Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Information and More Questions About FFCHS

by Anthony Forwood

- According to Debra Dupré, a human rights advocate and FFCHS contact who interviewed Max Williams, the first email received from Aaron Alexis by FFCHS was in August, not September. [1] Could this allude to the email exchange that Max Williams had with Alexis that we haven’t seen and which the FBI won’t disclose?

- Also according to Dupré, Timothy White claims that the information Alexis had about ELF technology came from White’s own research… meaning that either Alexis had told Williams where he got this information and it turned out to be from White’s published research, or that someone had been feeding this information to Alexis. Here’s the full quote made by Max Williams:

Information Alexis had about ELF was from White's research, he said. According to White, the only individual with evidence about that and the only one providing that information and Alexis got his information from him.”

It’s quite clear from this that White is claiming that he’s the only other person with the same information about ELF technology that Alexis had, as well as the only one publishing it, and that Alexis repeated that information to Williams (since the emails between Alexis and Robinson say nothing about said information), so he assumes that Alexis got it from his research. This leads to a problem. If White is the only one with this information, then it couldn’t have been published, otherwise other people would have access to it as well. So, if White is the only one with that information, then Williams (or White) must have fed it to Alexis!

The involvement of FFCHS with Aaron Alexis continues to get ever more suspicious as all the details come together.

- According to another post I found online by someone named Robert O. Butner, who’s apparently a member of FFCHS but is quite upset with that group, Derrick Robinson “bailed out of the picture” after making his rather gleeful announcement that he had been in contact with Alexis just before the shootings. [2] As another article I’ve referenced in my previous blogs stated, Derrick Robinson presented the purported emails between himself and Alexis, but when asked, angrily refused to provide the names of the FBI agents he was visited by or even the case file number. [3] This leaves us no way of checking if his claims are true, as he surely knows, even though there is absolutely NO reason to withhold that information other than to cover something up.

- Robert Butner’s post also gives a small glimpse of the sort of strange and callous things that FFCHS members will say to intimidate other TIs… and apparently to keep their members in line as well. The threats are subtle but come across well enough to have their impact on a TI who is already scared or suffering.

- His post also reveals that an FFCHS member named Denise from New York claims to have met Aaron Alexis twice in Queens, NY, three years ago. If this is true, then so can the possibility that Alexis was involved with FFCHS members that far back. There is no indication in Butner’s post as to what the details were regarding those meetings.

- Max Williams apparently sent Alexis a copy of his self-published ebook, ‘The Silent Massacre’. [4] Was this where Alexis got the information about ELF technology? If it was, then it had to have been sent early enough for Alexis to read it to acquire the information that Williams claims was from White’s research. This means that Williams would have had to have been in contact with Alexis days or even weeks before the Sept. 1 communications between Alexis and Robinson, depending on the length of the book and the time that Alexis had to read it. But the evidence suggests that Alexis was being conditioned in his beliefs by FFCHS members long before Sept. 1.

- An investigation was initiated when reports were made that commanders of the Capital Police Board ordered a heavily armed tactical response team to stand down and leave the scene of the Navy Yard shooting. [4] This lends weight to the idea that the shooting was a staged event that and Alexis was manipulated into acting out.

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[post seems to have disappeared]

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