V2K is used at all and you were hypnotized at some point without your knowing (possibly through a phone call or over the internet while talking to an 'advocate' or 'fellow TI'), commands were inserted, and then given reinforcement over time with subliminals transmitted through your computer or cell phone.

      You don't mention anything about your thoughts being read remotely, so I have no idea why you're defending Robert Duncan, who claims that this is possible and going on on a massive scale. Why don't you let him man up and defend himself?

    3. Mick, his troll name Anthony Forward, won't let me post anymore to defend myself. These blogs are just witch hunts.

  40. First of all, it's FORWOOD, not Forward.

    Second of all, Robert, you know from my response to you in email that I've set up a public blog JUST for you and I to discuss your claims and my refutations, so there's no need for you to attempt to spin this all around,as you've been trying to do in those many many emails you're suddenly inundating me with (and which I'll post publicly as soon as I get the time).

    You're really making an ass of yourself with all your childish name-calling, btw. It will only reflect badly on you in the days ahead. Obviously, I'm getting to you or you wouldn't be doing this the way you are. You should just be honest and mature and put your time into defending yourself. People are starting to show me more than ever that they support me after they look at what I've had to say so far.

    Here's the blog site that I set up, in case you lost your way...

  41. Well Robert could always say that Mick is just not allowing him to post. Mick, maybe ask him a few questions on Robert's blogs? That way we know he can respond and everyone can judge for themselves what that means based on the silence or answer.

    Robert said he's trying to defend himself here but Mick/Anthony isn't letting him. Well Robert, you can defend yourself on your own blog if you have a rebuttal here:

    I really would like to hear more of a response from Robert about this. I'm a T.I. to some extent so this information is important to me, it's not just entertainment. I hesitate to believe Anthony's correct in dismissing Robert though, because he was so quick to dismiss the physical marks on my body as just possible hypnosis, yet, it was verified by many people as physical, not just me. So I thought thought was a pretty illogical thought.

    1. I'm not allowing anyone to post until I clear it. He's been sending childish taunts, so I shut off instant posts. Other than that, if he wants to post in reference to my questions or to explain his claims, I'll allow them.

      If he was to engage me on his own blog, although it would allow him to delete posts he doesn't like, I would take that route and see how it goes. However, he's already proven to me in PMs and publicly that he has the immaturity to mess around in order to try to mislead others as to his honesty and integrity, so I think a forum somewhere that's neutral and allows both of us to have access to what messages were posted and who deleted what would be the best option... should he decide to come out of the closet and engage me publicly,

      But I don't think he has any intention of doing doing anything more than to try to waste my time.

    2. BTW, I don't refute ALL the technology. I have no problem with V2K or other one-way directed-energy weapons. I stand against claims that people are being targeted by technologies that can't be explained by normal science, as Robert Duncan claims.

      Your skin marks would fit within known technolgies. However, that isn't to say that there aren't other methods for causing them, and this is what people need to be aware of as much as anything. Hypnosis can cause physical changes in a person through psychosomatics, and there are numerous documented cases of this on record going back centuries.

      But the PTB don't want you to know these things, and instead push fake science and fake technologies among the more easily fooled who turn to sources like Robert Duncan for explanations.

    3. I hear ya and it's a shame that we can't get some answers for your questions. But seriously, the fluorescent markings-- I don't think you can hypnotize a human being to produce that, and when you look at abduction accounts, you see people report the yellow-green fluorescent stuff is a liquid that can be spilt or drunk. But you nevere know, humans could be part firefly.

    4. The flourescent marks do pose something more than hypnosis, obviously. More like something to do with an abduction, but then, you would have been 'put to sleep' prior to it, unless you witnessed what caused it.

      As I say, hypnosis is far more involved in these targetings than any super-advanced technologies that utilize sciences that we don't know about, as Robert Duncan is attempting claim.

      Hypnotic trance can be induced immediately with RHIC-EDOM technology. After it's induced, the perps can come in and do whatever they want, including inserting post-hypnotic suggestions, cover memories, etc. There is no evidence that anyone can produce to legitimize the claims that any of this is more than the technologies and techniques that were the main focus of during MKULTRA. None of those results were just shelved and never looked at again because some new science was suddenly discovered that made them obsolete. Of course, Robert Duncsn apparently claims otherwise, and yet fails to provide any evidence of this or even any clarity about what he describes in his books

  42. All we want is for Robert Duncan to furnish proof of his academic claims. Name some friends you went to Harvard with. You do have friends don’t you Mr. Duncan? Or are you more like Elliot Rodger and friendless. Are there any of your friends on Facebook that attended Harvard or Dartmouth with you? Certainly if you spent that much time in college you have some alumni or professors that remember you. You graduation dates would help. Even copies (although they can be photo shopped) of your diplomas might be convincing. But you are unique in that you make grandiose claims but refuse to back them up. Why? The government knows where you live, if you went to college they know where you went. Why the secrecy about your academic credentials? We can only presume you are not sharing information because you are a liar.

  43. Bankruptcies filed July 19, 2010

    Yes, this is the same Robert Duncan. The "PhD" that filed bankruptcy with only his $2000 car and a laptop computer listed as assets. Kinda doesn't jive with being a respected, educated scientist. Of course we know he'll say the government is doing this to him. Making him go broke of course. They controlled his money and spent it all and would not let him get a job? So on his bankruptcy petition he said his income was “unemployment insurance.” So if the government doesn’t like him, why are they allowing him to collect unemployment insurance? Lol What an idiot. PS. I did not post the case number, but will be happy to if anyone (including “Dr. Duncan” deny this is his bankruptcy.)

    1. Good find! I guess he plans to make a living selling his BS to gullible TIs.

  44. Just wanted to say's not often you find such elegant solutions on blogs, but after reading your article - five minutes later it's working for pages

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  46. Stumbled across this post because I occasionally google Rob. I went to Harvard with him and took several classes with him. He got a BS in 91, MS in 93, MBA from Dartmouth in 98. No record of him getting a PhD, though - perhaps he's ABD. Nice guy, a bit preppy and effete but certainly smart.

    I looked him up in the 5 year update books alumni get. His 96 update was basically "got a MS, went to BBN, might go to B school," nothing in 01, then 06 is long, meandering conspiracy theory crap. He had clearly gone off the deep end so I've paid more attention since then.

  47. I'm going to allow the last comment posted above, only because I find it very fishy that it comes along right after I was able to find out that Robert Duncan never went to Harvard and refuses to prove that he did.

    The above comment would be the typical sort of second-hand information that is intended to convince idiots that something is true with out any real evidence. Someone's word is NOT enough. The Harvard registrar's Office has NO records of a Robert Duncan at any of their schools, from what I saw myself. I can't provide links or even copy the records, due to how their system is set up, but I encourage anyone else who can to verify what I'm saying, and perhaps even check the above information as well.

  48. OK then: tell me what you require as proof. I'm not going to reveal my name, and I'm not going to provide stuff he probably wants to keep confidential (roommates, current address, etc). But what info would you accept? Which house was he in? (Eliot) Which prep school did he go to? (Hotchkiss) Where is he from originally? (Washington state) He is most certainly in the official records - I just looked him up.

    Let me know what evidence you consider acceptable.

    1. How about a copy of those official records you claim exist? Pretty simple. Everything else you offer is just a paper chase....

  49. One other thing: if you believe no one named "Robert Duncan" has ever received a degree from Harvard, you were looking at the wrong records. There are at least 7 since 1959 (and who knows how many others - it's not exactly a rare name).

    1. We searched the records for ALL Harvard schools, which are all kept at the Registrar's Office. We looked back to 1979, and confined our search to anyone fitting the claims that RD made in the period that he could have possibly been there. Of course there were a few other people by the same name, but none of them fitted his claims.

      Since you come here as 'Anonymous', but making these claims that you've accessed the records yourself and say all this, why don't you post the records you listed previously?

      Put up or shut up.

    2. If you want, I'll post (or send) screenshots of the relevant pages.

      But are you actually open-minded? Are you going to change your mind if I send them, or are you just going to accuse me of using Photoshop? If you're actually looking for truth I'll provide it, but if you're on some sort of jihad let me know so I don't waste any further time.

      Regardless, you are completely wrong about the lack of "Robert Duncans" from Harvard. There are a bunch since 1979: HBS, div school, GSAS, extension school. Wherever you were looking was either the wrong place or else Harvard doesn't release that information to non-alums.

      PS: I don't have a scanner but I can use my computer's camera to take a snapshot of an update from an alumni update if you prefer. The type will come out backward, of course, but if you consider that "better" proof I can send it.

    3. I know now that YOU are Robert Duncan, just by the way you talk to me and how you jump to conclusions about what I'll say or do if you post some proof.

      Okay Robert, post a copy of something your diploma, with everything completely visible. Also provide records of courses, grades, etc.

      There must be something you have that can be checked through reference numbers or some such. A snapshot will not do anything but give you an excuse to say you provided what was asked for.

      Your second paragraph completely neglects what I said about how I got access to the records...

    4. Still no response.....

      like I say, making claims doesn't mean something is true. Nor have these people defending Robert Duncan provided the evidence of their claims, because there's no evidence that he ever went to Harvard. It should be a simple thing to do... provide a thesis that should be on record, a paper trail of some sort to at least show that SOMEONE named Robert Duncan went to Harvard in the timeframe that he would have been there.

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  51. Great Page...saved me some time as I was just embarking on dissecting "Malech"'s patent.

    You pinpointed (and precisely highlighted in bold) the key words that I suspected were there but was going to have to find.

    Let me just preface my statements by saying that the reason I was going to look at the "patent" in detail was due to my deciding
    to try to participate in the "teleconference" discussion of shielding and technology at the "Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance"

    The obvious first step with any of this kind of thing (as a person with a REAL and GENIUNE science background) is to get out your crackpot
    and nutjob meter and start measuring.

    Well, suffice it to say that I was rather dissappointed to find that the one place on the web that I have seen were people are supposed
    to be discussing the science behind all of this didn't quite pass the test.

    I was there for about 5 minutes trying to discuss the topic rigorously in terms of the physics when people started accusing me of
    being some other guy "Greg" and I was banned from the discussion.

    So, whelp, not sure what that site is all about but they mention this "Pete Santilli" and all in all I would say that it is marginal at best.

    There were, I will say, some individuals on the general teleconference "Joes Room" that seemed geniune and honest. One woman, Joann, in particular provided some excellent hard I have not written it off totally.

    Regarding the patent...again, thanks for taking the time to point out exactly where it falls short.

    After reading and looking for references on who this guy is or was I have come to the conclusion that this patent is highly questionable in terms of whether or not this guy ever built a prototype to assert that the theory is in fact correct and can be applied.

    It is interesting that a person can patent a theory without ever demonstrating that the physics is correct.

    What this means is that this patent may be totally useless and erroneous. The physics may all be wrong because, although it sounds plausible he never tested it, even in lab conditions. He just dreampt it up and claimed it was correct.

    This is analagous to Stephen Hawking making an assertion about the cosmological beginnings of the universe based on highly esoteric math and physics that has never been tested...of course as we all know Hawking has had to, on occassion retract some of his assertions because he later realized they were erroneous.

    My 2 cents on this, based on not being able to find any historical references to this guy as a reputable scientist (he does have one other patent which is fairly simple and valid) and the fact that there are no references to the device actually being built or tested (no reputable engineer would claim that some theoretical "thought expirement" device would work without at least building a prototype and testing it the lab is that this patent can most likely be regarded as purely conjecture.

    1. Thanks for your input.

      The physics behind the Malech patent is correct, but it's a matter of having equipment sensitive enough to accurately read brainwaves remotely. The invention of the MEG brain scanner in the 90s proved that the concept behind Malech's patent was essentially correct, but his expectations of how easily such weak signals could be detected were way off.

      The patent was apparently never maintained after the initial license grant, so that indicates it was abandoned. It certainly never went classified, or there would be no record of it.

      On another note, did you know that Einstein admitted that there had to be an ether, and his theories even depend on it? But yet, scioentists who rely on Einstein's theories still deny that there is one and need complex math to work around it.

    2. Not from what I see based for example on the Wikipedia page describing how the MEG scanner works. It uses magnetometers exclusively to measure electrical currents in the brain...I saw no mention (cursory look) of measuring a signal generated by radiating the brain with EMR.

      Einstein, due to his initial total rejection of Quantum theory was very very wrong about certain things...and I mean way off.

      His statement that "insanity is the definition of doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result" is an example of just how simple he was in his thinking. There is no such thing as doing the same thing twice because the conditions are constantly changing. That one is so basic it is kind of amazing to think how wrong he got it. One should ALWAYS expect a different result when attempting to reproduce an action. (the actions may APPEAR similar at the macroscopic level)

    3. Hi Mick or Forwood,
      I found your post after looking at the info that initially comes up concerning Robert Duncan. He did not and does not pass the smell test. I asked myself a few questions: How could someone claiming to be so tied into High Level Intelligence and Research be supposedly posting for the good of humanity be allowed to live and continue to supposedly expose secrets if he were not a disinfo agent? Simple, he could not. I also noticed that there seemed to be a large volume of self promotion going on culminating in the mantra: "Buy my Book".

      Well I am replying to this particular post because you address something that you attribute to Einstein where he discusses what you call the ether. I have learned of something that is very hidden and yet scientifically researched and very very well cocumented which is called the Aether or more accurately called the Neutrino Sea.

      I will post a link below that provides enough research material for the time span that it might take Mister Duncan to obtain a real phd in. It is interesting to mention that I found a statement made by someone in reference to this Neutrino Sea research where this person said that part of the reason for the new age movement and other psi related rabbit trails was to remove focus from this very topic.
      I don't have any idea if that is true but it is interesting in any case.

      Below is the link. I sincerely look forward to your reply.

    4. I also wanted to add that I do not believe the PTB have the ability to remotely receive our thoughts for several reasons. One of which is if they could actually do this then why do they spend so much time and money attempting to program us with television, movies, and the music industry? Also why do they spend billions of dollars to find out what websites we visit and the search terms we use on sites like Google? They also spend billions tracking cell phone communications and emails not to mention Facebook. (which I do not do)

      If they could receive thoughts, then isn't it scientifically implicated that they could transmit them as well?
      I am fully persuaded that this is ultimately a cosmic spiritual battle between good and evil. I realize that this is not a popular perspective to many folks out there but nothing will change my mind personally.
      The Intelligence agencies are controlled and dominated by Luciferian Occult Elite psychopaths. Aquino, a General in the NSA is a world renowned satanist! Great day it seems obvious to me but I digress.

      These people are psychopaths with an agenda and those who are unaware are their victims. If you are aware then you may not be having a good time but give yourself a pat on the back because at least you are not a victim.

  52. At the very best the theory would work practically under strictly controlled lab conditions (probably inside a Faraday cage to block interference from ambient radiation) but even that is questionable.

    Consider the fact that the two signals he is talking about 100 Mhz and 210 Mhz. 100 Mhz, even in 1974 falls within the FM radio FCC frequency
    allocation so testing the theory (at any kind of distanceP) would involve either violating FCC frequency allocation or very low power levels.

    Also consider that he seems to suggest that the key physics aspect to this is broadcasting two signals with identical amplitude to generate an interference signal as if this is some kind of very special set of conditions. Well it is not because there are many signals out there in the ambient radiation spectrum (even in the Mhz range) that are at slightly different frequencies but the same amplitude...and by his theory they would all generate interference signals.

    The concept is somewhat unique but there are certainly ways its validity can be attacked theoretically, and give the fact that there is no documented reference to show that it was ever demonstrated to work practically the entire concept is highly questionable.

  53. It's the variation in the frequencies, rather than the amplitude, that is important. What he's talking about is conjugating two waves of different frequencies to cause interference patterns that can result in a modulated waveform, or in a lower frequency that is the difference between the two interfering ones. The amplitude is just a measure of the waveform.

    The physics are essentially accurate and the concept is correct in theory. It would work in a perfect vacuum. It will work under the same conditions that are needed for a MEG: a Faraday cage with heavy lead shielding, a superconducting shell around the head to eliminate any further EM pollution, and EM detectors positioned very close to the head.

  54. I messed up the order of these comments. This is to Paradoxical Paradigm's last post.

    I kind of rushed my response. I didn't mean it to sound like the MEG was based on the same concepts entirely. Of course the MEG operates with the magnetic side of EMR, and doesn't use wave conjugation, but it reveals how difficult it is to read anything from the brain at any distance. To correct myself, it's very well known in radio engineering how wave conjugation works, so it's a proven concept. My point was that Malech was basing his idea on known scientific principles, but the MEG proved that the weakness of the signals made it unworkable.

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  56. Whoever is sending me threats about censoring their comments, understand that this blog isn't here for my antagonists at FFCHS to trash. If you want to try to sue me over anything, I'd be more than glad to be able to confront any of you in a court of law, where it will be far easier to expose what's going on. My home address is already posted here somewhere for you to send your subpoena. Feel free to take legal action.

  57. Ever heard of choclear implants? They are readily utilized in most modernized countries for the deaf. It gives the deaf an ability to hear their own pre-verbalized thoughts. Unfortunately, they are not utilized much in the U.S. because insurance companies don't want to pay for them. The discussion regarding the ability to detect pre-verbalized thoughts is a U.S. delay in catching up with medicine in most advanced countries. The technology has been known and medically utilized for two decades in most of the modern world to help people. Sadly, it seems to be utilized in the U.S. as weaponry. If you research how choclear implants work, you will find Duncan to be on target regarding thought to speech processing.

    1. Yes, I know about cochlea implants, but they have nothing to do with mind-reading technology, as Robert Duncan depicts it. The ear implant technology has actually been around for more than just two decades, I think. The problem with this in relation to what Robert Duncan claims is that these cochlea implants can only receive signals, not send them, so they are completely ineffective in being utilized for any thought-to-speech processing.

  58. Excuse me, what does TI stand for? Thank you.

    1. It stands for 'targeted individual'... People who are targeted by organized harassment groups that are run by the government and their corporate partners. TI's are placed on watch-lists after being deemed 'terrorists' for various reasons due to new broad-based laws that allow almost anyone to get listed. Sat something against the government and you might get listed if someone reports it.

  59. Here's the latest on this fraud...

  60. Apparently, Robert Duncan has convinced John Allman, moderator of peacepink, to suspend me from that site because I post information about Robert Duncan that puts his credibility into question.

    It appears that John Allman is more interested in silencing those who pose legitimate questions to those who claim to have credentials and knowledge they are completely unwilling to verify as would be normal in any other situation when dealing with a purported 'expert' or 'professional', rather than to assure that such frauds aren't given a free public arena in which to promote their quackery.

    This puts John Allman's credibility into question as well, since I know from a long history of internet posts that he has been working very closely with Robert Duncan and the board members of FFCHS since the very beginning.

    It's pretty obvious that when a person gets kicked off a TI site for asking legitimate questions that deserve answers, that that site is run by perps and the people avoiding the questions are the perps.

  61. I was a former electrical engineer and currently I am a physicist, I have simulated brain activity mathematically. Though the patent described by Malech would work in principle, brain waves are of very low frequency, 0-100hz, the wavelengths are on the order of miles, building a radar or antenna to affect or interfere with brain waves would be quite large, it may be possible to alter some high frequency harmonic but it would very difficult. Furthermore, since the wavelengths are so large it would be very difficult to target just one person.

    Not to mention this system requires a transmitting beam in order to receive a return, which can be detected and blocked. Not to mention that once a return signal is received, significant computing power may be needed to translate brain activity into thoughts.

    Rather, from my own experience, what I have found is that sensors are built into nearly all modern electronic devices. So instead of beaming a signal at a person, your own neuronal activity is detected directly. Also, Iron, 3mm+ thick can attenuate the brain wave sufficiently so as to render the sensors useless.

    You can test this if you are a TI, simply take ALL electronics, cell phones, smart phones, mp3 players, dvd players, blu ray players, cable or satellite boxes, TVs of any kind, electronic key fobs, batteries, smoke detectors, calculators, computers of all types, all electrical kitchen appliances, coffee makers, toasters, microwave overs, and put them in your car and drive your car about 2 blocks away. Also turn off or unplug your refrigerator and water heater. Be careful, I have seen that couches and bed mattresses have also been bugged.

    Another technique is to go out into the woods far away from the city or any other person, take absolutely NO electronics, and park your car or vehicle about 1 to 2 miles away.

    1. Thanks for your input. I know that many purported TIs will still claim they've done all that and still get EH, but then, they're the ones who never want to consider other possibilities and never want to know about scientific facts that thwart their claims. .Their personal interpretation of their experiences are good enough and we should all just believe them and feel for them.

  62. I am posting this again because after finishing all the comments, I felt like it should be at the end. Please feel free to determine this for yourself or leave both posts at your discretion. Thank You.

    Hi Mick or Forwood,
    I found your post after looking at the info that initially comes up concerning Robert Duncan. He did not and does not pass the smell test. I asked myself a few questions: How could someone claiming to be so tied into High Level Intelligence and Research be supposedly posting for the good of humanity be allowed to live and continue to supposedly expose secrets if he were not a disinfo agent? Simple, he could not. I also noticed that there seemed to be a large volume of self promotion going on culminating in the mantra: "Buy my Book".

    Well I am replying to this particular post because you address something that you attribute to Einstein where he discusses what you call the ether. I have learned of something that is very hidden and yet scientifically researched and very very well cocumented which is called the Aether or more accurately called the Neutrino Sea.

    I will post a link below that provides enough research material for the time span that it might take Mister Duncan to obtain a real phd in. It is interesting to mention that I found a statement made by someone in reference to this Neutrino Sea research where this person said that part of the reason for the new age movement and other psi related rabbit trails was to remove focus from this very topic.
    I don't have any idea if that is true but it is interesting in any case.

    Below is the link. I sincerely look forward to your reply.

  63. I don't know what happened to your other posts after I accepted them, Kev Wells, but here's my response....

    The questions you asked yourself about Robert Duncan are the same that I asked myself, and so have many others. Compare him to a real whistle-blower like Edward Snowden and you’ll see that there is no comparison at all. Mention this to him and he will claim that he isn’t a whistle-blower, even though that’s what he calls himself in his own books. I don’t think that many people actually read his books anyway, since even his biggest supporters tend to not know what he says in them. I don’t think HE even remembers what he’s written, since he can’t seem to discuss any of it. His three books don’t follow on each other at all, even contradict each other, and they just present continual nonsense about these purported technologies that just enlarges the whole mystery surrounding how they could possibly do what he claims. He dabbles in chaos magic, as the Satanists call it. I think he might actually be one.

    I’ve heard the term ‘neutrino sea’ before. I’m more familiar with the term ‘quantum sea’, which isn’t quite the same thing, but close. The information you’re referring to might provide some interesting information, but it appears to not be available except as abstracts (pity).


  64. I believe that the New Age movement offers a purposely slanted view of reality, but incorporates into its philosophies real phenomenal aspects of reality that are beyond our normal scientific understanding. The purpose is to be able to utilize these phenomenal aspects while presenting them as something else in order to keep their real power to themselves. This has always been standard practice in occult schools, where the initiate is only ever given a watered down version of the secret knowledge. Hypnosis and the many phenomena related to it have been known about for millennia but kept secret in these schools. Soon after Anton Mesmer began rediscovering these phenomena in the 1700s, an attempt was made to suppress this knowledge and he was eventually forced into exile. His original techniques were changed so that these phenomena didn’t occur, and we now have what is termed ‘hypnosis’, which is a watered down version of real mesmerism. It should be noted that Mesmer’s early supporters were Freemasons, who were probably only interested in stealing his research, since they were also behind its later suppression. It was only because Mesmer had quickly become very famous for the curative effects of his remarkable discovery that it wasn’t able to be suppressed completely. You can thank the Illuminist/Luciferian Benjamin Franklin for the attempt to do so.

    Mesmer’s original discovery led several of his students to refine his techniques and develop a means for producing even more spectacular phenomena than he had been able to. This included psychic phenomena like telepathy and clairvoyance. But since mesmerism had been deemed a pseudo-science, these researcher’s works have only ever been preserved in the annals of early psychic research, a subject which has never been given its proper placement as a scientific field. In the meantime, the spiritualist movement sprang up and dabblers in mesmerism started selling the idea that they could call up spirits, etc., building up a false understanding of the phenomena they were able to produce through their art. Quite often, these performers resorted to cheating, since they were more interested in money than honesty, and this was taken advantage of by the PTB to dispel any belief that mesmerism held any real power to produce these phenomena. Charlatans began to be found everywhere (many of them having been planted for that purpose), and without any scientific body in existence to support mesmerism, it became a thing of suspicion among the masses. Only fringe groups were still interested. This was all before the modern New Age movement started a century later. This was also about the time that Madam Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, came to America and started writing her books, which would become the main bibles of that movement.

    Getting back to my original point, mesmerism led to the discovery that it could produce certain psychic phenomena, and in spite of this knowledge being largely suppressed, we still see signs that these are real phenomena, and people continue to explore them as much as ever. The US government spent 20 years developing psi into a science, and declassified the results of their experiments, proving that there is indeed something to it. But I have good reason to believe that they didn’t declassify everything they learned.


  65. What the average person generally understands about psi today is no better than it’s ever been throughout history, even after this government research was declassified. But that doesn’t mean that what we’ve always generally known about it is all that there is to know. It just means that we’re still not being told much about what IS known. But as I said, there’s reason to believe that this secret government research resulted in far more than what has ever been disclosed. Those who were directly involved in the government RV research and who wrote books about it afterwards don’t ever tell you that Faraday cages were used, and they don’t mention that hypnosis was used either except for once or twice in passing. But going back to the years just before the start of MKULTRA, in the late 40s and early 50s, we find that psychic research was being conducted by Andrija Puharich under the secret funding of the US military. Puharich discovered way back then that both a Faraday cage and hypnosis would greatly enhance a person’s psychic ability. Years later he was brought in to help with the preliminary tests at SRI that gave birth to the secret government programs into remote viewing in the 70s, so it’s almost certain that he passed on his findings as well. That they aren’t ever mentioned in any books about the RV programs suggests to me that it became classified information. Not even Puharich said much about these psychic enhancement techniques in his own books, although early on (before it became classified information?) he had talked about them. So there appears to be a real science that has developed in this area but is being suppressed while the least significant results of this government research is offered up as justification for the time and money spent. Just enough of the results were provided to keep people from getting suspicious. The methodologies they used were never fully explained. Only the basic system for conducting RV was explained, and only because its creator (Ingo Swann) was a civilian who had developed it on his own. But that basic system (which works and has a fairly high level of accuracy, btw) could be further enhanced using hypnosis, a Faraday cage, as well as other methods, such as Robert Monroe’s HemiSync technology, EEG monitors, sensory deprivation chambers, etc. All of these things were being heavily experimented with at that time.

    This whole subject is one of my favorite areas of research and I’d like to go on further, but I seem to be leading myself into a discussion that’s not exactly on point and I’m having a hard time getting back to it in just a few paragraphs, and I still have to respond to the rest of your posts. Suffice it to say that the modern New Age movement started with Puharich’s early research in the 40s and 50s, and although it was based on real phenomena, the deeper aspects of those phenomena have remained more or less secret. In order to create a rabbit hole, we’re led to believe that we still only know as much as we ever have about psychic phenomena. The PTB can’t really hide the fact any longer that psi is real, but they can still suppress what they know about it, and this appears to be exactly what they’ve done.


  66. Your points regarding the PTB being able to read minds (or not) are very good ones. But I’m not ruling out the possibility of psi-based mind-reading technologies entirely, since I’m convinced that psi is real, and can apparently be enhanced by technology. I just don’t think any technology exists that’s anything like what people like Robert Duncan claim. As you showed, if you look at what’s going on in the world at large and compare it to the claims being made, it doesn’t add up. If you look at the longer-term progression of technological advancements over the last 65 years you’ll find that they don’t fit with the claims that have been made over that same time and what should have been expected by now if those claims were true. What you DO see is that these advancements followed claims that involved what could be explained by those yet-to-emerge technologies. For instance, 3D holographic technology emerged soon after the first major UFO waves, and many of the earliest UFO descriptions were of very simple designs that would reflect the earliest attempts at creating holographic forms. The theory of holographics was first developed in 1947, and the first 3D holography was created in 1962. These directly parallel the first two stages of the emergence of the UFO phenomenon, marked by Roswell in 1947 and the first recorded ‘alien’ abduction in 1961. The number of early UFO sightings that were actually holographs is probably quite high. Later technologies were also introduced into this masquerade, including various electronic mind-control technologies, drone technologies, etc. The UFO craze was orchestrated by the PTB and was used to introduce New Age beliefs through purported contact with aliens. If nothing else, it created a huge new market for fringe books like Robert Duncan’s. It also created a pool of people that could be drawn from for experimental subjects for all kinds of psychological games. And the advent of the internet has only made it easier to identify and monitor them.

    I can agree that this is a spiritual battle. Or perhaps more of a snuffing out of good by evil, since I don’t see too many fighting on the side of good and the world just seems more like hell every day. I personally hold no hope for society any more. We’ve passed the threshold of ever undoing what has been created by our evil overlords to entrap us in perpetual slavery. Too many people are ignorantly complacent, too deeply caught up in living out their prefabricated lifestyles and playing the game that’s been set up for them to play. We sorely need the hand of God to flatten the entire dysfunctional human race like a bug and throw us back far enough that we might be able to make a better go of it without falling into the same trap of tyrannical rule based on fear and violence.

    BTW, I don’t know where the rumor started that Aquino was ever a general in the NSA, but it’s not true. He was never in the NSA, and the NSA doesn’t even have military ranks. Just more disinfo to confuse people.

  67. Thanks for responding. I am almost done reviewing the entirety of them but I did want to point out that I think that maybe you addressed comments from other article threads all in this one. I don't know how you monitor your blog but it appears that way to me.

    1. I was responding only to your posts. I just went off at length about some points I wanted to make. Not everything is simple enough to explain in a few words. To really discuss anything, feedback is crucial, otherwise I feel like I'm talking to a wall. So what do you want to discuss with me in particular? What do you have to offer the discussion? Don't leave it all up to me. I tend to ramble when I'm uncertain.... ;-)

  68. I would simply email you directly but I do not know if your email is even available. But I did want to make sure that you are not making the mistake that I made when first using the site from the link that I posted.
    Upon initially clicking on an article I was disappointed that it seemed to only go to a page with a short paragraph. Upon further investigation that is not the case.
    These pages also link to lengthy pdf files linked just under or near the author's name. I include this in case you made that mistake...

  69. I'll check that link again. I looked through my research notes and found out that the term 'neutrino sea' comes from Paul Dirac. Since he was studying neutrinos, it would make sense that his theories were based on them, but other similar theories exist that are based on other fields of study, and they are all just different ways of approaching the same underlying phenomena.

    They are all worth consideration.

  70. I found it very interesting where you said that classified psychic research suggests that a Faraday cage actually improves psychic abilities in participants. I was curious to hear your thoughts about the subject of psychic technologies. As in do you think that there are actually hardware devices that improve psychic abilities or other various phenomena associated with the paranormal?
    Also, two things I would like to mention that I have heard about that I would like your thoughts on are:

    I had read where Walter Bowart retold a tale where a certain individual was attempting to remote view Cheyenne Mountain and the facility there. It was said that this RV'er encountered an area that was similar to a gate of sorts where alarms went off and he was targeted with some sort of device and he said he was trapped against the ceiling of the tunnel he was attempting to RV. He said that this senior military guy who was like a non-com Sergeant Major said stand down it is just another one of those sleep-walkers.
    I found this extremely interesting but have found no other information related to it.

    The other thing that I am curious about are people who claim that physical dark matter that has been collected through projects like CERN have caused extreme paranormal activity and problems for people who have been near them. One story that was told was that dark matter caused all kinds of paranormal activity and nightmares and everything you could imagine for people at an undisclosed university while it was stored there. It was said that the dark matter had to be moved to another location because of this.

    Just wondering if you have heard of these two suppositions or have any information that might lend credence to either scenario?

    1. Re psychic technologies…

      This is what I was trying to suggest without actually saying it, since I don’t want to feed anyone’s imagination that such technologies are being used on them. But yes, I believe there are hardware devices that improve psychic abilities. It isn’t likely to be just a matter of taking it out of the box and turning it on and you can immediately RV whatever you want in vivid detail, though. It would still require some training to even get simple impressions and be able to differentiate them from the imagination. And having full-blown OBEs is far more advanced than just getting quick flashes of information.

      The whole concept is more complicated than even that, and explaining the intricacies of the factors involved is beyond my ability in just a few words. But perhaps what I say further on will offer some insight into some of the inherent problems involved.

    2. Re psychic detectors…

      I remember reading about something similar to that Cheyenne Mountain story. Securing against psychic spying was a big concern to the US government from the moment they learned how far ahead the Russians were, back in the early 70s. It was undoubtedly just as important an issue as catching up with them. But whether they’ve actually developed a means of detecting and/or blocking psychic intrusions is impossible to say. The Russians claimed to have done it, IIRC. But it was a rudimentary system at best… no trapping a person’s astral body or anything like that. It was more like a very simple EMF detector.

      It’s really hard to fully explain my thoughts about what you describe, but I have strong reservations about that story. It doesn’t sound like an official RV session, since they’re targeting a US military facility and then supposedly giving out details about its security system. Maybe it’s intentional disinformation? Being an unofficial session, they might not have followed proper RV protocols and come up with inaccurate information. It could easily have been a lucid dream or an imagined event rather than an OBE. Whatever the case, the information is virtually impossible for anyone to ever verify anyway, so the results of that session wouldn’t be of much value other than for speculative research. Official RV sessions were always careful about getting feedback in order to verify the accuracy of results. Feedback is a very important factor in psi. Without it, most results are meaningless. It’s very hard to otherwise distinguish between what the imagination conjures up and what’s coming through the psychic senses. These sorts of unverifiable targets would normally be targeted multiple times by different RVers and their results compared, which this one doesn’t appear to have been. That’s breaking basic protocols, so it would be considered unreliable information unless it was later verified. If it wasn’t stated that they did, I wouldn’t trust it.

      But as I said, the US government is very concerned about psychic snooping, and would certainly be interested in finding ways to shield against it. That’s something that would be highly classified, so whatever we might hear about it should be treated as likely disinformation or pure speculation. But speculatively speaking, such a detection system might be plausible, although I can’t imagine how they would be able to tell whether an intruder was a ‘sleep-walker’ (as compared to what?), or why that would be considered a non-threat. I don’t think they would. The RVer came back with what should be considered highly sensitive information. That would certainly be a threat if it were accurate! But you decide for yourself if you want to believe the story.

    3. Re dark matter…

      You can’t just move dark matter around from place to place like so much luggage. It requires a facility as big as CERN just to capture a very tiny amount, and it needs to be held in an extremely controlled environment involving a sensitive balance of very high energy states in order to keep it stable. So what you heard was obviously just another story. But it might still be reflecting some truth…

      There have been reports from people like Nikola Tesla, describing similar phenomena caused by intense electromagnetic fields, where all manner of ‘paranormal’ activity occurred. The fabled Philadelphia Experiment was based on such findings. The story goes that they were attempting to find a way to make ships invisible to radar by creating an intense magnetic field that would bend light around the ship, and instead they ended up teleporting the ship to another location. At least that’s the story. The likelier truth is (based on more legitimate documentation), they were using a new method of arc-welding ship’s hulls that required a very intense electromagnetic charge, and they discovered that when they turned on the generators to begin welding, strange things would happen. Tools just seemed to vaporize, a black cloud would appear in certain areas of the factory, etc. Some workers got very sick. This discovery led to further research that has been classified ever since, but doesn’t appear to have been related to psychic phenomena of any sort – more towards antigravity and free-energy technologies. But perhaps it led to undisclosed psychic research as well. But it doesn’t appear that way from the historical documents available to us.

      Nonetheless, the Russians were researching Wilhelm Reich’s orgone technologies for many years, and a guy named Robert Pavlita apparently developed a small donut-shaped device that could kill flies that flew near it. When he built a larger version, his daughter started getting very sick and almost died, so he destroyed it. Perhaps something like this might be used to ward off psychic intruders? Perhaps this is what the Russians developed to detect psychic intruders? Very possible.

      The thing about RVing, from what I understand, is that the RVer is still susceptible to influences when they’re targeting something, just as they would be under normal conditions, even if only temporarily. It depends on the level of RVing they’re engaged in. Basic RVing is only dealing with the most basic information transfer, so the RVer might just get the concept of ‘sickness’ as a mental impression, whereas at a deeper level of RVing they would actually be more ‘there’, experiencing more of what the target experiences. So for instance they will detect sickness in someone they’re targeting by feeling that sickness themselves. The same with anything else. At more advanced levels of RVing, they have to experience things themselves to some degree in order to determine that they’re there at the target location. They would be able to sense energy fields but would also be subjected to their influence, at least to the degree and duration that they focused on them.

      Perhaps something as simple as a very strong electromagnetic field of varying frequencies is all that would be required for blocking psychic intruders. I don’t know if this has ever been tested, but it makes some sense to me. In fact, Puharich’s discoveries with the Faraday cage suggest that this will work, since he showed that EM frequencies above the ELF range interfere with psychic abilities. If it’s all based on EM frequencies, then knowing what specific frequencies enhance psi will tell you what frequencies will interfere with it, since any given frequency can be disrupted by imposing it with another one that can’t be divided evenly into it or isn’t a multiple of it (i.e. a 12 Hz signal can be easily disrupted by a 5, 7, or 11 Hz signal but not with a 2, 3, 4, or 6 Hz signal). Of course, this is simplifying things, but the basic mathematical principles still apply.

  71. Yeah, I asked him for feedback on a glossary of terms (can download this, and a Reporting Form for TI experiences, from, and he said he was too busy on other projects. But then in the following weeks he was very active dreaming up lots of excuses for how all these insane technologies would lead to a lovely world. He had lots of time to refute many dozens of arguments I made against his points, but is "too busy" to review this glossary for technical virtuosity.