Monday, May 14, 2012

An Open Letter to Joselle Rozario RE: HPSS and 'Mellhedek'

by Anthony Forwood

Hello Joselle Rozerio,

I just read your testimonial of HPSS.

I was very glad to see that you wrote, “I’m happy to discuss this with anyone who is interested. If you have serious inquiries please feel free to contact me anytime.” Well, I’m very interested, and so I’m contacting you. I appreciate the invite.

I want to ask some serious questions about HPSS that deserve some serious answers, and you seem to be the only person who’s promoting it that I might be ever able to speak with. Your good friend ‘Mellhedek’ refuses to engage me, and even deletes my posts on his site out of fear of what I have to ask, which is extremely telling about him. I also know that he makes certain clauses about who he will speak to so that he can avoid dealing fairly and honestly with serious questions and comments (and he states unequivocally in his FAQ that anyone who doubts him is a perp!). He names Jim Alby as a tester, but Jim doesn’t seem to be endorsing HPSS any longer, although ‘Mellhedek’ still claims that he does. Jim also refuses to discuss his experience wih HPSS – perhaps he’s intimidated of being labeled as a perp by ‘Mellhedek’ and all his loyal followers and supporters (which includes everyone at FFCHS, apparently). I don’t know this about Jim for certain, but it makes sense, based on what I’ve read in the documentation on the HPSS site. Nonetheless, it makes me all the more suspicious of this marketing scheme and what might result from it. The way ‘Mellhedek’ operates, this doesn’t just smell like a money scam that preys on defenseless TIs… it stinks of sinister coltishness.

You state in your testimonial that you are “super analytical”, and that you studied psychology. I find that interesting, in the sense that you can’t see past the psychological trickery that ‘Mellhedek’ is attempting to use on people. I’ve prepared a commentary on the transcripts of one of his ‘sessions’, and reveal how he uses a few simple psychological techniques to elicit a person’s trust and take advantage of their suggestibility in order to try to influence phantom symptoms through psychosomatics. I’ll be posting that document online very soon. I’ve already posted an expose on ‘Mellhedek’ and HPSS on my blog at:

You will find the transcript commentary posted there shortly. I suggest you have a look, since you do seem like a very intelligent person and should be able to see the logic in what I have to say. If you still feel so strongly about ‘Mellhedek’ and his HPSS afterwards, I hope that you’ll still be willing to discuss them with me further as well.

You state in your testimonial that you’re honest, so I hope that you will be more honest and open with me than ‘Mellhedek’ and Jim Alby have been. Their silence hides the truth, and honesty and secrecy just don’t mix at all. It can really only be one or the other. TIs need honest people to help them, not secretive and mysterious characters who reek of fraudulence. Which will you prove to be?

You should know that TIs are in a desperate situation, and that they have a certain need for someone to help them because they’re unable or afraid to get help from the authorities, and that this puts them in a position to be easily manipulated and taken advantage of. That’s precisely what your friend ‘Mellhedek’ is doing. Don’t you realize that? You should know how this sort of deception works, since what he uses are basic psychological techniques.

From my experience in talking to many TIs and hearing their stories, I know that a lot of them don’t know how to think critically or analyze their situations very well. Many of them are easily led to believe things that are highly speculative and even dangerous for them to fall into, considering what IS known about the origins and purpose of this targeting (i.e. MKULTRA mind-control). This leads me to wonder when I see that you state that you’re “super analytical”, and yet you fully support the questionable claims that ‘Mellhedek’ makes about himself and his HPSS.

Regarding TIs, you even state in your testimonial that “they are coaxed into trusting their perpetrators …. and given false security to do many things otherwise not in their conscience or against their better judgment.” You also state regarding perps that “[s]ome even portray themselves as TI’s!” So I must ask: What makes you so certain that ‘Mellhedek’ isn’t a mid-level perp? What makes you so certain that he isn’t working for the military/intelligence organs to draw in ready targets and turn them into recruits for total mind-control? What makes you so certain that part of this coaxing isn’t to give his new recruits some temporary relief from the targeting, to seduce them into promoting him and his ‘product’ to draw more sheep into the wolf’s den? How do you know you haven’t just stepped into the abyss? After all, if he has technology that can do what he claims, don’t you think he might be able to use it to do that too?

You also state, “…everywhere I look is deception.” Did you see the deception that your friend ‘Mellhedek’ is pulling? Either you failed your psychology courses, or you not only saw the deception, you’re actually in on it. Which is it?

You go on to cryptically ask, “If you knew what I do and had the chance for freedom, would you take it and run or would you stand up and defend not only yourself but also those countless others who have suffered just the same and most unwittingly?” That would depend on whether or not I had to sell anybody out if I was to “take it and run”, which might just be the case for those who get involved with ‘Mellhedek’. And although I don’t know whatever it is you might know, I DO know that freedom from all of this must start with openness and honesty, not the secrecy and deception that your friend ‘Mellhedek’ is using. I know that confronting people who make extremely questionable claims and seeing how they respond will reveal the merits of what they claim. And I know that anyone who hides from such a confrontation and uses elusive tactics to avoid answering for themselves is NOT to be trusted or believed. Wouldn’t you agree?

Continuing with your testimony, you state, “I encourage you to do your own investigation but also take a very serious approach”, which is exactly what I’m doing. Considering how you present yourself, you should be able to respect that and fully understand where I’m coming from.

You go on to introduce the reader to your friend ‘Mellhedek’, and this leads me to wonder: How well do you actually know him? Have you ever met him in person? Can you verify that he isn’t working for the military/intelligence agencies, or some other high-level perp group?

You also say, “I encourage you to direct any technical inquiries to Mellhedek”, and “If you haven’t already, please add or follow Mellhedek on FaceBook and Twitter to read through his postings and become better acquainted with his work.” I did all that, and got the cold shoulder and a very bad feeling about it all, as have so many others who have important questions that demand to be answered.

You state that since you worked with him, your targeting has stopped completely. Amazing, indeed! Have you even once considered, with your super-analytical mind, that perhaps it stopped because you are now working WITH the perps? Don’t you realize that not only can they induce negative effects with their technologies, they can also make you feel positive ones as well, if they want to?

You also claim that you’re a “no nonsense type of person”, and neither am I, so I hope that you won’t be like ‘Mellhedek’ and give me any. I just want some serious answers to many serious questions I have about HPSS and its main promoter – answers that people should have before they go anywhere near ‘Mellhedek’ and his HPSS.

You go on to state, “You really have to put a lot of faith and trust in someone to allow access of this magnitude.” While that MIGHT be true, it would certainly be extremely stupid to do – particularly with a complete stranger who is very mysterious and deceptive – and it would be far wiser to set one’s sights to a slightly lower magnitude and not expect miracles… especially when you’re dealing with a snake-oil salesman!

You state that “this technology is very unconventional and unlike anything anyone has ever encountered.” Don’t you think that because it’s so unconventional, and because of the possible abuses that such technology could easily be turned to (if it isn’t already), it deserves to be scrupulously investigated, as well as ‘Mellhedek’ himself? After all, what’s the difference between his technology and the technology that belongs to the military/intelligence organs? How do we know it’s not one and the same, as are its operators? ‘Mellhedek’ himself claims that it’s identical. What does that tell you?

You talk about “looking for and demanding answers only to be defeated time and again.” Well, I don’t intend to be defeated in getting the answers to my questions, one way or another, because I know exactly what I’m dealing with, and what to expect, and how to take it from there. How you might choose to respond to this (or not) is all I need to decide about your possible complicity in this.

Perhaps the most interesting thing of all that you say is, “I encourage you to … take a very serious approach while attempting to decipher my testimony.” I immediately recognize that as a subtle clue, and I know the wily pleasure that Illuminists will take in playing word games, speaking hidden truths in deceptive statements, and I’ve spotted at least three such statements within your testimony that I can decipher easily enough:

“If you knew what I do and had the chance for freedom, would you take it and run or would you stand up and defend not only yourself but also those countless others who have suffered just the same and most unwittingly?”

You know that this HPSS is not exactly what you and your friend ‘Mellhedek’ claim it to be. The chance for freedom that you’re promoting entails selling your soul to ‘Mellhedek’ and those he works for. It’s far easier to run than to stand and fight.

“That saying…once a TI, always a TI is completely asinine.”

You’re saying that the perps will only stop the targeting if you join them.

“I have learned the hard way because of my targeting, how to turn a negative into a positive in order to survive and trust me when I say, I fully intend to move forward with this mindset. Thanks for the favor Perps!”

You’re saying that TIs don’t have to endure the negative targeting like you did by just joining the perps so that things will become more positive for them, and you’re actually thanking the perps for giving you the opportunity.

Maybe I’m all wrong, and ‘Mellhedej’ is some sort of god, as he attempts to insinuate in his documentation, and he actually CAN perform miracles, as you claim. But I doubt it. Can you stand up to all your other claims about honesty and openness to discussion and all the rest, and change my mind?

Anthony Forwood


  1. I fall in this desperate category and at this time, I will not be able to give you an honest opinion. Chris

  2. Hi! I just left a comment asking that you send me to the link for Joselle's original post - I found a link and it looks like she deleted it, you don't perchance have a copy of it? I'm very interested in all this.

    1. I don't have a link to have the original post, but you can use the one you found and go to the Wayback Machine ( and enter it there. There should be an archived copy of it if you look back far enough.